Brendan Brown on the "Global Curse of the Federal Reserve"

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A relatively short video that hits on the major points of what the Federal Reserve is doing, and the impacts of the surge in monetarism in today's world.

  • Fed is creating Asset Price Inflation (See S&P 500)
  • Fed is creating Goods & Services Inflation
  • By the time the Fed realizes the first two points, it's too late (and they then move to make things worse)
  • Perhaps Japan's real problem is that they are suffering from the curse of the Fed
  • The U.S. government is funding itself and giving a bonus to the banks via the Federal Reserve

His 6 step solution on how to cure the "curse"

  1. Drop inflation targeting by the Fed
  2. No more deflation phobia
  3. Stop all interest rate manipulation
  4. No more paying interest rates on reserves
  5. Eliminate all depression era monetary history
  6. Acknowledge that asset price inflation is a virus to the economy, and the only way it takes place is as a result of monetary disorder (ZH has been discussing malinvestment for a long time now)


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The people have it within their power to strip the Fed of its powers, rescind private credit and get the bankers to pay off the National Debt should Congress fail to act. The key to all this is 12 USC 411, which declares that Federal Reserve notes shall be redeemed in lawful money at any Federal Reserve bank. Lawful money is defined as all the coins, notes, bills, bonds and securities of the United States: 'Julliard v. Greenman' 110 U.S. 421, 448 (1884); whereas public money is the lawful money declared by Congress as a legal tender for debts (31 USC 5103); 524 F.2d 629 (1974). Anyone can present Federal Reserve notes to any Federal Reserve bank and demand redemption in public money -- i.e., legal tender United States notes and coins. A Federal Reserve note is a fixed obligation or evidence of indebtedness which pledges redemption (12 USC 411) in public money to the note holder. The Fed maintains a ready supply of United States notes in hundred dollar denominations for redemption purposes should it be required, and coins are available to satisfy claims for smaller amounts. However, should the general public decide to redeem large amounts of private credit for public money....
A Banksters defeatism (realization of defeat) nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Redeemed 12USC411 –
Refusal Penalty 12USC501a – Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!! Convincing Congress to Abolish the Fed

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"Boris" and "No risk.." -


You are correct in your assumptions - Supernatural


And Satan took him up on a high mountain top and showed him ( Christ ) all the kingdoms of the world and thier glory and wealth . Satan said to Christ "All these things I will give to you if you bow down and worship me "


Whom are the leaders and conspirors in hig places bowing to .

The group would include the Fed , the TBTF banks , and current world leadership .


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Note that Christ did not dispute Satan's right to "give" Him all of the things Satan mentioned.  Adam's disobediance "gave" the world to Satan.

However, with Christ's sacrifice on the Cross Christ redeemed the world and took all the rights back.  Satan knows he has but a short time.  He has read The Book,.....and knows the end of the age is fast approaching.


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the only solution is baskets full of heads. what's takin' the europeans so long?

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The same thing that's taking the Americans so long, ramacers, as it simply isn't understood who the real enemy is, meaning the entity that can kiss my ass:


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+1 for the Nock. Best book I have ever read.

The content per sentence is outstanding.

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Dude works for Mitsubishi. Analyzed someone else's work and then I fell asleep while listening. 

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Lets all sing 'Kumbaya' and BTFD............and someting with female dogs (i don't remember)

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One cannot contain a criminal mind and its criminal enterprises. The Fed must GO.

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The Fed is just one manifestation of the power controlling our world. If we are to be free, we need to go to the power behind the Fed and the other central banks. The question must be asked whether we are ready to be free from the maters and whether it is in our destiny to ever be free of them.

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IatrM, you make the most cogent and intelligent point.

The Fed is simply the front office of the money masters, the bank/oil cartel which controls the creation of money and monetary policy -- those int'l rules governing the credit/debt disbursement thereof.

Those who wield all the power look at the rest of us as mindless cattle and sheeple, and nothing more, the bottom feeders they eternally feed off of.

Today, no one in America knows who owns anything, and therefore they can't conceive that it is just a relatively small group which owns everything!

Who owns JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, GE, AT&T, ExxonMobil, etc.?

