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Dear Sir,


I got your contact from The COMEX and i hope you will be a honesty and sincerelly person to handle a viable project involving our eligible AU inventories.

I am Mohammad Mommo JP Dimon the son of retired General Sandy Mommoh Weil who served with the ECOMOG in Citibank S/Leone and the brother of Barrister John Corzine.

I have an elephant buttload of papers evidencing eligible Gold AU bullions of good quality ready for export to any registered person.

The condition for sale is that the buyer will proceed to downtown Manhattan were the goods are kept in a Federal Reserve security warehouse for safe keeping and do on the spot test of this highly sought commodity.

After the satisfactory test, the buyer will arrange for the shipment to his own refinery and after the assay result, buyer will transfer the total value of the sellers account within 24 hours.

The price is USA $1,500 per once, net of natural tungsten purities.

One representative of the seller will accompany the buyer on the same flight to buyers country to make sure that the money is transferred to our account.

All the export documents are available. please contact me urgently so that we can proceed immediate shipment.

I really trust in you and I am sure you will not let me down in any way.

Thanking you for your co-orporation at all times.

Best regard
Mohammad Mommoh JP Dimon



Jamie has grabbed the wrong tool

Proving again he's a fool

This Kleptocrat raper

Believes precious paper

Can free-up a bank plugged with stool

The Limerick King


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Sat, 04/27/2013 - 23:07 | 3506875 diogeneslaertius
diogeneslaertius's picture

this catastrophe brought to you by the mew world order

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 23:07 | 3506873 diogeneslaertius
diogeneslaertius's picture


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 14:11 | 3505737 mikecagg
mikecagg's picture
  1. Holy Moly!
Sat, 04/27/2013 - 13:14 | 3505656 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

We need FAT CATZ...

"Ur moneyz...

We stealz em."

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:35 | 3505306 dksrox
Sun, 04/28/2013 - 09:21 | 3507283 StarTedStackin'
StarTedStackin''s picture

Phuck yoo Phrenchie

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 08:24 | 3505258 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Four things are happening recently that I don't like at all. 

I don't like the creeping narrative about depositor bail-ins, I don't like the TBTF coordinated witch hunt against Reinhart & Rogoff , I don't like the attempted slamming of precious metal buyers and I don't like what has happened to BitCoin. 

If I were a fringe low brow ZH conspiracy theorist, I would say the timing, all in April, almost looks coordinated. Suddenly, per the MSM, it's bad to be a fiscal realist, it's bad to have deposits instead of stocks, its bad to own PM because you don't trust the system and its bad to use digital currency.

And these subjects will all be dealt with by me accordingly.

As if there aren't enough things that I dislike.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 16:41 | 3506083 Manipuflation
Manipuflation's picture

Low Brow?  I can take some credit for that on the net.  Even stated, given the MNGOP conventions that I have been delegate to in the past on behalf of Ron Paul, at my own expense, I would posit that we are rather High Brow in nature instead. 

We all have our own style on this thread I believe.

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 03:57 | 3507067 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

We may be high, but we are described as lo by the clown geniuses who live at the Keynesian TBTF PhD big top circus.

Now get back to surfing PM porn and ammo deals, you fringe lo-brow ZH moron!

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 15:52 | 3505941 The Heart
The Heart's picture

"Suddenly, per the MSM, it's bad to be a fiscal realist, it's bad to have deposits instead of stocks, its bad to own PM because you don't trust the system and its bad to use digital currency."

Take heart dear William, it's also bad to watch the LSM and the people know it.

Tune in and turn off the TV!

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 05:40 | 3507112 OldPhart
OldPhart's picture

I remember when we used to ridicule the Russian Propaganda 'news'.  Now we ridicule ours.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 13:00 | 3505631 BidnessMan
BidnessMan's picture

The big POTUS / Bankster CEO meeting the day before Gold and Silver got slammed was quite a coincidence.  But I don't believe in coincidences....

