Stunning Facts About How the Banking System Really Works … And How It Is Destroying America

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Paintings by Anthony Freda:

Reclaiming the Founding Fathers’ Vision of Prosperity

To understand the core problem in America today, we have to look back to the very founding of our country.

The Founding Fathers fought for liberty and justice. But they also fought for a sound economy and freedom from the tyranny of big banks:

“[It was] the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and . . . the Revolutionary War.”
- Benjamin Franklin

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
- John Adams

“All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”
- John Adams

“If the American people ever allow the banks to control issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied”.
— Thomas Jefferson

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the Government, to whom it properly belongs.”
- Thomas Jefferson

“The Founding Fathers of this great land had no difficulty whatsoever understanding the agenda of bankers, and they frequently referred to them and their kind as, quote, ‘friends of paper money. They hated the Bank of England, in particular, and felt that even were we successful in winning our independence from England and King George, we could never truly be a nation of freemen, unless we had an honest money system. ”
-Peter Kershaw, author of the 1994 booklet “Economic Solutions”

Indeed, everyone knows that the American colonists revolted largely because of taxation without representation and related forms of oppression by the British. See this and this. But – according to Benjamin Franklin and others in the thick of the action – a little-known factor was actually the main reason for the revolution.

To give some background on the issue, when Benjamin Franklin went to London in 1764, this is what he observed:

When he arrived, he was surprised to find rampant unemployment and poverty among the British working classes… Franklin was then asked how the American colonies managed to collect enough money to support their poor houses. He reportedly replied:


“We have no poor houses in the Colonies; and if we had some, there would be nobody to put in them, since there is, in the Colonies, not a single unemployed person, neither beggars nor tramps.”


In 1764, the Bank of England used its influence on Parliament to get a Currency Act passed that made it illegal for any of the colonies to print their own money. The colonists were forced to pay all future taxes to Britain in silver or gold. Anyone lacking in those precious metals had to borrow them at interest from the banks.


Only a year later, Franklin said, the streets of the colonies were filled with unemployed beggars, just as they were in England. The money supply had suddenly been reduced by half, leaving insufficient funds to pay for the goods and services these workers could have provided. He maintained that it was “the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and . . . the Revolutionary War.” This, he said, was the real reason for the Revolution: “the colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.”

(for more on the Currency Act, see this.)

Alexander Hamilton echoed similar sentiments:

Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first treasury secretary, said that paper money had composed three-fourths of the total money supply before the American Revolution. When the colonists could not issue their own currency, the money supply had suddenly shrunk, leaving widespread unemployment, hunger and poverty in its wake. Unlike the Great Depression of the 1930s, people in the 1770s were keenly aware of who was responsible for their distress.

As historian Alexander Del Mar wrote in 1895:

[T]he creation and circulation of bills of credit by revolutionary assemblies…coming as they did upon the heels of the strenuous efforts made by the Crown to suppress paper money in America [were] acts of defiance so contemptuous and insulting to the Crown that forgiveness was thereafter impossible . . . [T]here was but one course for the crown to pursue and that was to suppress and punish these acts of rebellion…Thus the Bills of Credit of this era, which ignorance and prejudice have attempted to belittle into the mere instruments of a reckless financial policy were really the standards of the Revolution. they were more than this: they were the Revolution itself!

And British historian John Twells said the same thing:

The British Parliament took away from America its representative money, forbade any further issue of bills of credit, these bills ceasing to be legal tender, and ordered that all taxes should be paid in coins … Ruin took place in these once flourishing Colonies . . . discontent became desperation, and reached a point . . . when human nature rises up and asserts itself.

In fact, the Americans ignored the British ban on American currency, and:

“Succeeded in financing a war against a major power, with virtually no ‘hard’ currency of their own, without taxing the people.”

Indeed, the first act of the New Continental Congress was to issue its own paper scrip, popularly called the Continental.

Franklin and Thomas Paine later praised the local currency as a “corner stone” of the Revolution. And Franklin consistently wrote that the American ability to create its own credit led to prosperity, as it allowed the creation of ample credit, with low interest rates to borrowers, and no interest to pay to private or foreign bankers .

Not Ancient History … One of the Most Vital Issues of Today

Is this just ancient history?


The ability for America and the 50 states to create its own credit has largely been lost to private bankers. The lion’s share of new credit creation is done by private banks, so – instead of being able to itself create money without owing interest – the government owes unfathomable trillions in interest to private banks.

Read this background to understand how money is really created in our crazy current banking system. And read this and this to learn why we are paying trillions of dollars to the big banks in unnecessary interest costs.

America may have won the Revolutionary War, but it has since lost one of the main things it fought for: the freedom to create its own credit instead of having to beg for credit from private banks at a usurious cost.

