WeLCoMe To THe SiNKHoLe oF LiBeRTY...

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These rats are in charge of "The Con"
They're hoping the sheep won't catch-on
They think that QE
Has set them all free
Believing their tail risk is gone

The Limerick King


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Ok last one before i settle down to watch day 3 India v Australia 2nd test. Thats cricket for you less cultured members.

The bad news is we're all fucked up in a giant ponzi hell with seemingly no way out.
The good news is groupon are offering a two for one Obama inauguaration mug until the ides of march.

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If your looking for answers young Z/H Jedi best shine a torch up jamie D arse N20 W15. No LED batteries the burns can be horrific.

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Just because i am penis challenged doesn't mean i hate All women!
Just these two:-
Frau baron barren meerkat merkel. if her face falls any further she will be in direct eye contact with her rotting cunt.

Pristine Christine sLagarde. if there is a centimetre between those beady bulging eyes i cant see it and Any NFL veteran would be proud to have an Adams Apple like hers.

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Yes the " song remains the same " (LZ)
Yes it's business as usual
Yes we're ( not ) all going on a summer holiday
Yes we have no bananas

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I drove by Lady Liberty yesterday.  She looked fine, but I word on the street is that she's worried about the humans on both sides of the river.

Do they remember what she stands for?

Do they remember how precious it is?

Do they remember anything but the last text message?

Who the fuck is that jerk living in Gracie Mansion and why does he ignore her stare from across the river?

Thanks for the viscombat WB7 and LK.

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do you know that we got such a good deal on her because she's second hand?

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Someone call Beatrix Kiddo and tell her that a member of the crazy 88's escaped her blade.

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No gags i wanna hear the squealing! Strung up in sacks and standing in an orderly line with pitch forks at the ready we plunge and twist, plunge and twist. God forgive me as i know fully what i do! No mercy just justice!

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didn't the french put bankers in the guillotine face up ?

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March 26, 2004

Pledging to create 10 million new jobs in four years, presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry on Friday will begin to roll out his economic plan for the country in a series of three speeches, his campaign said.

Theives and liers.

Kerry is now promising $450 million of U.S. Taxpayer money to Egypt.

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A globalist-plutocrat Jew who thinks he's going to disarm YT...so the Chosen can do a Ukraine on us. 

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So I just saw that Kerry is now promising $450 million of U.S. Taxpayer money to Egypt.

Gee, wonder where our money will end up? 

It certainly won't be going to already taxed S.S. and Medicare promises.

There are fewer and fewer benefits to citizenship, and more and more reasons to look elsewhere.

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Fuck me is Simples! $400 mill Special contractor militia! $5 mill water holes! $35 mill Drone base upgrade! $10 mill JPS dirty laundry. Ebs you know this better than most.

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You have to hand it to the French... when they are right, they are right.

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Obamanites, the new "walking dead".

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Hahaha, download your own rifles!





William, did you see the story where the guy in Florida was swallowed by a giant, growing sinkhole, like your Capitol pic?

Great work as usual...keep 'em coming!

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Bernanke head is bloodless. Did sand just fall out? Do you think he knows he is public enemy number Uno? Or do you think that after witnessing Hollandes Murder Spree Gong he shall be provided similar and keep his foot firmly wedged up our scrotum?

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Dr. Banzai,

The first pic 'drew me in', but by the third I was firmly 'home run'.

Your craft is like attending a progressive dinner party that only gets better.


"Mea culpa ... Mea culpa"

( from a scene in Vendetta ) 

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Steinbeck reminds me that 99% of the nation is more like Cannery Row then Wall Street.

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PS: "Mad Ben" is amazing, haha!


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La Guillotine, bebe!

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Banzai - you're the best alt-artist around.  But hey, can you hook me up to be a ZH contributor.  You can call me Bomb Thrower.  Here's my first submission:

Dear John & Jill Public,

There is no sense in maintaining the pretense any longer.  We are not your servants.  We are your equals.  In fact, we are even more equal (hat tip to Orwell).

We have achieved our goal; government of the government, by the government, and for the government.  Resistance is futile (hat tip to the Borg).  You may as well just bend over and learn to like it, because we are here to stay.

Behold our grip on society.  47% of the population is on the dole and wouldn’t dare bite the hand that (literally) feeds them.  7% wear the purple shirts of our comrades in the UAW/SEIU, and they know where their bread is buttered.  10-15% of Americans are so delusional on hope and change that we could gang-rape them in the polling booth and they would still reach for our lever.  Then there is us:  gov’t employees at all levels (roughly 15%) who enjoy being more equal among equals.

Granted, there is some overlap in these groups. However, it is clear that we are now a solid 55% (and rising).  The Party of Gov’t is here to stay.  The Party of the People is a mere nuisance now; one that we shall eventually smite.