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 13:35 | 3505690 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Good one

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 11:51 | 3505500 the grateful un...
the grateful unemployed's picture

the feds and POTUS have had a terrific year, up over 10% in the markets so far. they can sit back from direct intervention and jawbone investors to make them stay in equities while the seasonal tendency is to sell. the opposite of buy stocks save yourself, is sell stocks and die. same message different incentives. good cop bad cop, you know

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:27 | 3505299 sunstreaker
sunstreaker's picture

"I don't like the creeping narrative of the bail-in."


I'm afraid it is not creeping. It is already all there and for all to see:


The Financial Stability Board (FSB) develops the policy makers’ strategic response to the banking crisis and directs its legal and institutional implementation:


The FSB Plenary is comprised of the most senior representatives from Central Banks, Finance Ministries as well as from the main international bodies governing finance (FSB’s current chairman is Mark Carney, his predecessor was Mario Draghi):


The FSB developed the so-called Bail-In. The main working paper is “Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions.” It is candid and succinct. Specifically view points 3.5 & 3.6 titled: Bail-in within resolution:


The last progress report leaves no doubt that the Bail-In is indeed a template for a great many jurisdictions, including the US and the EU:


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 10:34 | 3505322 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

It's creeping into the MSM narrative, which means its off the drawing board and in the propaganda machine.

The next message? If you arenot a good prole and run on the Ponzi deposit treadmill, the whole system will collapse. You don't want to cause that do you? 

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:00 | 3505280 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Oh, I almost forgot, I don't like Krugman.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 20:27 | 3506581 floridasandy
floridasandy's picture

who does?

krugman currency please.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 10:52 | 3505404 resurger
resurger's picture


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 12:25 | 3505304 news printer
news printer's picture

Yes I thought U forgot someone

Can't stop laughing

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 08:35 | 3505268 Croesus
Croesus's picture

@ williambanzai7:

First off, kudos to you, on your wonderful artwork!

If you ask me, people should be scared of the creeping bail-in narrative. Here's one paper from the FDIC/BoE.

I can't find it on my pc, but the FSB also put a paper out, where they pretty much spell it out.

I can't tell anyone what to do, but I wish ZH readers would disseminate this information outside of ZH and other financial websites. Get it into the hands of family and friends, and explain what it means, and how it affects them. 

The more people get wise to it, the better off we'll all be.

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 05:33 | 3507108 OldPhart
OldPhart's picture

Sounds kind of ominous that the FED is titled the

"U.S. regime"

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:37 | 3505312 sunstreaker
sunstreaker's picture

You are very right. FSB documents leave no room for doubt that the bail-in is supposed to be implemented everywhere.

Here is a link to the document you may have been looking for on your pc:

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:07 | 3505283 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

This is very troubling indeed.

There is no good reason to deposit your money with their banks and they persecute you for suggesting PM is a sound alternative! Now I most certainly never considered myself a PM zealot, however...

"I got this moron thing that I do. Its called thinking..."-RIP Brother George Carlin

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:35 | 3505305 sunstreaker
sunstreaker's picture

The gentleman currently running the show at the Financial Stability Board is Mark Carney (his predecessor was Mario Draghi). I don't believe you have as yet featured him in your great artwork. He is certainly important enough.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:43 | 3505319 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture


October 2012

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 11:48 | 3505493 Careless Whisper
Careless Whisper's picture

@ misterbanzai7



There is no good reason to deposit your money with their banks...

slight correction: There is no good reason to become an unsecured creditor of their banks...

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 13:55 | 3505721 Forty Six and 2
Forty Six and 2's picture

I disagree. WB7 was correct with "There is no good reason to deposit your money with their banks..." Being 'secured' is next to meaningless. There's not enough funds backing the FDIC for secured deposits when another system wide event like 2008 occurs. Keep just enough in there to maintain min balances and cover monthly bills. Keep everything else out; starve the banks.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 20:03 | 3506534 lotsoffun
lotsoffun's picture

that's correct. there were (and are not) enough funds backing FDIC in 2008/2009 to make whole.  and are not today for the next show.

