The Only Thing Certain About Today's Fed Release

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The Fed will announce its moves today at 2PM.


There’s really no telling what will happen.  The markets have become truly schizophrenic. For instance, stocks continue to rally as though more QE is coming.



However, Gold, which has lead stocks into every major Fed program, continues to fall…



Moreover, Treasuries continue to fall, which indicates that less bond buying is coming…



In simple terms, the markets are all over the place. Some assets are forecasting tapering, some aren’t. It’s really a toss up.


The Fed is known to leak key information to insiders, so for certain “someone” will know before the rest of us.


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Graham Summers

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With the HFT algo's we'll have to wait until 1:59:45 to see what is being sold and bought.

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The largest holders of bonds and gold are the largest banks.  These assets are down.  I'd say the banksters already know what tapering is on the table and it is reflected in the bond market (which dwarfs everything) and the trend of gold.

The equities are just being set up by the muppet slaugthering HFT algos.



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"For instance, stocks continue to rally as though more QE is coming."


But there is more coming. QE is never ends until the currency dies. I don't recall any nation that was able to end QE before either the currency died or the was a revolution that overthrough the gov't. Perhaps there will be no expansion at this time, since Bernanke is on his way out. The big news of the Fed speak will probably be the official announcment of Benankes departure. I suspect that Bernanke will not be in office come the next Fed meeting, as a new money printer takes over the reigns before the next meeting. I think O'bama has been working and planning on Bernanke's departure for quite some time.



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Gold continues to be sought.

The gold derivatives that price the metal continue to fall as bear raids continue to be profitable. Look for the POG to continue a slow gradual downward course until you hear a little 'pop'.

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The trend for 15 milliseconds before the release is your friend??? Help me out guys, I'm new to this.

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The Fed should be forbidden to speak.  There announced program should be computer driven based upon employment at x number and inflation at x.  All could watch those two numbers while they STFU.

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'Stocks continue to rally as though more QE is coming'

More like 'Markets have seen an insane move of over 300 S&P points in just the last few months, pre-pricing-in at least the next 3 giant QE's already'.

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It's like debating how many sugar pills will keep the rock bottom heroin junkie markets going. 

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People hurry , the circus is in town again, let the clown come in and make us laugh...

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This post is like eating a fart sandwich.


No substance.

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wait till twelve thirty....early release time.

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of course phoenix will be the last to know then will scrum to find out details that will be late and his reporting will be in direct opposite of the facts

remember this is the talented group of letter writers who said no more Q"s

how did that work sumner