KuRoDa IS RiDiNG THe BuLL...

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Kuroda is riding The Bull

What's the next stunt he will pull?

Despite all his lying

His bonds are now dying

His shit gauge is now reading "Full"

The Limerick King

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Thanks WB and the Limerick King. Kuroda is most definately riding the bull [shit].

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Brokeback bull riders.

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"He's a cream colored, beefy brawn, full-fledged, four-footed bovine celebrity."

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land of setting sun

bubbles toils troubles lies

dark shadows lengthen

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Great job Mr van Rompuy!
Does your Exellency fancy a prize for literature as well?
Yes? Certainly, sir, would 2015 be too late?

W. Banzai, too (great job, that is).
I was hoping to see a naked Japanese couple shooting home made porn on a balcony of that building beneath the plane but maybe that'd be too distracting for the pilot.

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What's next?

Well, I was going to say topless but he already is.

Bareback reverse cowboy nude?

Guess he'll have to hold onto the tail, or something.

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Hey WB7,

My wife and I think we saw these guys bullriding this weekend at Aqua Grille on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!


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So KuRoDa is Abe's puppet...

masukotto ningyo - dolls:




And more of the same - Another day in paradise


Hack the hacker: US Congress urged to legalize cyber-attacks to fight cybercrimes


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just another day at the tatemae factory

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Cyclops Happy Faces ... or bubbles until the cows come home

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You go cowgirl cowboy.

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I love it- bubbles all over the Tokyo Radio Tower.

Wait, didn't Godzilla knock that thing down, a couple of times?

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the Bond Vigilante-zilla is on deck