NSA Whistleblower: NSA Illegally Spied On Top Generals, All Supreme Court Justices, White House Spokesman

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As we reported yesterday, NSA whistleblower Russel Tice – a key source in the 2005 New York Times report that blew the lid off the Bush administration’s use of warrantless wiretapping – told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frogs Post (the website of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds) that the NSA spied on and targeted for blackmail:

  • "Members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial"
  • "One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court"
  • "Two ... former FISA court judges"
  • "State Department officials"
  • "People in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people"
  • "Antiwar groups"
  • "U.S. companies that that do international business"
  • "U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business"
  • "NGOs that–like the Red Cross, people like that that go overseas and do humanitarian work"
  • "The president of the United States now [i.e. Barack Obama, when he was running for Senate]"

Tice just named some additional names.

Specifically, Tice told radio host James Corbett that the NSA spied on the following government officials for the purposes of gaining leverage over them:

  • Top Democratic and Republican congress members, especially on the Intelligence, Armed Services and  Judiciary committees, as well as the senior leadership in both the House and the Senate
  • General Petraeus and other generals (Background)
  • Supreme Court justice Alito ... and all of the other Supreme Court justices
  • White House spokesman Scott McClellan

Those officials were targeted before the NSA started its mass Prism surveillance program. Now, Tice says the NSA spies on everyoneHe's right.

We asked highly-credible NSA whistleblower William Binney  what he thought about Tice's statements.  Binney told us:

I can not validate what he is saying.  This, however, is not out of the question that our government or parts thereof would in fact do this.  Certainly the capability is there.

See this for further background on spying and harassment of government officials and civilians.

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It's a relief to know they are all spying on each other. If they consume their own we might actually survive.

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...it only makes sense to spy on the rich and powerful...


after all absolute power...corrupts absolutely!

Speaking of power......what do the spooks know about #Fukushima?

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holy cow! this is a surpise. NOT. D & R kabuki, only compramised team players get in. If I were in .gov today the questions ordinary people should ask is" who the fuck is running this place?" elite reptiles? international banksters?bilderbergers? CFR? just who is at the top? Get a nobel prize if you can answer this question. NSA, CIa, HLS, all built to survice WHO? damn it! Is it Corzine, Bennie, Obumer,Bohner, Pelosi, cheesepopes , who runs this fucking world?

all these many years of ZH I think it might be THE TYLERS, LOL still crazy after all these years.

But it still remains: WHO THE FUCK is in charge? if you got an answer that covers the loss of freedom world wide clue me in before they kill you in a glowing cloud of a blown-up benz 430s.

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Human rights according to Barack Marshall Davis: 1. You have the right to be targeted without warrant 2. You have the right to be detained without charge forever 3. You have the right to be murdered without cause 4. If you disagree with your rights, your first second and third rights will be exercised upon you.

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hey... what am i thinking?

d edwards's picture

The highest levels of our gov't are now Blackmail, Inc. able to take down anyone who doesn't dance to their tune.


Is there any f-ing justice left?



S5936's picture

Lets not leave out accounting fraud inc.

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J.Edgar Hoover is covered in man goo just thinking of the possiblities.

ptolemy_newit's picture

It is not the NEW WORLD ORDER stupids!!!  It’s the EVOLUTION OF WORLD ORDER!  The world is changing, the earth is a very small place and 7 million people need to cooperate!

NATIONLISM is a thing of the past.  Separatisms are the reason we have war and there is no nation that is innocent.  There is no race that is not guilty.  There is no fucking religion that hasn’t caused destruction.  Thousands of years of wars!


It is time to be am Earthling, a citizens of this tiny planet.  

GMadScientist's picture

Why not include the other 6,993 million of us?

Pssst...the earth goes around the sun.

Peter Pan's picture

No solution is painless or totally equitable. It will be ugly when the deadwood and even some mighty oaks come crashing down.

stickyfingers's picture

When you don't know what you're fishing for, you have to cast a very wide net.

bunnyswanson's picture

Who?  Who are the adversaries?  

The Dissenters to the New World Order.  Including politicians, cops, banking personnel, military personnel.  Anyone who is voicing their opinion against it are being surveyed for DIRT.  Dirt to shame you into the shadows until the FEMA camps are open for business.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

And now we find out that since 2006 or so our cars are compromised with GPS, microphones, cameras (on the newer cars), and the ability to remotely take over the auto computer and do whatever "they" want - lock the doors, drive into a tree at full speed, or drive you directly to a FEMA camp. You can't turn the ignition OFF without being in park (now that was a stroke of genius!).

Remember the cars several years ago (Toyota?) that would accelerate "by themselves" could not be controlled by the driver and killed a bunch of people?

I wonder?

