The Poisonous Printing Press

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From Bruno de Landevoisin of at Slope Of Hope........

It’s painfully clear for all to see that the majestic United States is now firmly caught in the rapacious stranglehold of financial elites which have completely captured it in a grotesque gamed monetary process.  Our country’s once idealistic and industrious free market economy has been hijacked and is undeniably being fraudulently and overtly financialized by the craven clutches and maniacal machinations of a contemptible self-seeking banking class. They have become nothing more than avaricious parasites disgustingly feeding from the grand trough of our treasured human ingenuity and self-respecting industry.

Unproductive asset classes of every shape and form are surging in price everywhere as the pumped up folly of the perpetually spewing free money fire hose incessantly flows.  Both privileged institutional and private favored recipients of the free flowing Fed funds are climbing all over themselves snatching up existing assets of all kinds, in a vulgar and narcissistic ferocious feeding frenzy. The gluttonous menu includes: Housing, Commercial Property, Farm Land, Fine Art, Vintage Collectibles, Classic Automobiles, Equity Indexes, ETFs, REITs, Options, Currencies, Futures, Precious Metals and Commodities………………………etc.

Just last week the NY auction house Christies, founded in 1766, posted its best week ever in its over 250 year old illustrious history. This is simply non productive wealth formation my twisted malfunctioning friends.  It is profoundly unhealthy and decidedly unearned prosperity, as it provides little to no substantial growth value nor functional benefit for the actual working economy on the ground which so many depend upon.  True prosperity comes from real authentic wealth creation through genuine tangible production with honest determined human endeavor, not speculative and discreditable self enrichment based primarily on asset inflation deliberately engineered by gross and dishonorable monetary largess.

The brilliance and magnificence of the United States was always characterized by its thriving, hard working and tremendously productive middle class. Today’s disgraceful paper printing artifice that we are currently witnessing is slowly but surely destroying that once proud, noble and unparalleled historic human achievement which was distinctively made in the USA. The diseased America has now set upon the degrading and ignoble course of abusing its hard earned reserve currency status via cheap and decadent monetary debasement in order to save its own deplorable hide, and much of the world is compelled to follow our disgraceful lead as the global financial system continues to circle the descending drain’s virulent vortex.

Astoundingly, even after the devastating economic hardship millions have recently endured, directly due to the destructive consequences of a deliberate, blatantly self serving and utterly unrestrained monetary policy, the Federal Reserve banking cabal remains entirely undeterred.   Incredibly, our ignoble and reprehensible financial leadership has once again set out to grossly and irresponsibly inflate yet another set of still more disastrous asset bubbles via the sheer folly of their lethal ZIRP/QE overdose injections.  However, this time around they have insanely outdone themselves, glibly generating two gigantic financial doomsday balloons which are rapidly flashing red warning signs of catastrophic consternation.

There can be little doubt that the bottled up bond market and the fanatically reflated stock indices will implode simultaneously as the dubiously engineered pressure cookers each sets off the other’s volatile fuse, igniting a financial fireball of incendiary monetary mayhem, the likes of which the world has never seen, which will surely bring with it economic chaos and human suffering of epic proportions.

My best guess is that this coming Fall season, as the leaves turn bright red, our hapless Government officials will once again demonstrate to the world that they are entirely incapable, unwilling or outright unable to curtail the country’s out of control fiscal deficit spending, while at the same time the Federal Reserve will attempt to put out the raging QE grease fire, at which point critical interest rates will most certainly react violently, suddenly and swiftly spiking sharply higher, which will assuredly blow up the acutely repressed bond market & jacked up stock casino at exactly the wrong time.  BADADOOM!!!

In the end, by going along to get along, we are all very much complicit in this wanton uncreative destruction.  The Lord openly warned us long ago not to go down this treacherous path, through the unlikely actions of his peace loving son, who in a fit of rage, violently flipped over the tables of the detestable usurious money changers wielding their wicked web in the sacred temple.

