You're More Likely to Die from Brain-Eating Parasites, Alcoholism, Obesity, Medical Errors, Risky Sexual Behavior or ...

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We noted in 2011:

– You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack


– You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack


— You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane


— You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack


–You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack


— You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack


– You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack


–You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack


–You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack


–You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist


–You are 8 times more likely to die from accidental electrocution than from a terrorist attack


– You are 6 times more likely to die from hot weather than from a terrorist attack

Let’s look at some details from the most recent official statistics.

The U.S.  Department of State reports that only 17 U.S. citizens were killed worldwide as a result of terrorism in 2011. That figure includes deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq and all other theaters of war.

In contrast, the American agency which tracks health-related issues – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control – rounds up the most prevalent causes of death in the United States:

Comparing the CDC numbers to terrorism deaths means:

– You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack


– You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

(Keep in mind when reading this entire piece that we are consistently and substantially understating the risk of other causes of death as compared to terrorism, because we are comparing deaths from various causes within the United States against deaths from terrorism worldwide.)

Wikipedia notes that obesity is a a contributing factor in  100,000–400,000 deaths in the United States per year.  That makes obesity 5,882 to times 23,528 more likely to kill you than a terrorist.

The annual number of deaths in the U.S. due to avoidable medical errors is as high as 100,000. Indeed, one of the world’s leading medical journals – Lancet – reported in 2011:

A November, 2010, document from the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services reported that, when in hospital, one in seven beneficiaries of Medicare (the government-sponsored health-care programme for those aged 65 years and older) have complications from medical errors, which contribute to about 180 000 deaths of patients per year.

That’s just Medicare beneficiaries, not the entire American public. Scientific American noted in 2009:

Preventable medical mistakes and infections are responsible for about 200,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to an investigation by the Hearst media corporation.

But let’s use the lower – 100,000 – figure.  That still means that you are 5,882 times more likely to die from medical error than terrorism.

The CDC says that some 80,000 deaths each year are attributable to excessive alcohol use. So you’re 4,706 times more likely to drink yourself to death than die from terrorism.

Wikipedia notes that there were 32,367 automobile accidents in 2011, which means that you are 1,904 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack. As CNN reporter Fareed Zakaria writes this week:

“Since 9/11, foreign-inspired terrorism has claimed about two dozen lives in the United States. (Meanwhile, more than 100,000 have been killed in gun homicides and more than 400,000 in motor-vehicle accidents.) “

According to a 2011 CDC report, poisoning from prescription drugs is even more likely to kill you than a car crash.  Indeed, the CDC stated in 2011 that – in the majority of states – your prescription meds are more likely to kill you than any other source of injury.  So your meds are thousands of times more likely to kill you than Al Qaeda.

The number of deaths by suicide has also surpassed car crashes, and many connect the increase in suicides to the downturn in the economy. Around 35,000 Americans kill themselves each year (and more American soldiers die by suicide than combat; the number of veterans committing suicide is astronomical and under-reported). So you’re 2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist.

The CDC notes that there were 7,638 deaths from HIV and 45 from syphilis, so you’re 452 times more likely to die from risky sexual behavior than terrorism.

The National Safety Council reports that more than 6,000 Americans die a year from falls … most of them involve people falling off their roof or ladder trying to clean their gutters, put up Christmas lights and the like.  That means that you’re 353 times more likely to fall to your death doing something idiotic than die in a terrorist attack.

The agency in charge of workplace safety – the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration – reports that 4,609 workers were killed on the job in 2011 within the U.S. homeland.  In other words, you are 271 times more likely to die from a workplace accident than terrorism.

The CDC notes that 3,177 people died of “nutritional deficiencies” in 2011, which means you are 187 times more likely to starve to death in American than be killed by terrorism.

Scientific American notes:

You might have toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by the microscopic parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which the CDC estimates has infected about 22.5 percent of Americans older than 12 years old

Toxoplasmosis is a brain-parasite.  The CDC reports that more than 375 Americans die annually due to toxoplasmosis.  In addition, 3 Americans died in 2011 after being exposed to a brain-eating amoeba.   So you’re about 22 times more likely to die from a brain-eating zombie parasite than a terrorist.

