2 Year Anniversary of Fukushima: The Accident Is NOT Contained

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Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen said today that the containment vessel at Fukushima reactor 2 has a large crack in it. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 all exploded. BBC reports today:

They know very little about what’s going on inside Reactors 1, 2, and 3 [...] They don’t really know what the state of the reactor core is.

Indeed, there is no containment at Fukushima.

Large quantities of radiation are still leaking into the Pacific Ocean. And see this.

The operator of the Fukushima plants says it's "impossible" to keep storing radioactive water in tanks, and Tepco will need to intentionally dump it into the ocean.

The area around Fukushima has become so contaminated that even the trees are radioactive.

And Tokyo is almost as irradiated as Fukushima.

Agence France-Presse notes:

Beach walkers are likely to encounter a disturbing but relentless flow of flotsam [from Japan] for years to come.


American sailors were exposed to massive doses of radiation. Conditions were so bad that they considered suicide. Many of these good men and women are now really sick. More here, here and here. (But both the Japanese and American governments have abandoned them.)

Tepco might not even meaningfully start working to decommission the plants until the radiation level drops ... decades from now (Or until the technology exists to clean it up.)

It has now been officially admitted that the accident was caused by collusion between the government and nuclear industry.

A worker at the Fukushima nuclear plan succinctly notes:

Even an elementary-school kid knows TEPCO always lies.


We have been fooled by the government ...

We don't mean to pick on Japan. After all, the American government is dictating nuclear policy in Japan. American reactors are even more dangerous than Fukushima. And a secret report confirms that Southern California Edison knew of major problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant ... but let the slipshod expansion and remodeling project continue anyway.


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Which came first the radioactive yen or the nuclear ponzi.

johnQpublic's picture

denial that either one exists came first


cant believe the number of commenters that deny radiation is bad

good grief

you would think with all the cancer and odd diseases and massive numbers for children with autism that people might realize that all the radiation from detonating 2700 or so nukes on this planet and pissing chemicals into the environment just might be having some negative consequences

to deny fukushima is an enormous problem is fucking absurd

but there are trolls ahead, and deny they will

as for japan, imho, its uninhabitable now

why would anyone want to stay and be slowly poisoned 

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Alright -

I read the entire comment list for this one.   Fits perfectly that poster Bonzai made of the typical ZH thread.  Now that is a poster I would purchase.



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Care to post a link to it? I missed that one.

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Thank you for the hysteria and absurdity we have come to rely on.

Do you really believe that the trees weren't radioactive before Fukushima was flooded? Have you never heard of normal back ground radiation? How many times more radiation is there, now, than normal? The radiation level keeps dropping. You give no hard facts, just speculation and fearmongering.

Regarding radioactive water being flushed into the ocean. The oceans covers 70% of the earth. The Pacific Ocean contains about 622 million cubic Km of water. That's a lot of water to dilute a hundred  thousand cubic meters of radioactive water in. So much sea water that Fukushima's water would hardly raise the current level more than a fraction of a percent. It's just that we have very sensitive instruments now.

No one has died from Fukushima, while 15 thousand are dead or missing from the Tsunami. Nor have any children proven to be hurt, because the government has been giving them iodine tablets.

TEPco is a regulated monopoly. Regulated monopolies are problematic because they believe they are protected from consequences by the government.


Another hysteric, like you on the link above, offered to send me to Fukushima. I offered to go and stay five years. Since I am seventy years old, the radiation levels, beyond a mile away from the plant, would not lower my life expectancy much. Two weeks after the Tsunami, radiation at a mile out was 24 microSv per hour. It is probably a quarter of that now, so I would get 53 milliSv in a year. This is about the same that the max exposure for a radiation worker. I am likely to die from natural causes in twenty years, so extra radiation won't make much difference.


Hysterics never place things in perspective. Then they are disappointed because their crisis mongering never pans out. But then they move on to some new crisis.

There really is a crisis coming: when the Dollar becomes toilet paper. There is nothing we can do, but ride it out. You are more likely to die from a dollar collapse than from radiation. But, you hysterics obsess about the wrong things.

