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What began with this...


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David McGowan, Military Industrial Entertainment in Laurel Canyon
Eagles - Hotel California (Live 1995)
Enron culture before Enron and Enron accounting took off.

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"Young lady, you were caught with a male pin-up in your room by your room security camera."


"Spread 'em."

(slurp slurp slurp)

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Having followed the events of that time closely including attending local events of my own city's occupy I am reminded of how much of the country dissed the occupiers, including many of my friends and many on this site, as something less than pond scum. Including, but not limited to, cheering on the head bashers.

Many then as many now, still locked in the liberal vs conservative meme. Discounting the fact that the Kleptocracy uses that meme to keep us divided. Other than that, it is no longer applicable. Both liberals and conservatives will dip into the cookie jar when it suits their will, ideologie be damned.

Cheering on the wholescale country wide suspension of individual rights and liberties and suppression of the constitution because, well, they just did not like "those people".

Instead of using the events to pull rusty dusty rifles stored in closets for the "right time". They once again coward as they have during the many numerous "right times", e.g. 2008, bank bailouts, Patriot act and it's cousins passage, Holder's declaration that Banks are beyond the law, etc.

Which among other things has led to my oft stated contention here that those who say sooner or later we with the guns will rectify this shit are whistling past the graveyard. Which of course now with drones and even the smallest towns swat teams decked out like delta force is a fantasy.

Banzai7 your art work is masterful in that it is not only visually stunning but stimulates thought and sends important messages. IF only you could figure out to make your work stimulate action you would go down in history as the greatest artist ever. THen again, you may yet. Thanks for the reminder.  


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A very sorry episode which I am not going to forget because as far as I am concerned it marked the end of the First Amendment. It's ok to chatter and banter, but if you want to assemble and make a noise that gets heard, you better stay on the fucking curb so they can beat the shit out of you regardless.

That is what Big Sister helped coordinate. And the NSA helped her spy on the so called trouble makers. If you disagree with your government you are a latent terrorist, primed for radicalization.

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Right-o.  It was very disturbing to hear friends of mine who are getting thoroughly fucked by the system sitting there bad-mouthing the people with the balls to protest it.

Occupy was misguided, but shit at least they were doing SOMETHING.

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but but but, thought is action...

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You meant to put sarc after that right?

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in the literature of the American West the hero is a man who rides into town, makes a moral decision, and leaves...

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the big challenge is just who they let in, the system is under pressure, more (white?) parents spend a lot of money, and their kids spend a lot of time cloistered away trying to get perfect grades only to get rejected so that a minority quota (or balance as they call it) can be filled.

so to balance the system they raised tuition to a point where those minority quotas end up with so much debt that indentured servitude is a mild approbation. to end up right back at the ivy school problem where the sons of (a) the r(b)i(t)ch(es), the kerrys and bushes and gores all go there to get Cs, and then later go on to run the country.

UC is a science and research franchise, and still mostly independent, the profs don't wear corporate logos or drive rolling Nascar ads (yet). and raising their fees the way they have, should never have to sell out to anyone. (but they have pensions to fund as well) and a couple of med schools to grind out technicians to fill the needs of obamacare which is just an industry trick to sell people something they don't need. on the back of private debt, which is the old machiavellian twist : private debt public good

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US navy tests new drone attack aircraft
Last updated: 11 July 2013
.." "It's not often that you get a chance to see the future, but that's what we got to do today," said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

The X-47B aircraft has a 3,200km range and the ability to carry the equivalent of two guided bombs, the stealthy X-47B raises the prospect an autonomous, long-range, radar-evading, unmanned strike aircraft.

It will be superseded by a new robot jet capable of reconnaissance and strike missions to be deployed aboard carriers within six years. Navy commanders insist that it will only fire its weapons on the command of a human.
comment: "..on the command of a human." what does that signify? nothing

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Wikileaks - Collateral murder in Iraq by US helicopter (short video)
see, imagine what would have happened here if computers
were calling the shots rather than "humans". there might
have been an accident or a war crime committed, or worse.
more innocent people might have been executed.
b. manning , was he calling the shots here? I suppose
many feel safer knowing he is in court facing charges
stemming from the revelation of this incidental slaughter.

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Next DHS chief Michelle Oboner, consolidate power

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The Mooch & her spawn? Say it ain't so Hangem!


Horrors!  Another billion $ or two down the drain for perpetual vacations.



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" Inventor, entrepreneur and visionary Ray Kurzweil explains in abundant, grounded detail why, by the 2020s, we will have reverse-engineered the human brain and nanobots will be operating your consciousness.

Ray Kurzweil is an engineer who has radically advanced the fields of speech, text, and audio technology. He's also one of our finest thinkers, revered for his dizzying -- yet convincing -- writing on the advance of technology, the limits of biology, and the future of the human species. Full bio » " ted
Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology
Filmed Feb 2005 • Posted Nov 2006 •
comment: there it is, the master plan for the sheeple, it is not a secret.
hard fate perhaps?

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Galifornication. Co-Starring a bald David Duchovny as Jerry Brown. A Nick Galifianazis Production.

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Hear the children
Don't turn around, uh-oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh
He's got the power
And you're so weak
And you're frustration
Will not let you speak
La, la, la, la, la, la

Don't turn around, uh-oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh
And if he talks to you
Then you'll know why
The more you live
The faster you will die

Don't turn around, uh-oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh
Don't turn around, uh-oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh
Don't turn around, uh oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh oh

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I like your art but the nazis don't exist anymore. Totalitarism, fanatism, warmongering are used by the new powers wich are by now globalist, statist, Human Rights. Putting swastikas to describe dictatorship is just an intellectual fraud. The new targets are the U.N. symbols, NWO, One World Governement, global currency, the universal égalitarism, pyramidal schemes etc.