There were at least 155 Americans killed by police officers in the United States in 2011. That means that you were more than 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist.

And the 2011 Report on Terrorism from the National Counter Terrorism Center notes that Americans are just as likely to be “crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year” as they are to be killed by terrorists.

Let’s switch to 2008, to take advantage of another treasure trove of data.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, 33 U.S. citizens were killed worldwide in 2008 from terrorism.  There were 301,579,895 Americans living on U.S. soil in 2008, so the risk of dying from terrorist attacks in 2008 was 1 in 9,138,785.

This graphic from the National Safety Council – based upon 2008 data – shows the relative risks of dying from various causes:

If the risk of being killed by a terrorist were added to the list, the dot would be so small that it would be hard to see. Specifically, the risk of being killed by terrorism in 2008 was 14 times smaller than being killed by fireworks.

Reason provides some more examples:

[The risk of being killed by terrorism] compares annual risk of dying in a car accident of 1 in 19,000; drowning in a bathtub at 1 in 800,000; dying in a building fire at 1 in 99,000; or being struck by lightning at 1 in 5,500,000. In other words, in the last five years you were four times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist.


The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) has just published, Background Report: 9/11, Ten Years Later [PDF]. The report notes, excluding the 9/11 atrocities, that fewer than 500 people died in the U.S. from terrorist attacks between 1970 and 2010.

Terrorism pushes our emotional buttons.  And politicians and the media tend to blow the risk of terrorism out of proportion.  But as the figures above show,  terrorism is a very unlikely cause of death.

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CitizenPete's picture

Thats why they call it terrorism and not deathism.   Americans have memories about as long as my dick -- am I'm hung like a hamster. 


I Aericans understood statistics and basic economics the two political parties along with the TBTF/J/B banks would have been doomed a ling time ago. 

Remember the Beltway sniper of the DC area?  

He picked off 13 people - some at gas stations (10 took a dirt nap).  I found the whole thing hilarious and wore a T-Shirt with a target on it.  I mean, what were the cances?  People avoided getting gas until they where empty and then thy hid behing their cars when filling up.  It was a sight to behold!  

Was this a scary thing? Well yes, people were ummm TERRORIZED for God sakes.  But just 13 people out of about 9 million in the area he was shooting in?   They caught the dude and his young side kick and discovered he had been shooting out of the back end of a chevy with a light removed.  Like the article said, more people probably choked to death on their own vomit during the same period. 

Just imagine how the American She-people will feel when the DHS drones start flying overhead.  Now that's some seriopus terrorist shit right there.  I'll definately be hiding behind my vehicle then .

GreatUncle's picture

The probabiltiy of being murdered by your government is probably the same if not greater than from a terrorist attack.



michigan independant's picture

Duncan and Coyne “try to show how the military-industrial complex has turned into what some in the Pentagon call a ‘self-licking ice cream cone’ more concerned with self-preservation than national security,” They explore how at this point rising military budgets has become self-perpetuating and based on things like jobs, as opposed to estimates on how much spending the US actually would need to defend itself.

Today in reality DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP LIBERATION - U.S. Massacre of Waffen SS - April 29,1945.

You assholes better never surrender your weapons


MickV's picture

It's the meme of the Marxist Oligarchs. Create the problem in order to "solve it", and its corollary; "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Augustus's picture

We can always count on Geo Wash for the statistical nonsense.  This time we get a replay of the nonsense.

The proper type of terrorist attack could cause many more deaths that Geo Wash has included to present his probabilities.

Brixton Guns's picture

Meh.  You're far more likely to die from STUPID more than all of the other ways put together.

Stupid kills.


Dirka dirr.


Lone Survivor's picture

I was talking with my brother about the Martial Law responce to the Boston bombings and, much to my amazement, he was convinced out the door that it was necesarry because of terrorism. He said terrorism is a special exception, to which I replied it's an amazing excuse. He didn't have anything to say to that.

