Are Attorney General Holder’s Statements on Banks and Drones Connected?

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The Attorney General of the United States made the following 2 statements within 48 hours:

These statements may – at first glance – seem unconnected.  And the mainstream media is treating them as separate.

True, the government is hell-bent on keeping the giant banks afloat, even though virtually all independent economists, financial experts and bankers are calling for them to be broken up, and Americans overwhelmingly want the government to get tougher on prosecuting Wall Street fraud.

But there might be more to it then than that … and Holder’s statements may be intimately connected.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and other government agencies worked hand-in-hand with the big banks to violently crack down on the Occupy protests.

And what was Occupy protesting?  One of the core complaints of the Occupy protesters was that there are two systems of justice: the little guy gets thrown in jail for the smallest infraction, while banksters escape prosecution for their criminal fraud.  (Occupy also protested the fact that that the big banks got bailed out, while the rest of us got sold out.  And see this.)

In other words, it is exactly the Department of Justice’s policy of not prosecuting big bank crimes which was one of Occupy’s core complaints … and – in response – the federal government sent in the goons to crack heads and trash the free speech rights of the protesters.

This is not an isolated incident.

The big banks literally own the politicians.

For many years, the government has used anti-terror laws mainly to crush political dissent and to help the too big to fail businesses.

Asking questions about Wall Street shenanigans, speaking out against government policies, and protesting anything are all considered grounds for being labeled a “potential terrorist” by the government.

Indeed, the government agency with the power to determine who gets assassinated is the same agency that is at the center of the “ubiquitous, unaccountable surveillance state aimed at American citizens.”

If this sounds like breathless fearmongering, please remember that the U.S. military now considers the American homeland to be a “battle zone” (and see this).

And the banking system is considered “critical infrastructure” by the Department of Homeland security.

Another Connection Between Big Banks and Drones

There is another connection between big banks and drones.

The big banks have a direct role in encouraging and financing war. And see this.

And Ron Paul noted in 2007:

Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank have a cozy, unspoken arrangement that makes war easier to finance. Congress has an insatiable appetite for new spending, but raising taxes is politically unpopular. The Federal Reserve, however, is happy to accommodate deficit spending by creating new money through the Treasury Department. In exchange, Congress leaves the Fed alone to operate free of pesky oversight and free of political scrutiny.

The big banks own the Federal Reserve.

Indeed, some say that all wars are really bankster wars.

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So, GW, thanks for telling me why I click on .guv websites, but sometimes it goes to the GS homepage.

I thought it was my typing.

Parrotile's picture

Search engine problems? You really should be redirected to the BIS or IMF home pages . . . . .

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< Dro-bama gets serious down-twinkles from OWS.

< He finds this deeply disturbing.

Conax's picture

In "The Devil's Advocate" the devil said he went into the legal business because it is an open door into everything important in the world.

The movie was a serious piece of dis-info work.  The key to everything, the reins of power are actually in the big banks.

If satan is here, I'd look for him in London or New York, in one of those big glass and steel Money Changing temples downtown.  Lloyd, is that you?

The bartender devil in "The shining" was called Lloyd.  A coincidence? I think not.

SmittyinLA's picture

We're replaced our "dollar diplamacy" with outright murder and theft, there mighty be a connection.

Westcoastliberal's picture

Thanks for all you do GW.  I'm sure I speak for many of us who appreciate your posts and follow them as an antidote to the alternate universe we seem to be living in.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

The solution to regaining citizen sovereignty in the USA is incredibly simple if you really want to do it. Follow these three easy steps: 1, stop saying it can't be done; 2, sign the petition when it comes around; and 3, vote "Yes" to ratify. 

28th Amendment

"Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to: 1, prohibitions against any corporation becoming so large its failure would pose a threat to national security or harm the general economy; 2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of government, education, and news media; and 3, provisions for civil and criminal penalties to be paid by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter."


Radical Marijuana's picture

Of course, I agree with the theory that corporations should not have "human rights."  Of course, I agree with the theory that it was a bad trend during the last few hundred years, whereby, gradually, jurisprudence was able to sneak this idea that corporations have equal, if not actually superior, rights and freedoms that flesh and blood human beings do. Of course, I am very familiar with the details of that history, HOWEVER, after understanding how and why that history happened, the idea that a constitutional amendment is practically possible, inside of the established political system, which is ALREADY overwhelmingly dominated by corporations, is to propose a miraculous, pick yourself up by your own boot straps, sort of solution, which deliberately ignores the Catch 22 nature of the original problem.

