What REALLY Caused the Coup Against the Egyptian President

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The protests in Egypt against president Mohammed Morsi were – according to the BBC – the largest in history.

The Egyptian military threw Morsi out in a coup today.


Irish Times reports:

Army concern about the way President Mohamed Morsi was governing Egypt reached tipping point when the head of state attended a rally packed with hardline fellow Islamists calling for holy war in Syria, military sources have said.




Mr Morsi himself called for foreign intervention in Syria against Mr Assad, leading to a veiled rebuke from the army, which issued an apparently bland but sharp-edged statement the next day stressing that its only role was guarding Egypt’s borders.




“The armed forces were very alarmed by the Syrian conference at a time the state was going through a major political crisis,” said one officer, whose comments reflected remarks made privately by other army staff. He was speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to talk to the media.




For the army, the Syria rally had crossed “a national security red line” by encouraging Egyptians to fight abroad, risking creating a new generation of jihadists, said Yasser El-Shimy, analyst with the International Crisis Group.


At the heart of the military’s concern is the history of militant Islam in Egypt, homeland of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri. The military source condemned recent remarks made by “retired terrorists” allied to Mr Morsi, who has deepened his ties with the once-armed group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya.

Obama had recently sent American troops to prop up Mursi, and the protesters were furious at the U.S. for backing Islamic radicals.

(The U.S. backed Egypt's previous dictator, as well).

Support of Western intervention in Syria was also one of the main causes of the recent enormous protests in Turkey … which came close to toppling the Turkish leadership.

Indeed, the American government has been providing arms, money and logistical support to Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya, Mali, Bosnia and other countries – and related Muslim terrorists in Chechnya, Iran, and many other countries.  So moderate Arabs all over the Middle East and North Africa are becoming furious at U.S. interventionist policies.

Note:  The coup is a set-back for the U.S., because Egypt - unlike Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Iran - isn't on the 20-year-old list of countries targeted for regime change.

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Actually, what is really causing the unrest in Egypt is much more fundamental; the country is in the transition from being an oil exporter to an oil importer.  Consumption of oil and production of oil in Egypt are now about equal.  Production is in terminal decline even as the population is expecting more services that require even more oil. Loss of oil export revenues is only the first in a long series of events that will continue to cause turmoil in Egypt.

Check out the Energy Export Databrowser, put in Egypt and you see that the last few years have been transition years and do correlate nicely with the events there.


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Morsi is an American stooge.

Nothing more.


The Muslim Brotherhood is funded by the CIA.

Al Queda is only an extension of the CIA.

Muslims are being led to the slaugheter by the US.



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1. In Egypt you are required to state your religion on every document from birth certificate, marriage, to job application to visa request. This was becoming a problem for christians.

2. They have been delivered only six hours of electricity per day, a real preoblem for business owners.

3. Cell phone service has been limited for weeks.

4.  Very high unemployment

5.  No gasoline available for weeks

6.  Unconfirmed reports that Mursi was negotiating deal to sell rights to Suez Canal.

7. Mursi focused on consolidating power of brotherhood rather than addressing the urgent needs of the country.

8. Unconfirmed reports that Mursi election costs paid for by US

9.  Capital Controls and dificulty getting travel visas


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The War on Terra must continue!

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War is our business and business is good



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" I leave you with this: "an weapon unused is a useless weapon.""


Not if it keeps the peace, because no one wants to see it used on them.

rsnoble's picture

We all know who's in most need of a regime change!

hootowl's picture

I agree.....Exterminate The Evil Usurper!!!



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Obama's Islamist, pro-sharia tendencies are shining through quite clearly now.

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A bit late to the comments, but stirling job as usual mate. 

Morsi's vocal support for the Syrian "rebels" (terrorist nutjobs imo, not that I have any particular love for Assad) may have been the straw that broke the consciousness of Egyptians, but parallel to that monstrous policy, I dare say the thing that stuck in the people's collective throats was the eagerness with which Morsi ratified the 1979 Camp David accords soon after taking the presidency, despite his empty jawboning about Israel. 

