Congress Is Less Popular than Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies, Genghis Khan, Communism, King George

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Business Insider notes today:

A June Gallup poll [showed that Congress] had a 10% approval rating [while] and one in March that showed North Korea with a 12% favorability rating among Americans.

That’s nothing…

We’ve previously documented that the U.S. Congress is less popular among the American people than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, BP during the Gulf oil spill, Nixon during Watergate or King George during the American Revolution.

Postscript:  While some wrongly assume that partisan gridlock is the cause of Congress' unpopularity, the truth is that there has been bipartisan unity among Congress members in:

That's why Congress is so unpopular.

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Never One Roach's picture

What if everyone voted for "the other guy"...just once...lets see what happens when we have a real change.

Bear's picture

The 'other guys' are all the same ... until we get the media and money out of the political process we are screwed.

Axenolith's picture

The absolute BEST we can ever hope for is that congress gets ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done.  Gridlocked congress is good congress.  If you could vote to give each one of the politicians a billion dollars to sit on their ass and do nothing for 25-50 years, it would be the best money we've spent since buying Alaska...

tony bonn's picture

congress is made up of nazis....anyone who voted for republican or democrat voted for a nazi and is himself one.....congress supports the criminal wall street, the muslim brotherhood, drones, surveillance and a host of other nazi control practices.....

BernankeHasHemorrhoids's picture

Since the American people are too stupid and lazy to take care of the problem, we need a military coup in which every member of the Congress along with the President, VP and cabinet are all executed for treason. This would be celebrated thereafter as a day of national liberation.

NoWayJose's picture

Roaches and lice and Congressmen-- its hard to get rid of them once they move in.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Damn near impossible to vote an incumbent out.   Once in office they're there until they choose not to be.

are we there yet's picture

Congress at a 10% approval rating means that Snowden at over 40% favorable could run for congress and win a congressional seat absentia.

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You wouldn't know it seeing how they clap and shake hands and slap each other on the back after passing legislation they haven't read and that does nothing but enrich the corporatocracy and line their pockets while fucking us over a barrel.

Whatta's picture

Why do we hate congress so much yet President zerO retains such a high approval. He's a bigger POS than Congressmen individually or even collectively. He's the leader of the movement to strip us of all freedoms (except the Right To Pay Taxes).

el Gallinazo's picture

The best political commercial you never saw last year - rofl

Vote For Nobody - 2012

cynicalskeptic's picture

Thought -


First and foremost - LIMITED PUBLIC FINANCING with equal air access times for all candidates 

Second - a LIMIT to campaign timeframes.  None of this congressmen running for reelection and fundraising the day eafterbeing elected\

Third -  Have a 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' option for ANY elected office.

If 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' wins a majority - ALL of the candidates are eliminated and a new election held with different candidates


I guarantee that after one 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' plurality, the candidates would be FAR more accountable and representative of the voters.


And fourth - END gerrymandering.  It's very simple.  Have non-partisan committees do the work with a mandate to represent existnt communities.  No splitting cities into pies with burbs negating a far larger urban vote and a Congressman ignoring 1/3 of their district.  You'd have urban districts in porportion to the population and uburban and rural districts in porportion to their numbers, all truly representing the majority of the voters in that district.  The smallest exterior for any given space is a circle.  Make it law so that no district can have a boundary that is...say 250% of the circle enclosing the area corresponding to that district.  Sounds like a lot but compared to the current district boundaries.....    This would force districts into being compact and representative of the enclosed population - not carefull chosen districts that guarantee the maximum districts for one party while diluting the power of another.  Current policies may guarantee one minority district while making sure 5 other districts given NO voice to a sizable minority.    The Republicans are very good at this - while the same policies guarantee more extremist candidates on the right and left.

hangemhigh77's picture

Maybe hanging them would send a stronger "message" to these criminals.

failsafe's picture

In Plato's Apology he says Socrates did not seek office because the just will never survive politics. Later (I.e., in another of Plato's works,maybe his Republic, I can't remember!) he allowed that Socrates was politically important, only not as a politician, not as a person who sought and held a political office. Still seems true that the people who survive the politics entailed to hold political office are rarely the ones interested in justice.