Wasn't the solution to provide a "kill switch" that bypassed the regular ignition switch? Maybe we should all consider this?

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you have no idea of the half of it, in addition to Binney, and the new guy(who may or may not be sheep dipped), with reference to corporate complicity, and I can only speak for banks, but if you accept it is being done by banks, than you must assume it is elsewhere.

Anywho, their camera networks which are IP (internet based) and encompass all bank ATMs and Branches and internal facilities; they were mandated several years ago to make those camera networks accessible to law enforcement.  

Now obviously the NSA is not sending orders directly to mom and pop banks directly, that is filtered, so my guess is it was the FBI, as that is the organization most closely aligned with banking corporate security.

So its not just email and meta-data, etc, it is also real time camera feeds if you are at an ATM, near a bank, or in a bank.

I am not under any non-disclosure anything, I was not even involved directly with this because when they implement it, it is very hush hush and done through outside "contractors", the only way I stumbled across it was in an IT role, I was near the activity and observed it.



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"the new guy (who may or may not be sheep dipped)"

If you are referring to the recent interview of Russel Tice, that's exactly what I was thinking.  While he was the one who originally blew the whistle, he is now discussing specific targetted indivduals whose documents came across his desk which is a whole new level of leak for which they could easily justify filing new charges.

The goal of a government electronic surveillance panopticon is to make everyone at least think their every move was being watched, even if it isn't.  Toward that end, this guy's most recent comments would be very useful.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"it is very hush hush and done through outside 'contractors'"

And that is exactly the sort of thing that makes what would be illegal for the government to do directly indirectly accessible by the government under the reasoning that if the private sector can compile such data, why can't the government use it in an attempt to "protect the people."

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Snowden is a limited hangout.Assiduously avoided is mention of the fabulous AI the NSA has now.

  They are making every effort to feed it as much data as they can.At this point it's predictive abilities are

so good they probably are beginning to worship it,They are giving it a god's eye view.To say this development is problematic is a HUGE understatement.Recent announcements in Quantum computing are examples of predictive programming...They are currently way ahead of what is announced.

  Here is what this means....swarms of drones driven by this monster making mincemeat of targets.Squads of robots with heavy weapons and integrated laser range-finding not missing what they engage.


 This is nothing short of the rise of the most dangerous and powerful totalitarian regime in history.Unlimited blackmail, unstoppable coercive force....this system makes Genghis Khan look trite.

 We are all in terrible danger...and still mostly divided and clueless.


 God save us.

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You are EXACTLY correct.  I can't tell you how tired and infuriated I am when (which is all the time) I'm confronted with the fact that the friends I have (who are doctors btw) and consider intelligent if even just in their own field cannot and willnot even attempt to fathom the enormity of what is going on.  They are ostriches with their head in the sand.  They accuse Snowden as "revealing secrets to Russia."  What secrets?  They still dismiss all of this as conspiracy theory despite the documentation.  It makes me want to strangle them as much as look at them when they spout that shit; therefore, I have stopped any comment to them.  They are as impervious as concrete.  I honestly think we are doomed and there is nothing we can do about it.  Someone mentioned a global EMP wiping out electronics ... that is about the only thing that may work, or global nuclear war, but who wants to live in either of those worlds either?

S5936's picture

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Sweet Jesus were in deepshit.

Element's picture

Banks and Govt have had wide-aperture staring-array IR cameras taking digital snapshots of ATM users for about 30 years now. Remember how they used to have opaque plastic windows right about where your Forehead was on the old ones? They would just tell the Bank's computer that when a particular number account is accessed, take a timestamped picture and details, and send it back to whoever requested the images and monitoring, usually Federal Police, tax dept, or social security, spooks, etc.

angelsand's picture

you are completely correct, but this is real-time without a warrant, at the click of a mouse, they can watch any activity real-time on the banks cameras without a warrant, further I think it is a mistake to assume that banks are the only ones subject to this mandate, I know they are not the only ones, but I am only willing to say banks at this point,

to your point which was excellent, but it shows that what the new NSA whistleblower is divulging is really not that secret, you know that old 80/20 rule whereby 80% of intelligence is actually open source and due dilligence, but it is obviously the 20% which is kept from dislosure, anyway, he really didn't say anything that was not already known or suspected, now there is the question of the "documents" that the public has not seen, yes, documents, documents from an angency so adept at shredding paper they actually had to recycle it into pizza boxes because they had so much shredded paper.  Documents from an ideal that does not honor any of the most relevant sacred documents in human history which are the delcaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights,  