We, (zh readers the exception) in the fantasy land of western msm may not know anything about Gaza except for the infantile "brown people terrorist paradigm", but the egyptian people have first hand accounts of Palestinians desperately digging tunnels to get food and medicine into that giant open air concentration camp the Israelis have created where they lob artillery at whim and switch off water and electricity to laugh at the Palestinians wading in their sewage. It's an unreported cruel tragedy of biblical proportions that has been a media blackhole for some time.

hootowl's picture

You don't think the muscum people and their leadership have any responsibility for their own living conditions?  Didn't the muscum in Gaza elect their own leadership?

You make no mention of the missiles being lobbed into Israel from Gaza, but you would deny Israel from retaliating and trying to stop the bombardment of its citizens?

When you get home from scrubbing your face on the ground and worshipping the moonrock, think about how you have exposed your bigotry.  The exposure of your anti-semetism makes your remarks suspect of veracity.



Fish Gone Bad's picture

Making a comment like this:

When you get home from scrubbing your face on the ground and worshipping the moonrock,

Name calling does not lend credence to ones' argument. 

Fish Gone Bad

YHC-FTSE's picture

Newsflash moron. Falsely equating criticisms of Israel with antisemitism no longer works. Decent jewish folks no longer tolerate your zionist crap and neither do I. 

MickV's picture

SOOOO.... Are you saying that "al queda" is run out of 1600 Penn. Ave. by the Muslim domestic enemy Usurper hisself?

Money 4 Nothing's picture

And thats just the half of it. MIC in VA are the handlers and Clinton personally controls the Muslim Brotherhood. Your catching on now. 

Weiners wife is Clintons aid, search what terrorist connection she is related to.

g'kar's picture

Weiner was deposed because it started to be known widely that his wife was Muslim Brotherhood. The weiner pics were an excuse to depose him temporarily. Now that the sufficient time to "forget" has passed, he can now rejoin the ranks as mayor. NYC is dumb enough to vote him in.

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>>Note:  The coup is a set-back for the U.S., because Egypt - unlike Iraq, >>Libya, Syria, and Iran - isn't on the 20-year-old list of countries targeted >>for regime change.

But now, it will be on the list.

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you know what i want? 110 wti, then i could cover some of my temporally ill suited silver position. as i have always said, if i lose my as on a metal bet, i couldn't tell you where i would put the money. i'd lose it to prove the luxury of a bet.

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Patience Daylight......Your silver will serve you well soon.

DaylightWastingTime's picture

will russia believe our stetebuilding has failed? s300 deliveries seem superflous with the people so well adapted. go ahead and move your fleet out of the mediterranean. the chessboard hates a good en passant

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Good job Barry.  Nice trainwreck.

Go Tribe's picture

It's like standing in a roundhouse and having the trains coming in at 80 mph.  On this track, Syria. Over here, Egypt. Coming hard at us there, obamacare. How many f'n trains can he wreck all at once?

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The main point of watching Egypt take action against an evil regime is simple- we can do the same. We are tired of the spying, the lying, the fraud, and violations to our Constitutional Republic.

From barry O'soetero to every agency director (the real government operating) treason is the new norm. Oath breaking is vogue, defending, protecting, upholding the Constitution is now a crime. Anyone in leadership that thinks about abiding by the rule of law is considered a "terrorist". Napster DHS queen wants you under surveillance by simply returning from active duty. Loving the Nation as a Patriot puts you on a list. Despicable!

The fraud of barry's usurpation is about to explode- it will implode the DC corruption as we know it. Sheriffs, whistle blowers, truth tellers UNITE ! NOW is the time.

Go Tribe's picture

Is there a March on Washington scheduled anytime soon? I still have some vacation time to burn up.

Metal Minded's picture

Please be sure to split that vacation time between a March on Washington and a March on Wall Street. Don't forget who owns the Government.