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The argument of "dilution of the radiation" now used by the nuclear industry and it's minions in the government in Japan, is wrong. It totally ignores the fact the radioactive contamination accumulates in the foodchain. This process of bioaccumulation is well known.



In your post the assumption that the "accident is under control". There's a continuous stream of hundreds of thousands of bequerels every moment, into the environment, and there's no technology to clean it up, or even to contain it.

No one died? There are many dying in Japan, because of the consequences of having ingested the "muscle seeker" Ceasium 135 and 137. Do a search for "Chernobyl Heart". Popular TV personalities, who ate fukushima food on camera to prove the safefy? Long dead. Athletes practicing for their next Olympic bout? Long dead. Fukushima workers? Yes there are a number of them already dead. But that doesn't show up on your computer screen, now does it? Just like many other things...
In Belarus, after 4-5 years children started to show thyroïd gland abnormalities. Most of these developed Thyroïd cancer later. In Japan already after 2 years these "nodules" started to appear, in more than 40% of the tested children. Cancers will develop later. The statements of the WHO and IAEA are disingeneous, and since they purposely ignored and even have suppressed the findings of scientific research after Chernobyl. YABLOKOV WAS RIGHT!

Please WATCH THIS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZR_Fvp3RrQ

I don't know if they're just psychopathic power hungry men (nuclear=miliairy) or that there's an agenda of genocide at the heart of this. Either one is not just evil but stupid, if they expect this to be over in 50 or even a 100 years. The pathetic death cult of nuclear has their highly educated supporters fooled..


THere's no technology to clean up or even stop the ongoing disaster, every day there's hundreds of thousands of bequerels of radioactive contamination spewing from the molten down reactors. The situation is deteriorating, the structures of the buildings is slowly turning into pulp and TEPCO is running out of workers. Who's going to "service" Daiichi in 50 years? A hundred?
The last two years, after the disaster of Fukushima, in the media and in official statements of the US, UK and Japanese governments there's been a denial of the true size of the disaster. Popular "intellectuals" such as Monbiot attacked scientists and doctors that warned the public of the scale of this disaster.
Only now, because of industry whistleblowers, and because the true suffering of the japanese people cannot be hidden, the tide is turning and more are becoming aware of it. The BBC has long downplayed or obfusciated the facts about is. Now, 2 years on, the're finally recognising the reality? No, not really... there's more to this..

Fukushima Reactor #3 blew up, NOT because of hydrogen, but because of the UNSTABLE MOX (PLUTONIUM) FUEL. THat's the BBC's lie this time. THe nuclear industry wants to continue, building bombs, building new big and small plants, and use the Plutonium as fuel. Even though it's too unstable, to be used in nuclear plants, and even though Japan's geography is even more unstable, than before the march 2011 earthquake, the first shipment of MOX already planned for shipping to Japan.



THe nuclear industry has NEVER been able to run the plants without huge public subsedies. At first this was explained as startup cost, but now they're not even capable of keeping their waste in a safe place. Through deceit they're trying to cut cost, and members of Congress are now pressuring the NRC to not make filters on vents on BWR (same type of reactor as Daiichi) mandatory in the USA. They obviously don't give a damn. Despite public protest, and through corrupted politicians, and media's silence they'll try to push these MOX reactors everywhere. STAY THE COURSE!

THe media only now, after 2 years prints this information: http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20130222p2a00m0na0090...
where did you get this lie that the children were given iodium pills from? have you no shame sir!


If you're a 70 year old man, like you said you are, and you're married, you'd most likely have grandchildren.

I'd go to them, now you're still alive, and if you have the balls, apologise to them, on your knees, for the disgusting deeds your generation did to the planet.
They'll most likely have deformed children, themselves, if any, if they've been exposed already.
I don't have to call you names, or anything. You know this now, and you will know it the rest of your life. It's fucked and didn't have to be.

