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The Matrix was a movie released on 33-11-999, or as more commonly formatted (in the USA), 3-31-1999.  In the 14 years since it's debut it has become one of the most influential cultural icons of any generation, not only here in America but throughout much of the globe.  Everyone, at least those ones in Western sphere societies, somehow, can readily identify with it.  I wonder why?

No, I don't.  I know exactly why.  The Matrix was an urgent tap on the shoulder of ones who slumbered for too long.  It was Neo's alarm clock going off after he had spent the night chasing the White Rabbit.  It itself was a Red Pill, subliminal and subconsciously delivered, setting us on a collision course towards a wakeful state.

On 9-11-2001, WTC #1 and #2 were offered to Americans as the Red Pill and the Blue Pill.  Except there was no choice: we were force-fed the Blue Pill, a concoction of Prozac, Viagra, Extenz, and Meth.  A review of our history from that choreographed day to now reveals all too plainly the grotesque tragedy of America the Empire as it played out towards its predictably inevitable demise.  Today, America is a mere rumor of what was once upon a time a respected nation of common statesmen and country scholars; the land of the free and home of the brave.  Oh, what a sad irony those words now elicit.

So here it is on a 13 date, and it's 11:55 as I glance at the clock on my computer.  This day is a long one in coming.  I asked Tyler to let me blog on Zero Hedge over a year ago.  I wanted to begin spreading a word, a gospel--the Gospel of Chumba.  Perhaps I am an arrogant man.  Or perhaps I see what is happening today as Biblical in proportions.  The Sequle, as it were, being written before our very eyes.  We are witness to the next aeon of history; the year zero.  It is begun again.

I know, I know, none of this makes any sense whatsoever.  Chumba's a douche, and Tyler's a fag for letting him on here to spew this horse shit.  My  response to you is: patience, brother.  Patience.  This is a process.  First, we need to open your eyes, but it must be done slowly.  The first actual rays of real light shining into your pupils are going to be overwhelming and painful.  This is normal.  You will be dazed and confused, cognitively dissonant.  I am going to blow your mind, and you will not like it one bit.  But you will thank me for it later.  You're welcome.

To begin this journey, you must awaken within the dream, before you can awaken out of it.  So follow the white rabbit.  Don't worry about over-sleeping and being late for work.  You're soon to find out your job or career or whatever is irrelevant anyway, once you come to the realization that modern society is merely the modern day equivalent of the Colonial American slave plantation, just with benefits like a corner office and vacation time.  It's an elaborate stage performance put on to convince you that you're free, and everyone is a player in the charade, too doped up to realize what they're watching in the TV is themselves.  A caricature for sure, but ourselves nonetheless, a carnival house reflection of what we have become.

But the crazy dream, it ends now.  Wakey wakey.  There is work to do.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Chumbawamba, I want to say thank you for posting this, as it mirrors my own thoughts. I've been content stacking gold and reading mises.org/daily while only LURKING here on ZH, and your post was actually the first and only one to get me down here to the basement. SO, THANKS!

I'm pleased that the Tylers gave you a blog. I respect and admire your unique voice. And, I hope to follow in your footsteps and join the names in the "contributors" column here at the best website in the world. 

I won't say where I got this from, but I found this to be a very enjoyable piece related to The Matrix. Have a nice day! 

Globe A Matrix Of Lies  Ever notice how nearly all newspapers divide their pages into sections? Those are business, these are sports, etc.

This is done to prevent people from connecting the dots to see how these sectors interact amid our precious and increasingly precocious global reality. Indeed, sport is a global confluence of businessmen and high-flyers, including the stars and their subsequent air miles.

This is complicated by the fact that our globally connected “info-structure” allows idiots anywhere to post a video that goes viral, inspiring hatred and destruction, which I dislike.

And I wish that all these fools who are destroying their own country’s economies, in say Syria, would put down their guns, and learn Psy’s Gangnam Style dance instead.

Elsewhere, the bullet-makers, who owned the press and convinced the US to get involved in World War I, already have the politicians in their pockets, but the true cause of the war is that one historically insignificant guy was killed by a guy of equal or lesser stature in a “royalty issue spat,” which would be largely mocked by today’s tabloid press.

Since then, the war machine has been raging. I blame US president Nixon for many things, especially because he had no backbone for standing up to the CIA, which at the time was meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations and historically causing lots of harm, chaos and instability in countries with democratically elected leaders. Thanks, US.

Later, the bullet-makers got together privately in a top-floor Seoul conference room near a red-light alley. One of them said “Hey, what if we had perpetual war? You know, constant violence around the world? Stakeholders be damned — stockholders will get rich!” and all the others immediately agreed. And that explains where we are today.

Where the brilliant comic and film The Matrix comes in is best described by Agent Smith, who complained about “the stench.”

We humans are quite a dirty species overall. Moreover, I’m really not into all this “human exceptionalism” vis-a-vis the animals we eat — leave sharks alone.

When people are limited to the news they can watch and the information they can gather, people in many places get harshly skewed advice, without a global perspective, increasingly from their news stations, school textbooks and places of worship.

Getting back to the war machine and malinvestment, how many times have any of the superpowers shot missiles at each other, ever, in history? Hmm. I guess that would be zero, and I was in my teens during Reagan.

Pumping more resources into military spending, though creating lots of jobs for any country which chooses this path, is surely the most unsustainable global bubble of all time.

As you read this, there are hundreds of thousands of missiles aimed at all kinds of places, rusting away, all around the world. The “capability” pretense is absurd.

Imagine a shareholders’ meeting: “Mr CEO, I have a question. We sold all these missiles to the government, but they’ve never been used. How do we even know if they work?” and the CEO says: “Relax, our stock price is stable.”

Fire Angel

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Graham Parker - Get started, start a fire
"..Joan of arc was burning at the stake
somebody had made a big mistake
She had lit a cigarette
in an airport where you get
All your fingers taken off for smoking
Meanwhile up the road a factory's choking
The ones who killed her work there
I'm not joking."

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Checking in late from the canal Chumbles. Standing by and ready for Faze II. Have latest APA format manual just in case. This is going to be epic.

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welcome back u crazy bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mr Chumba.

Tell you what, I will give you some attention. While what does remain, is to see whether or not it will be shared. That is something to be earned. You see, it is one thing to share, while it is another thing on "how" it is to be shared. How? That choice would be yours.


Thank-you Tyler, you are showing real signs in understanding the process of "how".  Refinements, what a pain, yet what an interesting journey.






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Looking forward to reading your insights, Chumba.  I miss you in the comments section.  Glad you are still here...



P.S I'm a lurker, as my sarcasm gene is horribly irraditated from Fukushima, which makes me over-reactive to snide comments.

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This article speaks truth to power, well done.

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this is the image that came up under blythe's picture when i googled her...




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any reason why the image displays in the editor but not on the page?  

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for the sake of the good ole days:


anyone has moar tunes by Marla? care to share???

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That's some good techno.  I'm a n00b relatively speaking.  Y'all used to chill and play this? 

Bring back the old daze says I.  

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wow, quite a beautiful mix.  

merci marla & grats to greatfultt.

missing link right here.

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~23:** absolutely brilliant.

matrix 3.0

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If anyone has more (as far as I know these are the only 3 sets uploaded by the hostess), or managed to rip some Radio Zero sessions as they were happening, I too would be much obliged.

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gracias amigos

time to bring it all back with a new spin?

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I've saved the best reply for last

The first 97 seconds of this video cover it perfectly


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9/11 IS the litmus test. But not just of our leaders. It tests our own desire to examine what we don't wish to truly see.

So many of "We the People" spend our lives thinking very little about our safety with regard to our own government. This is a testimony to the power of not just present day propaganda, but of the deep conditioning we have all been subjected to. So to call into question the official story of 9/11 is to call into question nearly everything we believe to be true. In essence it calls into question us. Most people do not yet have the courage to follow this extremely difficult path.....the road less travelled.

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Only marginal conspiracy theorists don't accept the official 9/11 story, like the 1,908 current member of architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.  They are obviously in it for something . . . like career advancement . . . right?


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On a Friday,I prefer to wait until after market close before firing up the BC Big Bud and the white California wine.How did the war go in Afghan-Land for NATO?They lost the war against a plant.

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Damn you Chumbawamba, the blue ones taste like berries!

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I can feel you are onto something here Chumba. I suggest you start this journey with Simulacra & Simulation by Baudrillard. brilliant work...

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The "Matrix" is a very good analogy for the situation we are in but with one caveat: in the movies, life outside the Matrix is stark and violent. In the real world, life outside the Matrix, a world without the banksters and their thieving and murderous puppets of government, life would be grand and glorious.      hujel

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nice-en, chumba!

this accolade is brought to you by The Revolutionary Spirit, the #9 & janus:




begin the Begin,


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It just hit me.

After reading this shit, it dawned on me that i'm a writer in the making, career awaiting..

Hell, i've scribbled on a few bathroom walls, tagged a few light poles...

That's all it takes, right..?

golfrattt's picture

It just hit me.

After reading this shit, it dawned on me that i'm a writer in the making, career awaiting..

Hell, i've scribbled on a few bathroom walls, tagged a few light poles...

That's all it takes, right..?

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... and even added your graffiti here, too. A veritable literary giant!

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Bring it on, Chumbles.  I am all ears.

My favorite ZH experience was staying up til 4am one night several years ago while Marla spun tunes and you held court back when ZH had that sort of live feature, whatever it was called...

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Thanks for the post Chumbawumba, nice to see.

I dropped my Daughter off at school this morning.  On the way home I was tailgated relentlessly - then passed - by people angry that I wasn't going 10 MPH over the speed limit. 

They were racing somewhere for something; accelerating toward stop lights, staring only at the bumper in front of them, flooring it away from the green light - dangerously close to the person in front of them - zig-zagging in and out of lanes and between cars.

In a hurry to get to a red light or get in an accident while wasting precious fuel.

Where were they racing too?  What was so urgent that they had to endanger themselves and others?

Brand or slogan stickers and decals on their vehicles for someone or something.

Aftermarket rims and lift or lowering kits and bling to prop up their self-esteem.

Racing, rushing, running - rats in a maze.

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That was you?!? 

Get out of the way, man! 

I almost missed Good Morning America because of you! 

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"Thousands and thousands of cars

driving men to work"

--Gary Snyder  (I think from Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems)

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Timely and relevant!:


Chumba, teach me to convert the masses while you're at it, oh Master!

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Hmm. Chumba contributing is interesting, but unlikely to take the place of the Mudshark in your mythology.

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Fuck nostalgia

Hooray for history

Welcome to the future

And Chumba, thanks for opening your bad self

I had my first guest post just last month.  Kind of an epiphany that wrote itself and needed to be hung up here, on the ZH clothesline, flapping in the digital breeze for the neighbors to stare at (or put a round through, the lovable dopey bastards).



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I anxiously await the Gospel of Chumba.

While we're at it, I hope this is the start of a trend of more contributors who go beyond finance.  Survivalism, spiritual enlightenment, how satanists/luciferians wield power, insidious ways to undermine the system, resisting mind control, Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory, and everything inbetween.  I nominate Think for Yourself, Radical Marijuana, Clashfan, john39, and honestann for contributor status.  I think they have a lot of interesting things to say.  There are others who would be worthy, sorry for not naming you, but it's 3am and except for Think For Yourself (you still around?), these are the people I remember from recently.  Oh, and blotto, in honor of being slightly blotto.

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The rage, for one day we break up the chain.
The rage, for too many people think that TV tells the truth.
The rage, for this world does not suit us.
but does feed us with false dreams and true ramparts
The rage, for this world does not fit us.
And Babylon grows fat and starves us to death.


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It's good to have you posting Chmba...

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I thought Timmay had some good lines. "We saved the banks but lost America" is pretty awesome.

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It's really fairly simple. If you have 2 billion people in your country you have less freedom than say some guy homesteading in AK. More people = less freedom.

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Maybe Chumba and COG DI could do a joint rambling, like Siskel and Ebert. And in this case, too, they mostly won't give the plot away.

God, what a lot of blather.

These people have been issuing dark warnings since 2007. The sky is falling. Buy gold. Blue pill, red pill. The big ones coming soon.

Frankly, I prefer Winston Shit. At least that boy's interesting.https://hacksperger.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/box-hackspergers-documents/

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for all those who believe in needles in haystacks (even those covered in Shit), check out the final comment on this page:


Non-waste parasitic looses system for cooling, lubrication & combustion

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Bring it on Chumba, this could get very interesting to say the least if, and that's a big 'IF', you can show us how everyone is a player in the charade we live in today. I thought the majority posting here are already awake, excluding the trolls of course. So, show us how to Wake Up from within The Dream, and see true Reality.

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"I thought the majority posting here are already awake"

Reading one of GW's threads will disavow you of that notion...Chest-thumpers outnumber Tubthumpers about 20:1 (even after discounting for trolls).

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Good to see you back, Chumba.

ColonelCooper's picture

You too, Do Chen.  Been following along with all you guys, just don't post much anymore.  Take care.