One of the intelligence communnites favorite plays or ploys from their playbook is once something becomes public, or I should say, "too" public, is to come out and announce it as if they are the ones disclosing it.  What the NSA whistleblower divulged is not news to a great number of people, it is only news to the general populous, I had to really laugh the other day when a justification for the surveillance was given as having thwarted a yemeni terrorist in yemen making comms, certainly that is a justification to sweep up the comms of a 16 year old boy in seattle on twitter

please, please call me a crackpot and dismiss this post, that will surely identify me as a speaker of truth, like I said, you don't know the half of it


angelsand's picture

one last thought, If I worked counter-surveillance in this digital age. and I wanted to observe, monitor, record, and study the landscape and reactions of my adversaries from the time a small level leaker goes public through the entire legal and political process, I would manufacture Edward Snowden, how many of his childhood friends and family have we actually heard from?  I would send him in and then monitor the chatter against a baseline and then observe objectively the responses and then gauge the scope of the enemy apparatus.



Element's picture

Are you referring to Iraqi WMDs that didn't exist? ... or to the Godzilla-expensive Lockheed Martin missile shields, with no particular enemies to target? ... or to bad guys ... cause I can show you where they hang out ... don't need a continental and global spying network to figure it out ... they're right there ...

--> *points towards you know where*

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

If you go to their website, the NSA's new backgournd music song is "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.

Btw, don't go to their website.

KennyW's picture

You can't trust anyone these days.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

The uphill battle of teaching Americans the truth, in a nutshell

8 corporations control nearly all USA media

Only 6 corporations own:
- 1500 newspapers, 1500 TV stations, 9000 radio stations, 2400 publishers, 1100 magazines
- Time Warner, Disney, News Corp, Viacom, General Electric, Bertelsmann

2 corporations dominate the US (and much of global) internet
- The CIA - Mossad Wikipedia spreads huge lies on targeted topics, intel agents fraudulently posing as 'non-profit internet volunteers',
- The CIA's Google Inc censors and manipulates internet search, erases some truth altogether, or promotes lies to the top

GMadScientist's picture

Thankfully the truth is not to be found in any of these 'chutes'.

Element's picture

Yeah, they're even changing the words and their meaning too, newspeak 'research' is now called "googling it" ... and it works every time ...

An example of the correct usage:

"life's like a box of chocolates ... you never know what you're gonna get ... unless you're googling it ..."

PKF's picture

Holy crap.  I had to go lie down while listening to that. 

And now with the death of Michael Hastings...will the Alternative 4th Estate shut down? 

Sometimes I think a big fat solar flare is what we need so to fry all of the satellites and data processing centers.  But then I'd miss my A/C on hot summer days. 

Just who in the hell is running this show?  The devil himself? 

I think I better go lie down again.  My frontal cortex is about to explode.

nmewn's picture

But who will spy on the spies?

nmewn's picture

I think so too.

In the bowels of the beast (and outside of it) there are people just like you and me who see the totality of the thing being observed. Not just some small part of it, like in the blind men & the elephant parable...lol. 

They should be supported when they step forward, the Snowdens, the Attkissons of the world.

The public is being asked to trust a government that openly admits to spying on us, all of us, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. A government that was caught giving guns to Mexican criminals even as it attempted to take them from the law abiding here, a violation of the Second. The same one that violated the First by using the IRS to block legal petitioners and lied on a search warrant application by calling a member of the press a "co-conspirator" (Rosen).

Yes, some may be blind but they can feel enough of it to see it for what it really is.

GMadScientist's picture

You left out the never-ending assaults on the 10th. ;)

SafelyGraze's picture

not to forget assaults on 14th

"neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States"

substantial portion of current debt has funded exactly that

nmewn's picture

Yes...but I didn't want to get into another useless commerce clause fight ;-)

Its not just here either...

"The categories of material have included fraud, drug trafficking and terrorism, but the criteria at any one time are secret and are not subject to any public debate. GCHQ's compliance with the certificates is audited by the agency itself, but the results of those audits are also secret."

Fox guarding the henhouse.

"An indication of how broad the dragnet can be was laid bare in advice from GCHQ's lawyers, who said it would be impossible to list the total number of people targeted because "this would be an infinite list which we couldn't manage."


I think the citizens of the world can agree, they have way too much time and money in their hands.

TrustWho's picture

Obama blackmailed Chief Justice Roberts on ObamaCare. Will it be proven?

g'kar's picture

Nope. Just like he ruled against Arizona on immigration laws. Nope.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Obama legacy is black male in White House.

jeff montanye's picture

that and making the very worst aspects of the bush regime bipartisan (and, in fact, worsening them).

williambanzai7's picture

Of course, what else does a Stasi do besides enforcing copyright claims?

sushi's picture

Kind of a shocker that with all this capabiilty to target everyone's communications that they have been totally unable to uncover any bank fraud, ilicit trading, frontrunning, market collusion and manipulation.

I wonder why that is?

Lost Word's picture

Because they are part of it ?