In Re INa DReW...

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Corzine is counselling Drew
He knows that her options are few
The perfect disguise:
Forgetting and Lies
To help her he's ruffied her brew

The Limerick King









Some people say Jamie is nuts
They're honestly hating his guts
A whale of a shrimp
His manhood is limp
From too many DoJ butts

The Limerick King


Jamie's an interesting guy
He owns a large slice of the pie
This Kleptocrat creep
Resents all the sheep
And hopes they all f*ck off and die

The Limerick King



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Carlin died of weaponized cancer.  Breitbart--they just microwaved his heart.

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In uk the land of rule of law thumb give a dog a bone wagging our tail behind us the blind man remains in the dark like a virgin in a bronte novel. shall we overcome one day? gotta relax face the facts and Arm the ruthless killers who have our best interests at heart,honest! blue drone you saw me standing alone! love to love ya baby maybe cause deep in my heart we shall overcome not in my lifetime. the answer is blowing in the wind and pissing down those paths requires " toy dolls ". we may not get there with you but if we remember to rotate our veg crops the balance of payments will surely pay dividend,i believe, hopefully as apposed to definately maybe. just sayin!

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jamie bangs ina bangs whale
rebecca blows ruprick murdoch and cammy
hollande is a solo wanker
merkel the the meercat tongues lagarde
bubba and tony b will go down in history as wipeons of messy destruction
obambaclot is well just a clot, a toothpick fairy who wants to be scary; a blot on the landscape, a tool, a puppet, a muppet at large.
double fuck all ye above the sooner you die we'll find LOVE.

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First depiction I've seen of someone holding up Bernanke's severed head.  I think I've got wood.

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Thomas Drake, a former senior executive at the National Security Agency (NSA) who was charged under the espionage act after he highlighted waste, fraud and illegal activity at the intelligence agency, spoke at a National Press ..
Chill With Dave

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The best way for the average guy to fight them and win is to take your money out

of the stock market, out of the banks and buy physical, and sit back and watch, unscathed as

it all comes tumbling down.

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Great stuff today, William, great stuff!

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In Re Ina Drew vida Baby


In Re ina Drew Vida honey

Don't you know that I'm lovin you..


~Whale Song



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That's why i'm richer than you

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I watched it all on Bloomberg today.  I wanted to vomit and then shoot one of them. It is hard to believe that we will wake up Monday morning and the same fuckers will be doing the same shit to us. And they get rich; and even if caught none go to jail. What more can one say -   

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Hey Banzai, not to be nosy but how about a small bio?

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oh god william banzai you do not know how much i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was rotflmfao funny...

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Jamie needs a Dick (Fuld) treatment.

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O.J.?? Johnny Cochran and the Chubaka Defense!

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Ina Drew is in deep trouble.  Funny how all these fakers in positions of power "knew nothing".  Geeze, if I owned a company and hired a VP that knew nothing, they'd be gone.  Once the investigation heats up over their "lying", do any of y'all expect them to not contiue to lie?

ALL THESE FAKERS KNEW EVERYTHING.  Throw them all in jail.


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That is the problem with all of these cases. They want you to think everyone operates in an isolated vacuum, when the reality is the minute something goes wrong, the whole crew is called into the conference room.

It is such bull shit. Imagine if the world operated the way these people would have us believe. The whole crisis was masterminded by reckless underlings.

C suite executives have no idea what is going on and are powerless to stop it...

Pure fucking fantasy...

I recommend everyone watch the movie Margin Call.

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W Bush may have been the first to run a corporate presidency. He spent a week vetting Bernanke, and then he made him an honorary cabinet member. BB was called in to their weekly meetings. At these meetings Bush always had some message, which one or all of them were to repeat. The next day his cabinet was out smiling and saying the same crap. It was funny really, and Bernanke found himself caught in it, being dragged off to China. At one point he told them at the HH hearing that the dollar was not his problem, a week later he was making a speech about maintaining a sound dollar. At one point Bush sent TreaSec Snow down to Congress to push for them to raise the debt limit. Snow screwed up the UAE port deal, which might have a quid pro quo to get troops along the Straights of Hormuz. His first two TreasSecs were indiustrialists, company CEOS, but after he fired Snow over the port deal, he appointed Paulson. At that point it may have been a little less obvious what was going on at those meetings but of course they knew a helluva lot more about 2008 than they were telling. And Bush himself pretty much disappeared. Sometimes he traveled for days at a time without any press corp - he did private fund raisers - some of the spec was that when things got really bad he was going to leave the country, and of course the public wouldn't know about it for several days - he did buy a large ranch in Paraguay just before the end of his term. and remember he ducked out in airforce one on 9/11, parking in Nebraska until he was sure it was safe to go back to DC (you know what Reagan would have done, fly straight home and have a press conference in front of the WH), but Bush had to wait to see what his handlers were going to do with him. He was more at their mercy than he was at the mercy of the terrorists that day, just like Obama is now. When Obama does something wrong, the GOP barely mentions it, a little ruffle about Fast and Furious, nothing really about Solyndra, all impeachable offenses. They know Obama isn't going to do anything they don't want him to do, and by they I don't mean the GOP.

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bury the dog in the ex wifes lawn....thats the plan.

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counsel 1: Mr Corzine took money from his clients

defense: No sir, if he had taken the money it would be somewhere, but the money is nowhere. Doesn't money deserve a habeas corpus argument?

counsel 1: Well he misused his clients money, and lost it.

defense: How is that possible? How is it possible to misuse something? A person may use a gun in a crime. Is that misuse? No sir, it is a crime, and no crime was committed here, because nothing was stolen from anyone. It was impossible to misuse his clients investments, because they are investments, subject to the same risks which any investment is subject too.

long live chubakka

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Why is it that artists have too much time on their hands when others are called workaholics?

Having experienced the latter, in the extreme, for most of my life, I'll take the freedom that goes with being an artiste.

the grateful unemployed's picture

and heaviest thing most workaholics lift is a pencil. the artist never takes a day off, if he did it would be to do his taxes or something

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we once were a country so fair

we lived our lives without care

but the bankers broke

without missing a stroke

they finished us off in midair

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WB7 and LK, you two are the cat's pajamas.

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you're crushing it willie b

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     Would Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, Fallon, Ferguson, please invite Jamie Dimon onto their shows?  It would help put a face on the parasite that's been screwing [ the serfdum] over,  for the last 5 years.

     R.I.P. George Carlin

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WB7 you are the man.  Thanks for all you do.

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In my wildest dreams, I can see Jamie, isolated from society, and getting his "Fudgie" severely packed every day....

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Unless there is regime change (and not just the current idiot in the oreo house), us ZHers are closer to prison than dimon. 

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Great, now I'm completely conflicted.

Thanks alot ;-)

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If Jamie could actually do that, he would be more popular...,

at least in Manhattan;)

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J Poleman just like J Peterman.  lol.

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Mr. Banzai,


There was a report that other JPM traders bet against the Whale.


They faded the whale.


So please get your "Fadey The Whale" ice cream cake at your participating carvel stores.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Carvel was great when I was a kid. One of the ok things about NYC.

ShakaZulu's picture

A basement in the sky?  Lol.  Anywhere Barney is it lowers itself.

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OJ and INA, priceless.

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Corzine advising Ina = Priceless!


Which Tarot cards do they get?

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No way I could hang this on my wall, maybe Moochelle would get off on this, last I heard she was into white guys, well........, at least half white.

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what a coincidence, obama is into white guys too