Even Democratic Party Loyalists Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush … Or Worse

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Glenn Greenwald notes that even Democratic party loyalists are getting fed up with Obama’s Bush-like actions:

Even the most loyal establishment Democrats are now harshly denouncing the president for his war on transparency ….


This secrecy has become so oppressive and extreme that even the most faithful Democratic operatives are now angrily exploding with public denunciations.

(Greenwald gives numerous examples.)

The Hill reported last month:

A majority of voters believe President Obama has been no better than his immediate predecessor, President George W. Bush, when it comes to balancing national security with the protection of civil liberties, according to a new poll for The Hill.


Thirty-seven percent of voters argue that Obama has been worse than Bush while 15 percent say he has been “about the same.” [In other words, a total of 52% think Obama is just as bad as Bush. That was before the drone controversy - discussed below - went viral.]




The results cannot be fully explained as party line responses. More than one in five self-identified Democrats, 21 percent, assert that the Obama administration has not improved upon Bush’s record. So do 23 percent of liberals.

Indeed, more and more Democrats are waking up the fact that Obama is doing a lot of the same stuff Bush did.

Bush was a horrible president. His warmongering, disrespect for civil liberties, redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the super-elite, and obsession for secrecy were all abysmal.

But how does Obama stack up by objective measurements?

Let’s compare …

Favoring the Super-Elite the Expense of Everyone Else

Income inequality has increased more under Obama than under Bush.

Under Obama, the richest Americans have captured more than 100% of all income gains (and see this).

Liberal Nobel prize economist Joseph Stiglitz said in 2009 that Obama’s toxic asset plan “amounts to robbery of the American people”.

Bailing Out the Big Banks

While everyone knows about the $700 billion “Tarp” bailout which started under Bush, a top banking analyst puts the current bailouts under Obama at more than $780 billion each year. (Background here.)

Protecting Financial Criminals

Obama has prosecuted fewer financial crimes than President Reagan, Clinton or either of the Bush presidents.

Obama’s chief law enforcement officer – the Attorney General of the United States – has publicly stated that he won’t go after big banks.

Targeting Whistleblowers

Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.

Obama – even more than Bush – is protecting criminal activity by prosecuting and harassing whistleblowers.

Indeed, the Obama administration is are literally treating whistleblowers as terrorists.

Using Government Secrecy

In March 2010, AP documented that – under Obama – 17 major agencies were 50 percent more likely to deny freedom of information requests than under Bush.

An ACLU staff attorney puts it:

In some ways, the Obama administration is actually even more aggressive on secrecy than the Bush administration.

A new AP investigation published last week shows that the Obama administration has recently become more secretive than ever.

Trampling Liberties and the Constitution

Liberals rightfully hate Bush for trampling liberties. Bush even called the Constitution a “God Damn Piece of Paper”.

But Obama has gone much further than Bush ever did by:

(1) Declaring the right to assassinate Americans living on U.S. soil (no … this was never disclaimed) without any due process of law


(2) Declaring that he can indefinitely detain Americans on U.S. soil without any due process of law


(3) Spying on Americans more widely than Bush (the former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program – William Binney – says that he pervasiveness of spying under Obama has only “gotten worse”)


(4) Bush destroyed much of the separation of powers which made our country great. Under Obama, it’s gotten worse. For example, the agency which decides who should be killed by drone is the same agency which spies on all Americans


(5) Otherwise shredding the Bill of Rights

Starting Military Conflicts In New Countries

Liberals rightfully lambast Bush for getting us into the disastrous Iraq war.

But Obama has in fact launched wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan … and up to 35 African nations (and see this).

Obama – citing a Nixon administration official’s justification for invading Cambodia – has claimed his power extends into every country in the world … well beyond those where we are engaged in hostilities.

Obama has dramatically escalated the use of drone assassinations, which are  creating many more terrorists than they are killing.  The former chief military prosecutor at Guantanamo says that Obama’s drone surge is as damaging to our country as Bush’s torture program. I think he’s actually underestimating damage from the program, as drones have become the number 1 recruiting tool for Al Qaeda (especially since children are now being targeted for drone assassination … Oh, and torture is still happening on Obama’s watch; background).

And the Obama administration has probably supported even more terrorists – in Libya, Syria and elsewhere – than Bush. See this, this, this, this and this.