WHO OWNS YOU? George Carlin explains..(3:26)-



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I don't believe Barry has much to do with the decision making. Though he is a co conspirator, my guess is that he is being told what to say and do by the policy makers behind the teleprompter. Getting rid of Obama will do little except for give the propagandists a good diversion. Another useful idiot will we trotted out and "elected" by the brain washed masses and the show will go on.

Your suggestion of a united patriotic movement is good, but know your enemy.

WTFx10's picture

" but know your enemy." Would that be the banking cartel and its members?

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Palin is leaning libertarian these days and commented: "We should get out of there and let Allah sort it out." See, she can unite the democrats and republicans--in their compulsion to intervene in domestic affairs in foreign countries.

Z_End's picture

Palin? While still Gov of Alaska she stated she also had an Israeli flag in her office

to show support.

Bought and Paid for...


She inserted herself into the rising Tea Party movement. She insisted that they needed to be supporting Israel.

She helped to co opt them. Divide and Conquer.

Bought and Paid for...

Bloodstock's picture

Palin is a joke. Don't be fooled so easily.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Don't follow the media line so quickly either. 

She actually outed republicans in her home state and she actually fought and beat big petroleum influences in her home state.

More than any of the high level republifucks in there now McCain, Graham, Boehner....

KickIce's picture

She certainly has some issues but imo opinion she would have busted her ass for us, a far cry from the current asswipe that is deliberately trying (and succeeding) to dismantle us.

nah's picture

egypt is a hell of a town


you should go there and tell them to their face

cherry picker's picture

Independence Day.

Instead of watching fireworks and warming up barbecues, it may be helpful if Americans read the Constitution and reflect on it, then look around them and see what is happening around them in the name of government.

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I need to find an Egyptian flag to fly today.  Don't forget to go onto facecrook and Like the Egyptian Armed Forces. 2 million+ and counting!



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Egyptians are celebrating and the US immediate reaction is to recommend US citizens leave Egypt and evacuating staff from the embassy?


Obama must be pissed that his guy is out. Pissed I tell ya.

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Yeah, when the enemy of your permanent war is a fucking goat herder, it's a little hard to justify spending half a trillion dollars on nuclear subs and all-purpose fighters that cost a $100mm a pop.  Throw in the intelligence industrial complex and homeland security industrial complex that has to defend against the weapons we provide and you're talking a cool trillion easy money.  I leave you with this: "an weapon unused is a useless weapon."

TBT or not TBT's picture

Having a weapon ready IS using it. Tens of thousands of nukes that didn't go off did so while targeted at humans, ready to fly, for decades on end. Today it is no longer tens of thousands, but thousands.

KickIce's picture

But how will the MIC enrich itself further with unused arms and equipment?  afterall, cold war stockpiling only lasts so long.

otto skorzeny's picture

The US Army is fighting a holding action for a few more years so the CIA can get some more poppy field harvests in.

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The very expensive tailored Armani suits were a dead give away that Morsi was a wrong 'un!
Can't see a credible way back for BHO to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses on this.
Democracy in its purest form is a possibility.

Buzz Hacksaw's picture

Brother, democracy is the fourth thing you want. We need a republic first, judicial system based on common law second, an education system third and then a democracy to keep the first three accountable.

Go Tribe's picture

I didn't realize the Egypt army was against supporting the Syrian cannibals. Wow, did they just bitch slap Obama or what?

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HOPE & CHANGE from the seasoned American Leadership

John Brennan's work results on display for the world to see.

otto skorzeny's picture

it is an interesting idea. I think the Egyptian army realized their country has enough problems without getting involved in the Syrian pissing contest. No tourism $ because egypt is fucked with an islamic hard liner in charge. Did the US Army riot squad from Ft Hood that Obowelmovement sent beat feet out of Egypt yet?

lakecity55's picture

Next, the Turks must overthrow the MB in Turkey.

Then, Americans must overthrow the MB in the White Hut.