House Passes CISPA ... the Privacy-Shredding Web Spying Bill

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The privacy-shredding Internet spying bill - CISPA - has passed the House.

Our only chance is to stop it in the Senate. Background here and here.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also urges us to contact Google, Facebook and Twitter and demand that they stand up to defeat CISPA:

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Duh... If you value your privacy do not go on the Internet, do not go on Facebook, do not have any cell phone plan, and do not purchase anything with a credit card. The only way to live in the cyber world is to set up an anonymous email address and buy prepaid gift cards from chain stores using cash if you want to buy online. If you do this they will only have the name you signed up under and an address. Any place you give your drivers license number, your SSN, or your credit card to can track you. And any non-public place you go on the Internet will track you. Welcome to 1984!

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Moments ago: one Boston suspect was killed in Watertown.

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Maybe they should spend a lot more time spying on "foreign nationals" in the US and leave citizens ALONE!

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We are all criminals and if not, they will see to it that we become felons unless we forfeit our rights.

Just look at the magnitude of the criminal code. Is there any doubt in your mind that any of us are not somehow criminals? Even if you simply fucked up on your tax return ... bingo .... got ya.

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Should CISPA make it past the Senate, I would recommend that everyone start encrypting their emails.  Enigmail is just one package available for Thunderbird, for example.  Every email that gets sent with encryption makes the busybody's lives that much harder.

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3:30 am - Breaking: Bombing suspects involved in incident at MIT. One dead. One on the loose.

The story is unfolding here right now as they are searching for the second suspect.

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comment removed by CISPA

pending review by DHS

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Funny terrorist man, huh? You are hereby a person of interest. Your rights (what little is left of them) have been suspended indefinitely.  Say hi to Bradley Manning while you are down in whatever torture chamber (I mean "high security facility") they keep him.

mt paul's picture

they can have

my sense of humor

when they pry it from

my cold dead hands...

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Don't ask your government for your Privacy, take it back:  



If you have any problems installing or using the above software, please contact the projects. They would love to get feedback and help you use their software.

Have no clue what Cryptography is or why you should care? Checkout the Crypto Party Handbook or the EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Project.

Just want some simple tips? Checkout EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy.

If you liked this comment, feel free to copy/paste it.



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Unfortunately having listed bitcoin you just destroyed any credibility any of the other links might have had...

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Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Jail time needed or Rogrs and his Wife as former CEOSo it seems rather interesting to note that Rogers' wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers, was, until recently, the president and CEO of Aegis LLC a "security" defense contractor company, whom she helped to secure a $10 billion (with a b) contract with the State Department. The company describes itself as "a leading private security company, provides government and corporate clients with a full spectrum of intelligence-led, culturally-sensitive security solutions to operational and development challenges around the world."



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I guess its time to shut down most of our email accounts. It's companies like MS, Google, and Yahoo that will be sharing the information.

If this passes (which they will keep trying until they pass it), we're thinking about even down-grading our internet altogether, as well as sell off all computer components and only keep one small Notebook.

I don't think the internet is that great anymore, anyways. It's getting to be Nothing new; always the same 'ol stuff.

Will people want to open businesses in the cloud, where there is little to no privacy?

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here here !!!

basturds killed a great thing.

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Once again, what makes it possible for awful, freedom limiting legislation to pass the House of Representatives is overwhelming REPUBLICAN support.  The MAJORITY of Democrats in the House voted against CISPA.

Over and over again I see people on ZH complain about Obama this and Obama that and how the liberal Democrats are taking their freedoms away.  When the REALITY, EVERY TIME, is that Republicans are providing the largest number of votes for all of this.....the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, ALL of the legislation in the last 12 years that has progressively eroded individual freedoms has passed because the bulk of Republicans provide enough votes with a small number of conservative Democrats thrown in for it to pass.

Look at the actual roll call for any piece of legislation in the past 12 years and check for yourself.


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You should change your name to A-Blame-man28.....for buying into the "he said-she said" bullshit arguments that those douchebags promulgate onto their flocks of sheep!!!!!!!!

"They" are two sides of the same coin, stop trying to identify with only one of them.

DoneThis2Long's picture

For a while, jackasses were after our rights, elephants after our $, but since O, the jackasses are going after both, which is why the elephants are left holding their dongs as there is little left.