A special thanks to our disinfo strategists for the brilliant “left-right are different sides of the same coin” meme.  This served to confuse and demoralize enough of the free people that they stayed home and allowed us to consolidate our power.  Imagine the surprise when the most squeaky-clean, honorable, and successful candidate to ever run for President was defeated at the hands of our political machine.

The battle is over.  We have won.  We are currently solidifying our gains.  A new one question immigration form – check this box [D]  if you’d like to stay in America, or this box  [R]  if you’d like to be deported – will add 10 million new voters in time for 2016.

Safety is always a concern.  Our safety, that is.  Since some of you have expressed rage at the gov’t, new laws are being crafted to remove your guns and ensure that only we (gov’t employees) are allowed to carry firearms.  Our only hold-up is figuring how to include our UAW/SEIU buddies in that law.

Even now we Move-On FORWARD toward a more perfect society.  This may involve sacrifice (nearly all on your part).  But always remember that we are doing it for the children.


Your Humble Public Masters

*music in the background – “attention all planets of the solar federation, attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control, we have assumed control, we have assumed control”  (bonus points for knowing the song)


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For anyone that has not listened to Rush's 2112 album do it now! Don't wait DO IT NOW!

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just fucking AWESOME William.

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"Main Stages of a Bernanke Bubble" backdrop looks to be the hanging of the Lincoln conspirators (?).

Wonder if there are blueprints somewhere?  If they can hang for killing a President, surely they can hang for treason against generations of citizens. 

The tension of walking up to the gallows would be a just dessert.

Of course "Frick & Frack" the guillotines (LOL!) would work as well.  Blankfein and Dimon first for sure, but they'll have to hold up Blankfein's severed head up to the crowd by the ears (Jamie has plenty of hair).

p.s. - Steinbeck Quote at the bottom of the guillotines is perfect:  “And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.”

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Let us adorn the lamp posts on every lighted street with the corpses of banksters and their boughten lacky's.

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General query for the board.....does young J6P know that he is being repressed?????


1) He is getting these student loans - how generous of the goverment to provide them - that is a good thing - right - never mind that mom and dad paid at most 1/4 of his sticker price,

2) He gets these food stamp/SNAP cards - how nice of the government to provide - no embarrassing soup lines in church basements

3) He doesn't understand that his parents effectively paid 1/3 sticker price for their house as he is opportuned,

4) If he can get into a house, he is pleasd by the nominal low rates - Bernanke is his buddy keeping them low (just wait until rates go back up and the house price goes in the can),

5) He doesn't understand that mom and dad used to pay $0.50 per gallon gasoline....well...because nobody can remember back more than a decade,

6) He doesn't yet realize that he needs to be making about 8% on the bond portion of his retirement nest egg - for which he isn't/can't save anyway - but if he did realize, he wouldn't care.

Old J6P might think everything is great:

1) Bernanke keeps house prices up for him through insane MBS purchases,

2) Bernenake keeps the stock market up through the purchase of 30 year Treasuries,

3) Bernanke keeps the bond market up through same - and he bought bonds when they were yielding 6% so he is getting the yield while sitting on a huge capital gain,

4) He does't feel Shadowstats 9% inflation because all he buys anymore is food, and while that is up it is still a small portion of the budget.

No, this is elegant, stealth repression.  There is always an equal and opposite reaction.  When it ends it will do so with a bang and not a whimper - quite unlike TS Elliots "Hollw Men" - although in fact we have never had hollower men at the givernment controls.

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...that's one sweet lady. BUT there has never been a time since Adam of NON-UNIVERSAL DECEIT.

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my friend just summed it up aptly: Wouldn't it be great if a sinkhole took the fed vault a few miles below the bedrock? To a point where it was unrecoverable? They could rename it "Jew's Suicide Leap" :lol:



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Liked those pig's feet on little mad ben.

Rastadamus's picture

awesome... can I have another?

Hulk's picture

Excuse me for a minute while I take an ice cold shower...


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My old lady is gonna be pissed at you Banzi when I'm done with her now! Sorry Buttercup but I was looking over some fine art and...

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The lady is certainly cute, but banker's head's rolling gives me goosebumps.

HowardBeale's picture

Call me  mostly dead, but given the choice of taking head (Dimon's) and getting head (from the lovely sword wielder), Dimon is headless again and again.

Dexter Morgan's picture

On an outstanding web site with great contributors that I check multiple times per day, you sir are my favorite.  Keep 'em coming!

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..didn't they put the banksters in the guillotine face-up ?

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

No. The executioner grabbed the head by the hair and turned it, so that the they can see their own body separated, as the head maintains it's senses for several seconds after decapitation.

CompassionateFascist's picture

The only good thing about the FrogRevolution...is that the "revolutionaries" soon decapitated each other. As usual. 

Haole's picture

Now there's a period of history many would be delighted to see repeat as portrayed.

Thanks WB7.