So, your alleged "solution" is only "really simple" after you DELIBERATELY IGNORE THE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM! That PROBLEM is that the banksters' corporations ALREADY control the government, and the only people who have a hope in hell of being elected are the puppets of those corporations. Elections in the USA are now a field where corporations have an unlimited ability to fund the political processes. Elections in the USA are puppet shows put on by a handful of huge mass media corporations, collectively worth over a trillion dollars, starring puppets that put on their shows that cost billions of dollars. Where the hell is anyone outside of that system going to find some realistic and practical ways to compete? (Furthermore, corporations already now control most of the voting machines, that count most of the votes, and they ways that they do that are considered the privileged private property of those corporations.)

You recommend that we should stop saying that it can not be done. ... O.K., then what are your practical and realistic solutions to the facts that money dominates the political processes, and thus, the banksters' corporations already totally dominate those political processes? Where are you going to come up with the means to compete with the mass media corporations that are worth trillions of dollars?  Where are you going to come up with the means to compete with the political puppets that star in the mass media puppet shows, which are able to spend billions of dollars while they do that?

You have no answers to those questions ...  Therefore, you actually can do nothing which will reach the masses of muppets, which have already been brainwashed to believe in bullshit, by the mass media, and the school systems, which have been dominated by the banksters' corporations for many generations.

As I said, I totally agree with your theoretical statements. I know the history of the ways that corporations became the main vehicles of the legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, that actually now control the government of the USA, and indeed, practically ARE the government of the USA, itself, which may be considered to have become a "corporation" too. HOWEVER, I can not imagine any feasible means to resist a globalized gang of trillionaire mass murderers, which currently control the government of the USA. The overwhelming vast majority of Americans behave like political idiots. I know that they gradually became that way because their lives were dominated by huge lies, backed by lots of violence, for many generations. But nevertheless, the fundamental social facts are that more than 99% of American citizens, from an objective and abstract point of view, behave like Zombie Sheeple, which have been routinely getting fleeced, more and more, while they were also being set up to be slaughtered.

What this article above by George Washington is pointing out is that that system of a tiny percentage of Americans, that own and control the corporations, ARE systematically getting away with fleecing the vast majority of the population, more and more, while they also are getting ready to mass murder more Americans, as necessary, to keep their systems of corporate control going.

Of course, I agree with the idea that that is not good, and should be stopped. However, so far, I have never read anything, anywhere, which comes remotely close to providing any practical ways to do that. Your proposal is just another proffered political miracle, which proposes to solve the problem, in ways that accomplish itself, despite that problem itself making your solutions actually possible to implement!

I have noticed in thread after thread of comments on Zero Hedge, you repost the same thing as you posted above ... As far as I can tell, from that little evidence, you are just another reactionary revolutionary, who likes to feel good, by repeating the same old bullshit political miracles, as somehow being good enough ...

However, anyone with more intellectual integrity, who faces the facts, MUST come to the conclusion that the real situation is WAY WORSE, and therefore, proposing a series of political miracles, such as your Amendment 28 actually being passed, is merely another irrational hope ... which avoids what is far more likely to actually happen, which is that the 99% of Americans who behave like Zombie Sheeple will CONTINUE doing that, until they ARE mass murdered by the runaway power of the fraction of 1% that control the corporations that have taken almost completely control over the government.

Furthermore, IF you were not just another superficial reactionary revolutionary, proposing political miracles, and saying that all we need is to believe in those, then you would also think through some kind of new murder system, or new system of death controls, to back up the transformations towards a new monetary system, with new debt controls, that were no longer dominated by the banksters' corporations, but which, nevertheless, still resolved the chronic political problems in better ways.

All the countries, churches, and corporations, are always just different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. To move past the current domination of the world by the current corporations requires new dynamic equilibria of systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. To not have the established corporations dominating those processes requires new systems which dominate those processes.

There is nothing remotely close to that in the political miracles of passing Amendment 28. You propose wiping out a few centuries of corrupted jurisprudence, without anything close to adequate to replace that with! Your amendment merely waves a magic wand at the problems. Poof, you say, those problems disappear ... but then, you provide nothing to substitute those systems with, as actually integrated better systems.