All past administrations had some degree of respect for, and fear of, the Constitution. Not Obama or his elves. To the contrary.

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Fuck you: ndaa, patriot act, gitmo, $$ printing; that fucking poodle obeys its master, a true Hussein.  Red team blue team are just as fucked up

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America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system and too soon to shoot the bastards.


- Claire Wolfe


Is it still too soon, Claire? 

Yes_Questions's picture



it must be opposite time.  I bet 90% of Americans did not support it, so, it passes.

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What a bunch of sneaky motherfuckers.........

They snuck in some of gun control amendments today under the radar that were voted down yesterday.

Passed 95 to 2 with 3 abstaining from voting.

Here is the text.

Using the health system to disarm citizens. That was always the plan with these socialist control freaks.

Bingfa's picture

Good catch, did you find that on a site anywhere?

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Nope just passed along by a concerned citizen.

Bingfa's picture

Yeah, they're going to want the element of surprise there...I heard they're collecting health records already.

Which makes it more slimy

DoneThis2Long's picture


"I heard they're collecting health records already."

ATF has a pending quote request for an extensive database - I do not have the link handy.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

That is a requirement for obamacare, they want to centralize all health records for 'ease' of access by the health providers.

Bingfa's picture

Mental health records?

which is what I meant....

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

I would guess so at some point but it has to do more so with the patient information insurance companies actually write policies against. Not to go too far off topic but all arguments aside you can't have a true single payer system unless you have access to everyone's records in order for the actuaries to calculate the rates for the policies.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

To be fair I did some digging which I should have prior the amendment only relates to page 2767 which is actually pork in the original bill. It is all about expanding mental health programs in schools.


Bingfa's picture

I did the same thing...but thanks...


What do you think about this story?

The pro-constitution Chief of Gilberton, PA Police Mark Kessler has received multiple anonymous phone calls threatening his life if he doesn’t put an end to the civilian militia he started to protect the constitution.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Not surprised, each side is getting increasingly more nutty, you got a lot of youth out of work with nothing else to do. Restlessness eventually turns violent at some point.

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The car thief and arsonist CONgressman has stated he is confident that all privacy concerns have been addressed.  Shouldn't that make us all feel better?

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As someone who has been active in the campaigns in the past,  my guess is privacy left the internet a long time ago. From the moment you first opened an email account or surfed the web, you have left ip addresses and cookie trails of history all over the place that can be collated later for analysis. Forever. 

I still have a public key for pgp when it was released for msdos! It's probably still available on an academic dbs somewhere if anyone wants to send an encrypted message to me, but you know how many times its been used? Less than 12, and one of them was a test I sent to myself more than a decade ago- nobody except a colleague bothered with encrypted email. You see, very few people care about their privacy and how their innocent/not so innocent online habits can later be used to blackmail most of the people on the planet. The sheep trust that their search engines, websites they visit, & service provider will anonymize them, when in fact they try their best to do the opposite. Nobody cares until they become exposed. 

Still, others have campaigned on their behalf and tried to keep the right to privacy alive against the globals like Google. But now that the lawmakers are blatantly siding with corporations, we're beginning to see the realities of their true intent: To be Big Brother and make free thinkers extinct.

I keep asking myself the rhetorical,  "What the fuck is wrong with American/British politicians? ", every time they do anything these days. The world would be a better place if they all left on another free junket to Israel as they do every Summer and never came back.

Bingfa's picture

First sign of trouble and the kill switch will be used anyways....

And we're right there so...Who they trying to kid

DoneThis2Long's picture

Filtering would offer more insight into the sheeple's minds. The kill switch will come as last resort... IMO.


DoneThis2Long's picture


"What the fuck is wrong with American/British politicians? "

Ditto .... if you ever figure that one out pls let me know. The idiots/whores are betraying the majority, for relatively pittance and short term gains, while the long term is being destroyed. Were they to have helped build the existing system, and just improve upon it, future generations along with current ones, would have been that much better off. Just look back to the Brits: hardly any of the former greats are worth a flying fuck 1-2-3 generations later. All the gorgeous Mansions being nuked for lack of care, absent much needed finances, yet, if they'd have kept the good thing going, they'd have been far better off. The once great Brit choice residences are now in the hands of wealthy arabs, or russian oligarchs - total decay. We are following the same script.

So much to say, so little time.... spot on.