No More Federal than Federal Express

While many Americans assume that the Federal Reserve is a federal agency, the Fed itself admits that the 12 Federal Reserve banks are private. See this, this, this and this.

Indeed, the money-center banks in New York control the New York Fed, the most powerful Fed bank. Until recently, Jamie Dimon – the head of JP Morgan Chase – was a Director of the New York Fed. Everyone knows that the Fed is riddled with conflicts of interest and corruption.

The long-time Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee (Charles McFadden) said on June 10, 1932:

Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies ….

And congressman Dennis Kucinich said:

The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express!

The Fed Is Owned By – And Is Enabling – The Worst Behavior of the Big Banks

Most people now realize that the big banks have become little more than criminal enterprises.

No wonder a stunning list of economists, financial experts and bankers are calling for them to be broken up.

But the Federal Reserve is enabling the banks. Indeed, the giant banks and the Fed are part of a malignant, symbiotic relationship.


The corrupt, giant banks would never have gotten so big and powerful on their own. In a free market, the leaner banks with sounder business models would be growing, while the giants who made reckless speculative gambles would have gone bust. See this, this and this.


It is the Federal Reserve, Treasury and Congress who have repeatedly bailed out the big banks, ensured they make money at taxpayer expense, exempted them from standard accounting practices and the criminal and fraud laws which govern the little guy, encouraged insane amounts of leverage, and enabled the too big to fail banks – through “moral hazard” – to become even more reckless.


Indeed, the government made them big in the first place. As I noted in 2009:

As MIT economics professor and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson points out today, the official White House position is that:

(1) The government created the mega-giants, and they are not the product of free market competition


(3) Giant banks are good for the economy



The [corrupt, captured government "regulators"] and the giant banks are part of a single malignant, symbiotic relationship.

Indeed, the Fed and their big bank owners form a crony capitalist cartel that is destroying the economy for most Americans. The Fed has been bailing out the giant banks while shafting the little guy.

Fed boss Bernanke falsely stated that the big banks receiving bailout money were healthy, when they were not. They were insolvent. By choosing the big banks over the little guy, the Fed is dooming both.

No wonder many top economists say that we should end – or strip most of the powers from – the Federal Reserve.

Even long-time Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan says that we should end the Fed.

A Better Alternative

Conservative and liberal economists both point out that the big banks are already state-sponsored institutions … so the government should create a little competition through public banking.

State-owned public banks – like North Dakota has – would take the power away from the big banks, and give it back to the people … as the Founding Fathers intended.

Even a 12-year old sees the wisdom of public banking.

And see this.


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blindman's picture

great post g.w. !

Himins's picture
WE CAN DO THIS THING! I have a multibillion dollar idea that is as old as the civil rights movement...with a small and simple twist.
We CAN'T boycotte Monsanto, thats nearly impossible. BUT if we substitute a product, for example Pepsi, in exchange for Coke products, boycotte coke cola by replaceing with pepsicola...Coke cola could be brought to the table. Its the board members of Coke that would take the case to the board members of Monsanto to label ALL products they sell. Its BEAUTIFUL because...It sends a message to Pepsi, Coke Cola, AND Monsanto. Simply boycotte coke and drink pepsi products untill WE SEE THE LABELS IN THE STORE. Then we take our case to Pepsi....WE WANT FLORIDE OUT OF OUR DRINKING WATER...BOYCOTTE PEPSI UNTILL ITS A DONE DEAL. We want to make the board members of these government powers to FIX IT.
I'll need some help, and a pulpit. Who can write this up in a way that makes sense? NOT ME

Gadfly's picture

Why don't we know?  Why doesn't everyone know?  Why is this a secret?  Shouldn't we know the names of everyone who own the private banks that print our money, and who charge the American public around $200 billion a year in interest for the priviledge, be known by everyone?  Shouldn't this be "public" information?  This is the biggest con job and heist in the history of the world.  Wake the fuck up sheeple!

stiler's picture

It's true that Americans have become the victims of their own freedom. That's why I say that freedom is not license, it's self-governance. The same could happen in China if Communism would ever allow freedom. But it is too late for this anywhere in the world now. America has exported her culture, for better or for worse, all over the globe. It is Babylon in a figurative sense. The whore that rides the beast and the religious and economic system of the last days of this age. But I see China and US meeting in the middle of all this.

stiler's picture

well actually it's looking like a Chinese world is more likely. But in all reality it will be a One World Govt. 

Say, Ananon, how's the Chinese house church movement coming along over there?

AnAnonymous's picture

I have no idea. 'Americans' are destined to wallow in their world of fantasy. This is the only way they know to alleviate their life in an 'american' world.
Fantasy is their ultimate shelter, their ultimate relief.

'Americans' know no other way, especially not facing what 'americanism' is.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


'Americans' know no other way, especially not facing what 'americanism' is.