The bottom line is always the same, only now worse than ever. Money is backed by murder. The banksters' corporations have effectively taken control over both the money systems, as well as the murder systems. Private military contractors are now at least an order of magnitude bigger than the public military forces. Again, that is another way in which the runaway corporatization, or corporatocracy, has taken control of the USA, and the whole world.

A miraculously passed Amendment 28 presupposes that, IF that became close to being realized, then the banksters' corporations would NOT resort to whatever dirty tricks that were possible, and they then felt necessary, to try to discredit and destroy that amendment. In fact, there is no reasonable doubt that the banksters' corporations would result to dirty tricks, to stop Amendment 28 from being passed. If you presume that there would be some charismatic politicians that could lead the way, then, IF they were becoming significantly successful, it is practically guaranteed that they would be assassinated, before their dreams could be realized.

The real world goes down the path of least resistance, which is the path of least morality. Your proposed amendment is based on a series of political miracles, which are like wishing that water would flow up hill. It is relatively possible to pump water somewhat up hill. However, there are limits to that, and it takes careful engineering to do that. It takes changing what the path of least resistance is, in real ways, so that the water will be pumped up hill, and there is an actual energy cost when doing that!

Since I presume you are a classic reactionary revolutionary, what I see you doing is what they always do, which is exhort us to build from the roof down, instead of from the foundations up. Your amendment 28 appears to me to be like you suggest that we rappel down from a sky hook, that just is there, in the pie-in-the-sky!

I like to try to maintain irrational hopes too, and I agree with the basic idea that corporations should not actually enjoy more rights and freedoms than flesh and blood human beings, however ... for all the reasons above, I find such irrational hopes harder and harder to continue to believe in!

Lordflin's picture

While I would maintain that we are likely as not going to have to go through the chaos... it is not entirely a certainty. Our adversaries, as I have pointed out before, are just men. They are as near sighted as the rest of us. As to practical solutions there are several. For example, there is a growing battle at the level of the states. Washington D. C. is, for all practical purposes, a town along the Potomac... there are 50 states that are quite capable of controling their own fate if they try. Why do you think Obama has been backing down when faced with battling the states... on a number of issues. He does, as do his handlers, that they can not afford to engage in sucn a conflict... More fundamentally, this conflict is over money... what will we use and who will control it. That is a battle that is far from over.

Anyway... don't have time to answer in depth... but all is not lost...

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

Gee, Radical, the way you put it, we're hopelessly doomed to eternal servitude ! I, on the other hand, don't like to wallow in my victimization and prefer to fight back. I sense that I'm not alone. (Nor are you, unfortunately)

You ARE aware that the Const. has been amended 27 times, yes?

Are you aware that Art. 5 provides for passage of an amendment without the help of Congress? Enough signatures on a petition, when presented to your State legislature, makes it binding.

You bet there will resistance from the 1% , but there's not enough money in the world to silence an idea whose time has come. True, the gloves will come off at some point; but with the "cards" on the table, when we all have to make a choice between corporatism and constitutionalism such an amendmend will be passed overwhelmingly.

There are already efforts being made to neutralize the growing calls for const. amendment and they take the form of toothless little distractions like the MoveToAmend's proposal and the Sanders proposed amendment (when you parse them out, they actually re-enforce the status quo) . They're as organized as they can get and have already present amendments to Congress. All they lack is the public support that will never come - because nothing in those amendments will change a thing and even the most brainwashed can see that.

I'm glad you responded, however, because I've been waiting for a corporate shill with persuasive abilities to come along and debate the wording with me. Forgetting for a moment that we're all doomed for eternity and there's no hope; do you have any constructive criticism or a reasoned rebuttal to the terms I set forth in the amendment itself?


Radical Marijuana's picture

"Are you aware that Art. 5 provides for passage of an amendment without the help of Congress? Enough signatures on a petition, when presented to your State legislature, makes it binding."

No, I was not aware of that.

As the other reply points out, I only see the world through my own tiny keyhole.

It is impssible for me to be sure that things are as bad as I believe.

And, no, I have no better wording to suggest for your amendment.

lakecity55's picture

Good idea, but I am too busy digging my drone shelter.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

That's a good idea. And don't ever come out; because if you do, they're going to get you!

