This is What Societal Collapse Looks Like

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Add the total and complete hypocrisy of France to the list of reasons to avoid putting a cent in the EU.


We already know about Spain where Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was “allegedly” receiving bribes from property developers throughout the housing bubble… while THREE different treasurers have been accused of everything from money laundering to fraud.


Rajoy’s defense to the allegations? “I repeat what I said Saturday: everything that has been said about me and my colleagues in the party is untrue, except for some things that have been published by some media outlets.”


Then there’s Italy where Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has a track record a mile long (including numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, tax evasion, and collusion with the mafia).


Berlusconi’s latest charge is for bribing an Italian senator to change political sides. His defense? Bribery is a “necessary part of business.” Mind you, this is the same man who once called tax evasion a God-given “right.”


Now there’s France where we find out that the man in charge of catching those committing tax fraud was in fact engaged in massive tax fraud himself.


The French government is in crisis after François Hollande's former budget minister and tax tsar was charged with tax fraud following a shock confession that he had held a secret foreign bank account for 20 years and had repeatedly lied about it.


Jérôme Cahuzac's sudden admission that he hid €600,000 (£510,000) offshore for more than two decades is the biggest scandal to hit Hollande's presidency.


So… in the last few months we’ve discovered…


  1. EU political leaders were on the dole during the boom times often receiving bribes and then hiding the money via tax evasion schemes.
  2. EU political leaders feel it’s acceptable to throw out issues like personal property rights and Democracy during the bust times.
  3. EU political leaders are so corrupt they don’t even deny their crimes.
  4. When push comes to shove, EU leaders won’t hesitate to STEAL citizens’ money to bail out their banker friends.


At this point, there is literally not one single reason to invest a cent in Europe. Banks are lying about their balance sheets. Politicians are lying about citizen’s rights. The Central Bank is lying about everything…


By the way, Germany’s minster of education recently quit when it was discovered that she plagiarized her PhD thesis.


This is what systemic collapse looks like. This is what happens when society as a whole breaks down.  It’s now happening in Europe… the single largest economy in the world. And eventually it will be making its way around the world as the overleveraged financial system breaks down.


You DO NOT want to be on the bad end of this. What’s coming will make what happened following Lehman’s failure look like a joke.


If you’re an individual investor worried about what Europe’s Crisis really means for your savings, we’ve published a FREE Special Report outlining exactly that. It’s titled, What Europe Means For You and Your Savings.


In this report, we outline the risks Europe’s banking crisis holds not only for those in Europe, but for savers around the world. We also explain how this crisis will most likely unfold, including which areas are most at risk in the financial system. And we cap it off by listing multiple backdoor plays on Europe that investors can use to profit from Europe’s Crisis.


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Thank you for reading!


Graham Summers




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Speaking of lying bastards, President Obama’s science czar John Holden was an advocate of baby credits to control global cooling and overpopulation before he advocated carbon credits to control global warming.  You cannot make this stuff up.

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I can save you from paying for Graham's newsletter.... all he is going to tell you is to BUY GOLD

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Hmmm Eurozone = USA when it comes to lies, cheating and downright fraud!

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Germany’s minster of education recently quit when it was discovered that she plagiarized her PhD thesis.   I bet she keeps her pension!

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ZH is full of useful idiots today.

It is obvious that Ben Bernanke can print confidence at will and bastard-justice for the incorporated will cover anything the bearded faggot-factory misses.  TBTF owns you, your government disowned you.

What part of fascism don't you dumbshits get.

Every individual has lost. The game is over and Tyler is still playing.

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What we are witnessing systemically across the board in almost all leadership quarters, is a general erosion of confidence in leadership. If this thing ever does blow up... and I think there is a real chance of something happening within the next several years, leaders everywhere, especially the banking and political class will be in serious trouble and it won't be a pretty world to live in.

Are there any honest politicians or bankers in the world?

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I think everyone's in trouble, not just the leaders and the bankers. Revolution, war, and societal collapse are never pretty things.

For what it's worth, I think the rot is systemic and not limited to our leaders and bankers. Moral relativism is a cancer on our society and it is rampant.

"Every nation gets the government it deserves." Joseph de Maistre


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not one. i'd bet a fucking bitcoin on that.

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"Now there’s France where we find out that the man in charge of catching those committing tax fraud was in fact engaged in massive tax fraud himself."

Dear author, replace the word "France" with "Germany" and the message remains still absolute correct: The present German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is also known as "Kofferträger" ( = suitcase carrier) of Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl in reference to his (very) central part to government black accounts-, party donations- and corruption scandal in the late 90s (arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber).

Short reminder: The" ill-mannered" Dutch reporter causing embarassing silence when asking in 2009 about Schäuble and his 100.000 DM cash memory gap, ignored and defended by Angela Merkel when presenting her second cabinet as the new German Chancellor.