That is the way you depict the situation. In a duplicious way.

Explain any one can face 'americanism' when it is a nebulous, undefined resentment which exists only in your troubled fantasies, your history rewriting, your Easter Island buffoonery, etc.

Very strange behaviour. A strong sign of duplicity.

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americans' always in urge to obey their eternal nature...

It takes 'americans' and their taste for fantasy to declare that 'americanism' is a nebulous, undefined resentment.

'Americans' have beend defining 'americanism' since 1776, July, 4th. 'Americanism' is nothing more or less than that system of theirs.

Depiction of it is not definition of it.

But hey, if indeed 'americans' could face that system of that, the observation that they cant face it would not be true.

But it is true, as evidenced once again by that 'american' who prefered to deny the existence of 'americanism' rather than facing it.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous demonstrates total enslavement to his duplicitous eternal nature:

It takes 'americans' and their taste for fantasy to declare that 'americanism' is a nebulous, undefined resentment.

'Americans' have beend defining 'americanism' since 1776, July, 4th. 'Americanism' is nothing more or less than that system of theirs.

Depiction of it is not definition of it.

This guy's vituperative denial proves the point: a nebulous, undefined resentment which exists only in his troubled fantasies.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

AnAnonymous's picture

The Founding Fathers fought for liberty... As a result, they kept slaves.

'Americans' and their fabled past. The Founding Fathers never fought for liberty nor justice. They fought to overthrow the King and took his position.

Happens regularly on the streets when a ganglord fights to oust another ganglord from a turf and seizes it from him.

But 'americans', for some of them, are in a sad needs for a fabled past. They know fantasy as their ultimate shelter and cant do without that.

They can not cope with 'americanism' as it is, have to deny the reality of it and paint the past in a different colour. All this to reach the very needed conclusion that 'americanism' has changed down the way.

Unfortunately for them, 'american' ways have not changed, today' americans' just fight for liberty and justice the same way the founding fathers did.

What changed is that some 'americans', especially among the middle class, thought staying on the right side of 'americanism' was an adamant guarantee, that the usual suspects existed to clean up the 'american' mess.

Well, it just happened to be wrong and now they are here, forced to stare in the 'american' monster right into the eyes.

They cannot stand the sight so they must flee in fantasy.

Welcome to an 'american' world. It is a cosy place, you'll see. Full of 'americans', the finest amongst humanity.

Widowmaker's picture

Washington, one can see how little liberty and other values matter with the limp-dick ZH crowd that worships Bruce Krasting.

The worship of bullshit, fraud banking, and their faggot mouthpieces continues unabated, pervasive on Zero Hedge.  The homo-finance fuckups use omission over and over, and the minions (or "choir") on ZH gulp it down as gospel.

Fucking pathetic - just fucking pathetic.

MickV's picture

Krasting is just another ZH coward.

AnAnonymous's picture

He is just an 'american' who happens to work the financial world.

He behaves the 'american' way in his own sector.

'Americans' have a long history of being pitiless to the weaker and obsequious with the stronger.

This is one trait in their 'american' nature. It expresses accordingly to the 'american''s field of choice.

Widowmaker's picture

You do know krasting is a Swedish banker, which is why all sins from fraud finance are ommitted and his commentary is so weak.

Dual citizenships are nice when the 4th Reich starts shooting citizens in the USA.

AnAnonymous's picture

oooooooh, watch out! It is an omen of the future.

The big white tribe as wanted by 'americans' is only an illusion.

The glue to it came from the easy pillaging of the usual suspects.

When the usual suspects are gone, it will turn to 'american' indo europeans versus 'american' indo europeans.

Widowmaker's picture

Cowards on ZH tend to seem as though they have a generational flavor.

Broken "boomer" conditioning includes the marginalization of war, privacy, incorporated crime, fraud finance, government sponsored racketeering, and bread and circuses.  It's pervasive on ZH and systemic off.

Hell is coming and many, many complacent boomers are the drones.  Worse, they have passed along their complacency to their offspring, which assures hell arrives.

The USA as you know it will not survive in its current form.  It is already collapsing from within due to rot and social decay.

Mark this post, you will see Jeb Bush installed as the 45th US president in 2016 and war with the US people commense immediately ("on accident" or some other synthetic cause).   Watch how your own government is preparing today.   It's all manufactured and boomers ignore their lying eyes and chug it down while the GenX/Y/Z will pay the price.

