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Palladin's picture

I was watching some videos on YouTube and there was a link to NASA for more information.

When I went to I got a blank screen and this message:

"Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available. We sincerely regret this inconvenience."

How lame is it that they would shut down the entire web site.

Seems to me to be just another example of government bureaucratic stupidity.


toadold's picture

"Oh in the jungle, the quiet jungle, the government sleeps to night...(Burp)."

zjxn06's picture

Is that bear looking at me (with human eyes)?

the grateful unemployed's picture

i can' t figure out what that animal is, the eyes are too close together, the tongue looks a piece of liver, and the teeth seem, well, false like in dentures. 

williambanzai7's picture

"You seem to be a bit out of step tonight, but I have to agree with you about the lion..."


Dig Deeper1's picture

Reading all the "Sorry we're closed" signs gave me a flashback to Marty Moose when the Griswolds finally arrived at Wally World.  Only difference is while they were disappointed we should be celebrating. 

fourchan's picture

or alfred saying what me worry. 

i wanna drop acid and look at that trippy popcorn.

Manipuflation's picture

Mrs M and our children are in Moscow SVO right now waiting to board her flight to Amsterdam and then on to MSP.  ETA is 12:40 PM tomorrow.  In honor of Obamacare and the fucked up healthcare system here, she is hauling back a suitcase full of antibiotics.  In her words, "I am bringing a pharmacy with me.  Why pay $200 in the US for what you can buy for $3 in Russia and you don't even have to go to the doctor?".  OK, then, and we have done this before in the past. 

We all know how fun and freindly US Customs is when coming through on an International flight.  I have my concerns.  She plans on bringing back a bunch of anitbiotics AND hunting knife that my father-in-law bought for me?  That woman is crazier than I am!LOL  But then we have to have this shutdown now.  Read the last paragraph in this article.  Slower than usual at the Customs gates?  Another wasted day per the statists.

Hey William, the print I ordered is here at the USPS.  I was out of town for a couple days watching my roofing materials delivery.(which went well)  I am really excited to see the print.  I will pick it up tomorrow on the way to pick up the family. 

williambanzai7's picture

I have been meaning to ask you. WTF are Somalis doing in Minnesota?

Teknopagan's picture

Jacob Javits planned it out in 1965 to diversify the 97.5% European population of Waterland for their own good. Oh the flowing birkas......


williambanzai7's picture

Meanwhile in China...


I-am-not-one-of-them's picture

"They say his sense of entitlement was visible from space."

the grateful unemployed's picture

i don't understand the chinese, not one bit

williambanzai7's picture

It takes a while and trying to force it does not help.

bread n circuses's picture

that's what she said.


sorry...couldn't resist.

kaiserhoff's picture

As Granny liked to say,

  William, you're a potion.

Even when I don't know what ails me, you never fail to make it better and see the tragic/comic.

All hail the great one;)

edb5s's picture


kaiserhoff's picture

WB7 bracketed by George on both sides?

Zero competition;)

TNTARG's picture

Dangerous for gvt. The people may realize they don't need gvt. at all.

cifo's picture

Those apples are pretty cheap at 5 cents.

the grateful unemployed's picture

they're mostly 99 cents a pound. (bananas are still cheap)

williambanzai7's picture

That is a vintage placard...for vintage apples ;-)

cifo's picture

I got that :)

Vintage, but still edible...

williambanzai7's picture

Non-essential government employee. This is truly an interesting concept when you are speaking of a bankrupt entity. Of course, the concept of insolvency is also an interesting concept when that entity prints unlimited amounts of toilet paper to pay its debts as they come due. Those so called debts are also very interesting since the Fed is now the only buyer of same. Finally, we are told the Fed is earning billlions for Uncle Sam. 

This is Twilight Zone Finance 101...Worse than AIG

I wonder if Apple is designing a wrist watch version of the Federal Debt Clock.

Wakanda's picture

There will be an app for that.  : - >

On second thought there would be too many digits to the left of the decimal to fit on a small screen.  It could be rounded off to billion$.

groundedkiwi's picture

That watch could only be designed by a company called......wait for it..
American Exceptionalism.
I wonder if anyone has registered that company name yet, or got the
.com site. Very tempting.

southerncomfort's picture

nonessential government employee or person on welfare.  what's the difference if you're paying taxes? 

JimmyRainbow's picture

remember, paying taxes hinders them poor to take it anyway as fair share

nmewn's picture

800,000 of two million are, apparently, non-essential, non-critical to a functioning government.

