EU Says Bank Money's Safe After Threats To Take It, Ireland Still Looks Next Up, Contagion Ready To Spread To Bigger Countries

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Over the weekend, EU's Olli Rehn said big depositors could suffer in future bank bailouts under new law:

Olli Rehn
Olli Rehn.jpgOlli Rehn.jpg
European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro
Assumed office
9 February 2010

(Reuters) - Big bank depositors could take a hit under planned European Union law if a bank fails, the EU's economic affairs chief Olli Rehn said on Saturday, but noted that Cyprus's bailout model was exceptional.

Okay, I get it now. Cyprus was exceptional, it's just that we are preparing for exceptional to be codified into law to make it common place. Of course!

"Cyprus was a special case ... but the upcoming directive assumes that investor and depositor liability will be carried out in case of a bank restructuring or a wind-down," Rehn, the European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, said in a TV interview with Finland's national broadcaster YLE.

The only thing "special case" about Cyprus was that it was first!

"But there is a very clear hierarchy, at first the shareholders, then possibly the unprotected investments and deposits. However, the limit of 84,890 pounds is sacred, deposits smaller than that are always safe."

Your "so-called liquid deposits" are absolutely not safe! As explored in "Mainstream Media Says Cyprus Salvaged By…"

Well, this is the latest from Bloomberg:

The revised accord spares bank accounts below the insured limit of 100,000 euros.

I was curious to see how they could impose losses on insured accounts in the first place, after all the accounts were insured basically (through implied backstop) by the same entities (EU/EC/ECB) that were attempting to force the loss, no?

Yes, the powers that be were not only clearly considering the confiscation of so-called insured assets, they actually were moving forward to implement such until the backlash was perceived to be strong enough to consider 'alternative measures'! Mr. Rehn's comments are still quite suspect, after all... Exactly what is the definition of "SAFE"? Does this include the ability to access your money? Again, as excerpted from "Mainstream Media Says Cyprus Salvaged By…"

Last week I posed the question "Is The Cypriot Government Crazy Or Do They Really Fear Bankers That Much?" The country even considering imposing loses on bank depositors over creditors seemed absurd at best. Even the faux consolation of compensating holders of pure liquidity (or at least what was formerly believed to be pure liquidity - banks have been closed for a week now and ATM withdrawals have been limited to 100 euro per day due to the capital controls I clearly warned of last year) was a scheme born out of lunacy, and unlikely to compensate anyone for anything.

You see, once capital controls (the same capital controls I clearly warned of last year) are placed upon your money in such a fashion as to prevent you from accessing it, is it still really your money??? I guess one can consider it safe, as long as you don't want any of it!!!

Now, I've been warning for the past two weeks or so that more of the same will likely come the way of the Irishman, reference: 

  1. Global Banking Crisis - How & Why YOU Will Get "Cyprus'd" As This Bank Scrambled For Capital!!!
  2. As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan Research Gets Real In Ireland, Why Aren't These Guys Knocking On My Door?
  3. Are You About To Get Cyprus'd in Ireland? When A Single Word's Worth Billions Of Euros...
  4. Dear Ireland (& AIB), Haven't We All Learned The Problem Is Insolvency, Not Liquidity?
  5. Oh No! Is It Possible? A 3rd Irish Bank With Hidden Charges Not Revealed In Its Annual Reports?
  6. Ireland, You May Very Well Be Bust & I Make No Apologies For What I'm About To Show You

I consider these posts to be a tour de force in investigative journalism and forensic financial analysis. In them, I have named 4 of Ireland's biggest banks as not having properly disclosed charges, borrowings and encumbrances. I actually have significantly more to go - yes, that's right - more banks, and even in more countries. This begs the question, how is it that the Irish people have to hear that their largest banks (several of them, not just one or two) have concealed these issues after extreme austerity and billions upon billions of euros of bailouts 

Hey, I have an even better question. Why is it that the Irish have to hear it and see the proof from a Blogger in NYC versus the (in no particular order):

  1. audit firms that audited the banks;
  2. the banks management;
  3. the sell side analysts that follow these banks;
  4. the politicians who create and oversee legislation regarding these banks;
  5. or the regulatory agencies that oversee these banks!

One would think that the audit firms would really be on the hook, no? I must assume the legal firms in Ireland are in no way as aggressive as they are stateside....

We just had a changing of the guard at the SEC in that states, and this is a perfect opportunity for the new guard to show that they are worth their mettle and represent a significant departure from the less than totally effective bastion of the recent past. You have hundreds of thousands of readers and subscribers watching you guys. Do the right thing!

