Why We've All Been Cyprus'd For Years Already & How We Can Stop Being Cyprus'd in the Future

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With all the scorn and indignation over the IMF and ECB’s attempt to steal anywhere from 9.9% to 15.6% of all Cyprus bank accounts in excess of €100,000, and with this anger certainly justified, one would think that people’s scorn over banker theft via inflation, since this mechanism of banker theft has been executed at exponentially higher rates over the past several decades, would have bordered on blind rage. Globally, we have experienced 24% devaluation of the yen to begin 2013, 25% of the Pound Sterling and the Euro at the end of 2008, 53% devaluation of the Korean Won in little over a year’s time in November, 1997 and 98% devaluation of the US dollar in the last 80 years. Since all of these instances of theft exponentially outpace, and are far greater than, the one time 10%+ proposed theft of all Cyprus bank accounts, why haven’t we been infuriated by these far greater thefts by bankers from our savings accounts? To begin, we need to stop sugar-coating facts in deference to bankers and stop calling inflation a “silent tax”. It should no more be called a “tax” than should the latest attempt of bankers to steal from Cyprus bank accounts ever be referred to as a “tax”.  When theft is referred to as a “tax”, it is because bankers have conditioned us to think of paying “taxes” as a part of being a “good citizen” of your nation, so they attempt to frame pure theft as just a “tax”.  However, inflation is 100% theft. The bankers’planned theft of Cyprus bank accounts has been severely complicated by the secret domiciling of hundreds of billions of euros by Russian oligarchs in Cyprus, and this factor is likely a contributor to the rejection of this theft by the Cyprus parliament (for angering the type of Russians that have huge accounts in Cyprus is, as Russian President Putin, stated, far more “dangerous” than angering IMF bankers).


I discuss in the below video, why we’ve all already been “Cyprus’d” to a far greater degree than Cyprus citizens can be Cyprus’d, and how we can stop being Cyprus’d in the future. If you would like to view the below video directly on the YouTube page, please click here.



About the author: JS Kim is the founder of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm with a focus on the Precious Metals of gold & silver. Our mission is to end our current counterfeit monetary system of fiat money and to reimplement a 100% gold or gold & silver backed monetary system that serves all 7 billion global citizens instead of just serving a few dozen banking families. Follow us on twitter @smartknowledgeu or on our YouTube channel here.

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The word 'tribute' is already making a come back. And its not even Obama's post-American disaster yet...

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"... theft exponentially outpace ...

WHY haven’t we been infuriated?"

Of course, this video was quite correct.

From an objective point of view, there is NO doubt that the overwhelming vast majority of people act like Zombie Sheeple, who have been routinely fleeced, and set up to be slaughtered. The answer to the question "WHY" is OBVIOUSLY the history of dishonesty being backed by violence, generation after generation, for a long, long time! Sophisticated systems of slavery emerged from the previous systems of slavery.  Slavery, based on lies, backed by coercion, was the most common system throughout the history of civilizations. Sophisticated slavery has become more abstract, and amplified to astronomical sizes.

I would insist that there are much deeper issues regarding "WHY!"  Those DEEPER ISSUES are that there IS and MUST BE some human ecology, within which the political economy functions. By and large, our current human ecology is a system wherein there are a vast majority of people who are prey, the ZOMBIE SHEEPLE, ruled over by a small number of predator parasites, the VICIOUS WOLVES, with a range in between of DOGS,to BLACK SHEEP.

One of the main reasons WHY nothing changes is that the vast majority of the "leaders" of the SHEEPLE advocate that the solutions are that everyone should be better sheep. The DEEPER ISSUES are that the only real solutions are for everyone to become better WOLVES. The only solutions which could actually exist are different systems of overall human ecology, which still resolved the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life. The current controls in the established human ecology systems are operated by people who fulfil the ecological niches of prey and predator/parasites. There are chronic political problems inherent in the nature of all life, and so, in human life. Those same problems are now emerging in the potential developments of industrial ecology, too, as they did, over and over and over again throughout the evolution of natural ecologies.

The problem with WHY people do not understand the banking system is that they have been brainwashed to not want to understand: MONEY IS BACKED BY MURDER. The death controls made and maintained the debt controls. Possession of private property, (including precious metals) can not exist outside of some system of public violence. Since militarism made and maintained the monetary systems, whereby the powers of the War Kings were gradually taken over by the biggest gangsters, the banksters, who are the Fraud Kings, the only genuine solutions require paradigm shifts in militarism, so that different murder systems operate different death controls.