Alas, mankind never seems to learn the altruistic and enlightened righteousness of a forthright even-handed means of true money exchange, and once again we will be brutally humbled for our malicious manipulated mendacity, same as it ever was.  We should have unquestionably known better and categorically repudiated the repugnant treachery.  Our founding fathers deserved so much more from us.  We have utterly and miserably failed them.

Shameful indeed Bernanke & Co, we will all pay dearly for your fiat money malfeasance which those of us that certainly knew better so submissively permitted and so cowardly accepted.  The unhinged approach of monetary debasement has been repeatedly attempted throughout civilized economic history and has always ended in abject failure. There exist no historical exception to this solemn fact. The only viable protection against the most threatening global monetary repression of all time is direct ownership of physical gold bullion held completely outside the fraudulent financial banking system.  Got Gold?

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"As to the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out." Mark Twain

Aside from that, nice piece.

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For obama, biden, pelosi, reid and the rest of the Pak of 12 from Hell: Bite Me

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"Incredibly, our ignoble and reprehensible financial leadership has once again set out to grossly and irresponsibly inflate yet another set of still more disastrous asset bubbles via the sheer folly of their lethal ZIRP/QE overdose injections."

Great article, thanks. One thing, there is no such thing as "financial" or "political" leadership, but just thieves at the top.

Next, they, the pols, crats and their bankster masters, are not acting in "sheer folly" but are trying to keep their ponzi-scam going just that much longer for their profit and benefit and to leave their victims that much more destitute.

Time to Reject them: quit paying, quit obeying, quit playing their game and by their rules.

The Four Rs: Rejection; Revolution; Retribution; Restoration of the Constitutional republic

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Nice prose. He left a lot of shit aside, nevertheless. Unsaid.

It would take a lot more than an article/post to list it all.

I still stand for the evolution/extinction choice. Can't see alternative ways out.

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I kind of liked your article Tim. I would like to point out how I take issue with what from my point of view, is a collectivist train of thought in it though, sorry(or not).


"Our founding fathers deserved so much more from us."


"Us"? To me, there is no "us", unless the 'us' is completely voluntary. Free of any force and coercion. To try and persuade and convince is okay. But to force and/or coerce goes against my principles and is wrong, and people should be held accountable for using force/coercion. I do not believe that people should be made to pay for good and services they don't want.


I do not feel that "we" are in debt, because there is no voluntary "we" when it comes to the National Debt. I never signed up for it. I never believed in a Government that could spend more than it takes in, ever.


I chose to not even sanction or authorize the process by "voting". I do not believe that you get "representation" at a voting booth. Instead you get to pay for goods and services that you don't want.


Anarchast Ep.72 with Paul Rosenberg: Christians are Anarchists!
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Tim Knight did not write this article.  


It was wriiten by Bruno de Landevoisin of

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Is Max Keiser off bitcoin and back onto silver yet?

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The United States is a fundamentally liberal, materialistic country. it was founded as an abrupt break from the traditional order. It is only natural that the banksters would rise to the top and that non-utilitarian activites or concerns (honesty, tradition, race, heritage, Christianity, healthy leisure, and truth) would eventually be forbidden in the public square.

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What the fuk Its a perfect market it goes up everyday no losses ever just gains just like in schools No losers everyone wins all the time its the Special Olimpics for adults 

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I'm just here to admire the alliterative awesomeness.

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okay.  look.  this is not rocket science.  when a nude painting of bea arthur sells for over a million bucks - ya KNOW the world's all messed up.  okay?

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Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? Bea Arthur is all kinds of fap-o-licius! Well worth the million dollar fiat price tag, plus the buck-ninety-nine for a bottle of Jergens.


We are doomed.