2008 to the tune of 18 billion dolllars, which the treasury printed up and handed to the FDIC and they passed along to the 'losers'.  from what i understand, the FDIC (via fees paid in by participating banks) have made paid that back to the treasury via the FDIC.

please correct me if i'm wrong.

that was on deposits of 100k per account.  they upped it to 250k.

this time is going to be A LOT OF FUN


Sun, 04/28/2013 - 08:20 | 3507210 Croesus
Croesus's picture

@ Lotsoffun & Williambanzai7:


FDIC has $25 Billion in "Deposit Insurance"

Deposits are around $9.4 Trillion


The FDIC uppped the insurance from $100,000 - $250,000 on the heels of Lehman, to keep a bank run from happening.

At the time the 'insurance coverage' was per account, meaning that say you had $1M on deposit, you could split it up 4 ways and be 100% covered.

Recently, the FDIC changed it to $250,000 TOTAL, linked through your social security #.



Sun, 04/28/2013 - 17:57 | 3508289 lotsoffun
lotsoffun's picture

their website is actually very good.

you can check for yourself.  also - the 'bargain real estate' propertys can be fun.  before the wall street hedge funds starting buying everything, i made me think about spending only $5,000.00 to buy a lot with a stripped house on it in detroit or likewise places.


Sun, 04/28/2013 - 00:05 | 3506721 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

As I understand it there can't possibly be enough money if we have a full blown "systemic event". Frankly, I'm not sure there would be enough if one of those TBTF pigs blows.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 15:48 | 3505925 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Unfortunately, it is getting harder to find a local bank as opposed to a TBTF skimming operation.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 11:50 | 3505496 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 06:52 | 3505222 The Black Bishop
The Black Bishop's picture

Hehe, WB on the money as usual :-) Love it!

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 05:08 | 3505163 mrdenis
mrdenis's picture

I am Tondelayo. I make tiffin for you...........

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 04:35 | 3505152 lakecity55
lakecity55's picture


I have been stuck in a country run by a dictator for over a month. I am now in East Asia, where it is more free.

I missed your work, since it was all censored where I was.

It was also a good lesson in freedom of speech and assembly.

Keep stackin!

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 01:50 | 3505046 Pharming
Pharming's picture

I wish I was a lanyard.

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 00:24 | 3504976 Conax
Conax's picture

I crush his little Beetlejuice head

like dat

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 22:59 | 3504885 WTFUD
WTFUD's picture

Apples hazelnuts bananas raisins coconuts sultanas in his prison job he'll short them by the case! luv you jamie

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 22:11 | 3504756 JohnGaltsChild
JohnGaltsChild's picture

Gold is dead...........long live gold!

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 21:05 | 3504568 Rastadamus
Rastadamus's picture

fucking genius!

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 21:00 | 3504551 floridasandy
floridasandy's picture

when i was looking at those jamie dimon hundreds, i thought you might actually be able to make a 10 and/or a 20 bill with that logo, and get enough people to accept it that it could actually be small scale currency.

it would start as a novelty, (that's why smaller denominations might work)---but if more and more people would take it people would probably trust it more than they trust our  dollars or our leaders.


Fri, 04/26/2013 - 21:15 | 3504494 news printer
news printer's picture

Few days ago I was joking about pressure cookers and forbidding them; and almost ....

Williams-Sonoma Concedes Victory to Terrorists, Pulls Pressure Cookers From Shelves

Do U imagine bunch of Talibans with pressure cookers as Wunderwaffe?


And finally something SPECIAL for WilliamBanzai7

Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop comes to aid of woman being attacked Read more:


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 04:04 | 3505127 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Have you enlisted in Citizens Against Weapons Grade Kitchen Appliances!

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 20:12 | 3504409 willwork4food
willwork4food's picture

Great work W7!

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 19:28 | 3504269 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Please indulge me Banzai.

RIP Richie Havens...

RIP George Jones...


Sat, 04/27/2013 - 09:21 | 3505296 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

Long live the Possum!

Who's Gonna Fill His Shoes?

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 04:03 | 3505126 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

I must have watched or heard that Woodstock rendition of Freedom 100s of times.

RIP Richie Havens

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