Independent v. Mainstream News: Informed v. Re-Educated

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Today, there is almost zero truth in mainstream media. Just as global financial firms like Goldman Sachs have repeatedly been exposed for issuing conflicting advice to different tier clients depending upon how much money the client has with the firm, mainstream media has constantly been exposed for issuing different stories as well, depending upon the propaganda they wish to disseminate. For example, Time Magazine often runs different cover stories for the United States and the rest of the world as is illustrated by the covers of issues released in October and December 2011 below.



Differing Time magazine covers

differing Time magazine covers


Recently, there have been massive anti-government protests taking place in Taksim Square’s Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey, about which a blogger has written:

“People who are marching to the center of Istanbul are demanding their right to live freely and receive justice, protection and respect from the State. They demand to be involved in the decision-making processes about the city they live in… the government control over its people’s personal lives has become unbearable as of late. The state, under its conservative agenda passed many laws and regulations concerning abortion, cesarean birth, sale and use of alcohol and even the color of lipstick worn by the airline stewardesses…What they have received instead is excessive force and enormous amounts of tear gas shot straight into their faces. Three people lost their eyes. Yet they still march. Hundred of thousands join them. Couple of more thousand passed the Bosporus Bridge on foot to support the people of Taksim. No newspaper or TV channel was there to report the events. They were busy with broadcasting news about Miss Turkey and 'the strangest cat of the world'."

Much like Time Magazine has often done in the past, CNN chose to censor all news about the thousands of protestors in Istanbul in Turky, opting to air a documentary about penguins in Turkey while broadcasting the protests only on a separate CNN channel that aired outside of Turkey.


CNN censorsthip


Why is this important? Because this same ridiculous propaganda applies to nearly 100% of financial “journalism” distributed by the mainstream media as well. For example, the G8 economic summit will be held in three weeks in Fermanagh county in Northern Ireland. Because many businesses have been hit hard by banker policy in Ireland and have long since been shuttered, the county spent over 100,000 pounds to tidy up and make more than 100 properties within the vicinity of the Lough Erne resort that will host the G8 meeting so our dear global leaders will not have to stare poverty in the face. Just witness below the ridiculous plastering of stickers over a butcher shop that went bankrupt a while ago to make it appear that it is a thriving business.





This type of pandering to a false reality is happening in every aspect of the financial market, and recognition of this propaganda will be crucial to people’s survival in the future. For example, HSBC just issued guidance last week to sell gold because, in their own words, the risk of inflation will "recede". The Wall Street Journal demonstrated that they too, were all too happy to hop onto the disinformation bandwagon and declared: “Gold Slumps Further into a Bear Market”. Frank McGhee, the head dealer at Integrated Brokerage Services LLC in Chicago, declared, “The dollar is strong, so that’s pushing down gold again.” Really? When the dollar is measured against the yen and the Euro, if all are falling and losing purchasing power but the dollar is losing purchasing power less rapidly than the euro and the yen, this does not mean the USD is strong. This only means that the USD, temporarily, is falling less rapidly than the yen and the Euro. But according to Mr. McGhee, the reason behind gold’s recent fall was not the selling of hundreds of tonnes of paper gold that does not exist, as we explained here, but rather due to the whole world gaining confidence in the US dollar. Because I am certain that massive inflation will eventually be ushered in on the back of a global loss of confidence in the USD, I’d like to see Mr. McGhee interviewed again in a couple of years about his call of “strength” in the USD.


Consequently, the action behind the scenes is often the polar opposite of what the mass media reports. Smart money has been executing their heaviest buying in physical gold and silver markets in about 5 years, and in some cases, in more than a decade. The Royal Canadian Mint experienced a startling 123% increase for gold Maple Leaf coins and a 88% increase in silver Maple Leaf coins yoy for the first four months of 2012. Australian and US mints reported just as significant, if not more significant, physical PM bullion purchases during this period as well. Yes, believe it or not, buying PM assets on artificially depressed prices as a strategy (versus panic selling on the back of propaganda) will serve you well in the future.