Around a forty percent mark-up...what a deal ;-)

cifo's picture

Only the govnmt can afford to hire non-essential employees.

nmewn's picture

So, I said what the hell, lets see this fancy-smancy trillion dollar "Health Care Exchange" everyones benn talkin about and I go on the website.

Yep, its already ain't workin


While everyone was preoccupied with the latest shiny object being held up to concentrate on, a judge has ruled (not that law is applicable anymore...but it is interesting)...

"Jackson's ruling avoids arguments about the merits while rejecting the Justice Department's argument that the federal judiciary cannot and should not get involved in the dispute. "This opinion does not grapple with the scope of the President’s privilege: it simply rejects the notion that it is an unreviewable privilege when asserted in response to a legislative demand," Jackson wrote.

She added that "neither the Constitution nor prudential considerations require judges to stand on the sidelines," and said the Constitution "contemplates not only a separation, but a balance, of powers."

"In the Court's view, (edit, the DOJ's move to dismiss regarding F&F) endorsing the proposition that the executive may assert an unreviewable right to withhold materials from the legislature would offend the Constitution more than undertaking to resolve the specific dispute that has been presented here," Jackson wrote.

Jackson's ruling also rejects a Justice Department argument that the court should dismiss the case to remain neutral while the other two branches find their own resolution. Dismissing the case without hearing it "would in effect place the court’s finger on the scale, designating the executive as the victor based solely on his untested assertion that the privilege applies," Jackson wrote."

Smart lady ;-)

kaiserhoff's picture


Let's apply that to Barry's first executive orders and get the goods on his sorry alien ass.

The Alarmist's picture

The main point to keep in mind is that the functioning (and well being) of the American constitutional system is dependent on the players continuing to accept and abide by the conventions of their variuos roles.  In an ideal world, Justice would relent and release.  In the new world, Justice will thumb its nose and the fact that the Courts have no real means of enforcement will mean that yet another nail has been hammered in the coffin of a constitutional republic.

I have said it here a few times, but there is a 40% probability that BHO will still occupy the Oval Office in February 2017.


nmewn's picture

Law can become a conundrum can't it?

On the one hand, we can see a present need for force (an army) to enforce the "edict" of the judiciary against an overbearing tyrant, an executive despot, but yet, a judge appointed by another executive, (not elected) can be just as bad as the executive ruled against in the future, and even if elected (by a majority), can certainly be turned by a minority.

No law can guard against this.

Sometimes, it just takes some serious ass kicking to get peoples minds right ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

As we have now seen, law can become a bongo drum...

LawyerScum's picture

I thought the Law was all about protecting the TPTB and separating the rubes from their savings. (which is quickly spent on cocaine and strippers).

no more banksters's picture

The 1% blackmails Obama: US government has been shut down by the banksters

All Out Of Bubblegum's picture

Stop with the spammy shit. The Banksters BOUGHT Obama fair and square.

New_Meat's picture

"an honest politician" :- "one who STAYS bought."

bg6666's picture

I forwarded your link to several people. On my "sent" email it now says, "Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! hime co...

When I try to open my "sent" email, my Mac stalls, and then shows the site and the message disappears.

What's happening?

bg6666's picture

No one else received "warning" and they were able to follow the link and enjoy the article.

acetinker's picture

Dude, I've been bagged on for using Chromebooks, but they've been th ONLY way I can reliably access ZH.  Zup?

williambanzai7's picture

I will forward this to systems ;-) 

bg6666's picture

When we continue to try to click on the "sent" email, my Mac continues to stalls with rainbow progress wheel. The stall is only for that email, with the "warning." Eventually it opens with "warning" gone from the opened "sent" email. Today, we just switched to AT&T Internet service. Haven't tried to delete.

Warning: "Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Do Not follow this link or you will be banned from this site!! Home con...

williambanzai7's picture

I alerted them to this comment thread already.

bg6666's picture

I can send screen shot of email.

kurt's picture


Gull Digidy Dern it! I was gonna get me some Gubm'nt service today but I got drunked on bad cider yes-turd-day. I figgered it were time seein' as I ain't never got me none afore. Since I ain't got me no job and no car probly be good if'n I head out now. Time I hitch a ride the shut down'll be over and I'll arrive there like a feathered pasha an be the first one served!!!!


Chupacabra-322's picture

Brilliant as always William. Still waiting for & hopeful for a Miss South Carolina Lindsey Graham portrait. Preferably something with a Pulp Fiction Gimp look to it.