MickV's picture

GW is preaching to the choir here, as he talks about the "founders" distaste for the British bankers, yet he is ignoring the constititutional disaster caused by the founders other boogey man--- FOREIGN INFLUENCE. John Jay, who implored G. Washington to add the requirement that ONLY a "natural born Citizen " should be President, wrote no less than FIVE Federalist Papers (2-5) on the subject of foreign influence. Indeed Federalist 68 (by the aforementioned A. Hamilton) singles out "prevention of foreign influence by way of 'an improper ascendant' (IMPROPER ANCESTOR)" as the very reason for the requirement of A2S1C4 that "NO PERSON but a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN SHALL be Pesident". In fact G. Washington, warned direly against the evils of foreign influence in his farewell speech, and warned against "change by Usurpation"---- He saw it all 200 years ago, and everyone should read this prescient speech, where he also warns against the insidious evil of political party:

Barack Obama Sr. was "an improper ascendant", a British subject who imparted allegiance to the British crown onto his son, Barack Obama 2, by operation of the British Nationality Act 1948 (those born of British subjects of the British colonies (Kenya) are also British subjects).He is not a natural born Citizen ("creature of our own"--- Federalist 68), eligible to be President, even if born on the Oval office desk. He has little allegiance to America--- and it shows. He even told he was not eligible when he wrote his book (or Ayers did) entitled "Dreams FROM my father", and is likely STILL a British subject, as British Common Law adheres to the principle of "perpetual allegiance".

Barack Obama 2 is the frontman of foreign powers that wish to destroy America. It is directly before GW's eyes. From the Usurpation of the WH, to the destruction of the family unit, to the destruction of our currency, to attempts to disarm us. ALL facits of American life are being attacked. GET A CLUE GW. THERE IS NO "UNITED STATES" nor sovereignty of we the people. When the president, who is the executor of the laws, is an illegal entity, then there is no law---- it is only what evil men say it is.

For an educted person like GW to ignore this can only be willful blindness or cowardess. The way back is directly before us--- the mass realization that Obama neither deserves nor is eligible for the office, and is a DOMESTIC ENEMY of the United States--- that is the game changer that will expose the massive treason by our Congress, Judiciary, and media useful idiots. That is the knowledge that will have heads on lamposts. But alas GW is a coward, and his kind are cowards--- cowed by the Alinsky tactics of the media with their "Birther" epithet.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

US LAW (Supreme Court Precedent):

"The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners." Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874).

Natural born Citizens are born of 2 US Citizen parents, on US soil--- It is a security requirement, and common sense. Barack Obama is the very example of why it is required. Think its's a coincidence that so many of the Republicans touted for POTUS or VP are not natural born Citizens?

McCain--- NOT eligible-- born in the PCZ

Rubio--- NOT eligible, born of non citizen parents

Jindal--- not eligible, born of non US Citizen parents

Cruz--- not eligible, norn in Canada, of a Canadian father and US Citizen mother

Santorum---- NOT eligible, born of a NON Citizen father.

Think about why----- Destruction of the US constititution and US Citizen sovereignty??? DING DING DING!!!!!!! Get A CLUE GW!! Be a man. Be a patriot.


AnAnonymous's picture

The founding fathers were what?

What were their ascendency? Lets me guess, they were natural to the continent of North America, that is why they called themselves Americans...

Ah, 'americans' and their twisted logics...

MickV's picture

"Indians" were not native to America either dimwit--- they were Asians--- so what's your point?

If you are born in the US to US Citizen parents you are a natural born Citizen--- natural law, and the only way a society sustains itself--- why do you think the Usurper and his dyke SCOTUS appointees are attacking the institution of marriage?

AnAnonymous's picture

Yeah, yeah, Indians had all that speech about natural citizens etc It is well known. It is part of human nature. 'Americanism' is human nature. So everyone before 'americans' had it.

It is also well known that the founding fathers were born in the US to US citizen parents, so they were natural born citizen. As 'american' fantasy as it can be...

There is no usurper in the office. Simply your typical 'american' president. But it is a matter of fact that the colour of this president itches a number of 'americans'...

MickV's picture

Of course you are wrong again. The founding fathers were not natural born Citizens, they were born British, like Barack Obama 2. However BO 2, the DOMESTIC ENEMY USURPER was born 172 years to late to take advantage of the "grandfather clause" ("or a citizen at the time of the ratificatiojn of this constitution"). The first natural born Citizens, born of residents of the fledgling United States since the Declaration pf Independence, were only 13 when the Constitution was ratified in 1789, so residents of the new states at the time of the ratification were naturalized by Article 2, and were eligible to be POTUS. NO ONE born of foreign citizenship after 1789 is eligible--- That is what A2S1C4 means-- it is a point in time.

AnAnonymous's picture

Of course you are wrong again. The founding fathers were not natural born Citizens,

And I am wrong. Again. 'Americans' and the sense of responsibility.

Obviously, the Founding Fathers were not natural born citizens.

Obviously, I am not the one trying to make an 'american' point about natural born citizens.

Actually, I was the one questioning the natural citizenship of the founding fathers and the validity of the whole notion of naturally born citizens by the way.