Anyone who wishes to give the SEC a little nudge can read the links above and submit your thoughts directly. Simply contact the SEC and let them know that Reggie Middleton suggested they look into these articles and the related research. You can actually use this form to convey my message. My next post will reveal a BLOCKBUSTER, linking a bigger more systemic country to  the fray!

      In the meantime, my professional & institutional subscribers can download the relevant info right now - along with several hundred pages of supporting documentation. See 

File Icon EU Bank Capital Confusion, Part 3 - It's BIG! Click here to subscribe or upgrade!

    More on this topic:
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  5. EU Bank Depositors: Your Mattress Is Starting To Look Awfully Attractive - Bank Risk, Reward & Compensation

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Mototard at Large's picture

OK, I think I have finally got this European Union thing figured out. Here it is:

It is political union designed to further greater political integration and prosperity while avoiding war. All is well, except that Spain says it is not Greece. Greece says it is not Cyprus and Portugal says it is not Greece either. Even Cyprus says it is not Greece. Ireland has tried to clarify its position by saying it is neither Spain nor Portugal while Italy says it is not Spain. Meanwhile, Iceland says it is not any of them and all of them are not doing what Iceland did, most likely because they cannot find Iceland on a map. Cyprus just got beaten up by Brussels and Berlin although it was a Dutch guy that was seen holding the stick. Germany has just told Portugal how to run its courts while Finland says it does not want to be Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Ireland or Iceland. Belgium has no comment to make as it does not really have a government, but it does have busloads of Eurocrats who all agree the EU is great – even though they just announced they will not bail out Cyprus but they will bail out themselves to the tune of another 10 billion Euros.

The whole thing might really run by a German woman who holds an even bigger stick than the Dutch guy and the stick is called a Trident or a Troika or something like that.

To top it all off, the African country of Uganda has says it does not want to be compared to Spain or any of the rest of them.

There. Got it. That was easy to understand.

Now, seriously. Would you leave your money in a bank in one of these countries?

irishlink's picture

Reggie you have started the Rat run whatever about a bank run. Mathew Elderfield the head of Centrall Bank of Ireland is leaving the job in 6 month. Two other senior officials have 'jumped' already!!!

Reggie Middleton's picture

Just wait until we move on to the UK! I'm not finished in Ireland yet, though.

Joe A's picture

Not only is there a template to be used in other countries, they can and will also lower insured amounts of deposits.

The Alarmist's picture

I've said it here before ... Invest in Ireland, where the capital is Dublin every day!

q99x2's picture

World's got a banking pandemic. Banksters have infected the system.

Thomas Jefferson's picture

Hey Ireland,


If Jon Corzine runs for PM emigrate immediately.

StarTedStackin''s picture

Silver is looking better and better and better........




60:1???????? WTF when historically it's 16:1

Winston of Oceania's picture

Time to cash in those Gub'ment bonds and stack em...

putaipan's picture

you know me , you've seen me in my avatar's fez givin' you the finger wigglin' heeebie jeeby mesmerizin' finger dance for two long me the 'even steven' of up greeny/ down redders, or if people just ignore me.....but i'm back here with a straight forwaed question to the fight club/mr. peanut gallery-




outside of "market fundementals", which we all have decided are long now disregaded, what the freak does it fuck to take us back to a fabled 'historical' 16:1 ? please? serious answers only .... i don't even care if you are robbin'k.

Winston of Oceania's picture

So long as the current fiat regiment remains intact through whatever bits of paste and wax they use the distortions will prevent a return to the historic ratio from happening. Ludwig von Mises noted in The Theory of Money and Credit that silver was the first monetary metal to lose it's consideration as money (this was done deliberately and not by the market) so even today no one can answer when it will revert. I can only attest to the fact that one day our dollar will have lost the confidence of the public at large and at that point silver will regain it's ratio to gold as they are both truly still real money. In the meanwhile if you have patience and keep your fiat powder dry you can make purchases at a considerably better ratio than the average.

larryj's picture

Reggie--I love your work.  But, dude, you are stepping on some very powerful toes!

putaipan's picture

go reggie! go reggie !   ......  (if this turns out to be a double post, well, he deserves it)

Mototard at Large's picture

Let me see if I can recall the situation to date:


Australia is not Cyprus

Spain is not Greece

Greece is not Cyprus

Greece is not Ireland

Uganda is not Spain

Italy is not Spain

Spain is neither Ireland or Portugal

Ireland is not Greek territory

Portugal is not Greece

Neither Spain or Portugal is Ireland

Cyprus is not Cyprus – it got Troiked!