It's horrifying how the actual damage done by terrorism is because of government exploitation, rather than the terror act itself. It's this fabulous blanket excuse for doing pretty much whatever the hell you want, constitution be damned, as long as it's in the name of "National security". And people will go along with it. That's the secret to tyranny, do it gradually when times are normal and use panic and chaos to make sudden power grabs. And there will be no revolution because there will be no one defining moment where the government steps over the line; They've been slowly slithering across it for so long that we've all gotten used to it.

On thing I thought was amusing about the police responce to the boston bombings was that almost all of them had assault rifles and they were hunting one guy. But I thought citizens didn't need assault rifles because they probably wouldn't run into more than one or two guys?

1000+ of military police (Which shouldn't happen in the first place) with assault rifles vs. Unarmed 19 year old: Justified.

1 civilian with an assault rifle vs. ??? armed assailants: Ridiculous and unnecesary overkill on the civilian's part.


Makes it very easy to just want to say fuckit to the whole thing.

LetsGetPhysical's picture

Ever get the feeling GW is trying way to hard? 

bunnyswanson's picture

Trying too hard? 

Convincing Obots that terrorism is a farce, that they Department of Homeland Security is here to secure the life and limbs of the elite, the bankers and politicians, and that the cheerleaders and worshippers who think they are "doing the patriotic thing" but who are actually the ones who are going to land us 6 foot under or prison slaves no easy task.



steelrules's picture

Missing from the list of ways to die is democide.

bunnyswanson's picture

"This world is for them no home, but a dingy prison-house, of reckless unthrift, rebellion, rancour, indignation against themselves and against all men. Is it a green, flowery world, with azure everlasting sky stretched over it, the work and government of a God; or a murky, simmering Tophet, of copperas fumes, cotton fuz, gin riot, wrath and toil, created by a Demon, governed by a Demon?”

And elsewhere: {117b}

“Injustice, infidelity to truth and fact and Nature’s order, being properly the one evil under the sun, and the feeling of injustice the one intolerable pain under the sun, our grand question as to the condition of these working-men would be: Is it just? And, first of all, what belief have they themselves formed about the in

justice of it?

The words they promulgate are notable by way of answer; their actions are still more notable. Revolt, sullen, revengeful humour of revolt against the upper classes, decreasing respect for what their temporal superiors command, decreasing faith for what their spiritual superiors teach, is more and more the universal spirit of the lower classes. Such spirit may be blamed, may be vindicated, but all men must recognise it as extant there, all may know that it is mournful, that unless altered it will be fatal.”

Frederick Engles - The Condition of Working Class in England 1844


headless blogger's picture

The only terrorist attack on American soil I can think of that was done by a NON-Government agency is the Oklahoma Bombing by McVeigh, a white guy and the WTC bombing in 1993 which it later came out the FBI had been in contact with the perpetrators.

There's been some other bombings from homegrown terrorists (although they may not have been called that).

The "Muslim as Terrorist" meme has been way over the top. The majority of the 100 Million slaughtered during the 20th century was done mostly by White Christians, Jews, and Chinese (Mao's rage).


Judge Crater's picture

The contention of the YouTube video is that the attack on the World Trade Center was a government operation, complete with military drone jets taking the place of the passenger jets.  Replacement jets filled with high explosives that detonated after the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. If that is the case, then we have more to worry about the government scaring us into supporting Big Brother laws by running operations that can kill us than being worried about terrorists.

ebworthen's picture

GW - I like your stuff, but tell that little 8 year old boy and his parents and the other people killed in Boston this.

No, we shouldn't be droning kids in Pakistan, but we shouldn't have an open door to anyone and everyone either.

Get the hell out of foreign countries and close the borders; won't support the military/industrial complex but it might improve employment and our chances to not be killed by whack jobs.

Savyindallas's picture

Yes, but you are more likely to die from the war on terrorism than any of these -at least in the countries we seek to liberate- killing millions of innocent people - makes it all worth the trillions we spend - so they say. They are all Muslims, all goyim. If killing ten thousand spares the life of one of God's annointed  -or increases their wealth and power -then it's all worthwhile- so they believe.  We are all but a speck of sand in the vast desert. We are expendable. Our lives are  inconsequential. We are taught through deception, coercion and through the barrell of a gun that we serve the Chosen ones -our rulers, our Masters.

