Government Lies About Spying Again and Again … Here’s What’s REALLY Going On

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Government Officials Fail Honesty Standards of 12 Year Olds

Government leaders have been caught in lie after lie about spying ... but keep on spouting new lies:

The Government Is Spying On Everything

Despite dishonest proclamations to the contrary, the government is - in reality - spying on everything:

  • NSA whistleblowers say that the NSA collects all of our conversations word-for-word

No Adult Supervision

The NSA has gone rogue ... with no oversight:

  • When these judges raised concerns about NSA spying, the Justice Department completely ignored them

Spy Information Being Shared with Numerous Federal, State and Local Agencies ... and Private Contractors

Your private information isn't staying inside the NSA ... it's being spread all over the place:

  • The NSA not only shares our information with other American agencies, it also gives personal, sensitive unfiltered information on Americans to Israel and other foreign nations

Your Sensitive Financial Data Is Being Gathered

One of the types of personal information being spied on is your sensitive financial information:

Spying Is Killing the Economy

Spying is hurting the economy:

  • For example, Facebook lost 11 millions users as of April mainly due to privacy concerns (and that was before the Snowden revelations). And see these reports from Boingboing and the Guardian

Mass Surveillance Doesn't Protect Us From Terrorism

The main justification for spying - that it's needed to protect us from terrorism - is false:

Mass Surveillance Makes the Internet and Computers Less Safe

Spying makes us vulnerable to hackers:

  • IT and security professionals say spying could mess up the safety of our internet and computer systems
    • For example, the Electronic Frontier Foundation notes:

"By weakening encryption, the NSA allows others to more easily break it.  By installing backdoors and other vulnerabilities in systems, the NSA exposes them to other malicious hackers—whether they are foreign governments or criminals.  As security expert Bruce Schneier explained, 'It’s sheer folly to believe that only the NSA can exploit the vulnerabilities they create.'”

  • The NSA's big data collection itself . Remember, the Pentagon itself sees the collection of "big data" as a "national security threat" ... but the NSA is the biggest data collector on the planet, and thus provides a tempting mother lode of information for foreign hackers

One of the Real Reasons the Government Conducts Mass Surveillance

If the spying doesn't keep us safe, why are they doing it? One of the main reasons is money:

"We collect this information for many important reasons: for one, it could provide the United States and our allies early warning of international financial crises which could negatively impact the global economy. It also could provide insight into other countries' economic policy or behavior which could affect global markets."

Bunker Mentality

The intelligence agencies have fallen into a bizarre bunker mentality:

  • As just one example of how far they're going, the feds are considering prosecuting the owner of a private email company - who shut down his business rather than turning over records to the NSA - for refusing to fork over the information and keep quiet. This is a little like trying to throw someone in jail because he's died and is no longer paying taxes
  • A Harvard law school professor - and director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University - says:

"The NSA has mounted a systematic campaign against the foundations of American power: constitutional checks and balances, technological leadership, and market entrepreneurship. The NSA scandal is no longer about privacy, or a particular violation of constitutional or legislative obligations. ".

Unconstitutional and Illegal

Not only is mass surveillance unnecessary, counter-productive in fighting terrorism and out of control, it's also illegal:

The Danger of Tyranny

Insiders say that the mass surveillance is creating a real danger of tyranny in America:

  • The NSA treats the American people with contempt. For example, Spiegel notes:

"The authors of the [NSA slides] draw a comparison with "1984," ... revealing the agency's current view of smartphones and their users. "Who knew in 1984 that this would be Big Brother …" the authors ask, in reference to a photo of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. And commenting on photos of enthusiastic Apple customers and iPhone users, the NSA writes: "… and the zombies would be paying customers?

  • A Congressman noted that - even if a mass surveillance program is started for good purposes - it will inevitably turn into a witch hunt
  • Indeed, the NSA was already spying on American Senators more than 40 years ago

Whistleblowers Are Heroes

The Good News ...

Fortunately, polls shows that Americans understand the reality of mass surveillance:

  • Only 11% of Americans trust Obama to actually do anything to rein in spying
  • A huge majority of Americans wants the director of intelligence - Clapper - prosecuted for perjury (the chair of the 9/11 Commission agrees)

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q99x2's picture

They are terrorists.

That's what terrorists do.