There are currently no ways that the vast majority of Zombie Sheeple are able and willing to understand the Vicious Wolves, that have specialized in the creation of the current money/murder systems, and who thereby back up their debt controls with their abilities to command the death controls. Those who denounce the behaviour of the Vicious Wolves almost never provide solutions which manifest better human ecology. Therefore, the various Black Sheep, who are reactionary revolutionaries, who presume their "leadership" of the Zombie Sheeple, tend to always assert that everyone should be better sheep, as their "solutions" to these problems. Meanwhile, the domesticated Dogs, that work for the Vicious Wolves, are also able to rationalize and justify their behaviour with similar views that everyone should be better sheep, and that those good Dogs are doing good work by enforcing that view.

The actual solutions to these social problems ought to be more scientific. However, that would require a set of axioms which the overwhelming majority of people do not want to understand. A more scientific understanding of how we ended up with a financial accounting system based on fraud, backed by force, has to focus on what the force did. Only such a view could understand these problems enough to provide systematic replacements and substitutions of sets of solutions, which would admit and addresses the deeper issues with respect to human ecology, as well as the emerging industrial ecology, and therefore, be able to develop those in ways which were consistent with the natural ecology. While I agreed with all the superficial social facts presented in this video, it has barely any recognition of the axioms ought to be applied, namely, that human realities are always organized lies, operating organized robberies, and that money is always based on murder.

What is happening in the world today is that more and more people are noticing how the established systems are on runaway exponential growth curves, and becoming more extremely unbalanced, and so, more unstable. However, the only genuine solutions are to continue to muddle through this madness, and attempt to develop ways to better balance the different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. The reasons "WHY" the monetary system is becoming so blatantly unbalanced is that money is backed by murder, while the vast majority of the Zombie Sheeple, and their bogus "leaders" do not want to understand that. However, it is NOT possible to have any better money system that is not based on a better murder system. Given that those real systems today are privatized and globalized fiat money frauds, operated electronically, backed up by threats of force from weapons of mass destruction, such as atomic bombs, the actual magnitude of these problems is so astronomically large as to be almost beyond comprehension.

There are no genuine solutions to the political economy problems which could work without being implemented inside of their actual human ecology context. That means that the central core concepts must be the death controls, appreciated scientifically, as systematic social facts. Of course, from a practical political point of view, it appears almost totally useless to point out such basic social facts. The established systems are almost totally dominated by the biggest bullies, and the vast majority of people have already been brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories. Videos like this one correctly identify the runaway magnitudes of the financial frauds, however, there is not the slightest hint that I heard in that video of any deeper issues, such as would be truly necessary to understand "WHY," and therefore, nothing remotely close to being theoretically adequate.

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the problem will hit the usa this year or next in outright confiscation of income tax refunds.....this year the irs is exceptionally slow because they don't have the money to refund....some tax payers may not receive refunds this year and i suspect that next year the irs will take some or all of refunds across the board....

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Oye! A sexy tyrant is coming, he is me.

There's no such thing as 'confiscation' when talking about money that you stole yourself! Ah, esta bien. It's not like you didn't know what was coming. You have to dig into your savings (the gringos call it 'capital' but its really debt) to live? Me siento. I thought you were a luchador, act like one. Are you gettin' self-conscious because some self-righteous preacher out in the 30th row is calling you 'a parasite on the system'? Chinga! Recuerdo... this wealth me luchador is as illusory as your hard-on after 2 botttles of mescal. You earned your stash on the back of my in ring performance, my slaughter, my luchador thievery from the rest of the world, my running of drugas for other wrestlers, and my dinero laundering. These were my efforts...fucking ingrates. you should be thanking me for throwing the party. You knew I was slipping mickeys into the punch pendejos. Smug cabrones, thinking that the value created and put in your pantalones pocket, that really was stolen from the labor of others, is yours to keep without a fight!

Now, there's nothing wrong with our system, or our methods. The only problema is you've forgotten how to entertain humanity, put the world in a headlock, and use the guillotina in the ring. What the hell is your problem paisanos? I am your Lord and Saviour Luchador, so listen up. All you see is me best estudiantes, the IMFighters, EUnuchs and ECBlaster luchadors who actually admit they are Luchadors  - and they are winning the fight, whether they appear to win or not. These are kick ass students of mine. You can do it too! Learn from them.

Now that we have made our intenciones clear as running sweat, only a small part of the audience will protect themselves. This is un opportunidad grande for us. The audience will never change, they will keep their dinero in our bancos, they have that desire to feel your hot moist sex parts swell as they kneel before El Luchador! They mean nada to us, but energy to be stolen. As we dial up the angst, the chihuahua and caballo show, we solidify the temporal realm. Have you forgotten that it's more than their dinero we're after? Los rulachos, chompin on their nachos will never get their money out of the bank, o get out of the arena. This is how we generate low vibrations for us to use to insure the lucha libre fighting ring always exists.