Lucifer rules this World -that is simply stating the obvious. Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this earth" -I believe that. That keeps me from despair. The difficult part is that we are compelled to fight this losing battle  -we are compelled to fight this evil--fight the forces of evil -no matter how futile, no matter how much pain and sacrifice results.  I believe we will someday be judged by whether we stood up to this task-with moral courage. All the great religions and moral codes give us similar guidance in living our lives.

To those who are victims of  this oppression I say never despair -but if you do- work on in despair- The Truth will set us free- it is only through the truth that we will be able to see through the darkness and find  the light.  All that being said, I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for GW and those of you who understand and live these principles. In these times, it takes courage to stand up and speak such simple truths. 

Catullus's picture

This is the case versus class probability error.

the grateful unemployed's picture

according to the new actuarial tables, more people die prematurely because they are genetically predispositionsed toward serious illness, or risky behavior, ie alcoholism or drug abuse. in the future such people will have to pay increased health premiums, or be denied coverage, or given modified coverage. eventually these weak links in the genetic code will be removed, and the remaining population will live as long as 200 years. the medical profession has always been a form of euthanasia, in order to weed out the sickly and physically dependent persons. when people live two centuries no doctors will be needed.

e_goldstein's picture

"On a long enough timeline..."

SpiritBlade's picture

Also much more likely to be killed by government for not complying with tyranny or not believing in establishment narrative of current events.

Son of Loki's picture

One problem is our food is now so saturated with pesticides, hormones or antibiotics...little is "safe" anymore. Even the formerly safe "Pacific fish" now glow in the dark...same for Alaska salmon which used to be one of the very few 'safe' fish to eat.....the seaweed they eat has floated in from Japan shores packed with radiation it seems.


Oh yeah, don;t forget all that GMO food.....who knows what havoc that will wreak on our mitochondrial RNA.



blindman's picture

all this terrorist talk is gonna give me a heart attack !
you see? they never record the real cause of death,
boredom and distractions > (ignorance). misallocation of

Seer's picture

Don't ya know, it's the Hobgoblin Game!

Ckierst1's picture

What R the odds of dying prematurely because of impoverishment by banksters taking your wealth, particularly as you are retired or approaching it?  Is bending over for Benny and the gang a risky sexual behaviour?

sundown333's picture

What are the odds of death in people choking on a prophylactic?

Vooter's picture

Who the hell is worried about terrorism?

10mm's picture

Actually,it's the fuckin POS co workers that's killin me.Fuck the rest.

10mm's picture

Actually,it's the fuckin POS co workers that's killin me.Fuck the rest.

shovelhead's picture

I'm having some suspicious problems with my "Official Alqaida Guide to Washington and Wall St." website...

Most of my business seems to come from Langley, Virginia.

Cheyenne's picture

One more: Americans are just as likely to be "crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year" as they are to be killed by terrorists, according to the 2011 Report on Terrorism from the National Counter Terrorism Center (which breathes new meaning into the term "counter terrorism")

Seer's picture

Cover for me, I'm going for the couch!

WAIT!  That couch is important to us, it keeps us up as we're being programmed by the TeeVee, which informs us of all the important things like what we should be afraid of!  If we were to suspect our couches as the enemy then...

We're just sooo fucked...

IamtheREALmario's picture

I wonder how much more likely we are to die from a vaccine injection than from a terrorist attack (given that the statistics I have heard is that 30,000 people on the average die from the flu and 30,000 on the average die from the vaccine... and yet all drug company employees are not on the no fly list.

PD Quig's picture

In WWII people were far more likely to die of disease and malnutrition than by being shot or bombed. So let's not concern ourselves with a declaration of war against the west. We'll probably die by choking on vomit after consuming another batch of liberal progressive tripe from the most ridiculously mis-named nom de plume in history.

Arrrrrgghhhh (the sound of dry heaves).

Radical Marijuana's picture

The laws against organized crime and terrorism are actually used more against marijuana than anything else.