Metal Minded's picture

Here's a video which needs to go viral:

United Stasi of America Lightart Protest Projection U.S. embassy in Berlin(1:54)


A German artist may now potentially face criminal charges in Germany after he projected a huge image onto the walls of the United States Embassy in Berlin last Sunday.

The image was of fellow German Kim Dotcom, the embattled founder of Megaupload, along with the phrase “United Stasi of America,” referring to the secret police of former East Germany. Oliver Bienkowski videoed the event and set the video to a song that Dotcom had previously recorded, entitled “Mr. President,” which includes lines like: “What about free speech, Mr. President?”

His possible crime? Violation of Paragraph 103 of the German Penal Code (Google Translate), which forbids insulting foreign heads of state, members of foreign governments, or other foreign diplomatic staff in Germany—and is punishable by “up to three years in prison.” If combined with libel charges, that sentence can increase to up to five years.

Watch the video yourself to witness this heinous crime of human expression.

0b1knob's picture

Including Genghis Khan is a little insulting to his memory.    He was something of a magnificent bastard who never pretended to be anything other than what he was.   If he was brutal it was only because he had to be.   You can't make an omelet without killing millions of people, as Stalin once observed.

benb's picture

Surprisingly there's a few good ones out there. They just don't get much press and most all leadership positions are held by traiterous whores. I was having dinner last week with a  staff member for our House of Reps guy with about a half dozen people. For example- She said that they have voted 47 times in the past few months to defund specific parts of the so called ObamaCare. You just don't hear about it. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are looking decent. Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina is a good man. Most of the rest of them should be in prison.

Colonel Klink's picture

Liars and crooks, nary an exception.

jharry's picture

What we worry?

vincent's picture

Many people tend to overlook the fact that the selfish fucks want to be re elected in order to increase their pensions, continue to receive a steady paycheck  (what else are many of them skilled to do?), recieve the best medical and dental care, and to find a financial lifeline just in case they are not re elected.

Add to that their ability to take advantage of insider information, skirt and violate tax laws with no consequences, and write off travel, sundries, and food expenses under the guise of legitimate government business. Whatta great scam.

Can you imagine most of these folks competing in the real job market?

I receive semi-regular messages from Sen. Bill Nelson, and from Attorney General Bondi. Most topics are so completely irrevelant to our everyday lives that it's laughable. Out of touch is an understatement. Not once have I ever received a response from them or their offices.

Never again will I vote in a National or statewide election. My concentration is on a town of 21,925 which actually kind of has their shit together. Fiscally responsible, little debt, minimal government waste, and actually some savings.

This is where most should direct their efforts..... Where we can have the most impact.

Soon enough most cities, towns, and municipalities will be on their own. We're ahead of the curve.  GLTA

cynicalskeptic's picture

Remember the Republicans 'Contract With America'?  Yeah... they count on you NOT remembering it.


On the first day of their majority in the House, the Republicans promised to bring up for vote, eight major reforms:

  1. require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply to Congress;
  2. select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of Congress for waste, fraud or abuse;
  3. cut the number of House committees, and cut committee staff by one-third;
  4. limit the terms of all committee chairs;
  5. ban the casting of proxy votes in committee;
  6. require committee meetings to be open to the public;
  7. require a three-fifths majority vote to pass a tax increase;
  8. guarantee an honest accounting of the Federal Budget by implementing zero base-line budgeting.
Whatta's picture

Our Veep:

Biden told the audience, ”I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job.  You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.”

Yep...give him all the perks, SS, retirement, etc. I'll happily pay taxes for him to live Happily Ever After after shitting on America.

newworldorder's picture

Amazing what height, a mouthfull of teeth and a backslapping happy disposition will do for ones political career. Shit for brains, but what a loverly smile.

honestann's picture

If 90% understand the fiction people call "government" is destructive... why do they continue to obey, pay taxes, fund politicians, vote and otherwise sanction and support the predators-DBA-government?

As long as many humans support evil and predators, humans have zero chance.

Go on strike.
Do not obey.
Do not support.
Do not sanction.
Do not cooperate.
Do not participate.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Why can't they all be like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington?

cpzimmon's picture

Sheila Jackson Lee. Just the name will make you puke.

therover's picture

Since these scumbags will NEVER vote for term limits, it is time for the American people to start working on a Constitutional amendment for term limts. Lets make sure our state representatives know how much we as a country can't stand the bastards in congress and their boot licking, corporate welfare methodology that keeps their pockets greased. 