But I must be the wrong one. Because 'americans' are right. It is part of their nature, their eternal 'american' nature.

akak's picture


'Americanism' is human nature.

So if your self-defined "Americanism" is simply human nature, then what is the point of ascribing to the citizens of the USA that which is common to all mankind?

Behold the nonsensical, illogical, irrational bigotry and hypocrisy of the Chinese Citizenism troll!

I only wish you could see what a fool you make of yourself with every one of your idiotic posts.

Make me laugh.


AnAnonymous's picture

So if your self-defined "Americanism" is simply human nature, then what is the point of ascribing to the citizens of the USA that which is common to all mankind?

Ah, 'americans', you cant make them.

'Americanism' is as human nature as Indians engaged in natural born citizen stuff.

In order to explain their actions, 'americans' seldom point at 'americanism' as the cause.

They prefer to point at human nature.

'Americans' are the only ones to define 'americanism'

'Americanism' is as 'american' does.

But, hey, 'americans' must keep obeying their eternal nature.

MickV's picture

He's not Chinese, he is one of the Usurper domestic enemy's internet operatives.

AnAnonymous's picture


An 'american' who did not jump on the fantasical band wagon of chinese citizenism.

Could it be that 'american' is able to resist his 'american' nature of wallowing in fantasy? Could it be that 'american' can face 'americanism'?

Could it be that 'american' is the individual thinker 'americans' claim to be and not a herd animal?

The answer is just after the comma.

No way, he is an 'american'. He just substituted one fantasy for another. 'American' style.

Good effort but no cigar by the way.

The fantasy of Usurper domestic enemy's internet operaties has merit.

But the other will keep appealing more to 'americans'.

'American' nature is eternal and makes 'americans' predictable.

'Americans' are hooked on power and the possibility that China can contend for their global hegemony is way a too big bashing attractor to them. They will keep prefering the chinese fantasy.

Maybe, as an 'american', you might want to wait for China to fall and them comes back and market again your fantasy about Usurper domestic enemy's internet operatives?

stiler's picture

what's the difference betwn what's happening in Cypus and here? Watch the vid on this site. Mark Baker is fighting the state of Michigan just to make a living bec of TBTF pork producers. We have a window into the OWG that is coming. Slavery or prison, your choice. This guy is your neighbor, please help him out.

deerhunter's picture

I too have stopped trying to convince people of the great con.  I have land and shelter in michigan bush country.  Getting out of Chicago and around the corner of the lake in a true SHTF situation will be biggest challenge.  City with suburbs of 10 million is not a place to be as ugly will not describe the situation.  Cut the beast off at knees and remove all funds from banks.  4G has nothing to do with cell phone coverage here at the house.  God, guns,  guts and a garden.  If you need to make a stand at your residence you better know your neighborhood well and your neighbors even better.  Big city is not usually high on looking out for each other.  You can get shot at for cutting someone off in traffic here.  Imagine people with no food at the grocery stores.  We may have to stand together but the time to pick who you will make that stand with is now. 

The Heart's picture

Had to sign in just to share some thoughts.

Great reporting as is your great talents to do Sir George. Thank you.

The rate of awakening is awesome in this quickening of the light many are embracing. Your stories are very educational for those who have not seen the light yet.

Big giant kudos to all here, Light and dark, for we are at least all getting on the proverbial same page of communications world-wide. Many now understand perfectly well, the bankster speak. Give thanks. One has to wonder how the babylonians feel when they read all these comments and see the same awareness level of the majority. A very large percentage and a growing majority who are well aware of these insidious evil insane criminals. How it continues unabated when so many people know, is something to ponder. One great real truth is, people are preparing BIG TIME! Preparing to go to war with the bankster babylonians that have, and are about to seriously declare war on it's own people. Crazy? You bet!

We must all remember we are not anti-govt, because the PEOPLE ARE THE GOVT! So, who can be against the people? No one in their right mind of course. There are however, sure a lot of them on SSRI's that really hate people, or the govt a lot. What most here might agree on is, many are against this beast that calls money, god. And many more are angry with the supposed WORLD leadership that are only puppets to these money changer beasts and profiteers of endless useless wars. And even more are totally against and angry about the total destruction of nations and peoples. Ya gotta scratch yer head and wonder, what kind of being does this? What critter shats in it's own food trough?

People will not get it as long as the lying dying lamest stream media daily garbage dump is pouring forth into peoples living rooms every night like its a religion to attend regularly every day. Gawd, how does it go on? Endless wars for profits, the killing off of the human specie and the planet, the rich getting richer and pulling off these draconian measures that amount to no less than out-right-theft from the govt, er, the people? The only good reality in this unreality is, they are losing the attention of the mass of people faster than ever now. The people are taking over the matrix. Babylon has got some huge issues coming at them with torches in hand.