Oh, you mean it's the very same bunch, and they also own the biopharmaceuticals (80% of ingredients of pharmaceuticals comes from China --- anyone trust those mixed in dirty bathtubs by their sub-sub-subcontractors?) and "defense" weapons/munitions makers, etc.

Why did the Korporate Media focus on some obscure school cheating scandal in Atlanta, fostered by the Bush administration's (and continued under Obama) anti-education legislation, and not the incredibly important LIBOR case which was dismissed, thereby dissing tort law and the connected case to the global economic meltdown which affected between $600 to $800 trillion worth of derivatives contracts?

We (and certainly you, IatrM) know the answer, or should by now!


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But without the Fed front, they would be severely handicapped. Abolish the Fed.

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Chapter 19—Reflation and Inflation, 1897-1925 in Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope is a must read to get proper historical context.

Download the PDF and start reading at page 270 (in the PDF, the pages differ the paper book copy)

"In addition to these pragmatic goals, the powers of financial capitalism had another
far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private
hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world
as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of
the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings
and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements
in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks
which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like
Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal
Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the
Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to
manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country,
and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business


"Montagu Norman's Devoted Colleague in New York City
Norman had a devoted colleague in Benjamin Strong, the first governor of the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York. Strong owed his career to the favor of the Morgan Bank,
especially of Henry P. Davison, who made him secretary of the Bankers Trust Company
of New York (in succession to Thomas W. Lamont) in 1904, used him as Morgan's agent
in the banking rearrangements following the crash of 1907, and made him vice-president
of the Bankers Trust (still in succession to Lamont) in 1909. He became governor of the
Federal Reserve Bank of New York as the joint nominee of Morgan and of Kuhn, Loeb,
and Company in 1914. Two years later, Strong met Norman for the first time, and they at
once made an agreement to work in cooperation for the financial practices they both
These financial practices were explicitly stated many times in the voluminous
correspondence between these two men and in many conversations they had, both in their
work and at their leisure (they often spent their vacations together for weeks, usually in
the south of France).
Norman and Strong Seek to Operate Central Banks Free from Any Political Control"

"Norman and Strong Were Mere Agents of the Powerful Bankers

Who Remained Behind the Scenes and Operated in Secret

It must not be felt that these heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves
substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather, they were the technicians
and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised
them up and were perfectly capable of throwing them down [Greenspan and Bernanke
are trhe modern equivalents].
The substantive financial
powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers (also called
"international" or "merchant" bankers) who remained largely behind the scenes in their
own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation
and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than
that of their agents in the central banks."

There are a whole lot more gems like these sprinkled throughout this chapter.

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And who was the first or second direct of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel?

Richard Helms' granddaddy, of course, so the founder of the MK ULTRA program in the very early 1950s, and long-time CIA director later, Richard Helms (whose family owned Time magazine, and several others for many years) was annointed to be top intel dog, by the financial-intel-complex, 'natch!


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Yes, but who is the master of the private bankers? If you want to end this, then that is the place to start.

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Boris, as I reverse engineer this tyranny, I can't rule out supernatural influence.

I can't imagine dreaming up this con, let alone the majority of people falling for it and embracing it with their souls.

I've showed this absolute proof of the fraudulent monetary system and it is **rare** for me to get any kind fo response at all, let alone a rational reaction.

Debt Money Tyranny

Weapons of Mass Debt

It makes no sense.

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Make is perfect sense if are in business of traffic human souls.

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Quigley identifies them...

"the dominant investment bankers of their own countries" (aka, international mega-banking cartel)

I refer to this group as Biggest Finance Capital, with the assumption being made this crowd is very politically active.

After reading some Quigley, I am pondering whether Biggest Monopoly Capital might be a more accurate description.

It is actually pretty easy to describe what these people do.

1. They define money as debt

2. They control the monetary system and make sure money stays defined as debt.

3. Being politically active is a prerequisite to #1 and #2, so you can bet they are very politically active, although, not necessarily directly.  As Quigely makes clear, they employ "technicians" to do their dirty work.

One man's take on the WHO when the Federal Reserve was created is expounded on in The Creature from Jekyl Island.