And Iceland is not the EU.  It bailed the country and busted the bankers!

putaipan's picture

or did i say that already.....?



“Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.”


where's uncle remus when you need 'im?

lotusblue's picture

Reggie  -  You're the Best !

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Kinsale no longer exists .....

Its covered in 10 feet of volcanic ash.


Will Ireland allow itself to be smashed by a global banking pyroclastic flow ?

kaiserhoff's picture

Go ahead, fucktards.

Keep pissing on Ireland.

... by the risin' of the moon...

THE DORK OF CORK's picture


This is all about real resources - it always was.

Not hyperinflated claims.

Those claims were a means to a end (and also a mighty weapon of war)

The banking system is much like a Shark

It must keep moving or it will die.


OECD Demand based on Adjusted Preliminary Submissions – January 2013

Germany 2.24 MBD , +5.2 % PA growth
UK 1.45MBD , +0.5 % PA growth
France 1.7 MBD , – 2.6 % PA
Italy 1.14MBD , – 9.8 % PA !!!!
Spain 1.23MBD , – 6.2 % PA

Certainly within the euro cage the Irish are worth more dead then alive unless they become slaves .......its a old story.




irishlink's picture

The regulators in Ireland during the Celtic tiger years went to fancy lunches and foreign trips while the head bankers ran circles around them. They perfected the nod and the wink. Michael Nerney who departed with a fat pension has gone underground. We have not seen or heard from him. The regulators went into the banks in 2009 and discovered tons of "errors"all benefiting the top line for the banks. I know several people who are hiring special companies to trawl through their bank details going back 30 years . I personally was overcharged 30 k and was reimbursed but zero penalties for the bank in question. I think every bank in EU is compromised and deep in our hearts we all know that this crisis is about to escalate BIG TIME.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"Why is it that the Irish have to hear it and see the proof from a Blogger in NYC?"

This rhetorical question resonates with many other similar rhetorical questions! For instance, WHY did a small army of independent researchers, working outside of the mainstream media, as well as the laws that require proper investigations be done, have to do so much work to attempt to figure out what really happened on 9/11/2001? The ANSWERS are profoundly disturbing: our entire civilization is almost totally controlled by huge lies, backed up with lots of violence, and the worst of those are the legalized lies, backed up with the legalized violence.

THE ENTIRE BANKING SYSTEM IS BASED ON LEGALIZED FRAUD ENABLING PRIVATE BANKS TO MAKE "MONEY" OUT OF NOTHING. That banking system of faith-based money is backed by force of governments, because the history of funding of the political processes in all ways has gradually enabled the banksters, as the biggest gangsters, to almost totally take control of almost all the governments in the world. Thus, in country after country, their runaway debt slavery, becoming debt insanity systems, was deliberately not examined nor understood, by almost everybody involved.

The monetary system is a state religion, which is patently absurd, and plainly obvious fraud. Understanding WHY is something that the overwhelming vast majority of people are not interested in, and do not want to do! Therefore, it takes someone like a relatively rare and able "Blogger in NYC" to even begin to examine some of the facets of that social situation.

Indeed, many of the articles on Zero Hedge remind one of the "Emperor's New Clothes" story. It is a basic law of physics that nothing can be made out out nothing. However, our entire civilization is organized and directed by fiat "money" systems which make "money" out of nothing, as debts. Thus, the basic foundation of our entire civilization is force backed fraud, which has been on a runaway exponential growth curve. That is the context inside which country after country, like these examples in some Irish banks, are manifesting the problem of debt slavery becoming debt insanity.

We have a mad money system, backed by a mad murder system, whose combined madness is automatically getting worse, faster! However, it is extremely unlikely that anyone within those established mainstream systems want to understand that! Those doing deeper research tend to be on the relative fringe, and they more they do that, the further on fringe they must be!

Metal Minded's picture

Thanks Radical Marijuana. We live in what Chris Duane calls the Debt & Death Paradigm. See his Sons of Liberty Academy(It's free).

Also on youtube:

Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks back at you, Metal Minded!

I had glanced at that Web site you linked before ...

I am forced by current political circumstances to especially agree:

"To give away the blueprint for leaderless resistance…"

I had watched some fragments of that video collection you linked.

However, I  had not noticed that collection as a whole before now.



Notarocketscientist's picture

We never should have left the gold standard....

And now there is no going back - not without a massive economic explosion first....

JR's picture

as Willie states, and Reggie, too, and I'm sure you, Radical, "the Jackass is tired beyond words..."