Manipuflation's picture

Good post YHC and you are correct.  Even the Tor encryption can be hacked as I understand things.  No one should ever assume their online identities are private because they are not.

Here is an interesting point to consider however.  I have been messing around with a building a website for a little while now with the help of some others.  Some of them are former MWers and now ZH lurkers.  I do not advise using your real name on any blog but the number one thing I hear is that they want to post under their real names now and won't post unless they can.  They do not care anymore about privacy.  They want to come out and basically say, "Fuck You State", this is who I am, this is what I believe in, and I am not going to take this shit from you crooks anymore.  I would consider that to be a major cultural shift of the Interweb crowd compared to five or six years ago.

Look how many ZHers have blogs of their own and you can witness their independent nature.  Many of them do not really try to hide who they are on their sites.  None of us are big sites but there is a lot of good content out there that just has to offend the TPTB.  Rather than going full retard and going on a pressure cooker buying spree, we nick at TPTB like a swarm of online gnats.  One gnat is nothing but a swarm of them flying around your head will drive you to utter madness.

I can't believe how many more people are wide awake now than in 2007.  Hell, I would bet about 3% of the population has figured it out by now, up from 0.00001% in 2007.  Still a long ways to go.


decentralizedscutinizer's picture

Does it matter if we hang together or separately? Better to go down with a roar !

DoneThis2Long's picture

"They do not care anymore about privacy.  They want to come out and basically say, "Fuck You State", this is who I am, this is what I believe in, and I am not going to take this shit from you crooks anymore.  I would consider that to be a major cultural shift of the Interweb crowd compared to five or six years ago."

IMO. that is very foolish. Once the info is released .... it is like a fart ... it ain't going back in.

There has always been a fine line between bravery in stupidity. Given the ruthlessness of the opponents, why give them any more info than need to?

All info is to be dispensed on need to know basis, even if it is my damn shoe-size. History has taught us many lessons. The question is: do we want to listen, or repeat it?

I wish I could say more but .....

For those who poopoo the tracking idea, I suggest you try Mozilla Firefox, with a plugin called Collusion. You will then see who is sharing what and with whom about your surfing.



Bitchin Bear's picture

Collusion funded in part by the Ford Foundation?  The same one implicated in collusion with the CIA, the same one funding Arab Israel peace initiatives, the same liberal blah, blah, blah?  It's just a ruse to track you tracking your trackers!


DoneThis2Long's picture

Yep. Just days ago I read something about that. It sure is interesting what you learn if you monitor your own traffic!!! In the past ~2 years fucking google is everywhere, especially behind the scenes, offering "API support". It is a long way from the "do no evil" days. The "no" fell off!

Manipuflation's picture

+1 btw for Donethis2long.  Leading with italics and it disables the arrows.  I wonder why that is? 

DoneThis2Long's picture

Thanks. was not aware of dat.

Surf safely ... :-)

Manipuflation's picture

I agree.  I think it is foolish from an employment perspective as well.  Voicing your opinion against the establishment is dangerous if HR finds out.  They want compliant slaves for employees and not independent critical thinkers who study data.

I use Firefox, No Script and Adblock but I will have to check out the Collusion plugin.

Bingfa's picture

Go to youtube and type "keystroke logger"

they've come a long way...some of the new ones are very hard to detect

DoneThis2Long's picture

Yep. A few yers back, a friend's daughter got into a conv about music with "someone".Something did not pass the smell test, with my buddy, so I offered to try help out. I found a legal keystroke logger designed so to evade AntiVirus software, then report back to him.

As it turns out, it saved her life. The FBI was called in and the SOB nailed. He was stalking the daughter and moving for the kill .... literaly.


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“Recent events in Boston demonstrate that we have to come together as Republicans and Democrats” in order to pass a bill that will strengthen national security, McCaul (R-Texas) said Thursday morning.

No one coulda seen it comming... the use of a false flag to encroach on more rights that is.

Bingfa's picture

RIOT cyber tracking software.....

Just your basic model....

The Heart's picture

Did this guy see it coming?

Read the comments on this video to get the answer to the question and ask, who exactly is so quick jonney-on-the-spot with this important tool?

As one says there, this gets crazier and crazier as time goes on.

Thank God for all those out there that are truth seekers, and revealers.

Here is another good reporter: