Eric Holder: Organized Crime’s Man of the Year

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Eric Holder: Organized Crime’s Man of the Year

By George Mantor

If I were a high level criminal, I would sleep with a life-sized blow-up doll of Eric Holder. How could I not love this man?

When it comes to the drug war, we wouldn’t even have one, and that would be very, very bad for very, very big business.

Prohibition is good for big business. It allows for the creation of extraordinary after cost profits while keeping competitors under control.

When you can grow your own weed or get it from your neighbor, the profit drains out of it. If you can grow Asteraceae, you can grow Cannabis. Who the hell would drop four bills for a lid of daisies?

Money laundering? No problem if you do it on a large enough scale. Government keeps the small players out of illegal activities and collects small penalties, commissions really, for not prosecuting the big boys. That is racketeering. HSBC and Wachovia come to mind.

Eric Holder has gone from the role to chief law enforcement officer of the people to a collector of commissions for providing protection to high level criminals.

If you say something the government doesn’t like, he will send a drone for your ass. It seems about the only punishable crimes left in America are speaking out and smoking dope.

Last week, Eric Holder shrugged off prosecuting bankstas because he thought it might be bad for the economy. And, he did it with a straight face.

Refusing to prosecute the largest ongoing global Ponzi scheme in all of history because it could hurt the economy? WTF? What economy? The Ponzi scheme and fiat money are the economy.

Most frustrating of all, perhaps, is that when Holder leaves office, he’ll have a lifetime lucrative job with one of the entities he refused to prosecute. It’s all so blatant. Who could deny that Eric Holder is anything but a facilitator of the corporatocrocy, and certainly not a servant of the people?

Since awards are now given for just about everything, many of them ill deserved, I advocate for awards that don’t yet exist but are truly earned.

I can see them all gathering for some Caligula like gala. The carpet could be died red with the blood of the innocent children who have been killed in Juarez alone with the guns he sold them and the border he won’t protect.

Imagine how you would revere this man, Eric Holder, if you were a Mexican drug lord, a banksta, or a smuggler.

Journey with me into the mind of your high ranking Zeta or Sinaloa member giving the award speech. Imagine the voice of the Dos Equiis beer actor.

Senors and Senoritas, Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to present Organized Crime’s Man of The Year, Mr. Eric Holder.

You all know him, you all appreciate him and you all owe most of your good fortune to him. Si. Si, but keep the whistling down my friends.

We had a hard time getting automatic weapons in lawless Mexico, but you, Hombre, you delivered.

Fast and Furious was just what we needed. And as you know, we went right to work using those guns the moment we got our hands on them.

Then there was the problem with the dinero. We had sacks of cash piling up in basements and garages. Money had become like a burden to us. We couldn’t buy much real estate or bonds, but you dug deep for us, Homey. You went back to your banksta days and went all Chicago style, and pretty soon Wachovia and HSBC are sending a fleet of armored cars, and the cash is all cleaned up. Literally and figuratively. They even made special boxes for our deposits so we could get the maximum amount of cash through the teller windows. Genius, pure genius. Awesome dedication from my brother from another mother.

But, Dude, and this is where even us cartel guys can’t keep our emotions in check. Dude, if it were not for you we would be out of business. When we lose the weed smokers in California, it’s over. Fuck Colorado and Washington; nobody lives there.

California is the prize and we lost it. With those legally compliant, compassionate care cooperatives working so well, we were really taking it in the cajones. Not only were we losing customers, but they were selling high quality organic bud for less than our toxic ditch weed. We were fucked, man.

Then you stepped up your game and brought your posse down hard on those law abiding citizens. That ten year sentence pretty much ended the competition in Cali.

So, on behalf of the Academy of High Level Organized Crime, I Honor you, Mr. Eric Holder, for all of your efforts in aiding and abetting crime at the highest level.”

Our justice department has been sold out. They are now the enemy of the people.

If any person is too big to prosecute then your justice system is a sham, a lie, a farce, a joke, a bastardization of all that America used to stand for. Ultimately, it becomes a tool to enforce the will of fascists.

My grandfather, W. H. Mantor was a sheriff, a lawyer, and a judge in Crow Wing County, MN.

My father worked in the City Attorney’s office and had a private practice in St. Paul. Several of my friends have worked in law enforcement. I used to have respect for an institution that existed to make certain that the rights of every citizen would be protected.