The moral of this story? If you desire the truth versus propaganda, you will be in a much better position to understand reality if you turn off your TV, put down the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and start relying on independent and alternative media sources instead. Otherwise, if one depends on mainstream news for their investment decisions, one will be apt to believe that they are “educating” themselves when in fact, the fascist banking/government machine is merely “reprogramming” them, after which, one will become so brain-dead that they will not even pay $25 for a 1-oz gold coin. Between now and the next few weeks, despite continuing volatility, will likely be one of the absolute best times to buy gold/silver assets of the entire bull market due to the banker executed paper-gold raid this past April yielded a 7-sigma event, that according to Wikipedia, should happen only once every 1 billion years, thus again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the global bankers executed fraud of epic proportions during their latest raid.(Republishing Rights: this article may be republished on other sites only if it is republished in its entirety and with all links intact, including proper attribution to the author as described below.)


About the Author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent research & consulting firm that uncovers the best ways to buy gold and silver and focuses on the realities of this current global economic crisis to help clients preserve and grow wealth.

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That transition eh?


Yes, many people are waking up, and as many are going to the Alternative Media, this time they are still questioning that media source as well.  Now, could that also be considered a "self-discovering generation that is not really tied to just one generation?"  Is it a trend?  Could there be such an accepted reality? 


Those standardized gears are changing.  Some are changing because many within want to change, and others are changing because they are being directed to change because of this trend/reality, so it is also being used as to further that misdirection/manipulation.


Busy world.





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I misssed the cat, I was distracted by the report of Construction worker shortages.


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"Because many businesses have been hit hard by banker policy in Ireland and have long since been shuttered, the county spent over 100,000 pounds to tidy up and make more than 100 properties within the vicinity of the Lough Erne resort that will host the G8 meeting so our dear global leaders"


The Republic of Ireland or Poblacht na hÉireann has a capital DUBLIN and uses a currency known as the EURO.

The Six Counties known as Tuaisceart Éireann or Norlin Airlann is an integral part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland whose capital is in LONDON and whose Currency is the POUND STERLING 

There spending £100,000 in Fermanagh is the currency of the United Kingdom not the Irish Republic. 


It helps to remember that Mexico uses PESOS and New Mexico uses US DOLLARS 


BTW. £100,000 is chickenfeed in terms of Summits

upWising's picture

I love Murika and ain't no Englander or Irelander who is gunna git me to think diffurnt.  I am doin' my part to fight furin inflooence creepin in takin and over Murika.  Here's what I do:

DRINK more alcohol.  (Murikan beer, Murikan whiskey; don't give me that Mixikan Takeela or French whine).
WATCH more television.  (Five o'clock News tells me everything I need to know!  If it's on TeeVee I know it's true!)
TAKE MY medication as directed.  (My doctor wears a white coat so I know he knows what's best for me.)
GIVE GENEROUSLY to my Preacher. (Good soots and nice cars don't come cheap and I want to go to heven.)
SHOP regularly. (George W. taught me this: on-line or in-store, Shopping Builds a Stronger Murika).

but above all.....

DISPLAY THE FLAG (on my SUV, or my lapel, or just waving it as I sit in the BarcaLounger)
HAVE FAITH IN THE SYSTEM (Our Leaders Know What They Are Doing, and it is for Our Own Good).


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The paper gold market is sick and indeed dying. When it dies....only physical  will be trusted.

DeadFred's picture

It looks to me like the last PM takedown was a desperate hail Mary play that went the way of most such plays- it failed. The likely consequence of their failure is the end of the gold futures market. I've spent some time trying to figure out what that will happen after that but it seems to be beyond my knowledge base. A relative said "So what if the gold futures market fails? How will that make a difference?" I didn't have an answer but my gut says it will be a big deal. Anybody have an answer to the question? How would the failure of the Comex gold market affect anybody but a jeweler or a gold bug?

lasvegaspersona's picture

Gold must flow for the international monetary system to function. NOTHING is more important than that!

If the gold market collapses the dollar dies. If there is even an hour between these events it will be the greatest opportunity of your life. Rush to the coin store and buy all they have. I suspect these events will happen almost simultaneously.

harami's picture

I turned to my colleagues who are supposedly incredibly smart individuals and asked them if they'd by a 1oz gold coin for $25... all five of them said no.

The reason?  "I just don't care".  Despite all my raving about economics and trying to explain shit to them they still choose to be ignorant.  Fuck em.  I'm done trying to be helpful.

BeetleBailey's picture

Remember this Harami:


harami's picture


Best part of the video was they all thought he was lying or trying to cheat them.  Even after telling them the coin was worth close to $1600 they either still thought it was a scam or ridiculed him.


PrinceDraxx's picture

Can you imagine what would happen if we started following just commandments 5-10? That would be a sin I'm pretty sure, but surely those 6 don't have much to do with religion and a hell of a lot to do with morality.

OpTwoMistic's picture

Video:  Stupidity abounds.  Sheep.

Hey, I slip you a twenty for that coin.

medium giraffe's picture

I recall years ago being amazed by an American friend commenting on our TV News in the UK; 'You never get to hear about this stuff in the US'.  And UK news is bad enough as it is.  Thank goodness for Tim Berners-Lee, at least the information is available for those who want to know at least. 

The rest? Well, Dice's video at the end there really sums it up, people have been subverted into laziness, to sit back and be fed opinions rather than do all of that exhaustive thinking, and if they come across something that is outside of their experience, they choose ignorance over inquiry.{everyone has been sold a mobile device with access to the greatest information repository man has ever known. IN THEIR POCKET! Yet they can't fucking google the price of a gold coin? Gnnnnn!!!!!!!}

When the system crashes, it's going to be horrible - masses of oversized children that can't even feed themselves will be let loose across the planet.  Here in the UK there are around 100 or so edible wild plants and flowers.  I could go into my garden, which is a bit overgrown in places for this very reason, and pick up more salad than I could possibly eat in one sitting.  Yet people will starve.

I almost welcome the challenge of surviving in a post-crash world, relying on smarts out in the world rather than ego and bullshit in an office, watching nature clean the planet of starving idiots (and staying well away from them unless they've got something good to steal).  I'm sure I'm not the only one that has indulged in this particular daydream, especially on ZH.  I'm quite humanist usually, but I even I am crossing the point of giving up on these wretches.

sgt_doom's picture

Great blog post which says it all, Mr. Kim!

I don't know if there really will be a giant crash, I was expecting that in 2007, instead the banksters/global elite simple expanded their incredible criminal activity.

William C. Moore, a trader on Wall Street, wrote and published a book titled Wall Street in 1921, explaining many interesting things about the investment schemes existing then (applicable to today, only super-sized) and discussing the "subsidized financial or business press" --- again applicable to today, only of gargantuan size and control!

Obama fires the head of the IRS, with not a mention in the CorporateMedia about the largest tax investigation in history, mentioned on the IRS web site on May 9th, to be undertaken by both the IRS, Australia and the UK involving offshore tax havens (Offshore Finance Centers).

A few days later the IRS chief is canned?

No news in America, occasionally some real news about America in the foreign press.

The talking twat at CNN, Carol Costello, actually refers to herself, from time to time, as a "journalist" as though she could actually locate her vagina without an explanatory manual?

The same applies across the country, at the national and local levels, simpleton, yet highly paid, teleprompter readers who have to read their own names off those teleprompters lest they forget!

Whenever I attempt to explain the ultra-fractal reserve system to people, they never ever get it, and usually freak out, claiming I must be making it all up!

The other day, finally, I happened to explain the following to an intelligent young fellow who immediately got it --- an amazing event:  that when I was a kid we still had an inkling who owned the major businesses in America, while presently nobody knows who owns JPMorgan Chase, ExxonMobil, Morgan Stanley, GE, AT&T, Monsanto, etc.  (Yes, there have always been shareholders and investors, but once upon a time there were actually owners, so whatever became of them?  They hired PR firms to hide and obfuscate their existence and claim to have "given away all those billions"!)