The reasons for that social insanity are that our entire civilization is controlled by nested groups of organized crime, with the biggest gangsters being the banksters, that effectively control the politicians, which then pass laws in vicious spirals which deliberately benefits organized crimes, and especially benefits the biggest organized crime, done by the banksters, the most.

EVERYTHING WE DO IS BASED ON GROSSLY IRRATIONAL RISK ASSESSMENTS, BECAUSE EVERYTHING SERVES AN ULTERIOR AGENDA. The grossly disproportional responses to various risks ends up INSANELY unbalanced, because what actually WORKS is the advancement of a covert agenda, to deliver more social power to control civilization to those at the top of the social pyramid system.

The long history of slavery and racism segued into the war on drugs, which prepared the way for the war on terror. Both the war on drugs and the war on terror were deliberately designed to be perpetual vicious spirals of unwinnable wars, that would enable those fighting them to build up their fascist police state, while making more profit the worse things got. Both the war on drugs and the war on terror were overall FANTASTICALLY SUCCESSFUL FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS.

In between, there was the bogey man of "communism." Again, if one does the research, one will discover that the banksters funded the creation of fake "communism," in order to advance the banksters' overall agenda. All of those were deliberately exaggerated threats, because that culture of irrational fear and ignorance is what the people at the top of the social pyramid systems WANT. Whenever one looks at any of our historical events during the last few hundreds years more deeply, one will always find those systems in the background directing what happened. (Another example was alcohol prohibition, as an aspect of the drug wars, which was something that the banksters promoted precisely so that it would generate the insane contradictions which it did generate.)

It was all wars based on deceits, serving systems of debt slavery, which have runaway at an exponential rate to become INSANE LIES driving us into debt insanities, which will probably result in collapses into chaos, triggering more insanely genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law.

However, on a deeper level, it is practically impossible to do anything realistic to fix these kind of problems, because almost nobody understands or agrees with addressing the chronic political problems, which must be resolved in some ways, and which real problems are being resolved in the most expedient ways by the ruling classes, in ways that benefit them, while screwing everyone else. Thus, what actually exists is a murder system doing death controls, through the maximum possible deceits, and the only genuine solutions to that would be to operate a better murder system doing better death controls. From a theoretical point of view, it would be possible to pay attention to social facts, and to develop polices which could work better. However, from a practical point of view, we are STUCK IN THE RUT, that the oldest and best developed social science was warfare, and success in warfare was based on deceits.

Those were the reasons WHY we went through the evolution of War Kings, creating sovereign states, that were covertly taken over by the Fraud Kings, running private banks. After that happened, those who control the money supply, and could legally create "money" out of nothing, were able to more and more buy up control over everything else, especially through dominating the funding of the political processes, so that the successful, surviving, politicians became the banksters' puppets.

The banksters are behind the emergence of "terrorism" as a publicly promoted threat. The grossly disproportional and irrational risk assessments that are revealed in this article by George Washington are part of the overall pattern found everywhere else, throughout at least several Centuries of Western Civilization. However, the deeper and more radical truths would require approaching the entire issue of the death controls backing up the debt controls with a profoundly different kind of paradigm throughout every kind of political science, from militarism to the monetary systems. We would have to stop using false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals, and instead start using unitary mechanisms, with respect to the social facts.

That would mean that there MUST be some death control systems, with some murder systems as the most extreme form of those. Every risk of death would have to be dealt with through the same approach towards social facts. (That would include the euphemistic "birth controls" too, which are actually forms of death control.)  There would have to be a more conscious artificial selection, which faced the facts that there MUST be some murder system, operating death controls, and admitted those publicly.

However, we are living in a Bizarro Mirror World on the Dark Side of Moon now, because the ways that we talk about everything is BACKWARDS.  Governments are necessarily the biggest criminals, and the best organized criminals are the banksters that effectively control those governments. It is NOT possible for those basic social facts to change, except if we develop better ways to accomplish the same purposes.

Right now, we are operating our civilization on the basis of foundations which were built on the maximum possible deceits. Therefore, the ruling classes have been doing false flag terrorism, in order to get more terrorism going, because that will benefit them, at least within the context of their currently established social pyramid systems. THAT IS WHY OUR RESPONSE TO "TERRORISM" APPEARS GROSSLY DISPROPORTIONAL AND IRRATIONAL.