Reptil's picture

this guy told the japanese what to do, and they did it. http://csis.org/expert/john-j-hamre

here's the informative interview about "fuel fleas" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zml97G-odeM

here's the info on japanese kids:http://enenews.com/report-now-over-44-of-fukushima-children-tested-have-...

this is not thyroïd cancer, but it's a significant deviation of the situation before Fukushima blew up (the kids did not have thyroïd nodules)

medium giraffe's picture

Medical Journal Article: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout



Excess U.S. Deaths After Fukushima Rise From 14,000 To 22,000 After Analysis Updated



Sorry for the quality of the 'evidence' but peer reviewed medical journal reports are the best evidence I can provide at short notice, apologies.

Septicus Maximus's picture

Well put, Urban.  GW really just seems to enjoy always knowing "the real story".  The "real" story always involves something "they're not telling us" or facts being hushed up, papered over, or "ignored".  Fucking sad, when you boil it down.   

The notion that things are "really" so much worse than reported in Fukushima and Japan, and that only he and his small band of merry know the "truth", is too absurd to refute.  I actually developed a lot of respect for the Japanese media during the entirety of the crisis.  I have full confidence that if indeed the situation was deteriorating, we'd be hearing about it from reputable sources with hard data. 

I shouldn't be down on ole GW, though, he's clearly preachin to the choir here.  Heaps of ignorant, mysanthropic assnozzles in this place...

UrbanBard's picture

I fail to see that hysteria helps anyone. The real difficulty is finding a reasonable report. Anti-nuke activists are at work here. They don't know enough science to present a reasonable case, even if they wanted to. This is why they use bequerels instead of Sieverts or RADs.

I never said that there weren't health problems at Fukushima, or that the Japanese government had acted appropriately. TEPco is scum as far as I am concerned. But, GW cannot be trusted to know what the real situation is.

The point is that the amount of radiation is dying because of radioactive decay of short half lived elements.  Even the Cesium will be gone in 300 years. It will nearly undetectable long before that.

This is a health hazard, not a catastrophe. Chernobyl is inapplicable to Fukushima; the carbon core of that reactor was set on fire. None of that happened at Fukushima, as screwed up it was.

If millions of tons of Arsenic were dumped at Fukushima it would remain a health hazard forever, not just for fifty to seventy five years. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been rebuilt and are less radioactive than Leadville, Colorado, USA. None of them have high cancer rates or mutations.

Too much of what Anti-Nuke activists, like Reptil, say is wrong. Not one of the radiation workers at Fukushima has died, but they have approached their yearly limits, so they can't work. Fukushima #3 did not have a nuclear explosion; the concentrations are too low. Nor is there a primary nuclear reaction going on. The heat being produced is through secondary radioactive decay which is disappearing fairly fast.

I am totally opposed to light water or boiling water reactors; there are much safer designs now.

No I have no grand children to apologize to, nor would it be necessary. They would get a higher dose of radiation from living down wind of a coal burning power plant than twenty miles upwind of Fukushima. As time goes on young people can move closer without risk. The elderly could move back now without lowering their lifespan.

Anti-Nuke activists display their ignorance in talking about deformed children. They are delusive or brainwashed.

Reptil's picture

this is your hero, eh you nutjob? fuck you and the pale horse you rode in on.


CRIIRAD gamma measurements Fukushima summer 2012


UrbanBard's picture

Let's see, 500 counts per second equals .84 microsieverts an hour or 7,358 microsieverts a year. The radiation worker one year dose is 50,000 microseverts a year. So, Fukushima is experiencing outside, one year after the Tsunami, one eighth that of a radiation worker. Readings would be much lower inside, but CRIIRAD shows no readings. The lowest dosage clearly linked to increases in cancer is twice the max radiation dosage or 100,000 microsieverts.


CRIIRAD is exaggerating the danger. Worse, we are supposed to take it's word that it knows what the dangers are.

espirit's picture

This is not the place for you, so take the hint and find a pro-nukufuku blog.

It's either that, or you are a paid fucking troll.