When we are youngsters, we seldom realize who owns the home we grow up in, and today the infantilized populace of America are still clueless as adults as to who owns anything, and EVERYTHING!  (People ages 20 to 80 never appear to grasp this?)

Great blog post which says it all, Mr. Kim!

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

There's a cure for that, and a couple other problems we're having:


28th Amendment (The Constitutional Emergency Amendment)

    Corporations are not persons and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:
    1, prohibitions against any corporation;
    a, owning another corporation,
    b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or
    c, otherwise distorting the general economy;
    2, prohibitions against any form of intervention in the affairs of government by means of;
    a, congressional lobbying
    b, electoral sponsorship or advocacy
    c, educational sponsorship or publication
    d, media news reporting
    3, provisions for;
    a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books
    b, closing the FRB and the establishment of state-owned banks
    c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives et al for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.

Optional: (or possible 29th amendment)

    The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution is hereby repealed and Congress shall re-write the U.S. Code to reflect the changes embodied herein.


tvdog's picture

The problem with your proposed amendment is that it restricts corporations, when they should simply be abolished outright. Corporate limited liability creates two legal classes of people: those who own corporations, and those who don't. People who own corporations can commit virtually any sort of fraud in the company's name, and the worst that happens is that the company pays a fine.

F. Bastiat's picture

You forgot the 17th.

With the 17th in place, there is no such thing as a "Federal" government but rather a national government, at best, or a central government, at worst.

States representation in the Senate, which existed before the 17th amendment, was intended to provide a further check against centralized national government power.

V in PA's picture

Can't +1 enough. The 16th is bad but the 17th Amendment is the most damaging of all the Amendments. It NEEDS to be repealed, or we will never be free of the Federal beast.

WezTheJuic's picture

You do not stop either, do you WB7?


Amazing/insane/incredible times that we all live within.



machineh's picture

'Smart money has been executing their heaviest buying in physical gold and silver markets in about 5 years.'

Since when are odd-lotters the smart money?

We're running out of shoeshine boys to unload the 'phyzz' on.

Rustysilver's picture

Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court comes out with most ridiculous ruling against personal privacy and very little is said.

A sharply divided US Supreme Court on Monday said police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest, equating a DNA cheek swab to other common jailhouse procedures like fingerprinting.

sgt_doom's picture

And SCOTUS also said, back in 2000 with Bush v. Gore, that American citizens do not have a constitutional right to vote --- hence their negative position on a recound of the Florida vote!  (Chief litigator:  Ted Olson)

Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (Chief litigator:  Ted Olson)

On Reagan's Iran-Contra legal team:  Ted Olson.

Law firm involved each time:  Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

(Members and partners of that firm:  Antonin Scalia's son, grandnephew of the founder of both AIG and the Starr Foundation, Ken Starr, and Ted Olson.)

Former member of that firm:  James Comey, recent Obama choice to head the FBI and neocon of neocons, former hedge fund dood, former director at HSBC --- wonder of wonders!

Other items one never hears on the American McNews at CNN/Foxtard/CBS (where the president is the brother of Obama's advisor/speechwriter)/ABC/MNBC, etc.

Black Swan 9's picture

And then there's Ted Olsen's wife and her magical phone conversation to hubby on 9/11.. Compromising stuff in his history, like McCain's (and the live POWs his commission abandoned. On purpose. For his political future. Seems karma worked in his case.)

disabledvet's picture

Once that DNA is in the hands of the Government they can do whatever they want with it actually. They might be able to to even clone you actually. (Is Wall Street already doing that? 'Don't want competition' do they?) interesting vote. Also interesting article...but listen..all media lies. The author is simply running up a physiological truth: truth is only so knowable. We TRY...or at least we like we think we do. But hey...a obviously false report related to the White House moved the market 100 points in 5 minutes. That's why you have CNN. They came on the air to point this fact out.

medium giraffe's picture

They already pulled that trick in the UK, no-one paid a blind bit of notice here either.

apberusdisvet's picture

The responses just show how clueless the American people are about anything other than the pablum they are being fed, not only from the MSM, but also on social media, which is the medium that has served as the principal distraction from the ability to think rationally.