What these parasitical rudderless babylonians that have actually lost the control over the AI beast they created are totally discounting is, the real spiritual effects and certain laws of the Universe that are engraved in the Stone of every universe are real. These can not be changed. Same same all over, and in every level of dimensional existence. What changes come are illusions to this fact. These are inventions of beasts that have no flavor. Just like the money changer game where 2+2=567,890,567.89 or something close to that.

Thanks agan for your good works GW.

honestann's picture

Too bad human beings can't see past all this abstract nonsense!  Any two humans can agree to exchange anything for anything, as long as the agreement is fully voluntary.  Trade eggs for lumber, fish for steel, anything for anything.

The notion that gold is a problem is just pure BS.  These kinds of lies are created by people who want goods and goodies, but haven't created anything of sufficient value to trade for them.  They want some form of "magic paper" that lets them get something of value without giving something of value in return.

Of course, any human can exchange real goods and goodies today for only a promise (verbal or written) of other goods and goodies later.  The goods and goodies are his, and he can give them away, throw them away, or anything he wants.  But most people aren't stupid forever, they soon learn not to give real, physical goods and goodies away for promises... unless they are dealing with someone they know from personal experience to be honest.

The fact is, governments are fictions, banks are fictions, authority is a fiction, and all "official" instruments are fictions.  They're nothing but well known smoke and mirrors, period.  For any human to even imagine in his weakest moment that any justification exists for trading ANY form of non-good, is to exhibit blatant insanity.  Which means, about 99% of what people discuss and believe demonstrates they are clinically insane.

Trade goods for goods.  Simple as that.  If you want to trade or accept gold, silver, platinum, then great.  If you prefer to trade eggs, steel or lumber, then great.  ALL these other so-called instruments are pure fraud, and advocates are either completely insane, or completely corrupt.

monad's picture

Up to 'people aren't stupid forever' I agree. But government is real, labor camps are real and the brute force they use is real. You need to work on your base premise. The civil institutions are not corrupt, the criminals who have usurped and abuse them are.
Impeach/recall, arrest, prosecute, sentence, rest. Repeat. That's the institution. The constitution empowers us to do this ourselves. So don't panic.

honestann's picture

The "institutions" (civil or private) are FICTIONS --- they do not exist.  That's why I so often say "predators-DBA-government" or "predators-DBA-corporation", to distinguish what is real (the predators) from what is fiat/fake/fraud/fiction/fantasy (the institutions).

There ARE NO other players other than real, physical humans.  ALL those fictions do not exist, and are therefore not worth thinking about (unless you want to be a fool, insane and lifelong victim).

All those mechanisms you mention are also fictions, and now that predators have complete control of the fictions, they don't work AT ALL.  Every single politician at every level of government is guilty of treason, but nothing happens.  And you imagine some piece of paper is going to fix that?  Give me a break!

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Thats just not true

You can call Microsoft or the various government entities and tell the people who answer the phone that the organization they belong to doesn't exist. They exist. Your complaint is that these organizations do not with no effort on your part live up to your idea of what they are supposed to do… for you? The Microsoft tribe is not there for you, they are there for their investors and themselves. The employees of government are no different. You have to work the system, as our competitors do. Nothing lasts and if they have the upper hand now it is because they worked for it. That will change. 

Your premise is invalid. The fiat "pieces of paper" are contracts and they do work, so long as the contract is honored. You claim there is no honor. If your premise were correct the fiat system could never have functioned, not ever. "Good" & "Evil" is relative.

Those mechanisms are not fiction, they are operational instructions, a contract. You read a recipe, do you expect it to cook itself? But you expect the words on the hemp parchment in question to perform like a magic spell. We have to work the system. But rust never sleeps. Cheating has become rampant. What have you done about it? If the world is not working for you, take matters into your own hands and fix it, per the terms of the available legal instruments. Where they game the system you have to use your own discretion. 

You aren't pitching a solution, you are just playing yourself a victim. It isn't perfect and gross abuses have occurred, but voluntary contractual agreements are hands down superior to coercion, so I'm not giving up on it. Ever. If you want to take justice make sure you have your facts straight. Do what you can.

Front row seat:

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Look, I don't want to pick on you (or anyone).  But the fact is, 99.9999% of human beings are absolutely, completely, clinically insane.  Why?  Because they believe exactly what you said in your message.

The single most fundamental form of insanity is an inability to distinguish real from unreal, reality from fiction. what exists from what does not exist.  That's why the single most classic image for "insane" is some dude looking above his head and swinging his hands back and forth trying to catch butterflies or lightning-bugs or some other creatures.

Let me be perfectly clear.  When 2 or 20 or 200 people sit at a table, and decide to "create" an "organization" like a "corporation" or "government", NOTHING pops into existence.  NOTHING real is created.  So when those dudes in Philadelphia created the "USA" and "constitution" and all sorts of names, NOTHING real popped into existence.