However, as long as more rational discussion of how to have a better system of death controls is practically impossible within our current political systems, then it is almost impossible to imagine the series of political miracles that it would take to ameliorate the real social situation we are in, where our chronic political problems are being resolved through systems which were based on the maximum possible lies and frauds, while that totally backwards way of understanding everything is mostly taken for granted by most people.

LuchadorChumba's picture


Do you know why you are not a threat?
Do you know why your astute and muy accurate revelations are gusano-like?
Do you know why your awareness squirms like a puta barrata at the first sight of a federale in the grand scheme of my world?
Do you know why your ‘fundamentally correct’ analysis is floating down the Tijuana river?

You could've been a contender! A real bad ass luchador! Instead, you think it's su trabajo to tell others that there is an 'outside' of the stadium.
So, why aren’t those who are like yourself who are ‘revealing’ removed permanently from the stadium? You know, slaughtered, killed? (Yeah, a few a 'hot-tubbed' but that's just for fun. Disfrute!)

Primero, comprende that those who attempt to usurp the ‘ownership’ of the herd are thought of as competitors (rustlers). It is only these individuals who get their neck snapped by overly powerful rear naked chokes. Since you're reading this, know... you're not a threat. Those that attempt to open the gate and let the ‘cattle’ roam free aren't thought of as threat either, because the rancher knows he has an electric or a barb wire fence, and, that even if he didn’t, the cattle would return. Ahora what happens to those who tell the ranchers of their error? Nothing. Why? Entonces, although its true that the cattle may stampede and trample the ex-post luchadors like you, it is literally impossible for a reaction to take place in the ranchers corozon. The reason is because... although the rancher actually can comprehend, their delusion and/or rebellion has blinded them. A rancher cannot see a threat if it's not temporal in nature. Only a rancher, who’s ready to become something else will understand. Their freewill cannot be taken, because they will never give their freewill away, unlike most to whom you speak.

Senor Radical, you're mooing outside the fence, lamenting you can’t change the dress and attitude of the rancher. Your words are like a mosquito buzzing around the ears of caballeros on horseback who have made their home on the range. As long as you stay temporal, you will never reach your objective. That is, unless your goal is to chirrido y quijarse.

It's vever too late to come back to my side. Tengo un caballo grande para usted para montar a caballo.

Viva El Luchador!

i-dog's picture


"Yeah, a few a[re] 'hot-tubbed' but that's just for fun."

It's not for fun; it's an enforcement mechanism to keep you robots in line.

The main category of those who are "removed permanently" is those who have been initiated into the Kabbalistic 'secret hogwash' who then "open their big mouf" in an act of contrition. Such severe punishment is reserved for them as a warning to the other robots. This is why the various gatekeepers never disclose their real masters, not even buried in among their respective diversionary [subset] boogeymen (banksters, lizards, joos, vampire squids, white shoe boys, etc, etc)

If such punishment were just handed out willy-nilly to any audience member who ventured an accurate portrayal of the Kunning Kleptokratic Konspiracy, why, then spooky initiations and blood rituals would hold no mystique!!

Of course, the only other category to suffer rapid and permanent ejection from the stadium, is the leader groomed and entrusted with a mission who, through hubris born of perceived personal popularity or attained invincibility, decides to change the mission or, as you pointed out elsewhere, decides to hide some lucre from the kapos. He will be despatched in the most painful of ways. A slow, painful death from poison or cancer being preferred to a sudden 'hot tub' accident.

Other than those observations, I'm enjoying your performances! Keep it up!

Radical Marijuana's picture

I am amused by your "spanglish" Chumba. (I am very familiar with "franglish," and speak that every day.)

The "human farming" or "human ranching" metaphor was well developed here:

The Calling By Max Igan *Full Length*

Or similarly in:

The Story of Your Enslavement

Which is another reactionary revolution video about "Human Farming."

I am not sure that is possible for me to do anything more than chirrido y quijarse or screech and complain? I still have not figured out any rational ways to fight systems of lies backed by violence which do not result in making things worse ... Therefore, by default, I suppose I end up doing not much more than bitching about how insane it all is ...