Zero Interest Rates is Not Economic Stimulus, Rather a Death Knell | Jim Willie

Quote (April 4, 2013)

“The propaganda has been thick over the last few years, especially since the US banking system suffered a fatal heart attack in September 2008. It has not recovered since, still insolvent, still wrecked, having returned a zombie center with a USTBond carry trade core and continued money laundering basement lifeline. The Jackass is tired beyond words, beyond description, of hearing that the Zero Percent Interest Policy is being kept as a stimulus measure to encourage continued economic recovery. It is neither a stimulant, nor is the USEconomy in recovery mode. The official 0% rate signals a death knell to the national financial foundation and economic vibrancy, the climax event slow in its pathogenesis following the departure from the Gold Standard in 1971. The official 0% FedFunds rate (call it 25 basis points, no matter) is a direct signal of terminal illness for the entire capitalist structures within both the United States and its Western partners who stupidly or helplessly follow its lead. They followed the US lead in the housing & mortgage bubble disaster with complete wreckage, yet they continue to follow the US monetary lead. They claim to have no choice. They do indeed have a choice, to discard the USDollar and to sell out of the USTreasury Bond, to impose a Gold Standard.”

Radical Marijuana's picture

Indeed, JR, those who look FIND "a direct signal of terminal illness!"

It seems also symbolic there is a series of Jackass, TV & movies, etc. ...

The original idea of a gold laden jackass working for a prospector was sensible:

It was reasonable & sane for a prospector to transport his goods in that way.

However, the popular culture concept of a "jackass" is dangerous idiocy ...

people doing things that might earn them the Darwin Award for stupidity!

The worm appears to be turning, so that the "jackass" becomes inverted.

The runaway triumph of banksters' frauds has transformed the old idea of a useful and practical jackass, to something that appears to be not much more than stupidity for stupidity's sake, just like the banksters were gradually able to pervert the language that people used, and thereby transform the way people thought into automatic bullshit.

The words "money" and "dollar" gradually lost relationship to their history, Those words became perverted to mean the opposite of what those words used to mean. The value of the American paper dollar has lost something like 95% of its value, since the Federal Reserve Board took over in 1913. Moreover, when silver was demonetized by a slick legislative trick by omission in 1874, the original meaning of the word "dollar," as an amount of silver, was destroyed.

"Money" meant gold and silver when America began, and "money" meant metal for a long time before that! The historical laws that attempted to enforce the value of that metal "money" typically had death penalties for messing with that.

However, the banksters have been able to mess with people's minds, and thereby transform "money" and "dollars" from what they used to mean for a long time before in human history into currency and credit. Along the way, "money" and "dollars" with intrinsic and inherent value became faith-based currency, created as debts, or credits, with no innate value, other than that of paper, or coded electricity.

Everything that the banksters have done have transformed the American People into Jackasses, in the sense of Zombie Sheeple, who have been almost totally brainwashed to believe in bullshit.  Believing in bullshit is extremely dangerous and harmful to the people who do that, since the ways that they will behave on the basis of those beliefs is NOT based on reality!

The banksters have been way too successful in their prolonged propaganda campaigns. Huge Lies, repeated over and over, have worked to make most people believe in those huge lies, and to take those huge lies for granted, without thinking about it. Therefore, Americans collectively ARE behaving more and more like the Jackass movie and TV shows, rather than what the jackass used to be, previously.

Unfortunately, that runaway social insanity is so extremely bad now that is appears as "a direct signal of terminal illness!"

Furthermore, I do not believe we could ever go backwards now, to the conservation of matter, inherent in metal money, as a sufficient way to bring back "honest money." I do NOT believe that going backwards to gold and silver money is going to provide "sound money" in the future.  Metal money had the "ring of truth" because of the ways that the laws of nature, in the form of the conservation of matter, manifested in the form of that metal money.

Since nobody could made gold or silver out of nothing, forging that money was difficult to do. Moreover, as I said, the earlier history of metal money typically had laws with very harsh penalties for fraudulence in those realms of metal money.

However, I will emphasize that the postmodernizing world can not be imagined in any other way to be able to go backwards. Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity is significantly proven by the fact that atomic bombs go boom, as well as by many other experiments! The rest of that theory has transformed the principle of the conservation of matter into a special case of the conservation of energy. So too, the only way forward to genuinely sounder and more honest money is to base monetary measurements upon energy. It is no longer good enough to base money upon matter, and we could not sensibly go backwards to return to gold and silver backed "money."

