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Look at what is hanging on the wall to the extreme right of the photograph.





Ben sports a desperate frown
An eagle is weighing him down
His future looks grim
It's now sink or swim
And in his own fiat he'll drown

The Limerick King


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A conclave of fools always involves a large table and too many accessory people.

Unless there is going to be a debt jubilee, the national debt "vaporized", and unfunded liabilities funded - that is a room full of intellectual heroin addicts who have done nothing but destroy the future.

"The markets are at all time highs!"

So what.  You mean the markets are where they were six years ago, and in 2009 they were where they were 10 years ago.  So we have a four year loss, and when you consider inflation it is at least a decades long loss.

Oh yeah, and we are $6 Trillion dollars more in debt and there are 20+ million more people on Food Stamps.

The people in that room should be handcuffed, tried for treason, and hung - but instead they are seen as winners who are "winning".


Love the proctologist cover WB7, they are working it alright - giving each citizen an involuntary enema and colonoscopy!

Speaking of working it - a positive sexy kind of working it:

DEVO - "Watch Us Work It"  These young Ladies could do a better job than Ben I'm sure:  (2:41)

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A conclave of fools describes perfectly what I was thinking. Only I was thinking Clusterfuckapitalism.

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Is that Corzine hiding behind the monkey mask?

It's got to be Lloyd behind the Madoff mask since Madoff is his hero. And let's face it, Gensler is too f^&cking stupid to even think about wearing one.


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The Proctologist ... ha ha ha ha! Good one.

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The girls are a little overdressed, William,

but I can never argue with your taste;)

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I try to maintain a certain amount of decorum for the benefit of those at work. ;-)

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Thanks WB7 -

That hanging you refer to, is it the framed money collage?

BTW, that room full of real vs photoshopped is bizarre!

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Yes, paper money hanging in a frame. How appropriate.

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Call it what you like - this market is super-heating and headed for 20,000.  Of course, we bailed around 13,800....want gold to crash? just let me buy some...

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Dear don't,

    There's stiff competition around here for the worst market timer.

    Why do you think I only trade option spreads?

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When do we start talking about QE5?

"I just want to front run the front running.>

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Just write it in PhD Econ notation:

QEi (i = 1 -> infinity )

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QE 5 presumes some sort of end or lapse of QE 4, no such thing has occurred or is planned to occur and if it did happen we'd have noticed. 

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was Wimpy premonetizing Popeye, when he offered to pay him Tuesday for a Hamburger today? I think premonetizing is the essence of front running the front runners.

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Is that like being the rabbit in a greyhound race?

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The Proctologist might be better named The Pragmatist.  The "Amerika That Works It" in the new post modernism recognizes no absolute truth.  When a Jewish philosophy professor can publically profess being able to accept the notion a nation could legitimately exterminate 6 million of their own people, all hope is lost.

Truth is not subjective.  Evil remains evil whether an individual wants to call it good or not.

End the fed, restore good faith and credit.  Bring back the US Constitution for the people of the US.

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that girl on the right has a rifle with a Mannlicher stock..

the grateful unemployed's picture

that's a girl on the 30Cal? i see some side boob. they all have really good nails for combat hotties. probably club girls at night, fight in the resistance by day. that 30cal looks like The Chief (see Pride of the Marines, water cooled I think, and after it was shot up the water leaked out and it overheated like all good phallic symbols must do). 

i like the way these girls turn our own male symbols against a monetary institution which has usurped our sexuality, which takes our maleness away from us, (and our femaleness as well) so they are at once firing our weapons against us and giving our sexuality back to us.

can you fit elizabeth warren in there, i mean she isn't a combat hottie,  more like a visual combat nurse.

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Is the unbuttoned blouse look going to be popular this summer?

Here's hoping ...

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LOL.  What comic book is that?  Have to get it.

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CHUCK!!  Happy to see you getting onboard with ZH and Visual Combat.