INDiaNa SNoWDeN...

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This is the pretty interesting post I mentioned earlier.  I have no idea who it is but it is well written.  I do not want to know.  It sounds like a healthy expression to me.

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The Pope offers asylum to Snowden as a gesture of peace to South American Catholics who suffered at the hands of American CIA operations to remove democratically elected officials by assassination and replace them with fundamentalist dictators, turning the entire continent into a Third World Plantation.

Wow. Thank you @Pontifex. Thank you. Sainthood is the highest honor we Catholics may ever receive. Story below:

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I'm seeing these government agencies crying about how all this criticism is too harsh and then I read how upset their employee's unions are about threatened budget cuts and such and then I suddenly think, why the heck do civil service employee's need unions? The current civil service rules makes it darn near impossible to fire them, they get better vacations and benefits than the private sector (whats left of it anyway)?

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We studied political art in my Art Appreciation class today. I looked for WB7 but not yet in the college books. Although I am very certain you will be in future student class books the world over.

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WB7 will be printed... oh wait, he already is.  You will see WB7 printed in college books when you also see Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell and Ludwig von Mises printed right next to William's work.  We might have to wait a while to ever see it if we don't step up.


I would really look to offer this as well, somebody sent me an extremely well written potential "rough draft" blog post; from what I can infer so far, that person is also admirer of WB7's work as well.  It's is remarkable to me how many of you are interested in posting an article of your own.  Keep sending me posts like that.  If you want to post under your real name or a different name then let's do that.  I can back off a bit and would like to.  Keep the car running.


Interesting day for me.  I have a new job, because I had that prearranged.  I did not call all of my contractors yesterday but I did call some.  Word spread quickly and violently throughout the entire metro area.  My phone lit up.  I had four job offers today.  The last one was the most interesting so I will go listen to that company.  The really interesting part is that two of them were heretofore my competition.  The last conversation I had with one of them the statement was made that "we are extremely aggressive on compensation" followed by, "it is almost impossible to find anyone with your level of expertise anymore."


I have heard a lot of bullshit before but I do not think I have ever heard THAT before but there is truth to it.  I know every competitor's pricing and costs.  I will have to see the offer but I have already determined that what appears to be good on the surface initially may not be so good after all.  I would rather stay with the company that I helped a young man create back in 2006 as he has matured quite nicely.  Yes, I might get a lower wage at first but I have found that I quickly outgrow my position at other companies and the sky is the limit here if we manage properly.  I am willing to invest in this company as well.  I could sit in an air conditioned office and make bullshit sales phone calls all day but I think you know me all better than that by now.  I am going to PHYSICALLY work to try to keep building this company primarily for my own sanity. 

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That's great!

When you have a book of business you can write your own ticket.

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Thank you WB7.  I caught the double entendre too by the way.:-)  I really love writing but I have to go out there and engage too.  Too much country boy in me I guess and I generally like talking with people and getting the job done.  I do not wear white shoes but rather boots.


Thanks for everything you do William.      

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Get to work Banazi, the Pope just granted Edward Snowden "Sainthood"!! See story above!

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Sort of on topic since the whole Snowden NSA leaks are really about the violation of the 4th Amendment not that they are actually spying on people.

The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements. The percentages below are cumulative scores are based on key votes from 1999 through 2013. Click on a senator's or representative's name to get a detailed breakdown of his or her voting record.

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Here's the thing  he put his life on the line for what? To let everyone in the entire world know that America spies on France. Everyone on this board who was not aware of that please down arrow me!


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umm.. no.. assclown

to make it clear..the enite world is owned and operated by blackmail. everything is rigged. everything. 

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According to Le Monde, France is up to its hairy fascist armpits spying on its own citizens as well.

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so much for the whole "go to France" theory. my bad.

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That was not from the plant. He caught that eating cesium rice crackers.

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<chuckle> That's not right !


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Indiana Snowden and the Temple of Choom!


Ok, I got one of those oddball questions again.

If...O'Barry and his goons can unilaterally bypass the law of the land (upheld by SCOTUS) by announcing that private corporations don't have to comply with ObamaCare edicts...errr, ahhh...mandates...why does the private citizen STILL HAVE TO COMPLY?

And what does this say about his concern for Joe Sixpack?

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Part of the answer is exactly the same as that old standby:  "why does a dog lick his balls"?

Joe Sixpack was totally fucked even before the Frontin' Front ManTM first spoke at the Democrat National Convention.

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Indiana Snowden Assaults the Temple of Choom.

"Follow Indiana Snowden's adventures as he harshes Lord Obama's high."

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Obama told his classmates in Hawaii he was a Kenyan Prince, now he thinks he is an American King when in reality he is just a village idiot.

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He is the Frontin' Front ManTM

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It's a Criminal system, built by Crinimals for Criminals. The business of America used to be business. Now the businesses of Amerika are war, theft, mass murder, and police state crackdown on anyone who objects.

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Moochelle has to be Kali Ma then.

And does the NSA eat monkey brains while pouring over our private communications?

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What they don't know is that the guillotine knows who they are and where they are.

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Gotta work in the famous Indiana Jones airplane travel graphic in there somehow,



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OK, I'm in for version 2.0.

Gotta start puttin' some real support in here.

Next steps?

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This (The flight map of the WIki Leaks Tri-motor) is just boggle my mind outstanding, WB. One puny up arrow seems so insignificant based on the input, and it was more or less immeadiate. The Lost amendments is in the same category.

May you live long and prosper!


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as he yells "Nice try Lao Che" from the steps of the Lao Che Ford tri-motor.

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Nice job. I just found his hat for you. ;-)



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Awesome William!!

You need to do something with Obama & a golf club since that's what we pay him to do. He claims he killed Osama Bin Laden, what did he use? A 9 iron, he was on the golf course when it went down, whatever charade they were playing on that given day.

 Keep up the great work, if we lose our sense of humor, the terrorists truly have won.

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Banzai, Indiana was always fighting the Nazis... Obviously you've just passed up a choice opportunity to highlight he Nazi like tones of the current regime?

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Oh for goodness sake, let's just get our tracking chips embedded and forget about it.


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Agree, how does Banzai hide his IP address? I know, you can not answer as you would give the enemy an understanding of your process that would make you less secure. 

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Yeah, ha ha ha - the drone would get a neighgbor of mine a bunch of miles away in a direction I won't mention.

 But consider it a beta of a private geek outfit just playing around.

I may be past time to go TOR ...

We are truly and well fucked - the old idea of 'private citiizen' is one dead doornail.

Lock and load.

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The Telephone Company Office.




Nice, has me in a completely different town.