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A speaker who's gifted and shrewd

But under the cover

The world would discover

That morally speaking he's nude

The Limerick King

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ShakaZulu's picture

Now what self respecting vampire would've bitten that hell hound on the neck?  A vampiress maybe?

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Barbers shops.  Red and white poles.  The sound of scissors and conversation.  Men, relaxed.  Reading the paper.  The smell of the insect repellent my barber Muzzy put on my hair!  

That was a good America, a safe America.  zero drones...

damage's picture

HoW Do I FiX My SHiFT KeY?

williambanzai7's picture

Looks like you are having trouble with your Y key.

kurt's picture

Best Yet

Short Sweet

"N is for Nutsack"

It says it all!!!

Room 101's picture

WB7: a fantastic set of stuff today.  The first one is....chilling. Droning Private Ryan...classic.

I look forward to someday seeing your financial doomsday clock on the front page of ZH, like the Union of Concerned Scientists. I'd say we're about 3 min from midnite. 

Yen Cross's picture

     Good on ya Billy-7. You eight-legged cephalopod, drone driver. Be well in Middle Earth.

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I'm asking you again Mr. Banzai 7. Where the fuck do you come up with this shit? Thankfully, it never stops!

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williambanzai7 I will cry the day that THEY black bag you.  Until then fight the good fight brother.

Yes_Questions's picture



They black bag Mr. 7 and you better have my back getting him out from behind the chemical sheds.

Go Tribe's picture

I love the Norman Banzai Rockwell "Day of the Drone." The innocence of America but a chimera for the reality of we're all fucked.

ShakaZulu's picture

Says it all doesn't it Tribe?

Yes_Questions's picture



OK, the fucking Squidrone is perfect.


Every Bankster Lobbyist on K Street should see this.

BigSpruce's picture

I love the Norman Rockwell/Saturday Evening Post touch...with them all craning to look out the window at the drone ...classic!

That and Hillary as the vampire bitch. She looks like a rabid cat !

nmewn's picture

Have to agree...those were my two favorites...don't look at me!...look over there, a squirrel piloting a drone!!!...and the vampire bitch from hell, screeching vaht does eeet matter?...bwhahahahahaha!

You've outdone yourself Banzai!

SAT 800's picture

That rabid cat; who is known to be a felon; in the sense that this is provable and indictable right now; is by far the front running candidate for the Dumocrat Party President Nomination in 2016; so don't laugh too soon. If the Obamanation doesn't finish it off; Hairy Hillary will.

SAT 800's picture

Marketwatch is carrying an article from the WSJ titled "why did what's her name take the fifth in her testimony"; and pointing out that she is now relieved of duty; ON FULL PAY. And they want to know why she took the fifth? How could anyone be so naive. It seems completely obvious to me that she was told to take the fifth; don't tell the truth that the orders to target conservatives using the IRS came directly from the Obamanation; and she would get the special treatment. NO WORK-FULL PAY.  I wonder if they tell her what'll happen to her if she doesn't go along with the program. I doubt it. I think they all know. When HItler says persecute that group; you persecute that group; and when HItler says; keep the mouth shut; you keep the mouth shut. And that's the way it is; ladies and gentlemen.

williambanzai7's picture

No work full pay, its the Federal way.

Element's picture

Some of your best ever WB, hilarious and beyond ripping.

Fuku Ben's picture

Great stuff as usual

I came across an image of yours on another site associated with an Alex Jones vid? Are you or this site associated with him or his companies?


williambanzai7's picture

Can you provide a link please. Tnx

Fuku Ben's picture

Cant' find it. As I recall the image was 2 or 3 zombies that took up most of the image. Definitely your work by the looks of it. Then I noticed it just said Banzai7 not the full name in the top left. If I come across it again or any others I'll save and post the link.