Besides, it's better you stay out of the way while we take our skies back. Stay with the women and children. It's safer.

Parrotile's picture

Not much use against thermobaric ordnance

(or against the massively penetrating ordnance being developed, with YOUR name on it! ) 

grekko's picture

it would make a superb 28th amendment, but it's a pipe dream.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

Thank you. I like it too. Now pass the pipe.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re Are AG Holder's Statements On Banks & Drones Connected?


Damn right they're connected - just as the Gospel Song sez:

The  BAILOUT'S con-nected to the (pause) .GOLDMAN Drone,
The GOLDMAN Drone connected to the CITI Drone,
The CITI Drone connected to the MORGAN Drone

OH Hear The Word Of The LORD....

The MORGAN Drone connected to the BUFFET Drone,

The BUFFET Drone connected to the FED Drone
The FED Drone connected to the FEMA Drone


CHORUS (Rousing &n Full-Throated)

Dem Drones, dem Drones gon-fly a-roun'
Dem Drones, dem Drones gon-na fly a-roun'
Dem Drones, dem Drones gonna fly aroun'

Quinvarius's picture

If the US government declares it can assassinate US citizens on US soil without due process, you are fully justified in taking up arms against the US government immediately.  Morally, you are totally justified.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Well, Quinvarius, the question I have is that same one as I have been asking since I was a teenager, and I first learned about the problems presented by the existence of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, LIKE ATOMIC BOMBS.

To seriously take up arms against the government of the USA directly engages the runaway insanity situation presented by the existence of weapons of mass destruction, which are trillions of times more powerful than anything which existed during previous human history. There are no sane ways whatsoever to imagine a Second American Revolution, or a Second American Civil War. That is why I never plan on switching gears to start using old-fashioned violence against the government. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO COME UP WITH ANY COHERENT THEORY ABOUT HOW TO DO THAT. (If one was serious about doing that, then one would attempt to seize control over weapons of mass destruction, taken from the government ... but then WHAT???)

There is no doubt that the bankster controlled government of the USA will keep pushing more people into desperate circumstances. Therefore, there is no doubt that some individuals will find themselves sufficiently desperate and at bay to try to respond with whatever weapons they may well have. HOWEVER, ALL THE GUNS AND GUNPOWDER WEAPONS COMBINED ARE PRACTICALLY NOTHING COMPARED TO EXISTING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

I agree that, morally, it makes sense to attempt to resist, and indeed, that one has a moral obligation to resist runaway tyranny. However, there are no sane ways to imagine how to do that, after the weapons have already become trillions of times more powerful. War with weapons of mass destruction is insane. Revolution with weapons of mass destruction is insane. However, the only practical way for American citizens to fight the bankster controlled government of the USA would be to seriously threaten to use their weapons of mass destruction against them. If I was serious about fighting the government of the USA, then my first priority would be attempting to plan some way to seize control over some of that government's own weapons of mass destruction.  A serious revolution would attempt to going beyond temporary rebellion, and become a triumphant revolution by defeating the government. However, that would practically guarantee that almost all Americans could be murdered during that struggle, after it went out of control, and became completely insane, since the end game must become the risk of actual use of weapons of mass destruction.

That is WHY we have globalized electronic fiat money frauds, which are in the QUADRILLIONS OF UNITS, because that system is backed up by the threats of weapons of mass destruction which are also, when taken together, measured in the QUADRILLIONS OF UNITS. The fiat money fraud is now big enough to buy more than 10 plant Earths, while the force to back up that fraud is more than enough to destroy 10 planet Earths! The first generation that was born facing those problems is still alive now ... Meanwhile, we have been drifting on the inertia of the social habits which were made and maintained during the previous thousands of years of Neolithic civilization.

Since I was a teenager, and first faced these problems, I have been attempting to imagine some ways to resolve the dilemmas presented by living in an utterly insane and irrational society, based on runaway triumphant financial frauds, funding exponential growth in everything, and especially in the power of weapons to destroy trillions of times more than any weapons that previously existed before in human history! I like to indulge in the vain fantasy that I have made some theoretical progress in that respect, with regard to the paradigms of militarism. However, actually, the whole world is deeply psychotic, and INSANE, and the future of the USA is surely going to be much more social insanity, and psychotic breakdowns, because there are NOT going to be any sane ways to fight the government, and when things get bad enough to force some significant number of people to try, (which is surely going to happen, since everything is inside a runway fraud, backed by force, system, which is automatically getting worse, faster) ... the results are surely merely going to be even more madness than before!!!