I can only describe what I am witnessing as personally heartbreaking. I had such respect for the institution of law and its ideals.

And all the while, the erosion of basic legal equity has been brought about by a lap dog media that hides the truth and takes its cut of the illegal profits.

They are the public relations arm of large scale crime. They have worked to convince people that safety is more important than liberty; poor people caused the banking collapse and that relief from pain is more important than justice.

Recently, I stumbled upon an excellent example of this kind of reporting in the Orlando Sentinel under the byline, Beth Kassab, Local News Columnist.

However, the story isn’t local and it isn’t news, and it appears to be lifted right from the public relation’s handbook of the financial services industry.

It begins with a tepid admission of vague wrongdoing in illegally foreclosing on millions of Americans.

“And nobody held accountable. Dispicable.” She says.

Then she goes on to dismiss those of us arguing for justice with the following. “Some consumer advocates will argue it’s the banks, not the homeowners who are holding up the court process in the first place. It’s true…”

She then offers that same old often disproved bullshit. “Banks have been so overwhelmed by the number of homes they have to repossess that they just can’t get through them fast enough.”

Funny….they didn’t have that problem with all the paperwork required to make ten times the number of loans they are now foreclosing on. It’s a big fat lie and Beth Kassab is a big fat liar further encouraging forgiveness for high level criminals.

As all but bank compensated shills now admit, the problem in foreclosing is that the parties attempting to steal American’s homes are having trouble complying with the law because they are fraudsters with no skin ion the game and no means other than forgery to prove a claim.

There have been admissions of dual tracking and robo-signing, settlements, and consent decrees that all go to the heart of a massive global fraud, and we should simply ignore it until it’s finished. But, it will never be finished if we do not stop organized crime from stealing the property of American Citizens.

Beth Kassab isn’t a news reporter; she’s a propagandist flouting a dangerous lie. This should be labeled an editorial, but she takes broad licenses with this little lead in to a lie, “But here’s the reality: Prolonging the foreclosure crisis is simply drawing out Florida’s pain.”

That isn’t reality; that is her opinion, an opinion refuted by virtually all of the research.

Neighborhoods certainly are not spared the pain.

According to a recent study from the Center for Responsible Lending, neighbors of foreclosed homes, more than half from African-American and Latino homeowners, will lose a total of $1.95 trillion in property value.

The report, “Collateral Damage: The Spillover Costs of Foreclosures,” updates CRL’s research on the economic harm that homeowners suffer by living near foreclosed properties. But, it doesn’t stop there. Without an improvement in employment, the buyers of foreclosed properties do not exist in numbers large enough to absorb them all.

As a result, entire communities suffer the loss of property tax revenues and the hazards associated with vacant homes. Then there is the burden of newly homeless families to cover.

Being able to foreclose illegally prohibits and consideration of means to avoid foreclosure. We now know that many of the people who were foreclosed on never missed a payment but were targeted for one of many servicing frauds including force placed insurance, modification dual tracking, property tax/escrow scams, and others.

By stating her opinion as reality, she attempts to convince the reader that letting a banksta steal a property more quickly and with less judicial oversight is good for the community.

Foreclosures are bad, not good. No one wins and neighborhoods don’t improve by speeding foreclosures as is suggested here; they are badly damaged.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Florida’s foreclosure rate is three times the national average. How much faster do we need to go before things improve? Orlando is actually number two in the entire nation for foreclosures. How many more do you want?

The point of the article is to encourage passage of banksta- backed “speed the illegal foreclosures bill”, HB 87, she closes with this:

“It’s not justice. But it might help us work through the hurt more quickly.”

So her argument is basically screw justice just speed up the crimes.

Sort of give them more hurt, faster.

And my counter would be let’s have justice no matter how slow or how inconvenient, and by-pass the unnecessary hurt altogether.

If you live in Florida, you best vote NO on HB 87 because it is just another way to transfer the wealth upward with the help of the justice department, law makers, and the media. Whatever you do, don’t let them sell you on the idea that the cost of justice is too expensive.

In the meantime, vote here on whether Eric Holder should be “organized crime’s man of the year”. Or nominate your own favorite. It’s time to start calling people out.

Justice is the essence of freedom. It is either fair, consistent, and available to everyone or you do not have a free country. The dream is slipping away. Beth Kassab, how could you sell out your children for so little?