sgt_doom's picture

The great investigative journalist (The Rich and the Super-Rich) and sociology prof., Ferdinand Lundberg, wrote an interesting essay back in the 1950s called, Treason of the People --- as accurate than as it is a thousand times more so today!


tip e. canoe's picture

that "butcher shop" photo is funny...and sad.    all this time & energy wasted in creating a false reality instead of improving the real one.

lotsa "peak" this, "peak" that floating around, but in the end, methinks our time will go down as the era of peak waste.

medium giraffe's picture

The butcher's shop made me really angry actually.  No, we can't allow our most magnificent overlords sully their imaginations with economic reality.  But they couldn't spend 100k on supporting local business so they don't go bust in the first place?!  Fucking scum.

ElvisDog's picture

While I don't disagree with the tone of this article, talk about "7-sigma events" shows a lack of understanding of what that term means. The idea that the drop in the price of gold in April should have been a "once in a billion year" event is ridiculous. In order to properly assess whether that was a 7-sigma event, you would have had to collect data on that event for close to a billion years. To claim something is 7-sigma based on gold price data taken over (even) several hundred years is misusing that term.

kaiserhoff's picture

Good catch Elvis,

Sloppy use of statistics is common in business, but almost epidemic around here. 

Statistics on rigged markets with no independent variables or selection?  WTF?

ElvisDog's picture

Part of what I do for a living is to generate Monte Carlo statistical simulations, so, yes, I do know what I'm talking about. Even if the April drop in the price of gold had happened only once in recorded human history, that would be a 5-sigma event (once every 4776 years), not a 7-sigma event. You can't even refer to human activities in 7-sigma terms, because humans haven't been around for a billion years. Got that?

quadcap's picture

Maybe you should get another job.

Once you know the standard deviation (sigma), you can calculate the likelihood of a seven sigma event.

It isn't necessary to wait for a seven sigma event to calculate the probability of it occurring.

ElvisDog's picture

Yeah, funny. But one thing you learn in science or any mathematical studies for that matter is the danger of extrapolation. Extrapolating anything out to a billion years is bullshit, and if you don't understand that there is really nothing I can do for you.

quadcap's picture

I think the "billion years" aspect is just a way for non-statistically minded people (like yourself, apparently) to get a "feel" for how unlikely this event is with respect to the observed past history of the event.   

Assume a fair random coin toss, performed annually. How long might you expect to wait until you have the situation where the coin tosses "heads" 29 years consecutively?   Go ahead, I'll wait while you perform your Monte Carlo simulations.

Yes_Questions's picture



TIME Magazine?

What's that?

LongPAU's picture

Those aren't penguins.

I was all "YEAH! Tell them how we're being...WTF?"

This is an article asking us to observe and discern between a mix of realities, and the author can't identify a puffin, one of the most distinctive and easily recognizable birds on the planet.

Cred crash from 5/5 to 2/5 in two minutes flat.

Subpoena for civil action from the International Penguin Alliance in 3..2..

Bay of Pigs's picture

You're probably one of those people telling Dice "No thanks" on the $25 one ounce gold coin.



rete's picture

Sorry buddy - those are penguins. Baby emperor penguins to be exact. You're the confused one.

cpzimmon's picture

I'm going to go barf now.

BeetleBailey's picture

Absolute morons.....but he did pick out douchey young people, dopey looking bearded fat men....


waldo simon's picture

Great video-really respect the way he kept his cool in the face of absolute moronity.

still,that's the world we live in.

should he have said "hey, I'm from facebook..." ??

kaiserhoff's picture

Dozens of media outlets world wide, all spouting the same propaganda.

Where is the coverage of the war on white people, or the massive election fraud that kept Barry Insane in his perch?

Come to think of it, where is Barry?  The fool has become an embarrassment, and the press is helping hide him.

Black Swan 9's picture

RT News has gone after both Bush & Obama, and broadcasts the protests going 'round the world and here in the US, the most recently ignored one, Monsanto.

Channel 135 (NYC, Time Warner)
Channel 478 (Philly area, Verizon Fios)