Luchadors, you think when the slam down comes that the F-DICk insurers are gonna cover you? Ha! no one's dinero is safe. Why..because it's not their dinero! Do you safely store someone elses money in someone else's bank? After all, that guy who was stabbed by Brutus, his money had his face on it. Aye aye aye. The audience were suckers from the get go, and you are not the audience. All this talk about 'their' dinero is like a jumping beetle in a bean screaming its their bean. This is debt money, created from the thin flatulence that comes from our nalgas, and soaked in blood that you may have attachments to. Lose the attachment, we will create more. Creations upon creations y illusions upon illusions. Savers are to be spanked in public for their belief in dos illusions. The most basic one being that their currency, their unit of value, their storage of wealth was more than a debt note! You deserve what you get, if you let yourself get into a rear naked choke. The second mistake of the audience, me luchadors, is that they thought the very platform that this 'money' trades on has substance... it doesn't! I love it when I see the great learning experiences available to all the baby nino luchadors here. This is a great time to grow from your Los Minis size. Si... when you're that small, it smarts to be kicked in the huevos, but no more painful than the trick I have up my briefs. And no worries, because you'll be able to teach su ninos how to reboot the system (depends on the seating chart). Some of you are thinking my world will breakdown into a anarchistic combate with the audience y los luchadors all brawling. Others think that the top luchador will come out and be one hell of a mean tyrant. Callate, this is how Im going to work it out... primero, I'm gonna have lots of carnage, then, I'm coming back as the messiah to save you all. Dressed as 'je' Zeus... I'm going to use the duality principle to lock you, su ninos, your esposas y abuelas fiat souls into a temporal reality that is never escaped from.

You lose a few fights and you start wimpering and crying like a puta barata, a cheap whore.
Oh jes, you're all so surprised. you've been here the whole time. so lets get something straight.. how do you join me fiesta? How does your fiat soul strive for eternity? Oye, me and you... we're gonna rule the world!

They don't call me Chumba 'Cruz' por nada!


Winston Smith 2009's picture

And now, on top of the inflation theft for the past four years, we have artificially low interest rates which, when one compares what a saver would normally get as an interest rate for a certificate of deposit versus what they'd get now, about an additional 4 or 5% per year of any savings are being stolen.

monad's picture

That was long. The central bank (FR) printing fiat is a pump. They distribute the fiat to their fiends and then collect taxes to cancel the inflationary effect, producing a perfect cycle of upward wealth redistribution, stealing from non-party members and selected groups. Lately their fiends have been hoarding or using all of it overseas, so the pump is a siphon. They will threaten to dump the massive overprint to get tribute/consessions, then when they have got all the concessions they can they periodically dump anyway to create a situation where they can pop the bubble and take the assets that secure their position. Look who ended up with all the dotcom assets... 

Winning is everything.

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nowhere has there been more DEFLATION, than in interest rates. if interest rates fall banks can't raise the rates on savings accounts. take that problem to the extreme and you have negative yields, or outright confiscation of principle. INFLATION is what happens when the CBs try to reflate the economy [without touching interest rates]. if your business has no pricing power you get squeezed, so the government provides subsidies to the users (food stamps, section 8) and they use their power over commodity exchanges to speculate. final outcome they cut off credit all together (zero APR but nobody qualifies). there is no margin buying of gold [think what happens to the price] but there is inflation because the cost of mining new gold goes up, along with the price of equipment, and labor, and regulation. end game, gold has $1 an OZ real value, and $2000 an OZ added value. that's the government solution, not mine.

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mm no he:s wrong.. yes the Yen has weakened vs other currencies.. so for imported products they have lost the purchasing power.  But within the domestic economy their is no change.. In fact thats the aim ie improts become too expensive so they revert to domestic equivelants.. (ie if Japanese tomato:s are 100 yen and Australian Tomatos are 50yen ,,, and then due to currency Australian tomato:s are 150 (unless demand increases) people can switch to domestic tomato:s and stay at 100 yen.. Its true that the change will put upward pressure on Japanese prices possible because of increased input costs and demand for domestic product.. but if there is large excessive slack in the economy and the domestic economy has alternative inputs as well. imflation can be contained initially..

ie weak currency leads to increased import prices but it does noth have to apply to domestic products.



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a strong dollar hasn't hurt american consumers, because in a deflationary cycle sellers are forced to cut prices. walmart has built an empire based on using this strategy. and japan can cope better because they aren't a nation of consumers. i agree with you

LawsofPhysics's picture

"walmart has built an empire based on using this strategy." - Walmart relies on cheap imports though.  How will "being like walmat" help Japan again?  Contradict yourself much?  Last time I checked the Japanese still like to heat their homes and eat.  As far as consumption goes, don't worry, the laws of physics and Nature will force us all to be a bit more "japanese".