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Eric Holder proof that power corrupts irregardless of race, color or creed.

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5/5 from 34 votes, mine included.


d edwards's picture

What could happen in the US? Try this on for size: there has already been talk in the backrooms of CONgress about "appropiating" the 2 trillion or so in IRA's, 401K's etc.and replacing the money with a gov't backed annuity-back by (wait for it) gov't bonds which the Fed is buying with the money they've printed in the QE-infinity game.


Nice, huh?

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Daughter and her boyfriend up from college for Easter break so I turn my back on the world for a couple of days... Tune in tonight and first thing up is Cyprus... Theft in broad daylight... Pms should be a fascinating watch next week... So next article a story about E. Holder... nation's top
mob attorney...

Definitely time for bed...

Reflection in will be a very different place by this time next year.

Absinthe Minded's picture

Why did I take the red pill... Everybody that I turn on to this site now I ask if they are sure they want to know the truth. I'm afraid we are getting the word out too slowly and it is all for naught. Unless we have a chance of reversing this unsustainable course, I feel we are wasting our breath. Bitching just to get it off our chests. I won't tell anyone unless I think they are intelligent enough to handle it, much less believe it. The people of this world are either dumbed down or resigned to the failure of our once great nation. We are effectively powerless to act, lest we get droned because of our obvious connection to terrorism. (He had, can you believe it!!! He must have been planning something.) They will make up whatever story they want.See Christopher Dorner. What to do? Prepare. Because when we are Greece, we will be in for a world of hurt. Hopefully we as a country can finally then wake up and take it back. Who knows, maybe we will be liberated by China. At least they understand the value of gold.

the grateful unemployed's picture

Attorney General should be an elected office?

Sandmann's picture

Who was the last decent AG in DC ?

Motorhead's picture

Well, not sure if that would matter.  I mean, just look at how successful past elections have been.  A fine crew on Capitol Hill and at 1600 Penna. Ave., eh?

are we there yet's picture

Marlin Brando has less acting skill than Eric Holder at hiding raw evil. Eric Holder can ignore a senate hearing with the impunity of a cardboard cutout.

Oldwood's picture

Rampant lawlessness is for effect. The criminal activities are destroying the financial footing of the world while, by allowing us to witness the absolute lack of accountability, are simultaneously destroying any trust. Trust not only in our financial institutions but also and more importantly, trust in our governing institutions. This is required in order for chaos to have its fullest effect. The ensuing madness is what will allow us to see five fingers when there is only four.

Sandmann's picture

It happened in Russia under Yeltsin and noone complained in the USA when Jeffrey Sachs was facilitating Grand Larceny and the 13 Grand Oligarchs emerged.........

Isn't that why Putin was put in place, to bring them to heel and recapture the wealth for the Siloviki ?

disabledvet's picture

wow. "the slow pace of foreclosure auctions is because of the banks"? really "4clsurefraud"? i was under the impression it was the State's that passed laws "grinding the whole process to a halt" yes, yes? i think you need to ditch this line of reasoning and start going from "hemp to HAMP" cuz it's that bailout that's going to crush us. with a broken title comes rights...but with HAMP comes "you're new mortgage owned by so and so." with reduction of payments of...20 bucks a month? wow. "how oner...i mean GENEROUS!" let me guess..."must keep tax base high at all costs....must keep tax base high at all costs...." let's face it our debt markets are too large...we need to tighten our belt to pay "for everything." simply put "you're either a net energy producer or you're not." move along...

DaveyJones's picture

he looks so sincere

Mediocritas's picture

Do we really have to choose just one guy to get the award? I'm paralysed by choice!

Can't be just do what they did with the Nobel peace prize and award it to an entire group?

Holder need prison time, and a much more severe sentence than a common criminal, because when the referee breaks the rules, it's much more serious than a player breaking the rules.

BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

Are African Americans proud of this DBag?


Sandmann's picture

Should they be ? Are Whites proud of Jeff Skilling ?

The Invisible Foot's picture

We should have never let them get this big, all starting with the creation of the FED (Leaders of the banking cartel) FREE THE WEED!

Seasmoke's picture

Jamie Dimon , in a romp !

PeakOil's picture

Good rant. The Rule of Law in America is now a complete farce.