Septicus Maximus's picture

Brought to you by Carl's Junior

Toolshed's picture

Clearly, urbanretard and septimusmaxipad are either paid shills for the nuke industry or are two of the stupidest humans on the planet. Or quite likely, both. Either way they should go to Fukushima and work for tepco since they are paying a lot of yen for easy work in a perfectly safe environment.

UrbanBard's picture

Nope, I'm a retired electrical engineered who knows how to read. I'm curious about a lot of topics. I suggest a book, "The health hazards of NOT going Nuclear" by Dr. Petr Beckmann.  I read it in early 70's. Probably, that was before you were born.

I worked all my life in industry and learned how to assess tradeoffs. My IQ is 142, but IQ is only important if you know how to think. I know some very bright, but limited, people in academia who have no way of judging risks.

I have no need for TEPco's money. I got in early in Microsoft and Apple. I got out of Apple after Steve Jobs left. I bought Apple stock at $15 a share in 1997 and got out a couple years ago. My money is in land, precious metals and guns now.

obelisks's picture

 UrbanBard you are a scumbag and i would like to find the most radioactive  area and just drop you there and leave you there in the middle of it


UrbanBard's picture

You must be a Leftist or a Progressive, because you don't know how to argue a case without insults.

If you want I will you send my address. I have no fear that you would try something, because blowhards are usually gutless.


Vlad Tepid's picture

Look buddy, you may note that I am one of the biggest critics of the "Fukushima hysterics" around here, but in fact he does have hard facts, presents them in a (reasonably) measured way, and follows through with this musings in further articles.

The nuclear breakdown at Fukushima was a titanic catastrophe and to pretend otherwise is just, well, stupid.

You hardly make your case by saying you're 70 (!) and you volunteer to go to Fukushima for 5 year...that's not the point.  Most of the elderly have also elected to stay there.  It is the young that have actual measurable cause for concern.

I happen to beleive that DESPITE the gov't ineptitude and TEPCO criminality, the Japanese people will work together to MITIGATE this catastrophe but it will be a multi-generational sturggle parsed out a day at a time.

You're most noticeable outright lie is that no children have been hurt is particularly troubling to me.  4 children we diagnosed with thyroid cancer directly attributed to the disaster but because they are being very closely monitored and because Japan has one of the most advanced medical systems in the world, they were all operated on and are in remission.  This is to say nothing of the kids who's chance for e future employment has been wiped out at a stroke, are forced to play indoors because of observable contamination and must endure scrubdowns after going from place to place.

There has been insane hysterics on ZH about this (my favorite?  "Japan will be uninhabitable in 5 years!!!) none of which is constructive, but to treat this as anything less than the largest threat the Japanese have faced in forever would be to do a great disservice to reality.

I'd like to add that, depending on the TYPE of dollar collapse, we may all very well die of radiation...the two are no mutually exclusive.

UrbanBard's picture

I have my criticisms about how TEPco and the Japanese government acted. It is not a lie to say that I have seen no evidence that children have been hurt. Please give me a reliable citation which proves your argument. I did not say that there wouldn't be health problems, but they are minor compared to 15 thousand dead or missing in the Tsunami.

I was trying to give some perspective. Fukushima was a serious industrial accident but it is not a titanic catastrophe. More people will die in Japan from the coming financial meltdown than from radiation. The rate at which the BOJ is diluting the money supply is unsustainable. Japan cannot feed its population when the Yen become worthless.

I said I would go to live at Fukushima for five years as a reply to an absurd dare. I was trying to dilute the hysteria. I've done the math; I'm likely to live another twenty to twenty five years. I will probably die from cancer anyway, since many old people do.

I've seen many scenarios of how the US Dollar collapses and some of them include nuclear war. They are possible but improbable. If war breaks out, it would likely be between states after the European Union breaks up. Another possibility is between Russia and China. China desperately needs the resources which Siberia has and Russia looks very weak. I can see the possibility of nuclear terrorist attacks here, but even a dirty bomb would be difficult to implement. There are too many closer and weaker targets.