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there is global overcapacity in just about everything, including food. the natural inclination [in this economic situation] is for commodity costs to fall, (asset prices) while the cost of handling and processing (wages) tends to rise. [at least that's the leadership would like to see]  Hence the global corporate model is under stress, and local markets are more competitive. The utility can't price people out of the market, and the grocery store can't price people out of the market, they have to adjust their prices accordingly. america had a strong economy when we were vertically drawn, we mined the iron in michigan, made the steel in pittsburgh, and finished the cars in detroit. going back to that model is one way of dealing with the global imbalance, and a way to right your own economic ship.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"there is global overcapacity in just about everything" - wrong.  There is no overcapacity to delivery energy relative to the current standard of living in the western world.  Sure we can build windmills, put up solar voltaic cells (all require big capital and energy input), but what is the flux that they will deliver and will is more than cover the energy required to build them?  That is what matters.

While I agree that all eCONomies are really local, and will become more so as cantral planning fails, you act like population-dense locations can easily make such transitions in a relatively painless manner.  Good luck with that.

Moreover, you make the following statement -" The utility can't price people out of the market, and the grocery store can't price people out of the market, they have to adjust their prices accordingly. "  False again, if the cost to the grocery store for an item is $10, they are not going to sell it for $5, irregardless of what the market offers, unless they want to go bankrupt.  I certainly would and do pass an increase in input costs on to consumers, but I don't have the backing of the Fed.  Are you suggesting that the Fed is going to backstop everyone?!?!?  Again, good luck with that as this would insure hyperinflation and or a massive decline in everyone's standards of living, yeah, that should go over well.  In that case, have Ben send everyone the same amount of cash, at least then it would be fucking equitiable.

Yet another gem of yours "we mined the iron in michigan, made the steel in pittsburgh, and finished the cars in detroit. going back to that model is one way of dealing with the global imbalance"  -  Unfortunately, the iron has already been mined and the aforemention difficulty to deliver energy makes this impossible.  Try again.  no energy, no economy, period.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"But within the domestic economy their is no change" - Really?  How much food/energy do they import again?   Are you really arguing that a weaker yen is making imports cheaper?!?!  Did they all go on a diet?  Did their energy consupmtion drop?  Something does not add up.  We export walnuts and pecans to Japan and I can tell you they were not selling for any less than the any domestic producer.  why?  You better go look and see exactly what the capacity is for any domestic producers moron.  If you think they will pick up the slack without requiring more imported energy, you are beyond stupid.  There seems to be a serious contradiction in your post, unless of course many japanese are going to become slaves for the remaining farmers in Japan in order to really reduce those energy and labor costs, gee, sounds great.

JohnGaltsChild's picture

EXACTLY! I have been laughing and making the same argument since the Cyprus story broke.

People are sooooo blind.

Gaffing_Nome's picture

Hmm. +1 here, bringing attention deusus sum stubiquity of memeification, formerly known as sound-biting, or "a Lingmilgrams". Substituting turd with shit is doable. Collateral damage well known fer. Bad-Ones have had upper hand cause of 'inguisticl-jacking as JS points up. So simple, am bored tapping the obvious. If 99% heard "STEALING YOUR SHIT" everytime t-veE mentioned cue-ee "can-kicks can't [????eggs]".

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That which cannot be sustained, won't be.  hedge accordingly and get your tribe in order.  As all central planning blows up, eCONomies will become more local than you can imagine.

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+1 Inflation also enhances the IRS's take. Win / win.

" When theft is referred to as a “tax”, it is because bankers have conditioned us to think of paying “taxes” as a part of being a “good citizen” of your nation, so they attempt to frame pure theft as just a “tax”. However, inflation is 100% theft."

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“should a legislator, wishing to impose a new tax, choose that which would be theoretically the most just? By no means. In practice the most unjust may be the best for the masses. Should it at the same time be the least obvious, and apparently the least burdensome, it will be the most easily tolerated. It is for this reason that an indirect tax, however exorbitant it be, will always be accepted by the crowd, because, being paid daily in fractions of a farthing on objects of consumption, it will not interfere with the habits of the crowd, and will pass unperceived. Replace it by a proportional tax on wages or income of any other kind, to be paid in a lump sum, and were this new imposition theoretically ten times less burdensome than the other, it would give rise to unanimous protest. This arises from the fact that a sum relatively high, which will appear immense, and will in consequence strike the imagination, has been substituted for the unperceived fractions of a farthing. The new tax would only appear light had it been saved farthing by farthing, but this economic proceeding involves an amount of foresight of which the masses are incapable.”

Gustav le Bon: The Crowd, a Study of the Popular Mind


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I perfer to call it Corzined ......