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You forgot Jon Corzine ! Now if you had featured Jon I might have signed up for your newsletter....

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'And eventually it will be making its way around the world as the overleveraged financial system breaks down.'   ... my gloves came off a long time ago ... THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!! ... it's every man (woman) for themselves .   it's become personal to me now.   buy metal & do your part in this systemic collapse.    sincerely & thank you.

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For French Zero Hedgers here is a link on how to build a Guillotine. Avoid the rush.

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Do you think I can get that in a 3D file format?


I'm a little rushed as I have a line starting to grow…



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"Society collapse" could this be collapse when it has been going on in europe for 100 years...?

little buddy buys the dips's picture

no one said it would be over in a day or two. they're trying for a controlled demolition.

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So politicians the world over are corrupt and criminal. This is news ?

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Sounds like another guy who thinks paying tax is "patriotic"...!

I'm with Berlusconi.  No one should pay tax, ideally...but only the silly little people do.

And "law"?  "Laws" are just someone's rules; in the case of an armed government (all of them) idiotic, criminal or just plain senseless rules become SANCTIFIED WORDS FROM ON HIGH, fair, just and benevolent ~ only because of the power of the GUN.

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Relax, everything's gonna be fine.

boogerbently's picture, we SHOULD increase taxes on the rich ?

Kreditanstalt's picture

No.  Taxes should be eliminated for everyone...too many people playing the "evil rich" vs. "honest poor little guy" game.  Everyone wants to be a victim.  "THE BANKSTERS STOLE OUR MONEY!!!" goes the cry - even though the wealth was illusory all the time anyway...

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So you are an anarchist? No taxes equates to no government from what I can tell, other than perhaps some sort of volunteer one.

I see the appeal of no governments, but that seems like a pipe dream to me. If we disbanded our government, for instance, it seems to me that we would rapidly be taken over by some other government with a powerful enough army funded by taxing their citizens.

Perhaps I'm missing something. I'm open to the possibility, but can't visualize such a governmentless society, nor one that would survive long term with some form of mandatory taxation.


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Actually the banksters did steal our money.  So did the top 1%.  That's why the rest of us have practically nothing.  What's illusory are the bank accounts--both the depositors' accounts, which the banks can take at will, and the banks' ledgers, which lie about the losses and the leverage.

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Society collapsed during the Marxist revolution of the 1960's. The current downfall of entire countries is just the outcome of that. The radical Judaists won, and then promptly did what they do best: destroy and pillage.

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The radical Judaists won


So that's why we have a worthless piece of Islamic filth in the White House.  Who knew?

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. If a liar lies to you once, their word is forever questioned, even when it may be true.

It appears that the MSM is totally ignoring the situation in Europe, I wonder how the Bernak is going to fair when it is learned he has bailed out most all of the Euro Banks through some backdoor method!

The Fed is under fire now and looked at as the problem, even by the uneducated economically, the country coffee shops patrons are the last bastion and they are ready for revolt!



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3D printing makes gun laws moot

bitcoins make central bankers moot



JeffB's picture

I wish.

Central Bankers' puppets can take down bitcoin.

3D printing may, and likely will, have a major impact on access to weapons, but that's a far cry from saying gun laws are moot. It's not possible now, that I know of anyway, to print a howitzer or a machine gun, but I have no doubt that if it were possible and I made or bought one, those"moot" gun laws could have a very big impact on my life.

TPTB are also not likely to go down without a fight any more than they gave up on "the war on drugs" regardless of how well they were doing in that war. Someone linked to a story or two about one of the biggest 3D printer advocates having his website taken down, stuff confiscated, and arrested perhaps(?). If not, that certainly wouldn't be a surprise to me if that isn't one of their early strategies to fight this movement.

It's game on, but hardly time to declare victory at this point as far as I can tell.


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I can't add it to my list; because it was at the top of my list in the first place. The Euro was a French/Belgian Socialist scheme to continue spending what they didn't produce. It failed. Surprise, surprise.

G_T_A_44's picture

No different in the UK & US.


Ask AG Holder. Partner in crime.

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Don't we know by now that laws are for suckers?!?

Do as we say, not as we do!!!

Exhibit "A": the Semi-auto ban draft as proposed by Feinstein: Gov Officials were excluded from compliance!!!

Exhibit "B": Obamacare: if you were a DNC heavyweight or friend of O, got a pink-slip and you need not comply!!!

And on, and on, and on.

EDIT: Short of a Global French Revolution v2.0 it will get worse. Why did UN (Useless Nations) just get on with the Arms Treaty - which we all know it has more holes than Swiss Cheese? So the big boys can further disarm the Peasants.

Ying-Yang's picture

Kudos to pointing out the pink slips. This is blatant and can't believe people don't see it.