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those old German fascists were way ahead of their time, which is why we employed many of them (even before the war had ended) and we installed many of them in the new German post war government, while we systematically tried and executed a few in order to show the world we were the new moral order.(Nuremburg)

the German empire was to be the fourth on the continent, Spain, France, Britain (known for internecine warfare) italy had an empire too. we trumped the German card (being mostly Germans ourselves) and became that fourth empire, a mongrel empire made up of immigrants from the previous three.

imagine they elected someone to replace Hitler (think John Kerry, I can do the Iraq war better), or maybe Obama, after Hitler's disaster on the Russian front, which destroyed their economy. Those troops are coming back from Stalingrad by 1945, I promise.. Keep moving forward.. you see we're all connected...

Obamas electric car does look a lot like Hitler's VW beetle doesn't it?

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There is a book called Behemouth which is an exhaustive study of the rise of National Socialism, the institutional and social phenomena. Interestingly, the fellow who wrote the famous book on the American military industrial complex, the one that Eisenhower warned of, said that Behemouth provided him with the necessary conceptual framework to examine the power elite system in the US.

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I'm afraid you don't get it my friend. for if you review all my works, you will plainly see the ideology, the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe...

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+ 50 for the crux of the biscuit turn of phrase WB!

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Same Nazi ideology.....different book cover and perps.

"WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE"? Hitlery rsponded. angrily.


Clean the air, save oxygen, exterminate an oligarch today.

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WB7...I am new to ZH and fell in love with your artwork instantly.  I hope you dont mind if I use one of your pieces for my avatar.  I am looking for the perfect Vader shot but cant get over your Fight Club.  Will be following your endeavors dilligently.  May the Force Be With You WB7

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Welcome to Fight Club.

My policy has always been copy left, that is to say everyone is welcome to use them for personal but not commercial use. If posted elsewhere please attribute or link if feasible.

If you decide you want to support my full time endeavor of skewering the weasels, I sell fine art prints of selected works.


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strong imagrie there Banazi7

a few exploding towers in the background

might add some depth perspective ...

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I did that picture the day of the pepper spray incident at Davis. While everyone else was busy doing silly cartoon memes of the pepper spray cop, I was busy thinking about Nazi storm troopers. ;-)

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San Francisco TV station slammed after offensive gaffe misidentifying Asiana pilots

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the error ocurred during the station’s noon newscast, when co-anchor Tori Campbell said KTVU had just been informed of the names of the four pilots aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, which crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6.

Campbell then identified the “pilots” as:

Captain Sum Ting Wong,

i Tu Lo,

Ho Lee Fuk,

Bang Ding Ow,

as the names were displayed on a graphic on-screen.

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So who is going to be the next Homeland Security Chief?  McCane?

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Whoever it is, should be interesting!

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Lindsey Graham or Officer Tony Baloney

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I nominate Sam Nunn.....the least corrupt politician alive....IMO....after Ron Paul.


only then...he's back in the Matrix...and corruption gooed all over him....


Of course, this position is up to the BildermotherfuckingBoogers anyway....

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Interesting WB.  Lindsey Graham came to my mind also.  From butch to bitch.

Don't think they'd make you an offer Angus.  You're too competent.

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It has to be a sex pervert, so I go with Miss Lindsay. He may be facing a challenge at home. Chalky needs a good flunky at DHS.

"DHS: We Put the Homo in Homeland Security."

"DHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome pederasts, tri-sexuals, and aliens"

"DHS: Guillotine Operators Needed. No Experience Necessary."

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Vote for Angus McHugepenis and my sidekick Riot Dog!

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"An investigation has been launched into whether the action constituted “slander against the organizations and representatives of a foreign state..." Slander?! LOL

To prove slander one has to prove the falsity of the claim. Good luck with that.

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Truth is an absolute defense to a slander or defamation claim.

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If you go to trial, Discovery could be a trip.

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Gotta say those Krauts look a hell of a lot scarier than that fat fucking slob of a cop with pepper spray...

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How do you kill a cop? Make him run after you.

How many cops does it take to change a light bulb? None. They just beat and tazer it to death for not complying and changing itself.

What does a cop call beating a suspect to death? Exercise.

What do you call a black cop? A double menace.

What do you call the streak left after dragging a cop down the street under your car? Thin blue and red line.

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Fuck it. Pittsburgh here I come.

And the only thing I said in a post this week was that the college students were studying the royal bloodlines so that when the revolution is over there won't be any more bloodlines for a long while.

Then here come the fat bitch.

And, there go q99x2.

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Look the fuck out... Squidnado warning in effect!

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No one has ever done more to help spy to on the citizens of this country than ole Nappy.  The day O hired this pig, I knew she was going to turn the USSA into her own twisted 1984 themed amusement park.   Many years from now we will only begin to understand the damage this POS has rained down on us...  

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Try to remember that it was Bush, whoops sorry, Cheney that got the ball rolling. Otherwise you fall in league with others who would manufacture history.

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I dunno. I will miss the comic relief Janet Napolitano brought to the office of Homeland security. When the underwear bomber was arrested after his flight landed in Detroit, Janet said, "The system worked. "    LOL

Of course, airport security failed to stop Umar from getting on that Northwest air flight with his explosive underwear and it wasn't security that stopped him while attempting to detonate his underwear midflight. It was other passengers who saved the day and their fellow passengers. So, when Janet said, "the system worked", we all knew then average citizens were on their own because Homeland security was far too incompetent.   Yeah, that was the good old days. 

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She was referring to the Gladio system which did work.