Dealyer Turdin's picture

Look.  The prez hasn't got the clearance.  The po' hasn't got the Awethoritay.  He's just pointin out, when he goes to pull the damn weed up, and your brain gets sucked down your spinal cord, don't bitch.  It's the big connection baybe.  We're talkin Private Nuclear Reactors,  Underground bases with multiple clones, time machines, piles of gold teeth from prisoners,  missing plutonium, shit, 

Condoms for Grays.  The Works.

Squiddly Diddly's picture

First post, I am new to the board. The banks can now declare victory in the war on drugs. The new slogan is just say yes. I wonder if Nancy Reagan thought it would end like this?

DaveyJones's picture

Nancy Reagan thought about a lot of strange things

dvfco's picture

I'd have to say - it all starts at the top.   RICO Criminal of the year 1st Place - Obama, 2nd Place - Holder, 3rd Place - David Axelrod.  This is the scummiest group of Chicago mobsters/monsters to take over any administration at any level.  They make New Jersey Mayors look like a joke.

chinucklehead's picture

The state always devolves into corruption. Time to contemplate creating a stateless future.

Sandmann's picture

That is how the American Colonies did it all go so wrong ?

Radical Marijuana's picture

chinucklehead, I regard that as a chuckleheaded comment.

States are self-organized and self-justifying. Whomever is the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, will proclaim themselves as the "government," and nobody else will be able to stop them. (Whomever is truly the best at being dishonest, and backing that with violence, will act more covertly, and thus, control the public government from behind the scenes.)

Power lends scope to preexisting depravity. The state does not "devolve" into corruption. The state is the standing state of corruption. Sovereignty is based on the power to rob, with the ultimate power to rob being the power to kill. Power is originally distributed, with everyone having some power to rob and to kill. History has been the crucible of conflicts whereby those conflicts provided the selection pressures to shape the current states, which are the result of assembling and channelling the powers to rob, and to kill, into social organizations, which were tested against each other, until those that were the best at warfare prevailed, by being the best at deceits, backed by destruction.

Those historically created War Kings then morphed to become the Fraud Kings. That is the best territorial gangsters became the public governments, while the biggest gangsters of all, the international banksters, became the covertly controlling criminals, actually operating the governments from behind the scenes, by continuing to apply the methods of organized crime, in order to take control over the political processes, and thereby turn the politicians into puppets of the banksters, whose job it is to be the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites to trick the muppets, into (to paraphrase what George Carlin said) "voting for millionaire politicians that do not give a fuck about those muppet voters."

Thus, the real world systems today are that the banksters are collectively a group of trillionaire mass murderers, that control almost all the world's governments. Therefore, we end up with Attorney Generals like Holder, who are actually puppets for the banksters, because the banksters were systematically able to take back control over the government of the USA for more than a Century, in ways which were on an exponential growth curve towards the destruction of the American democratic republic. The destruction of the rule of law is obviously a slippery slope that will finally destroy itself.

However, there can NEVER be a "stateless future," unless there are no entities which have political capacities. Human beings are political animals. If our current systems collapse into chaos, the first thing that will happen is some new system of governments will emerge, which will be the best organized gangs of criminals possible to operate under those new circumstances.

The ONLY practical solutions are to attempt to maintain systems of checks and balances over the powers of government. To paraphrase Ben Franklin's warning, "you have a republic, if you can keep it." Americans are in the process of having their democratic republic being destroyed by the banksters. Too bad, so sad, the psychotic concept of "national security" has run amok!!! That social insanity has enabled the best organized gangs of criminals to have an almost completely free hand to get away with bigger and bigger crimes. Now, that psychotic manifestation of "national security" has switched from being applied to the murder system to the monetary system.

The biggest banks are now practically above the law. That will continue to destroy the rule of law itself, which will then finally destroy those who destroyed the rule of law, since that slippery slope heads towards hells where there are almost no checks and balances left whatsoever!

As so many other comments here correctly stated, there are now at least 95% corrupted political puppets controlling the government of the USA, if not 99% or more, and therefore, almost all the most significant laws in the USA have become nothing but huge legalized lies, backed up with more legalized violence.

Any such government, without any sane shred of checks and balances to restrain its power, will become totally mad, before it finally destroys itself, due to that madness. Watching the USA deteriorate in this was is quite tragic. Watching guys like Holder destroy the rule of law before our eyes is horrible to contemplate, since these trends will lead towards more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law.