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Time to head underground. TS(is about to)HTF. Come on Spot. We have to get ready for a long nap.

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ObamaCare replaces the inability to move betw states

to take adv of r.e./employment op's lest, for many, 

one suffers exclusions, and the sure expectation, for many,

of a choice of "go naked" or "premium death spiral" with:


blanket oligopoly/cartel and risk filtering.


It's only a little veiled by the fact of a 20% statutory 

operational profit margin in the range of more expensive

patients/customers, vs. 40% (60% medical loss ratio, for

bronze tier--for young healthy customers, who'll think they're

getting a good deal.  But really, that follows the model of

first cover your market with monopoly and then play it

for what it's worth.












So, for instance, cable might be a "natural" monopoly, but it should (does not currently) have

an ObamaCare style pricing scheme.   ObamaCare's monopolistic, actually rather exquisitely, but should not

be.   But, it has the pricing scheme cable should have.   


ObamaCare's defined by monopoly, risk filtering (higher risk impoverishes and 

concomitantly increases eligibility for subsidy,) and gatekeeping

(the young woman (real story) who thrives with physical therapy will have

to go back to drugs, from which she'll survive but languish and lose 

and thus later have to re-acquire much of her gain from physical therapy,

until her Medicare Disability allowance for physical therapy resets the

following calendar year.)


Risk equalization and market progressivism can get a little 

complicated in explaining in all respects

(ZH:  I think this is reasonable at this point:)




but generally monopoly is rectified with fair markets (in health care more

proactively with risk equalization, because we know everyone will need 

much care and because accidents, bacteria are not price responsive--more)

and costs should be borne by the cost creators and programs created

ostensibly for national purposes should not simply exist to filter risk

away from monopolists.


GMO's were supposed to get labeled, students were supposed to

get financially prioritized (I'd underwrite, not loan-profit from, 

tuition in lieu of the $trillions lost to folly,) etc.

IamtheREALmario's picture

Yes, the entity(ties) calling itself Barack Obama is George Bush with petulent mean streak.

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I worked in the middle east and and  most of the time was only one of only 2-3 westerners on the location of about 200 people.  It was very eye opening talking to those who live in the areas where drones are used, it would change most anyone's mind on the subject.  even well educated people from the area are very anti american government.  you could see the deep animosity at the drones killing innocent people, I think the test should be.. if we would not do it here why will we do it in a foreign country. Rand Paul in his filibuster missed this point, why should we do it anywhere if we wont do it here? is there a difference? the policy is DEFINITELY doing more harm then good, along with our interventionist foreign policy, whenever you intervene you will piss off one side.

IamtheREALmario's picture

If the intention is to terrorize and anger someone who is not an enemy, but you want to be an enemy, then the entities claiming to be the US government have mostly succeeded. The question is why would any "sane" person do that???? Is there a point that  humanity is missing. Are we supposed to be at war because that is what they bred us for?

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I am so glad that more and more people are taking note of the fact that Obama is Bush 2. He talks socialist but does fascist. Even Obamacare benefits the insurance companies and big-Pharma.

The whole thing is brilliant though. I have non-sheeple friends that are still convinced, and cannot be convinced otherwise, that he is a socialist/communist, so they have shifted to the "right" from Independent. Just brilliant.

Now add in his interesting background: mom, gramps, grandma connected to the CIA, the strange SSN thing, and his disappearing act while "at" Columbia and sudden rise from obscurity and we have some concerns that he is a CIA stooge for the establishment. (The birth cert. thing is to hide that his real father is Frank Marshall Davis.).

I don't know, however I do smell smoke.              hujel

IamtheREALmario's picture

To those who put him in power, he has to be their "great joke" on humanity. They are rubbing our face in feces.

Flammonde's picture

The future of nations appears to lie in the hands of the men of high finance.  Perhaps in the West this is the norm.  When we think about the expansion of European peoples and their culture it is these peculair cultural ideas about money and commerce which created crusader globalism-Nazi-like domination of other nations that euphemistically is described as colonization. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we hear the howls of mere millionaires that they are being cheated by the spoils system that is their mother's milk.  From the killing fields of World War I to this very hour in Syria the violence and the expropriation is ratched up by crisis-a strategy of crisis and tension.  No accident then that Frau Merkel has Stasi roots and Mr. Obama Communist.