I have never figured out any sane ways to cope with weapons of mass destruction becoming trillions of times more powerful ... and nobody else has either. The god damn "ranchers" that you refer to are already insane.

Of course, in that context of ranching I would recommend:

Allan Savory:

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change

Or, at least recommend

Occam's Grazer: An In-depth Introduction to Holistic Management

In my own little world, it is miracle that I am still alive and kicking. The Canadian government has been attempting to stop me, and wipe my political activies out for a few decades, but I am still here and doing them. Fate has positioned me to be attempting to "legalize marijuana" (loco weed for the cattle.)  ((Marijuana was originally such classic spanglish, or a great spanlishism word!))

Marijuana is merely the single simplest symbol, and the most extreme example, of everything else in the general pattern of social facts. Therefore, it is intersting how pot prohibition is going through psychotic breakdowns, with, just this year, the tipping point being reached with respect to the majority of people no longer agreeing with the law.

Basically, I am "NOT A THREAT" because I refuse to try to beat the biggest bullies at their own game. I refuse to try to be better at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, (or a luchador) than they are. Therefore, for sure, within their context, I am not a threat. However, they are still an insane threat to themselves!

Similarly, I do not recognize any other enemies than myself as being remotely close in their degree of dangerousness. ...

Whether or not my vainglorious fantasy that "nothing can stop an idea whose time has come" will pan out or not remains to be seen ... (I accept that I may well die before I am able to find out the answer to that question.)  The only sane things I can do are what make theoretical sense, given that science and technology have made the "ranchers" trillions of times more powerful! I can only challenge the basic ideas that the ranchers believed in and promoted. I can only recommend better ranching, which is based on deeper understandings, which go outside of the frame of reference of the current ranchers.

Anyway, Chumba, while I mostly agree with your perspective and criticisms, I still can not come up with any better ideas regarding the dilemmas posed by weapons of mass destruction. IF I could think of any sane ways to defeat the currently established elites by being better at dishonesty, backed by violence, than they are, then I would. However, I have never been able to imagine any ways to sanely do that, and I have never heard of anyone else with any plausible ideas about doing that either! Therefore, apart from continuing to spin my wheels in the mud of mostly useless political discourse, there is nothing else that I can think of doing ...

tip e. canoe's picture

thanks for those ranching videos dr. ganja.   happy to read that you notice the connection between the money/murder axis with rectilinear agriculture and cattle domestication.    this goes way way way back and just might be the key to unlock the struggle in which you have dedicated your life (though we most likely not see the fruits in our lifetimes).

you might enjoy this one (though beware it's looonnnnngggg)

Mark Shephard on Restoration Agriculture

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How does the risk of wheelbarrowing loads of fiats to by a loaf of bread compare to terrorism? Bet it still is higher odds.

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Banks are more dangerous to Americans than terrorists

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I worry much more about death by government.  Well over 100 million in the 20th century alone.

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Right on Dan.  And the odds escalate if you keep posting stuff like this.

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The chance would approach zero at the same rate as the population of muslims in this country approached zero. We do not need people running around our country that are subject to sudden jihad syndrome. No muslim country has allowed Christians freedom to worship without severe restrictions. Saudi Arabia is the center of the muslim world and they do not even allow bibles in the country. If you like Sharia, "GO" and get it in another country. You are free to leave. I have never seen anyone with an anchor in their ass, but then i have only been to San Francisco once and that was for a normal wedding years ago.

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Good to see that you're staying in character!

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I'm stealing "sudden jihad syndrome (SJS)" and when asked, I'll say I learned it from this dunce I met. - Ned

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washington, are you an insurance guy or actuary? worthless un-proveable article

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the proof is in the article it and see

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You are statistically most likely to be killed by a government thug in costume (uniform).

"Guns don't kill people, people in uniform do."

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Seriously I fear the Fed Gov't much more (much much more) than any friggen foreign or domestic terrorist....

The Fed Gov't taxes (steals from) me, regulates me, watches me, threatens me, despises people like me;

....Terrorists haven't done shit to me

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Except that the US Government are the Terrorists.