Parrotile's picture

Well, "they" don't even need to use WMD. William Fortschein's novel clearly (though not necessarily correctly) indicated the consequences of loss of just electical power. So - in order to "assure compliance" all "they" need to do is arrange some cascade of "pretend failures" in the distribution system, and it'll be a case of "problem solved" without the necessity of any hazardous cleanup process.

I would think (so it's a relatively uninformed opinion) that use of nuclear weapons would be very unlikely - even enhanced radiation munitions, because of the physical, and Political fallout. There are plenaty of other far more covert means of attaining the desired degree of population eradication - including those "Well - Prepared" potential troublemakers. Everything from plant disease (= famine), through "accidental" mains water contamination, to an "Industrial" or "Transport System" accident.

Just think of all the thousands of tonnes of hazardous chemicals that your rail network alone transports every month - Chlorine (for plastics and domestic chemicals), Hydrogen Fluoride (glass industry, semiconductor industry, plastics (e.g. PTFE)), benzene, LPG / LNG, major spills of all of which could easily (and often silently) result in significant loss of life, especially if the "accident" was contrived to occur in the right place at the right time . . . . .

And we're not even starting to think of all the bioweapons that have been developed (for "Defence Systems validation" of course - never for offence . . .) by USAAMRID - a major "beneficiary" of the MIC funding extravaganza.

Why run the risk of International dissent when there's really no need??

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, I agree Parrotile, the "soft kill" options would be used first, and probably succeed, without the need for neutron bombs, or whatever else more drastic.

Moreover, my solutions would all still be "soft kill" too. That is, the only genuinely better overall human ecology resolutions to the chronic political problems require truly superior militarism, so that the death controls get done in better ways than the current ruling classes do.

Unfortunately, before we get there, there are almost certainly going to be other insane things happen, like you mentioned. I have always believed that the most probable source of the psychotic breakdown of what we call "civilization" will be due to some biological weapons getting loose.

Our society was designed to be dependent and vulnerable, so that it could be dominated through monopolies and cartels. One the things that we might learn, the hard way, is how to have more resilient systems, which could survive the rigid monocultures' madness, which eventually must have bad things happen, which go out of their control, and thus become VERY BAD.

In general, I think it makes sense for people to be preparing their own lifeboats, and that the overall world design should be based on an attitude of "Lifeboat Earth" through "green security," with systems designed to each be their own level of lifeboats. However, we are way, way too far gone in the other direction! Therefore, if, or when, the established rigid monocultures significantly are driven towards collapsing into chaos, the 99% of the Zombie Sheeple, that are NOT prepared, will then overwhelm the about 1% that have attempted to prepare. In those real circumstances, there are no good ways to prepare, since being more prepared will then primarily make one a target for the overwhelmingly larger numbers that are not prepared, and indeed, would made those people who did prepare become targets of the governments to commandeer their resources.

Like I always say, things are WAY WORSE than we can even imagine, since, at the same time that civilization gets crazier, I expect nature to also become more nuts, because those things are interconnected, in both obvious, as well as more mysterious, ways.

LawsofPhysics's picture

According to the Bill of Rights and constitution, you are obligated to do so.

grekko's picture

the only question I have is who is going to start first.

zapdude's picture

Yes, I think the statements "We won't prosecute our Owners -- the Banks -- for any of their innumerable frauds" and "We can (and will soon) send a drone strike against any citizen for reasons that will remain classified due to national security concerns" are both connected to the Leviathan government we have.

Anyone who doubts that rank Fascism is now openly displayed every day here in the US is hopelessly in denial, and will eventually be all-too-happy to turn in their guns or other contraband for a rickety cot at the local FEMA camp so they can get their daily ration of nourishing Soylent Green.  A zombie, in other words.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Big news folks.

Attorney General Eric Holder has written a letter to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) saying that a drone could not be used against a noncombatant American. In response, Paul has said he the Senate should move ahead with John Brennan’s nomination as director of the CIA. The vote is being held this afternoon.