JamesBond's picture

he does have 'hard facts'


you use the term too loosely 

Vlad Tepid's picture

And you use the word "too" to casually.  The information he presents, while some of it is cringeingly self-referential, is a good synposis of the "counter" side of the arguement of the J-gov narrative.  As good as one can find in English language print.

ubjay's picture

Too much "green" propaganda.

There have been no casualties from radiation so far.

There are no numbers about the amount of radiation.

It´s all guesswork.

Reptil's picture

statements apart from the usual (industry) trolling?

Toolshed's picture

Gosh you are such a dope. I kept the words small just for you so there would be no guesswork.

Bearish News's picture

Let's remember that TEPCO actually photoshopped pictures of unit 4 to hide structural problems: http://enenews.com/tepco-releases-badly-altered-image-unit-4-photo

Nother 8.0 hits and ... fuck.

Ocean22's picture

This is all very depressing. Anybody willing to turn off their lights?

news printer's picture


Meat and meat from wild boar black bear Gunma radioactive material that exceeds the new reference value (100 Bq / kg) has been detected.

Deer meat from Iwate radioactive material exceeding the new reference value (100 Bq / kg) has detected
Been issued.



from Fukushima Prefecture fact that some individuals are more than the provisional reference value (500 Bq / kg).



effinayright's picture

GW, ya little fuckwit:  when will you ever admit that you are emotionally incontinent?  No radiation spreading all over Japan.  No millions of tons of post-tsunami debris hitting our coast.  No nothing.


Instead, conspiracy theories are required --- the whole world is "in on it".  




It's gotta suck being you.



espirit's picture

"The lady doth protest too much, me thinks".

Non Passaran's picture

GW must be severely depressed.
Things would be so much simpler had anyone actually died.

What an idiot GW is!

espirit's picture

Isn't your paid shill shift about over?

Terminus C's picture

You know, GW draws the most vitriolic spawn of "dissidents".  One wonders why the ad hominem slashers rise like a cloud of mosquitoes out of moist grass on a warm summer evening whenever GW posts about Fukushima (or the Gulf of Mexico for that matter).

Seems to me he's hitting close to home for some "people".


steveo77's picture

Exactly, when one becomes a lightning rod, indeed hitting close to home, exposing the nuke cartel.

Bear's picture

The nuclear lobby is very 'active'

The Heart's picture

Pilot to bombardier...we are over the target.

Bombardier to Pilot...Roger that!

Not Too Important's picture

'Fukushima Equals 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses'

“Dr Paolo Scampa, a widely know EU Physicist, single handedly popularized the easily understood Lethal Doses concept. “Lethal Doses” is a world wide, well understood idea that strips Physics bare and offers a brilliant, understandable explanation for all the physics gobbledygook Intelligence agencies and their respective governments use to disguise the brutal truths of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster."

"Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell. This is up from about 70 Billion Lethal Doses March 23, 2011. It is getting worse everyday without any intervention by the US and the other nuclear powers….”

"Note that the lethality of radioactive reactor cores goes up the first 250,000 years they are out of the reactor – not down."


Whether you agree or not, effinayright, if you've been breathing since 3/11/11, your lungs are full of plutonium.

Good luck either way.

malikai's picture

Whether you agree or not, effinayright, if you've been breathing since 3/11/11, your lungs are full of plutonium.

I can tell from your extremely well-informed comment that you know precisely fuckall about plutonium. If you can't sit at the adult's table, don't.

Non Passaran's picture

LOL, I'm coughing already, buy only because I choked on a sandwich bite when I saw your laughable comment.

the grateful unemployed's picture

what about that japanese freighter the coast guard had to sink off the coast of AK. just a few tons there

Jack D. Ripper's picture

A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual, and certainly without any choice. That's the way your hard-core Commie works. I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love... Yes, a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I — I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence. I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women, er, women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake...but I do deny them my essence.

Not Too Important's picture

The Tantra is strong in you, Jack D.

the grateful unemployed's picture

make me a drink of rain water and grain alcohol, and one for yourself Mandrake

effinayright's picture

Jack D., you've captured GW perfectly!