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I'm sure the Executive Branch of the Federal Government; and the Congress, which of course are the actual architects of our demise appreciate the efforts of all you useful idiots who distract attention from them by focusing on the Federal Reser System; which at worst, is simply working with the Treasury Dept. to fund the bottomless folly and mindless greed of the Federal Government. For the five hundredth time now; the problem is a.) congress, with Bill Clinton as the particular "leader" at the time; sold your country to the Chinese; on orders from the ruling class. and b.) The Federal Government has become a monstrous, cancerous like growth.  The Federal Government is the problem; not the Federal Reserve. Yes, the Federal Reserve may fail spectacularly in their efforts to clean up the shit pile left on the floor by the decades of paid off congress creatures and idiot "national leaders"; but that's all they're doing; trying to clean up a mess made by Congress and the Executive Branch. Where did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac come from? Who repealed the Glass-Seagull Act? Who decided it was okay for "investment banks" to be public stock companies? Did you know that when I got out of HIgh School, all the big New York investment banks were privately owned by their partners; and if they failed in business; THEY LOST THEIR OWN MONEY. Try to get your head around that concept for a minute. After they bought the legislation allowing them to become public stock companies, THEY WERE PLAYING WITH SOMEBODY ELSES MONEY.  This makes, a big, big, difference in how you look at "risk"; for instance. Wake up; for Christ's sake. Do your homework.

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I tend to take a view that poses a symbiotic relationship between the FED and this illegitimate government that continues to hold out the premise that it is "federal" in any sense of the word.

Both the FED and this government thrive upon the same filthy, tainted blood; the product is a Patronage System that allows the power and corruption to increase and spread like a canker worm in this country. The problem is the entire system that has, through the last Century, in particular, allowed for the mutation of a Federalized Republic into a system that bears no resembalance to what was envisioned by the writers of the Constitution. The Constitution is nothing more than the curtain behind which this government claims legitimacy, but pull back the curtain and all that can be seen is an empty shell.

The truth of the matter is that both the FED and the government are part-and-parcel of the very same problem, each plays their respective role in this fiasco and each will bear the responsibility of the resulting collapse!

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Great post. The trough-feeders in DC are the prime culprits in the national crime that has led to our current state of affairs. In my mind, however, the Federal Reserve still has it's own particular petard to be hung by when the house of cards comes crashing down.

Gonna buy some more silver now.

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References to 'pressure cooker' are going to get Tim on the no fly list....

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Tim Kinght did not write this magnificent momentous and meaningful prose!


Bruno de Landevoisin of did!  

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Problem is when does it end? Decades like Japan?  I think world events will preceed stock market issues---engineered as a coverup or just the way things go either way.

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Loved the use of the word mendacity!  What a wonderful dead pan way to call someone a liar!

A fine example of writing hyperbole.... I enjoyed the read.... 

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The rush to get hard assets of any kind (courtesy of Benny and the Inkjets)tells you all

you need to know about where we are in the lifecycle of all fiat.

The music is about to stop, make sure you don't have a paper chair.


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this guy seems to believe the gang that can't shoot straight is going to hold this all together until fall.......that's a pretty big bet. last night, the silver market was halted four times as they worked to contain that this going to happen every night now? till October? 

i don't think so. 

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Great picture-although the money-changers need to look a little more Jew-y. Also- it would be nice if JC was driving them out w/ an AK. 

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You might want to read Tyler's Notice of Racial Discrimination policy and adjust you comments accordingly....

The "Fight Club" is no more.......;(

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"You might want to read Tyler's Notice of Racial Discrimination policy and adjust you comments accordingly...

When did Jews become a race? Are Muslims a race too? How about Christians?"

If I'm reading that correctly, it means Jews are a race - along with every other religion on the planet, I suppose.

Strange, I thought race had to do with genetics, not which version of mystical claptrap was burned into your brain since infancy.  

Ooops.  Now I'm being racist...LOL.

Say... are Athiests a race too?  Where do I sign up for that?



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...nor do I know what I shall do about it even if I did.

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nothin' a few strategically placed guillotines can't solve.

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Newb quandry: Is this a mataphor bubble, or an adjective glut?

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Great entry for the national alliteration contest.

Like a bad lit101 paper.


