MeeT THe NeW $100 DoLLaR BaNKNoTe

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when the highest paid Google exec earns more in a " fortnight " than the average worker in us/uk working for " 40 years " and the alarm bells dont ring, i'd say we are one and all trully fucked.
Suffice to say the DownSyndrome twins of 10/11 believe that in their jobless economy the £58 in weekly living benefits are a tad generous.

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Keynes mugshot should be somewhere on that bill.

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Jamies balls have been slamming against BBs chin for a good 15 minutes. Dont ever shave that beard B those bristles act like accupuncture on the twins, its like double penetration. Jamie lets go and Benny swallows and licks his lips. Pulling up his zip Jamie says, Ben your old school, those fuckers at treasury spit.

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When I saw that "Gold is not money" on there, I could not stop laughing. Brilliant!

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i believe technically the dollar, since 1913 has de-valued to about $.03 so this replaces the penny.



Thx ZH/WB7

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A befitting image to grace the new note would be Jamie Dimons huge balls resting on Ben B's lips.

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It's been documented that 1 in 4 banknotes have traces of cocaine.
These new notes retain more of the powder by design. Obama should immediately set up another task force to collect the excess and get it ready for redistribution via Hsbc laundry facillity. Might prove austerity does work in certain instances.

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Let's paper over the cracks for another decade and see if they'll bite!
Feel a song coming on WB7 circa 1970-80 from my most favourite american mormon female singer and very apt ( goes like this and don't be too shy to hum along folks )

" paper roses, paper roses. . . .
. . . .but they're only imitations. . .
of those HSBC Shorts of Gold."

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Will they print on only one side to save ink.

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Yes, and make the other side soft so you can use it for toilet paper when it becomes worthless.

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The more boring the currency, the more valuable it is - which means the Dollar is going to look like a Jackson Pollack painting by the time The Bernanke gets through with it.

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But the real question should be - is it softer than Charmin?

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i have this vision of gold in arizona and utah, as currency, and the banks placing a board (out in the street right next to the temperature that day) with the current exchange rate between gold dollars and FRNs, because there will be a premium.

how many paper dollars for a gold dollar? one and a half. damn that's steep, but I'll take it...

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That was fuckin' funny as hell WB.

Sad, but funny.

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That's the clown thing, sad or scary, but funny.

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100 joo bux now with .000000000000000009 more jew.

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"A currency for clowns..."

from a Confederacy of Dunces...

at the Marriner Eccles weenie wagon.


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I thought the new $100 bill was going to be a $200 bill.

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Nope a 50 or a 20 but not lower than a 10 or a 5....guaranteed no lower than a 1

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Its a two for one sale, you just pull them apart. Of course the notional money stored in your bank account as bytes on a hard drive, was halved last night. Quit complaining, everyone was except a few Texas, er, Russian gangsters who got emails from Bernanke and converted to the new cash early. We had to reflate the system, it was the only way. JPYUSD is off the charts, Dollar carry trade, bitchez. Look at all those manfacturing jobs coming home to Papa. Maybe Obama will run a third time.

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I should've known that Banzai7's artistic sensibilities would be as offended as mine were by the incoherent dog's breakfast of the new C-note.

Its severe asymmetry, yawning bald patches, clashing colors, and crude violet security strip accurately reflect the degenerating values of our psychotic overlords.

Not content with wrecking the constitution, they insist on vandalizing the aesthetics of everyday life.

Now the currency carried by luckless workers will be festooned with the same oversaturated colors and mindless slogans as the cheap Walmart T-shirts that clothe their chests.

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It's the $100 Euro and it only took them a full decade to design it.  I wonder how much that  "research" cost the taxpayer?  Watch the video from the Fed in this link for further disbelief.

North Korea probably already has warehouses full of these new notes.

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But Mani ... these guys have PhDs, fer Google's sake! That makes them experts on arcane matters we Muppets have never even thought of like, er ... like how to fool the Muppets into paying you absolutely obscene oodles and oodles of money (sic) for doing all sorts of crazy shit that should never, EVER, on Google's green Earth have even been attempted in the first place.

Getting paid six or seven figures for "solving" the very problem you and your minions created in the first place. You've gotta kind of admire the monumental, shit-eating audacity of that sort of scam.

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LC, fair point, but I think that "shit-spewing audacity" would be a better term to describe.

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The only thing this bill is missing is the cardboard tube to wrap it around.....

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Since most of the Fed paper printed in recent years resembles something one would find in a certain board game, the truly appropriate image should be that of Mr. Bill. Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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i hate to picky especially when the work you do is fantastic but if its a new bill wouldnt have that lewsers name instead of little timmy other than that love the art work truth aways makes the best art

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And the year says 2009. What Crap! ;)

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The reason is they were delayed by two years in putting this into production, for Google only knows what reason.

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The bills were delayed from release in late 2010 due to a 'creasing problem' in the paper. (How do you print $110 Billion in new notes without noticing this?? It sounds more like a cover story.)  At the time, I surmised that the FED was holding off on the release of the bills as a PLAN B possibility of a bank holiday and currency revaluation. (i.e., existing $100 bills worth $75 and new ones worth $100) However, since then the FED has had no problems from the veggie electorate in ramping up debt monetization so on that end it's basically "Mission Complete."

The Fed Has a $110 Billion Problem with New Benjamins




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Real amature shit Banzai. JK! keep em coming, your the reason I come to ZH.

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"keep em coming"


Wasn't that Heidi Fleiss's motto?

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Don't know but my motto is "there is a party in Liquid Courage's mouth and everybody is cumming!"

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Now that is a seriously beautiful banknote.

Who says paper money can't rock the world?

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The Sands of Time 4 way banknote blotter. Unlike fiat it has tangible value and therefore qualifies as coinage. A favorite in Texas and California.

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"Move over Rover, and Let Jimmy Take Over.." lyric from ?Foxy Lady?

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If I'm not mistaken, the Hendrix's are worth $174.00 FRN.

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That is the note they realeased and I don't feel like screwing around with the "Specimen" watermark for an hour to get Lewser's signature in there properly.

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Do we do ctrl+Prt and have a try with it, hey, why not start your own Bitcoin. We all prt, then use it to exchange goods...

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Tnx ;-)

I know what I would have to do to change that signature, it involves removing the watermark in its entirety and reconstructing the gradient background. Thats what counterfeiters do for a living. ;-)

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Jack Lew's signature would be real fitting for the joke environment we are witnessing right now! Here is a copy of his official as emblazoned across the internet the past few months:

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was checking out of the super and casually mentioned to the girl holding my money up to the light, that she better be sure it was the right president, because the clever counterfeiters were bleaching small bills and printing over them, so the face is grant but the watermark is lincoln. (generals are worth more than presidents, and guys who fly kites) she looked at me incredulously. which is why i always check the money they give me..