YHC-FTSE's picture

+1 Yep. I believe the last time I mentioned Obama in a sentence was to say that the only difference between Obama and Bush is the melanin content of their skin.

The thing I noticed about the MSM is that they rarely resort to outright lies on facts that can easily be checked. Instead they lie by omission. All the time. Like reporting deaths in Syria, then omitting that half those killed are policemen and serving soldiers. Like reporting a drone strike on a "terror" commander, then omitting the fact that 30 children playing next door were blown apart, or that a follow up strikes killed those trying to help the victims. That sort of thing. Apparently, we are killing as many as 50 innocent people for every one of the "bad guys". 

Every now and then, if you follow the MSM's chain of logic, it becomes too ridiculous to ignore. A month rarely goes by without the media reporting that a meeting of "High ranking Al-Queda officials" was blown up by a predator drone in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia - wherever. According to the bureau of investigative journalism, there have been 365 drone strikes in Pakistan, 43-53 in Yemen, with an additional possible 77-95 strikes, and 3-9 in Somalia. That means somewhere in the region of 411- 513 drone strikes have been conducted to kill "High ranking Al-Queda Officials". Taking the lower figure, and assuming a meeting takes place with more than one person, it means that at the bare minimum, Al Queda has a larger command structure than the Pentagon. Now can that possibly be true? By touting the government's own propaganda, the MSM is seriously trying to tell people that Al-Queda's command structure is bigger than the US Army (230 active duty generals), US Airforce (208 active duty generals), and Marine Corps (60 active generals) combined. 

The really sad thing is, the lies from the MSM do frequently get even more ridiculous than these, but hardly anyone notices anymore.





foxmuldar's picture

Didn't Joe Blow Biden say Al-Qaeda was dead? Could it be Obama is now planning on calling anyone that speaks out against him, a member of Al-Qaeda? We can thank Rand Paul for letting the snake out of the bag.The snake being Obama and his eventual use of drones on Americans.  

Libertarian777's picture

hey... Obama can read a teleprompter the right way up!

Bushy needed help to read a kids book.

kchrisc's picture

You're good!

"...that at the bare minimum, Al Queda has a larger command structure than the Pentagon."

Another of those glaring facts that falls out when one shakes the tree a little.              hujel

Mr. Hudson's picture

The test will be Iran. If Obama obeys his Jewish warlords, and makes a pre-emptive strike against Iran, then he is worse than Bush, because he will be the president who will start WW3.

Tall Tom's picture

Mr. Hudson...I am sad to inform you that this is not about Jewish Warlords or Nuclear Weapons. I also regret to inform you that the United States is already ENGAGED in World War III.


All Wars are ECONOMIC...ALL. Russia and China are engaged against the United Staes to dethrone its World Reserve Currency Status. If successful they will destroy our Domestic Economy.


The ONLY reason that the US Dollar has any value whatsoever is because of a deal made back in 1973. Until very recently it was the ONLY Currency that could be used to Purchase Oil. This fact alone created a DEMAND for our Currency from Foreign Banks and Companies. They first had to trade their Domestic Currency for US Dollars and then they could purchase Oil.


If they did not have US Dollars then they went without Oil. We enjoyed some massive benefits because of this. But as I wrote Russia and China are attempting to finish us off in that.


Because Iran is taking Gold, instead of US Dollars, for Oil, they have become a Clear and Present Danger to the United States. That move alone can topple our Currency's World Reserve Status and COLLAPSE OUR ECONOMY. Wars are won when the Domestic Economy of the Combatants COLLAPSES.


Of course Currency Wars can turn into Hot Wars. Yet a Hot War is still an Economic Event.

If my $1 Million Dollar Tomahawk Cruise Missile can take out your $100 Million Dollar Command Post then I win the exchange. If I do that enough then I win the War. Countries will fight until their Domestic Economy Collapses. Then they capitulate as the Vanquished and the Country with the Intact Economy emerges Victorious.


We defeated the Soviet Union in a Cold War, an Economic War, in this manner in the late 1980's with few shots fired. When their Domestic Economy collapsed the United States emerged victorious.


It was the same with Germany and Japan although they were Hot Wars instead of Cold Wars. When their Domestic Economy could no longer produce War Material at a rate necessary to defend themselves from our onslaught their Domestic Economies collapsed and we emerged victorious.


I am sorry but we are already engaged in War. What the Press is telling you and what the Truth is cannot be more divergent.

andrewp111's picture

Whacking Iran isn't going to start WW III, but it could unleash a chain of events that eventually does. Think Shia-Sunni power balance here. The best thing for us is that neither side wins.  If either the Shia or the Sunni is able to grab complete control of Islam and construct a third Islamic Empire (Caliphate), that will be guaranteed to lead to WW III.

Tall Tom's picture

The article states, "Under Obama, the richest Americans have captured more than 100% of all income gains "


Do tell me how this is possible? Now I can understand that the richest Americans might have captured 100% of the gains. But just how do you capture gains that are over and above "ALL", coincidentally which MEANS 100%, of the gains realized?


The 21% Extra Income was not a gain by any sense of the word. It was Previously held wealth which already existed.


When are writers going to understand that words are precisely defined and they just cannot throw out definitions at a whim. That just leads to Outright Distortions.


It is like the CPI Index. When that definition is changed then one gets a Outright Distorted View of the Economy.


So please...Do tell me how it is possible?

bonin006's picture

This has been reported on here recently, but I don't recall when.

It just means that the wealthiest americans captured all of the income gain, plus they took a little extra from you and me (so we got a little worse off on an absolute scale, and a lot worse off on a relative scale)

Tall Tom's picture

You missed my Point. I read the article. The Point is that the wealthy received ALL of the QE gains. That is 100% of the gains.


The wealth transfer from the poor to the wealthy over the same time period were NOT GAINS from QE. They were INCOME from a transfer of PRE EXISTING ASSETS from the poor.


Perhaps the PRE EXISTING ASSETS amounted to 21% of what was spent on QE. But those gains was not from QE.

gwar5's picture

Obama is way worse than Bush. At least Bush had the MSM beating up on him everyday to keep him accountable and his misdeeds known to all. Obama uses the MSM to hide what he does and drive his getaway car, which makes him more dangerous and them just as criminally culpable.


Without alternative media we would not know about: Bengahzi, fast and furious, BP oil spill complicity, fake digital BC, crony green energy boondogles, US military being outsourced to the UN, lack of Wall Street corruption prosecutions, Black Panther billy clubber dismissals, and much, much more....

Although Drudge did just announce Holder is going to investigate Wall Street -- it's not that Wall Street -- it's the Wall Street Journal that is the target. No doubt for letting the truth slip out about something.

Obama may not be the Anti-Christ but he is certainly applying for the job. His mission appears to be to divide and distract the populous so the puppetmasters can continue to do their deeds in the shadows without undue focused attention or opposition.

Thanks GW.

ozziindaus's picture

You're not kidding. It's hard to drive and kick my radio in at the same time so I don't listen to NPR anymore. Those fuckin weasel sell outs. 

Mr. Hudson's picture

The MSM media was afraid of Bush. They were afraid for their lives. Bush had American journalists murdered in Iraq. Bush was every bit as much as a dictator as Obama. Bush and Obama serve the same puppet-master.

andrewp111's picture

Journalists had no right to be mucking around in Iraq and spreading enemy propaganda. Bush was right to whack them.

neutrinoman's picture

Why is anyone surprised by this? It started under Clinton, actually. In came the FOBs and the Glitterati, including a lengthy list of Wall Street cronies. This party is the party of plutocracy and cronyism.

Westcoastliberal's picture

Reading most of the comments here I can see that most of you "get it" about the current dire situation. And thanks once again to GW for providing the opportunity to consider and voice an opinion.

Here in the U.S. we've indeed transcended partisan politics.  It's no longer a Lib vs Consv, or Dem vs Gop question since both parties are a mere facade to provide the rabble with an "illusion of choice".

What we the people are now up against is a foe which cares not for you, your family, your wealth, your lifestyle, your job, or indeed, even your life.  This entity's grab for power probably goes back to at least WWII and certainly became visible with the killing of JFK, RFK, MLK, and all the others who perhaps while not openly assassinated have been "suicided", "accidented", or a complete family killing as suspected in the Philip Marshall killings.  http://www.eutimes.net/2013/03/us-911-truther-phillip-marshall-dies-in-m... Sen Paul Wellstone is another example of the aforementioned.  Standing up to this beast can be deadly...I surely hope Elizabeth Warren and those like her have bodily protection and a food taster (as in days of old).

The news out of Cyprus is another guidepost to their plans, coming soon to a country near you.

Where all this goes from here is anyone's guess, but you can be sure we no longer live in a Democracy and we will most likely experience pain, suffering and bloodshed on a personal level much sooner than any of us can imagine. Sandy Hook and the resultant gun grab did not occur by "happenstance".

I may be sealing my fate by publicly stating this, but seems to me that Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and their neo-con buddies are still running the show from "Site R" or a scenario as equally frightening.

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

I totally agree with your observations WCL, except when you say we no longer live in a democracy that is what seems to be the entire problem, we are living in a democracy and a democracy is nothing short of mob rule.

What we need is to re establish a Representative Republic based on a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

.."the only good bureaucrat is one with a gun to his head, put it in his hand and it's goodbye Second Amendment."



smacker's picture

It's easier to understand Obama if you see him for what he really is: a socialist/corporatist/fascist. He is the American equivalent of Britain's Tony Blair, who also preached openness, liberty and other claptrap but set about stripping away peoples' ancient civil rights, introducing unprecendented police-state surveillance and countless databases including his dream ambition of ID Cards (which thankfully got dropped when Cameron became Prime Minister). This is socialism. It soon becomes fascism given the opportunity. Needless to say, UK law enforcement were happy to go along with this fascist agenda because they too are fascists at heart.

spooz's picture

Dallas Fed's Fisher, speaking to Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC):

""These institutions operate under a privileged status that exacts an unfair tax upon the American people," he said on the last day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
"They represent not only a threat to financial stability but to fair and open competition … (and) are the practitioners of crony capitalism and not the agents of democratic capitalism that makes our country great," said Fisher, who has also been a vocal opponent of the Fed's unconventional monetary stimulus policies."


What are the chances that the CPAC making this an issue?  Zero to none? They may be willing to gut Dodd-Frank, but hands off the Too Big To Jail/Fail/Bail.

Bingfa's picture

Obama couldn't eat at Hill meeting without food taster....


It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't true....

Westcoastliberal's picture

Bingfa, you're blowing my mind because I was writing my post above yours as you wrote this.  All I can say is, "wow"!

Bingfa's picture

LOL, did you read the comments in the article...

This is my favorite:

"As a physician for over 25 years my working diagnosis of BHO is narcissism, pathological lying, emotional dissociation & projection."

Benjamin Glutton's picture
we petition the obama administration to: Kick Obama Out of the Democratic Party

President Obama's continual demand to cut Social Security as part of the deficit deal even though Social Security does not add one penny to the deficit is a mark of a true, mindless Republican. As a lifelong Democrat I move that we kick Obama out of the Democratic Party.

Created: Mar 16, 2013 https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/kick-obama-out-democratic-part... hilarious...
Marley's picture

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Prepers, and for that matter, organized religions,armed forces, girl and boy scouts, football teams, military industrial complex, labor unions, corporations, etc., all pay homage to the fear industry. Fear is the easiest and oldest form of manipulation.

kaiserhoff's picture

Brings back memories of being an academic in DC, and often the only person in a gathering who had ever voted for a Republican.

What a third world shit hole that place is when you know it well.

kaiserhoff's picture

Translation:  the Jews are really pissed about the Palestinian State Trial Balloon.

If Barry doesn't shut the fuck up, he will be outed in every possible way, and the Grinning Idiot Mick will be in.

I'm sure he has been told that, with colorful four letter words, by "Democratic Party Loyalists."

Anyone want to bet that Massad doesn't have the Occidental transcripts?  Bet he majored in Queer Theory.

EscapingProgress's picture

This is all part of the plan. Sell Obumbles down the river to ensure future party viability and then continue the extermination of humans and human rights with the next guy from the other political party (i.e. a Republican (i.e. Rand Paul)). Rinse and repeat.

Yes_Questions's picture



Happy Hunger Games.


I'd be angry, but I had my years of outrage already before the inaugural in 2009.   The early W. years in particular, I am guilty of taking a partisan side, not so much D or R, but definitely anti NEOCON.   But the "War on Terror" distracted me FROM partisan philosophy as I immediately noticed the motive for it cannot be explored and understood through a political lens.   


By not having a partisan alliance, its much easier to see the human power structure in its current form and acquire useful knowledge, and a pathway to happiness.  Otherwise, we devolve into divisions useful only to those who've claimed the deed to the Planet's land, water and air.


Mr. Obama has given no impression his alliance is with humanity at large.   Conversely, we see yet another example there is a hierarchy beyond partisan visible light.  Call this hierarchy what you will: Globalists, NWO, Illuminati, Elites, MIC, Banksters: but do not fear it.   Know instead the horrors we blame on "Right" or "Left" government policy are the consequence of something far outside of ideological motivation.


   ~~Think for yourself and feel the walls...

become sand beneath your feet.



jharry's picture

I like President Obama.  Things aren't so bad.  Texas is booming.  Most Americans have food, shelter, clothing, and they will in the future.  Hang in there, dudes.  

bunnyswanson's picture
1. Misanthrope     1. A Human who hates all of mankind as a whole but is not necessarily against having friends.   2. misanthrope     One who hates mankind.   3. Misanthrope     Person who has put trust into another multiple times only to be let down time and time again. After this occurs so often hope is lost, and you start to see the reality of how disgusting humanity on earth really is.

A vague thought that life on earth, is nothing but "self inflicted torture at the hands of death." Misanthrope, just think about it.

So sorry.

Umh's picture

Field rations, tents and rags would make you happy then.

Tall Tom's picture

That is why he lives in Texas with all of the other Trailer Park Dwellers.

MickV's picture

Tell that to the 46 million on food stamps

Kobe Beef's picture

Don't. They might head to Texas and wreck that too.

Joebloinvestor's picture

You have to admit he earned that Noble (sarc off).

pashley1411's picture

O'bama  is simply our own modern Captain Ahab, driven by internal forces he scarely realizes to create a Progressive Amerika, whatever the cost.

Freddie's picture

I heard libtards starting to be concerned about how bad Obama is and having some regrets.  F***ing save it you excrement Dems.

Just hoping these evil shits who voted islamic have no ammo or very little when the shit falls apart.


shovelhead's picture

Al Qaida...

They were freedom fighters in Afganistan when the Russians were there.

They were terrorists in Afganistan when we were there.

Now they're freedom fighters again in Syria because Russia has a base there.

In Libya, they were just plain handy because Daffy wanted gold for oil.

Now they're terrorists again in Mali.

Sheesh, I wish these guys would make up their mind and quit switching sides.  :?

Who is al Qaida?

Anyone we say is al Qaida.

Tall Tom's picture

I posted a Comment on Yahoo where the Muppets reside.


They have no clue that Saddam Hussein, in Iraq, was taking Euros for Oil instead of Dollars. That is why he was removed.


They have no clue that Gadaffhi, in Libya, was taking Gold for Oil instead of Dollars.  That is why he was removed.


They have no clue of the importance of the United States World Reserve Currency Status is and just how valuable that it is.


They are clueless when I write that Iran is next and it is not about Nuclear Weapons. They are taking Gold for Oil.


They are clueless that we are already engaged in WW-III with Russia and China as they have conspired with India to remove our Reserve Currency Status.

The muppets are so clueless. That is why they reelected a Mad Man. And now, after Four Years, they re awakening and are disillusioned???


Don't bet on it. They are just not getting their freebies at our expense.



All Risk No Reward's picture

Al Qaeda history:

1. Used by Biggest Finance Capital (the real controllers of the Western governments) to destabilize Russia as the Mujahideen.

2. Used by Biggest Finance Capital (the real controllers of the Western governments) to destabilize Servia and create pretext for hijacked West intervention.

3. Used by ??? to destabilize America on 9/11/01, exactly 10 years after Bush's New Wrold Order speech and 60 0years after Pentagon ground was first broken.

4. Used by Biggest Finance Capital (the real controllers of the Western governments) to destabilize and over run Libya.

5. Used by Biggest Finance Capital (the real controllers of the Western governments) to destabilize Syria with the goal of over throwing Syria.

OK, kiddies, can you fill in the ??? blank?

If you want science to prove the Biggest Finance Capital funded American government is lying about what happened on 911, go to David Chandler's Youtube Channel.

Language is important.  If I said, "America" did this, the people actually responsible for these crimes would be hidden from view.

Let's use language correctly.