G. Edward Griffin interview – “The Creature from Jekyll Island” – #033

Part of the problem is that this tyranny has been institutionalized, such that preventing the top conspirators (yes, folks, even Adam Smith understand conspiracy was FUNDAMENTAL - stop believing the false narratives)

"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. It is impossible indeed to prevent such meetings, by any law which either could be executed, or would be consistent with liberty or justice. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies; much less to render them necessary."
Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Chapter X, Part II, p. 152

For example, the Council on Foreign Relations is a front group for the criminals running this system, yet, I bet many members don't even know who the main conspirators are!

The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline

Even worse, are education system was subverted and turned into a schooling and indoctrination system that, quite literally, kills the natural inclination toward learning and investigation.  If you disliked school, then the social engineers succeeded.  The work of John Taylor Gatto is a gold mine and you'd do well to read and listen to everything he has written and recorded.

The Neglected Genius of John Taylor Gatto

Bianca, You Animal, Shut Up! (direct MP3 link listed at the bottom of the previous web page link),%20You%20Animal,%20Shu...!%20(John%20Taylor%20Gatto).mp3

John Taylor Gatto Education Engineering - Coast to Coast Interview (2005) FULL!

Another Brick in the Wall - John Taylor Gatto (2 parts)

John Taylor Gatto interview, pt. 3 – “Public Education and The Hall of Mirrors” – #117

The Ultimate History Lesson

And lots more for those willing to search out knowledge.

In short, these bastards have infiltrated our mental operating system and implanted an "establishment gobemouche" virus into all out brains, which a few naturally reject, and they withheld the natural, systematic way to discernn reality - because reality exposes them as the criminal element they are - so society can't be given the tools to preperly derermine what is real, what is unreal and what is unknowable.

The solution was known to Pythagoras.  Socrates, Plato and Aristotle knew all about it and applied it.  The dElite boarding schools teach it...  it is know as the Trivium - the first three of the classical seven liberal (liberating from the mental control of authority) arts.  Modern day "liberal arts education" is a counterfeit.

Gene Odening interview, Part 1 – “The TRIVIUM Method” – #049 (+ video)

Gene Odening interview, Part 2 – “The QUADRIVIUM” – #050 (+ video)

Gene Odening interview, Part 3 – “The Qabalah and the Mystery Schools” – #051 (+ video)

Gene Odening interview, pt. 4 – “Beyond the Trivium” – #133

Dr. Michael Labossiere interview, pt. 1 – “Logical Fallacies: The Critical Thinking Meme? – #062

Truth Be Told Radio – The Trivium

Peace Revolution 006: The Intellectual Elite vs. You – The Resurrection of Critical Thinking

Aeon Byte – “The Trivium Method: The Last Hope For Liberation From An Oppressive Society”

Logic, Fallacies, and the Trivium. Tony Myers Interviews Jan Irvin

Bob Tuskin - Free Your Mind Conference 2011

One distinction is important to make.  A logical fallacy is false logic or, if you will, a logical lie.  However, that doesn't mean that a claim made by someone relying on logical fallacy is necessarily false.  For example, it is a logical fallacy to believe that 2+2=4 because the teacher said so.  That's an appeal to authority logical fallacy.  2+2=4 is true and pure, but not because the teacher says it, rather, for other reasons that are logical and make sense.

Society needs intellectual self defense, a mental anti-virus, if you will.  An open mind without intellectual self defense is an easily programmable mind.

Until people see the need and make the effort to arm themselves with intellectual self defense, our situation is similar to Morpheus and Neo in the Matrix movie:

Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
[Neo's eyes suddenly wander towards a woman in a red dress]
Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
Neo: I was...
Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.
[the woman in the red dress is now Agent Smith, pointing a gun at Neo's head; Neo ducks]

In my mind, the red dress represents societal distraction and this conversation reveals this distraction mechanism as, in reality, a gun pointed at our head.

A few on Zerohedge have fallen for the false narrative of social Darwinism, which Darwin and his cohorts used to scientifically justify their oppression of the masses.  Read his book Descent of Man.

Jaime Escalante took typically poor HIspanic children and taugth them calculus such that they consistently DOMINATED their wealthy competition.

