Jon Corzine Defines "Friends In High Places"

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As we all know, it helps to have friends in high places. To most of us, that means we know the bartender on Friday night so we can get served quicker than the next guy drowning his weekly sorrows.

To others, however, that means knowing the President of the United States. That could come in handy when you steal lose $1.6 billion in client funds and want to avoid being held responsible for it. (It may also help to have J.P. Morgan involved.)

Pure coincidence no doubt. Surely charges are just around the corner...

From the Obama-Biden fundraiser detail: *Note that he's not raising funds in order to repay his clients - Just those that keep him out of jail




h/t: the blaze

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poor Jon

so misunderstooded

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Please address him by his proper title .... "The Honorable" 

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LOL ... three names beginning with "Con"

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now that i would travel from afar for...

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The guillotines are on order.


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I'm certain we can find four people with 4 X 4's and some strong rope to draw and quarter the worthless piece of shit.

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NSA intercepted and diverted the order.   Those defending the Bastille these days have far more at their disposal than flintlocks and cannons.   Pitchforks, torches and uprisiongs are SO 18th and 19th century.....