Rather, my view continues to be that what really made gold and silver money work as money was the history of the laws that backed that up with murder. I maintain that, in abstract, money is backed by murder. I maintain that a better money system has to be based on understanding human realities as energy systems.

That is consistent with the ways that history has driven the War Kings to make sovereign states, which were covertly taken over by the banksters, as the Fraud Kings. That is theoretically what more people need to learn about and understand enough in order to agree upon monetary measurements which are consistent with the conservation of energy. Those ideas regarding money should be based on the conservation of energy, as an expansion of the idea that money should be based on the conservation of matter, as was exemplified in gold and silver money. ...

However, the idea of the conservation of energy is a much bigger idea than the conservation of matter. Just as we can not erase atomic energy, and atomic bombs, from human history now, without us going extinct, we can not go backwards to some idealized notion of what money used to be, i.e., backed by gold and silver. Rather, the way forward is to understand money as an energy system, and especially to understand murder manifesting through energy systems.

HOWEVER, as I stated in my comment above, regarding monetary systems as energy systems is a FRINGE CUBED position in our society, compared to the mainstream, which is based on runaway force backed frauds. As far as I can tell, there is barely any practical political point in attempting to argue for a more honest money system, since we are ACTUALLY drowning deeper and deeper in a dishonest system, which is "a direct signal of terminal illness!"

tradertim's picture

"Hey, I have an even better question. Why is it that the Irish have to hear it and see the proof from a Blogger in NYC" funny..thank god for guys like u reggie. wonderful work.

same thing happened to Harry Markopolos regarding Madoff. he begged the sec to look into Madoff and he was told to just F__ off.

but in any fraud, the only thing u ever have to do is follow the money  trail. find out who is making the big bucks at the top and u have the reason why fraud continues until it finally fails. so who is making the really really big bucks in this irish bank fiasco? it's gotta be someone.


btw reggie, is my money safe in E-trade or could that be possibly confiscated someday?

earnyermoney's picture

See MF Global for the answer to your question.



maskone909's picture

good question, i second that emotion.  how about acottrade? lol


the way i figure it...  you will have to take that money out of the brokerage someday right?  will you use a bank or not as a middle man?  i suppose you could just request a check and go to the liquor store :(

Itch's picture

Anybody out there reading this and working for an Irish bank, or knows anyone that works for one, should start checking all deposits and withdrawls from EU linked Irish politicians, scrap that, ALL politicians, and their family members. Take a billboard out and plaster their names all over it if a penny leaves leaves the country!

Mototard at Large's picture

Any info like this should get posted on


This is a great place to post this kind of info as lots of media and intelligence organizations monitor this site - great coverage!

maskone909's picture

lets skip that and start tossing some irish confetti

maskone909's picture

short Yen....

Euro is next up

thewayitis's picture


  Does anyone see World deflation coming? I can't see it ,but i'm sure it's over the horizon.....


THE DORK OF CORK's picture

The global banking system wishes to push resources uphill as it always has done , seeking mindless growth.


We have seen this movie before.


Ireland is /will be taken apart.


Tour de Force ?

How about the Tour de Munster ?


Walkers will be taken out and shot.

The bankers need ever more fit & dynamic (but stupid) people so as to run their credit money poison through them.

Once people figure out their game the bankers seek to replace them through whatever means necessary.

Its a sick joke and the joke has been on us for at least 400 years.


This is the second Plantation of ireland in motion.


its just another circle of their giant hamster wheel.



Ireland even now is still dealing with the last giant banking adventure.

With fucked up people on both sides.

Buck Johnson's picture

You know it's coming, Reggie you keep hitting it on the head every time.

HeavyShadow's picture

agreed on the 2nd plantation call...the vultures are circling...about to pick away at the malnourished below...

It must be a grand sight through their black eyes...

Jim in MN's picture

Keep 'em coming Reggie~  like they said in 'Nam, don't bring back any ammo....

tom a taxpayer's picture

Reggie - "Why is it that the Irish have to hear it and see the proof from a Blogger in NYC versus their analysts, auditors, regulators or media?"

Could the answer be because you are Irish, or maybe you married Irish, or maybe you are dating an Air Lingus stewardess, or maybe you have a brogue, or maybe you see greenbacks better than their analysts, auditors, regulators or media.


El Oregonian's picture

Is that a drink like a Irish Coffee? A real strong caffeinated eye opener, per se?

putaipan's picture

baby guiness anyone? thimble size- java patron and baileys.

Pinto Currency's picture


The central planning pyros say, "The roof is on fire", "Um I mean, no its not. Trust us.  Everyone stay in the house."