Children, disadvantaged or not, have incredible potential that is beinig systematically snuffed out by the criminal oligarchs who are threatend by anything other than the status quo.  Escalanete was driven out of schooling because his brand of true education wasn't consistent with the agenda put forth by the oligarchs through their Foundation Fronts.  Gatto discusses Escelante in his Coast to Coast interview.  He also discusses Darwiin and its real impact on society - the impact they don't explan to the proletariat.

The sociopathic feudal lord wannabes benefit when those they are working to enslave fight amongst each other.  They know this and promote it.  Society isn't sophisticated enough to figure out they are being punked.

A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing. One that sounds good, and a real one.
J. P. Morgan

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Hi Timmy,

You are welcome. 

Please partake and spread the infromation.

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Well, in 1960, the Rockefeller family was worth an estimated $30 billion --- quite the sum back then, but according to former IMF stooge and now MIT "economics" prof, Simon Johnson, they gave it all away (which means they sheltered it in foundations and trusts, eventually moving the bulk to offshore foundations, trusts, unregistered trusts, offshore finance centers, etc.).

In 1970, the Mellon family was estimated to be the third richest family on the planet.

So, did the fortunes of the Rockefeller family, the Morgan family, the du Pont family, the Mellon family, the Harriman family, the Guggenheim family, magically disappear?  (Evidently so, if you believe all the bullcrap they spewed from THEIR media over the years, and it's important to understand, the Vanderbilt family was absorbed into the Morgan family, there was considerable intermarriage between the Rockefellers and Morgans, and the other families, and from other marriages, the names eventuall change, so it's not always a Morgan, but perhaps a Schilling, not always a du Pont, but could be a Donaldson or another name, etc.)

One should look very, very closely at all the cross-stock-ownership today of the top banksters, oil companies, munitions makers, telecoms, biopharmaceuticals, etc., as that is supposed to be illegal, but that is how they do it.

Plus, the fact that the InterContinental Exchange, DTCC and NYSE essentially own one another, and in turn are owned by the bank/oil cartel, which owns ALL the clearinghouses, and ALL the financial exchanges.

Got thoughts......

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If your plan was to rig the monetary system, rig the schooling system, rig foreign policy for personal profit, rig medicine and turn it into profit maximizing sick care, rig nutrition so that it can be ignored, etc...  how would you go about doing that such that society wouldn't perk up and investigate your actions?

I posit there is only one cover story that would suffice - and it is the one they chose.

A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing. One that sounds good (charity), and a real (tyranny) one.
J. P. Morgan

Sgt Doom, given your knowledge of connections, you might find "The Brain" to be of interest...

Click the first link in the main text section.

The relevant source documents are available at the bottom of the page.

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The Chairman has talked about "reverse repo's" actually...this is where the BANKS pay the Fed interest for "holding their money there doing nothing." this has also been discussed in Switzerland as well. I'm always confused here...are we for the banks? Against the banks? Taking on the system? Taking it to the man? I feel like my acting has been a little off of late and am falling into an unfamiliar role of late. Not without duress of course...

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I say full speed ahead.  Print with abandon, seize some private bank accounts, seize some retirement accounts, get aggressive on surveillance and drone activity, arrest a few more innocent citizens starting tomato plants inside their homes, stick their fists a bit further up the hindquarters of airline travelers, and all the rest.  There is no other way to get J6P off the couch and put down the bag of Doritos and grab the last of our rights in hand, go out and destroy a few electrical transformers, take down some traffic control boxes, and create general mayhem.  If not now, the rights to the last firearm will be removed and we'll be footnotes in history.  Note that I didn't advocate any violence on any person.  That's just a move to crank up the domestic army and all hell will ensue.  General disobedience is an old American tradition.  Hey, it's a start.

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Boris agree - full speed forward. Drive off cliff slow and hit rocks or drive fast and...

well, either way is hit rock.

Is better hit rock at high rate of velocity or low velocity rate?

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an interesting read from 1906

"The Currency"

argues for a central bank based on the seasonal needs of farmers to plant and to pay labor

much of this argument is now moot, since nonfarm payroll dominates

hence the need for a central bank can no longer be justified by the arguments that led to its creation