What did happen?

Well, none of us can doubt that those folks re-configured the mental units in their brains.  No question about that.  They created new FICTIONS in their heads.

Think carefully now.  What is a fiction?  A fiction is something like "Santa Claus".  That is, a fiction is a configuration in the brain of one or more humans... that has no external referent in the real world.

So wait a second.  Did we admit something new appeared in their heads, their brains?  Yes, a new configuration of their brain formed (but no new brain cells or brain matter).  But this is PRECISELY the exact nature of FICTION.

People can sit around at a table and create endless fictions.  George Lucas created a mental unit called "the galactic empire", and encouraged millions if not billions of other humans to form that mental unit in their heads.  But NOTHING real was created (though new mental-unit configurations were formed in pre-existing brains).

Millions, if not billions of kids believe SantaClaus exists... and is real.  This overwhelming belief does not make SantaClaus exist.  It only makes millions or billions of kids do crazy things on the early morning of December 25 every year (and for months before too).

Those kids are insane.  They are clinically insane.  Modern psychologists had to back off and not talk about the damage of endless unsupported fictions in the minds of kids and adults, because their paymasters and certificate-issuers (predators-DBA-governments) have forced them.  But that does not change the facts.

What's worse, today almost all adults are absolutely, completely, clinically insane.  How widespread is this disease is a relatively new phenomenon, caused by the growing power and dominance of predators-DBA-government.  Read what I write.  The human predators are quite real.  The "government" they pretend to act on behalf of is pure FICTION... and does not exist.

Listen up.  Go read a little bit of fundamental law.  I mean the real core of law, that has existed for hundreds of years and still exists as fundamental law today.  It states quite clearly and explicitly --- all "organizations" ("governments", "corporations", "societies", "clubs", etc) are FICTITIOUS ENTITIES.

That's what THEY call them, not me.  Sure, today they don't mention this out loud, because they don't want insane, ignorant, stoooopido fools like you and 99.999% of your fellow humans to NOTICE WHAT IS OBVIOUS.

Yes, you are quite correct to say that most people ACT AS IF these fictions exist.  I agree.  No question about that.  That is not in dispute.  However, as my "Santa Claus" example clearly demonstrates, billions of people who believe a fiction is real... does NOT make that fiction real.  It makes those who believe it INSANE.  Absolutely, completely, clinically insane.

I have no interest in fighting with you, not with words, and not otherwise.  In fact, I am just trying to WAKE YOU UP, and show you that you have been living in the MATRIX (to choose a popular formulation) created and foisted by predators for thousands of years on unwitting weak-minded fools.  Call this a "Sith mind-trick" if you prefer.

But whatever you do, stop being STUPID.  Stop being INSANE.  Learn to distinguish what is real, and what is fiction.  Otherwise, you will spiral down the toilet with the vast majority of mankind.

Wake up.  Get real.  Abandon fictions.  Recognize what fictions are, and who they benefit.  Fictions do not benefit you when you assume they are real, they benefit predators.  No fiction is real, and I demonstrated above clearly and in no uncertain terms.

You are so wrong about victims.  The only way NOT to be a victim is to recognize what is real and what is fiction.  Otherwise, you are destined to be manipulated by fiction, which is a very sad state of existence.  A state reserved for the clinically insane.

PS:  Don't insult me or any other sane human being by calling a piece of paper without my signature or my consent to be "a contract".  That is an OBSCENE and VILE notion, that you or others can enslave millions or billions without their permission... just because you can write on a piece of paper and have a few human beings sign it.  That shows how utterly and completely evil you are, to support endless hyper-atrocities of that nature.

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Elizabeth Warren, I presume? My IQ on the adult Stanford Binet was 239; when I was 15. I don't threaten you, I challenge your belief system.
Would you like to take a ride?

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State owned Public Banks-1 Privately owned banks-50

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That is a very good article. It also shows how the American Colonies were locked into a "Gold" Currency Union with Britain, just as Henry VIII breaking with Rome had much to do with the long-running sore in Northern Europe  of gold transfers to the Vatican.

The movement of gold is a key component of much political history, and the use of paper money whether Continentals, Lincoln Dollars or Bradburies in the UK have all given power to private banks which through consolidation have challenged the power of the State. Ultimately political power must triumph, but the laziness embodied in Universal Suffrage has allowed cliques and oligarchy to escape control.

The fundamental failure of Citizens to protect their birthright has led to them being enslaved by self-perpetuating Cliques building new Aristocracy. The Trust busters halted this in the early 20th Century but let it slide with Woodrow Wilson's penchant for Prussia and organising national life around The State. The two world wars brought Sovietism into western democracies and the easy credit policies to pay down war debt gave an illusion of plenty which led to the excesses of the 1960s with massive expansion of universities on one hand and Vietnam being the first war financed without tax increases.

