ViSuaL "CoMBaT"-- A PRaCTiCaL DeFiNiTioN

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....ah, the greatly feared by many, but welcome by some heat and moisture seeking dildo drone....

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There's a fat man, in the bathtub, with a drone, I hear him moan......


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Has anyone given thought to the notion that CONgress are the original Stepford Wives.

Meanwhile at a late tiffen in 10 DownSyndrome Street, Cambo and Ozzie lock heads on how much of the african foreign aid charity waste can be siphoned off to Mystery of Defence to supply the brave Al Shafakea opposition in Syria with tanks and body armour. Defence cuts alas are annoyingly deep and if there is a few quid to be made in a firesale of refurbished weaponry in mission accomplished Iraq & Afghanistan so be it.

Top up George?

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At first my instincts told me through up. But after I realized it was only a painting I started laughing until my wife gave me a valium.

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I don't want to be around when he drops his payload.

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From now on, "TBTF", can also mean Too Big To Fuck.

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That's a good one on Holder WB7...LMAO!!!   

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....  JJ Cale, taking Eric Clapton on a wild guitar chase.

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Some of the best blues ever sung.  God bless, Alvin.  See you soon, buddy!

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Fine memories of Alvin do I have. Mike Bloomberg also in the Village back in the 1960s.

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Hey BRO that is Bloomfield not BBerg. God help me!!

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  That song reminds me of shooting pool in "San Louis Obispo . Great Mammaries.

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I dropped a RIP for Alvin in an earlier thread

A terrible loss of an unbelievable talent

Thanks for the memories Alvin

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The kind of quacking and clucking we have heard from our elected representatives and attorney general today, is the same kind of quacking and clucking politicians made in Europe before the fascists came in and so easily said to the mob: those guys they are your enemies.

All during a Federal snow flake payday that featured another DJIA record. I wonder who is watching how this all looks.

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It's an contest ... and the winner is Germany - the dumbest quacking ever . Merkel will introduce an arranged marriage of american and german psychopats, Muppets will be glad to inherit some 300 Tr. + of uncovered liabilities .... alles wird gut ...

DAX 10.000 in no time ...


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Attention all.

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It looks chinese.

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Here is the report from Clam:

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Love the vision Bill.

I was thinking along the same lines today, sought out the Holder thread, posted a comment and then saw your headline!

Yeah they know it when they see it.  With a surveillance society they will see it everywhere, all the while re-defining pornographic...

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Drone Holder. That drone aint going nowhere....until she/he has inspected the robot's "load-bearing" capabilities and demounted. WB7, may i suggest a right hand payload package inspection grip for munitions inventory.

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Drop that on North Korea.  Two problems solved at once.

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Holy shit!  Drop that and you'll kill a whole town, combat or not.


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Eric "the Ball" Holder - Well done Billy B. !
I just love how MSM covers the unconstitutionality of the Obama Admin daily.....

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Potter Stewart discoursing on pornography, and as one wag said at the time,

making of himself, ye publicke asse.

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Too much is never enough.

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You don't feel the pain 

Too much is not enough
Nobody said this stuff makes any sense
We're hooked again

Point of no return
See how the buildings burn
Light up the night
Such pretty sight

Adrenaline keeps me in the game
Adrenaline you don't even feel the pain
Wilder than your wildest dreams
When you're going to extremes
It takes adrenaline
(You don't feel the pain)

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Timothy McVie if you're out there surface serve your country and let everyone know how they did it.

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I HAVE POSED THE SAME QUESTION TO ALL, Rim McVie was a return Vet upset over Waco and Ruby Ridge after the AFT.

A new Tim V out out of this 500,000 Reserve Force that has had his life totally destroyed is not going to do something simular to McVey. 

The probabilities increase with time , it is all in the math

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you jest or perhaps you snark, but know that right now a judge has sealed the evidence in the retrial of the man convicted of murdering Chandra Levy, and (as well as some media outlets) have already rewritten the story that she was an intern to Rep Condit, who was accused of the murder intially. now they are us she was an intern at Fed Bureau of Prisons, where she may have had access to Tim McVeigh on some level. most articles still maintain the story that she was an intern to Condit. the wrinkles are deep, she had travelled to Israel (did she have anything to do with AIPAC or Mossad?) her killer is a member of the Salvadoran gang in this country, who was already in jail for raping and attacking women in the same area. they tagged him with this one, and left it at that, the police chief in DC did not prosecute the case, and it was only when he retired that the new chief actually brought charges. they got a conviction without much trouble (someone did not want this to go to trial, and the current judge has sealed it because the evidence might be damaging to someone) now the defendant wants a new trial, he was convicted on testimony from a fellow inmate (which is always suspect) add that two of the 9/11 hijackers had contacts with Salvadoran immigrants in the DC area just before 9/11. all this took place a few months before 9/11.

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There's always more to the story than what is revealed.

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love the lipstick.   it matches the teddy.

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For how big Holder's ass is, there is barely a trace of cellulite. He's got to be proud of that at least.

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Roll that fat bitch in Flour!


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Holer: "I gotcher money dude"

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 That Bruce Lee imagery was fantastic Billy-7!  I agree 100%. The problem is that ALGOs are hard to imagine. They move at light speed and rarely show their faces. +1

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You are only safe from El Comandante's drones if you work at a TBTF.

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YES, YES, YES!!!!  MOAR>>>

I used to live in a room full of mirrors.

All I could see was me.

Then I took my spirit, and smashed the mirrors.

Now the whole world is here for me to see.

Hot Filipino Cupids!  Gold! 

Holder's Nails!!!



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Is what I see in that reflection really me,

Or is it just what I want me to see?

Would I see differently from the other side,

Looking at me through other eyes?

Or, are both the same, and not to blame

For seeing not what neither can see?

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Just blew another hour late at night.

Damn you, WB!


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What Eric Holder sees in that image is ten filthy foreign terrorists who aren't entitled to due process.

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Or perhaps 10 American Combatants... Regardless, they'll send in the drones.

"Let them eat Hellfires" - Eric Holder

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"Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."--Bruce Lee

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i give you plus sixteen point six two trillion if those are huge kerambits in the top left corner !!!!