The psychotic concept of "national security" has become, by far, the greatest threat to true national security there has ever been. Unfortunately, the foundations are now so completely rotten that no reforms are possible to save the structure. It looks to me that we will be forced to watch the American republic commit suicide, or be "suicided" by the international banksters. The predatory parasites are so totally entwined in the systems that that looks like a terminal social illness, with no possible remedies, other than death.

Who knows what will come next ??? I would not expect anything better, since all too many people will continue to propose impossible ideals, like a "stateless future," which are guaranteed to backfire, and actually make the opposite happen in the real world.

The deeper solutions to the problems that governments are run by the best organized criminals would require more people understanding WHY that happened ... which seems extremely unlikely, in the foreseeable future ...

Absinthe Minded's picture

Well said. Like I said earlier, we are screwed.

Meatballs's picture


Savyindallas's picture

This is really tough. Feinstein, Schumer, McCain, Lyndsey Graham  -there are soo many in Congress that you can't pick just one. Wall Street? Blankfein, Dimon, Warren Buffet   -hell they're all such big  crooks in in the criminal syndicate--how can you pick one over the other? Obama  seemingly would be in the running- but we all know he's just a crooked bisexual coke freak puppet who reads a teleprompter -just like Bush. And of course all the bigwigs in the mainstream media are in the running  -but how can you pick one over the other? I have to go with Holder. The mafia dons are flaunting their power and taunting all of us  by putting this asshole as AG kicking and in our face as he arrogantly tells us that prison is only for the peons. I'll bet he sucks a lot of Oligarch cock.

B2u's picture

Has Holder been able to prosecute anyone?

El Oregonian's picture

Was that prosecute or prostitute? Because I know they definitely do one and not the other...

Savyindallas's picture

Are you kidding me? DOJ prosecutes tens of thousands for smoking dope in violation of federal drug laws. Thousands more for environmental violations and small dollar tax evasion.  

willwork4food's picture

Not to mention, the thousands of illegal lemonade stands.

Walt D.'s picture

In Mexico, everyone knows that the Justice System is corrupt. Aren't you glad you don't live there?

tony bonn's picture

holder, like his indonesian citizen boss, is a rockefeller nazi....those "people" do not believe in justice or anything else for the peons.....the usa is ruled by the iron fist of the nazifellers - the very same vile creeps who setup slave labor camps and concentration camps in europe....who gave us ww2, 9/11 and a host of other vile atrocities....

my god, i can't believe how fucking stupid amerikans are who thought that this lie spewing usurper president would bring about change except for the benefit of the nazis....

Freddie's picture

The Democrats love Obama and Holder.   BTW - I loathe the Bushes and Rove plus the RINOs.  x

jeff montanye's picture

i was a democrat all my life (64 now).  obama got me to register republican to vote for ron paul.

shovelhead's picture

Why no criminal charges on Holder for illegal gun running?

Oh, yeah,

never mind.

gimli's picture

Since he's from my home state, I'll go for Jon Corzine

palmereldritch's picture

  HOLDER '16


 'Sounds kind of disturbing in more ways than one

Rogue Trooper's picture

Why not.... it would be refreshingly honest.


Campaign tune (apologies to Matt Stone & Trey Parker)



What would you do
If you were asked to give up your dreams for financial freedom?
What would you do
If asked to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Would you think about all them people
Who gave up everything they had?
Would you think about all them bankers?
And would you start to feel bad?

Banking isn't free
It costs folks like you and me
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill
Banking isn't free
No, there's a hefty in' fee.
And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five
Who will?

What would you do
If someone told you to fight for Bankers?
Would you answer the call
Or run away like a little ?
'Cause the only reason that you're here
Is 'cause folks borrowed for you in the past
So maybe now it's your turn
To pay up what you owe?

Banking isn't free
It costs folks like you and me
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill
Banking isn't free
Now there's a hefty in' fee
And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five
Who will?

You don't throw in your buck 'o five. Who will?
Oooh buck 'o five
Banking costs a buck 'o five

q99x2's picture

Long live Nuremberg.

Rainman's picture

Geez, it's hard to decide who to vote organized crime man of the year when there are so many very qualified candidates.....Lloyd, Jamie, et al. When confused I typically vote for the one with the biggest tits, but this looks like a dead heat. 

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Of candidate list, Warren Buffet is possessive of largest man breast.

Freddie's picture

Eric Holder - loved by ALL Democrats.