The letter followed a 13-hour filibuster of Brennan by Paul and several other senators, who objected to the possibility of domestic drone strikes on U.S. citizens.

“Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on U.S. soil?” Holder’s letter reads. “The answer to that is no.

Here is Holder's letter sent to Rand Paul today.

Parrotile's picture

The answer to that is no

Until such time that circumstances require the answer to be yes.

And guess who decides which circumstances fit this requirement?? (It isn't the general populace)

Pseudo Anonym's picture

you're playing w/ definitions

an American not engaged in combat on U.S. soil?

i.e. redefine occupy movement as "engaged in combat" and there you have a pretty big loophole; and then

The answer to that is no.

not today; yet.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, the executive maintains that it has the unilateral discretion to declare an "emergency" or to define whatever an "enemy combatant" may be ... Therefore, any time the executive government feels like it, including after making their own false flag attack excuses, they can proceed to murder American citizens, and say that was "legal," simply because they said so, since there existed the circumstances which justified them engaging in war against American citizens.

The bottom line is that the international banksters captured control over the Federal Goverment more than a Century ago, and have been consolidating their control ever since. The whole system is now based on the privatized ability to make money out of nothing as debts! That system is simply fundamental financial fraud, backed by force. Thus, the answers to the questions raised in this article are obviously that a government controlled by the banksters would kill anybody and destroy anything in order to keep control over the money supply. The ability to make "money" out of nothing is the supreme form of "wealth," since it is the supreme system of organized lies, engaging in organized robberies.

It is impossible to estimate how much the power to make money out of nothing is worth. The privatized legal right to counterfeit money is what is a stake. Those who have that right control the government, in order to force everyone else to accept that situation. It is all simply DEBT SLAVERY, which is based on the basic threat "do what I say, or I will kill you."  There is no limit to the degree to which the American government would go to murder Americans in order to maintain the established systems, because there is no limit to what the power to make money out of nothing is worth.

Parrotile's picture

How many months before the "no" becomes a "yes". Because it WILL become a YES.

Wonder what false flag delights are being planned to provide the distraction??

Full militarisation of the Police Forces, arrest with indefinite detention on "suspicion" of anything, random stop and search at gunpoint (which will include stripping your vehicle) - your problem to get it reassembled (and incidentally it's now a Code violation, and illegally parked - there's a fine for that, and maybe even a criminal record!)

Impossible? We'll see won't we . . . . .

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Citizenry now confused. Holder win.

snaphooker's picture

Rule of law is now the law of rule.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

He who hold gold make rule. Central bank is make of paper, so maybe hope is not dead?

SmittyinLA's picture

No mistake, we bomb and rape the 3rd world to feed immigrant loan fraud and mass illegal immigration, that is US public policy, and China likes it that way.

tony bonn's picture

absolutely correct, george!!!

"Indeed, some say that all wars are really bankster wars."

people should read usmc general smedley butler's comments on the subject......he started as a gung ho colonial imperialist and retired as an outspoken opponent of wall street imperialism and violence....

there hasn't been a single war in american history which was not fomented by banksters and plutocrats. NOT ONE! they are totalitarian assholes....they are the exact people who established nazism with variants in communism and fascism.....

the usa is ruled by nazis - all of that elected representative crap is for gullible naive fucktards....

DollarMenu's picture

Thanks GW, too bad this post is scrolling off the topline so fast.

Your question is like peeling an onion.

I found this last night, which fits right in:

jayman21's picture

More Horse meat for Zher?  Let the comments fly!!!

Ignatius's picture

Corrupt money system backed by Murder, Inc..

Who doubts this?

dontgoforit's picture

For $12 they'll do your sister; or your mom.

Optimusprime's picture

GW--the question posed in your headline is an excellent one.  Once asked, it almost answers itself.

NotApplicable's picture

Hey DollarMenu. You should've put your "scrolling" post here in the first sub-thread.

Creepy Lurker's picture

I'm sure I'll get lots of downvotes for 'trying to work with the system' but I sent an email to both McCain and Graham telling them I would be donating to thier opponents in the next election. I still think if they got similar emails from thousands around the country it would at least have to give them pause.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Soviet built anti-aircraft artillery is take down McCain in 1970, now McCain own crazy liberal mind only is to blame.