WTFUD's picture

Whilst most people on Z/H can appreciate the message from WB's excellent graphic depictions of the state of play it is my belief few can really understand the deep deep underlying significance f the material.
8/9 months ago i scribbled few lines forecasting that events in libya ( the illegal invasion and arming of terrorists by the ussa/uk/france ) would have deep repercussions. In the last few days we have seen explosions in Agadez, Niger ( probably weapons left over from libya )
aimed at the uranium mines of Ariva ( the french nuclear company ) assets.
The problem we have is that these Elite politicians who enabled the destabilisation of libya have Not a fucking clue as to what they are doing. Economic gain is really insignificant in comparison to the holocaust we face if these western leaders do not sit up and recognise that arming small juntas in the hope that on the cheap they can control the fallout.
The french in Mali, the brutal Saudi /Quatar dictators, the buying off of african despots etc etc etc.
The financiers of these temporary swarries have no idea what is going to happen in the coming months and years.
I am very very afraid that non of us are going to be prepared for the backlash, whether we are sittong in a cafe in new york london malmo ankara moscow toronto this terror bubble being created is going to destroy life as we know it.
We must act. Let us not even bother about the financiers plans for Iran, this is a pipe dream.
The only people with their shit together geopolitically and economically is China ( been privvy to their methods throughout africa).
It is not too late but propping up failed politicians from the middle east and africa who are resident in the west is totally unrealistic.

We need to do this the difficult way, financially and economically and begin building trust NOW.

These words are not so eloquent but i am no academic and just someone who understands the reality of drone warfare and the mental throwback.
GW and WB are much more important to ALL of our futures than our current leaders and media.

tip e. canoe's picture

the DebtBro/Elvis/Nixon mashup takes this series to a whole new level of funny.

stroke o' genius, billyB, stroke o' genius.

Peter Pan's picture

Americans feel like tampons. They are in the best place during the worst period.

willwork4food's picture

Just wait until  the cancer finally does matastasize.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Can anyone spot what is wrong with this? Come on, the sad thing is most people won't get it let alone care who are fully plugged into the matrix.

Obama appoints Holder to investigate Holder

In a page ripped right out of Kafka, President Obama announced Thursday afternoon that he will appoint Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the Attorney General’s targeting of journalists he suspected received classified data.........


Nobody expects National Security Inquistion the only question is who is Holder is he Cardinal Fang?

shovelhead's picture

Debt Bro gets me every time.

Great work WB.

I love the juxtaposition of the barbershop of Old America where I got my buzz-cut and the drone of New America.

Brings it all in a sharp focus at a glance.

MountainMan's picture

The barber sure looks like Buffet.

Say What Again's picture

Mr. B.

What can I say?  You are the BEST!   I look forward to your latest publications like a kid waiting for candy - or a banker waiting for his...  Never mind.

fireant's picture

Some are more equal than others

As Barry was taught by his mother

Your money he'll take

for his sycophants sake

And your freedoms he'll totally smother

SAT 800's picture

Boy, you sure wrapped that up nice and neat.

semperfi's picture

WB7, how about a Bernank-o-drone raining down $100's....

semperfi's picture

...but only over Wall Street

Then need an Obama Food Stamp drone raining down EBT cards over the rest of the country.

New_Meat's picture


"Then need an Obama Food Stamp drone raining down EBT cards over the rest of the country."

All taken care of here in the Commonwealth, it is, after all, a State's responsibility.

- Ned

fireant's picture

Obama's job is a plum

He thinks the people are incredibly dumb

He sits on his throne (or, He plays golf stoned)

As he sends out his drones

To keep the masses under his thumb

the grateful unemployed's picture

that's Decider II, Decider I is already taken thank you

breakyoself's picture

Today we get that Iran is again acting verwee baaad.

wisefool's picture

Do they need us us to deliver some freedom again?

WTFUD's picture

Psycho Killers kes ke say
Better Drone Drone Drone DroneDrone away
Aye Aye Aye Aye AyeAyeAyeAye

Obama the Stuupppid Sheep don't know your GAME, YET
But You'll PAY BIG FUCKING TIME FOR YOUR CRIMES and i Izz not a white man so NO racial motives buddy.

SAT 800's picture

The people at the national NAACP convention who gave Mit Romney a standing ovation weren't white folks either; toobad nobody paid any attention to them. Mit just started to say to them; "you and I both know that President Obama has broken faith with you people:; and they interrupted him with spontaneous applause.

kaiserhoff's picture

From the mind of WB7.

You always remind us that there once was a better, decent America.  Maybe there will be again.

                  Thanx William.

Bastiat's picture

Yeah, that Rockwell-esque barbershop scene . . .

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

America is drowning in a sea of shit and the "lifeguards" are yukking it up in the locker room and you so aptly depict it all!  A huge tip of my hat to you!

PubliusTacitus's picture

Very well done, sir.  This is outstanding stuff.


Reality is currently far stranger than fiction, but you manage to stay ahead of the absurdity by reflecting it.


On a side note, I was saddened to learn that Storm Thorgerson passed away last month.


Some of your stuff reminds me of his.

Ljoot's picture

Kudos to you as always, B7!