Only way some of these 'tenured' motherfuckers will get out of office.  

heinrich6666's picture

Which is why they have a 90% re-election rate.

The American People [Volk] are the biggest bunch of hypocrite liars and self-deluders in human history.

g'kar's picture

Could be....This also assumes that the electoral process is legitimate.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Like cockroaches,  I don't think Congress cares about what the public thinks as long as they know the dumbasses will keep voting them in.  Which, being dumbasses, they will.


The top 20% are doing very well in this country screwing the bottom 80%.    The system is working perfectly for those managing the government,  and those purchasing the cockroaches.  

q99x2's picture

They are unpopular because they have declared war against the United States of America.

Raging Debate's picture

The war is over Q99. The Republic is dead, rule of law destroyed. I have found personalising it doesn't help. Everything goes in cycles.

The Founders if alive today would be amazed their sacrifice brought 200 years of freedom. The United States is now and empire. Remember playing king of the hill as a kid? That's what comes next in the cycle.

I liked that other commentator that said to focus at the local level. That is the natural place to start a rebuilding process. I have done this myself two years ago. The plus is the new friends and realizing you had all the creature comforts and love right in your backyard all along. I also had to get out not just rage against a keyboard. The fresh air and scenery does a man good.

God bless all of you and keep looking after one another. It's the season of the dark carnival but even in such much amusement can be had.

drbill's picture

And yet ~90% get re-elected..?? What a sad commentary on the modern American.

El Viejo's picture

Americans hate lawyers, but they want a badass lawyer when they need one. Similar rule applies when voting.

Redistricting or demographics have to change to unseat an incumbent, because you can't change the thinking of a self righteous people.

Try it. I have. I was part of the original 'throw the bums out' campaign. I voted for Perot. It was a protest vote. It went nowhere.

kchrisc's picture

I personally don't hate Congress. I do hate their criminality.

I believe that they, current and past members, should and will be held accountable for their treason and crimes against the American people.

The guillotine will hold them accountable and help restore the Constitutional republic.

rwe2late's picture

 But, but ...all the animosity, how can that be?

Don't people realize the Representatives in the House are there to protect the rights and promote the well-being of the people?

And aren't the Senators served with protecting states' rights against federal over reach?


 ... oh, never mind


Seasmoke's picture

Insider Trading is LEGAL

moneybots's picture

Congress is extremely popular.  The voters re-elected most of these people last November, after polls as low as 13%.

bonin006's picture

People don't vote for congess in general, they vote the guys for their state. When Alaska was about to get $500,000,000 for the bridge to nowhere, everyone else bitched, but if you were from Alaska, Ted Stevens was doing a great job. Very few people understand that on average they get raped 49 times for every successful pillage by their congress creature.

are we there yet's picture

But we are permitted to vote for the most popular burgular of the year that some bankster has selected. That vote empowers us does'nt it?

rwe2late's picture


such enthusiasm for hoping a tweedledumb will be better than tweedledumber.

Gee, makes one start to wonder why the choices are so limited and unpalatable.

well, almost.

involuntarilybirthed's picture

From some old something:  "Take care of politics or it will take care of you"  Some took that to literal.

involuntarilybirthed's picture

And from where do we pull our current President/VP/SoS (and former)/DOD, on and on......?  

newworldorder's picture

From the cesspool of partisan idealogue thinking, presented to us by non accountable parties or factions. The political vetign process that parties do for us in non existant. We really do deserve the politicians we get, because we are too ignorant and lazy to have adopted a different process of candidate selection.

blindman's picture

fraudulently induced trance work.
they have mastered this SHIT.

Jon Rappoport - Hour 1 - The Surveillance State & War on the Individual
July 12, 2013

CH1's picture

Yet they still believe that the system is magic and deserves their abject obedience.

knukles's picture

The one I know doesn't believe shit in the system but believes HE personally deserves abject obedience.

Hulk's picture

Sounds like he needs a spanking !!!

cossack55's picture

I have always considered hate as an irrational loathing.  My complete contemp for everyone in DC is fact based and logical.

Element's picture

Harsh ... someone must have voted for them???