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Gaseous windbaggery...although correct, the flowery language used in centruies passed to stir emotions in the rabble is lost today due to the massive government enforced decline in literacy and courtesy. Not an altogether bad attempt, but rather waisted as it is preaching at the choir, so to speak.

tango's picture

Misean,  It's called dumbing down - like most the ads with normal appearing folks:  "Hey bro" or "She wiff me dog" or "You is de man". It's the intentional bad grammar (straight from rap) we've come to expect.  It's almost as if folks are proud of their stupidity, crudeness and inability to express themselves beyond a middle school level.  Flowery or poetic language can no longer appeal - only bombastic and loud and attention-getting. 

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Some of the early 1900s novelists got the writing down.  Modern enough to be easily read, yet old enough to carry forward some of the most magnificent imagery and metaphor.   I suggest something by Rider Haggard to get started.

otto skorzeny's picture

If you are going to criticize other's writing try learning how to spell whilst you lament "the decline of literacy".

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I enjoyed the Hyperbole...  and concur with the previous poster point dispite the spelling errors...  perhaps someday we will design a keyboard that is "more smoothly" integrated with the human mind instead of being designed to slow down the typing speed..... (so that the typewriter would not jam...).....  the layout of the keyboard has not changed since those days......

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I took typing back in high school (mid 1960s) since it was the best place to meet the girls.

The very essence of "old school".

Learning the QWERTY keyboard and maintaining the skills over the years has been one of the best things I've ever learned.  I can smoke a keyboard.  (And, yes, they are hard to light.)

Got some dates outta the deal as well...

akak's picture

Same for me, Rocky.

Didn't use the skills for decades, but it was surprising how easy typing came back to me after getting my first home computer around ten years ago.  My neices and nephews have seen me typing away on my computer in a totally dark room, and seem to think it is somehow magic that I do not need to see the keyboard to type --- and, GASP, can use more than my thumbs in doing so!

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The Lord openly warned us long ago not to go down this treacherous path, through the unlikely actions of his peace loving son, who in a fit of rage, violently flipped over the tables of the detestable usurious money changers wielding their wicked web in the sacred temple.


Carlin - Religion is Bullshit

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Nope, can't borrow your way to prosperity.  Just doesn't work that way.  (BUT this time is different!)

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Carlin might be right about God but he's wrong about women. "the female body isn't bullshit." i think we're done debasing actually...although obviously "all rights reserved" for said activity. no looks more like the Fed's upgraded to free basing actually..."and loving it"...but we'll see. the Fed people speak today, tomorrow and the day after. the media is calling long and hard for an end to this "bull madness" and if i'm a "traditionalist" in the New York sense "and get my liquidity ye olde fashioned way: by shorting you, your company and everything that isn't bolted down and keeping the money for myself and leaving you high and dry" i can understand the frustration. with gold and silver being...i'm that "manipulated"?...hey, dudes. this is Fight Club. i've already yucked it up with no less than Warren "the Oracle" Buffet and communed with Bill "the King" this internet thing is one far out adventure. you just never know who's gonna show up. but you gotta come to play. this ain't no place for whiners...or word smith wannabees. this article is clearly Twain approved..."but it still doesn't drive the sword in deep enough"...rhetorically speaking of course. truly these "malefactors of great wealth" live not to care. "they eat their young" and "they're fine young cannibals." indeed..."they just want more." their modus vivendi is as simple as ours is perilous (but persistent)..."BUY EVERYTHING." if there's any wall they've run into here it is the hard, cold and ferocious "wall of steel" otherwise known as a war machine....what Bismark memorably foretold in his "Blood and Iron" address. not a big fan of this band actually but when i heard them i thought "my God...i've been transported directly into the belly of the beast...and i haven't even gotten out of bed yet." was struck by "it" (or is it them?) immediately. "a beautiful nightmare" indeed. still...this is America..."the shining City on the Hill." it can and will surprise you what can and will be paid for in this nation of constant re-invention. if only i could re-invent me...