Politicians slipped the leash with the help of bankers

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Great quotes and perspecitve George, thank you.

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This should be required reading for schools. Except most would not understand it, until they end up in situations like the current mess.

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Another silly article.  In ANY economy, someone, or some institution makes the decision to allocate capital.  Whether the players are public or private has NOTHING to do with each specific decision.  Good/wise managers can exist in either a public or private system.  However, as we all recognize, public managers have NO personal skin in the game..............or, if they do, it is not commensurate with the gravity of the decisions that they make regarding capital allocation.


No debate about this really.  Examine the returns of public pension fund managers.  What do they care whether the pension fund tanks?  They will ride losses down, blaming "Wall Street," or the crisis. At least, with private managers, there might be an incentitve for managers to make sound/wise decisions.

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Private control of the money supply is far different than day-to-day investment decisions.

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"State-owned public banks"

People have been called socialists for much less than that...

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Who does own the Federal Reserve ? The Bank of England, Bundesbank, Bank of Japan, Bank of France are Government owned. Who really owns Bank of America or Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan.......and who really controls them day to day ?

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The faux Hebrew /Babylonian/Khazarian/apostate/Talmudic/Luciferian creatures that do "God's work", that is, Lucifer's work on the earth........endless wars (centralization of fiat wealth and population control), impoverishment(population control), abortion (population control), homosexuality (population control),starvation (population control), GMO foods and government-approved dangerous pharmacueticals (population control through early-death cancerous depopulation and cancerous contamination of our food supply with pesticides and antibiotics).

Hard drug dissemination by governments and bankster laundering of Drug Lord (multi-government "Black Ops") operating funds sowing confusion, incompetence, indolence, and ignorance among the population, infusing generations of people with stunted intellectual and psychological maturation which will descend into the 3rd or 4th generation, rendering them unable to perceive the damage that is being inflicted upon them.....making them docile and manageable, immune and unaware of the imprecations of their Overseers.

Degenerate education systems, depraved media, amoral lawyers, greedy lawyers, avaricious lawyers, selfish lawyers, evil lawyers, and worst of these,..... lawyers who become judges and politicians; a higher legal loft from which to inflict even more damage.

There is, of course much more.  Most of us could add reams of additional malevolence that the above mentioned creatures and their useful idiots have wrought amongst us.

It seems ironic, does it not, that the same ethnic roots which produced the Saviour of The World has also produced these Destroyers of mankind....and will also produce Lucifer's final Destroyer.

Those of us who have crawled out of the closet of ignorance in which the Destroyers tried to imprison us, know the real end of this story.



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Jesus was born in Nazareth and lived in Judea (completely unrelated to the very modern word "jew" created in 1775 AD).  Pilate's inscription on the cross states only "Jesus the Nazarene, leader of the Judeans," meaning a dude born in Nazareth with a cult of followers in Judea...there is sum total reference of zero to "jews" 2k years later.  Earth to stupid goyim: there is no such thing as a jew until 1775 AD because the word don't exist till then!

The genetic DNA of the self-labeled "jews" who now illegally occupy Palestine (courtesy of USA/UN decree and military might) originated from Khazaria which was located in what is now NW Turkey.  Khazarians were extremely blood thirsty war loving (they loved to war just to war, not to claim slaves/goods) people.  They were a pagan tribe with a pagan King.  The modern jew name "Kagan" (SCOTUS "justice" and I use the term very loosely) derives from the Khazarian word for "king."  One day circa 1k CAD the Khazarian king woke up and decided he wanted some religion (for the typical sacralistic reasons..."sacral" meaning to attach "spiritual" or "religious" significance to something that previously had none).  

The king considered Papism (Romanism) and Islam...but later he found the book called the Talmud written 3rd CAD by the descendants of the Rabbis/Pharisees who murdered Jesus.  He dusted off the Talmud, leading eventually to the most deranged, racist, anti-human, sexist, biggoted religion on earth, modern Judaism.  

A "jewel" vs. from the Talmud:

"Even the best of the gentiles deserve only death."

Modern Rabbis do not even dispute the existence off the above vs.  In fact, they justify the vs. and support it.

IOW, per Judaism's holiest of all holy books, 99.9999999999999% of humanity deserves only death. 

Now, the USA has, per Barry, "unbreakable bond" and "everlasting relationship" with the most racist, bigotted 15M group of people on earth.

And you wonder why the misery?  Give me a break!


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Who does own the Federal Reserve ?

Mostly the Class A shareholders own the 12 FR BANKS.  And who are the Class A shareholders?  Good question.

Who owns the FR Board of Governors?  Ostensibly, this body is controlled (established and owned if you will) by the Congress.  So who owns Congress?  Another good question, but I suspect you know the answer (Hint:  it's not you and me).