Gen. Keith Alexander's picture

Someone has to be at the top of the heap.

deerhunter's picture

In three years I have spoken with 5 adult men who had any clue what 85 billion a month being done by the Fed does to impact our currIency and economy.  Most I speak with look at me like I am a nutter.  I had not been into a shopping mall in over 4 years and when I went in to one to get a watch fixed I was amazed.  It was well over 50% unoccupied.  Smoke and mirrors.  I think they can kick the can for years to come however,  when the finger is removed from the dike this time,  hopefully you can keep your powder dry.  Those wishing for no rule of law or SHTF have never lived in that scenario.  I was in a mini riot in Detroit at a public street fest setting that lasted well over half an hour before any law enforcement was willing to wade in.  It was every man for himself but unfortunately for me my wife was with me as well.  I found an old storefront that stepped up off the sidewalk and put her behind me.  The store was closed and locked so no one was going to come from behind us.  I fought off two would be attackers and them picking me was racially motivated and we were in the minority.  I think we are coming to a refreshing.  I think it will be bought and paid for in blood.  I say this with no desire to see it come to pass however if you are semi aware of what is going on around you,  you may see the same thing.  I am 58 and have three grown married daughters and 4 beautiful grand kids.  What kind of America are they going to inherit?  Dartmouth College is building a dormitory for gays,  bis,  tries,  transgendered.  Back in my day we just called them cocksuckers.  We don't have to accept everyone,  everything, every religion, or any or none of them.  We live in a land of free speech.  We don't yell fire in a crowded theater unless there is a fire.  There is a fire in this land and it is just simmering right now.  It is in fly over country.  It is in us.  It is in the midwest where men still marry women.  Where kids still say yes sir and yes maam.  Where combines have nothing to do with the NFL draft.  I am off to fish on the river.  I am off to watch the blue herons.  I am aware.  Many are. The line of demarcation will not be the super rich and poor or middle class.  That may be part.  The line of demarcation is going to be government and government dependant employees(MIC) along with the EBT crowd and everyone else.  Here's to the everyone else.  Stay aware.

Zadok's picture

+1000, I so wish I could meet an adult with a functional brain and eyes. So depressing to be surrounded by utter imbeciles even if you know exactly why you are depressed.
So disgusting, I need an entirely new set of friends, aquaintences, family, and co-workers. What insanity!

RazvanM's picture

Guess what? Such an agency would have access to all the relevant figures of Madoff job. Remember Bernie, anyone? Or to Corzine's job. And, while prosecuting petty crimes, they went aparently idle in such cases.

Is it a logical error to conclude that these jobs were well known, there were well-connected people profiting from such Madoff schemes and Madoff and Corzine worked for them? Or the subprime debacle, with Bush and Bernank and Obama lying all the time they moved lips, these people knew very well who the criminals are, what they've done, still they turned a blind eye on the criminals.

Maybe all this criminal enterprise is actually a Government work? What is the true purpose of this NSA spying?

BeetleBailey's picture


Come get me you maggots.

I'll break out of your FEMA camp over and over....after I loot the place.

Keep low Georgie....this asinine government of 8 year old lying cunts is vindictive.

luckylongshot's picture

What seems to be overlooked in all this are the power dynamics. When the NSA spies on you the knowledge it gathers actually gives them power over you. This is because according to Foucault knowledge is power. The  NSA is taking power from people and centralising it in a way consistent with totalitarianism and so is actually damaging society through its actions. It should be stopped.

WTFUD's picture

So many false flags, isms, teams and prejudice to bugger the masses.
Heh ho! We shall overcome one day, maybe.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Something tells me these criminals no longer care all that much about what the average American thinks...  given that the average American isn't too good at thinking outside the cognitive plantation walls erected by Rockefeller / Carnegie schooling.

kchrisc's picture

Sorry, but those of government do not lie, they ARE a lie. Just a criminal gang of thieves, thugs and goons living off our backs and blood.

This is why one of, if not the first, things those of government always try to control is speech and thought--can't have the sheeple figuring out the lie.


Forget the Miller, it's guillotine time.

tony bonn's picture

george - you are sugar coating all this spying and treating the issue as one where rational argument will move the issue in the right direction. it will not! this spying has no rational bases because it is all about nazism and power. your refusal to recognize the origin of nazism with the rockefellers, bushes, and other plutocrats is your undoing. if you think that the nazis will voluntarily relinquish power because you prove that spying is not in everyone's best interest is naive at best.

the evidence is torrential proving that key american plutocrats are nazis to the marrow of their bones....they gave us hitler....if you don't believe me, study webster tarpley, russ baker, and john buchanan.

these nazis are satan worshipping power mad fiends.


bunnyswanson's picture

What are they looking for exactly?  Who is "with us or against us" obviously.  

But. Who is us?  The 0.0001%?  The Jewish wealth holders?  Oil barons?  Bankers and friends?  Who are they looking for?  Anti-semites?  Tax evaders?  Voices of people who are spreading the word about the obvious set up via predatory lending on a global scale?

They want to make criminals of everyone so they can hold us hostage due to the charges and the outrageous unpaid fines which will accrue while being charged with anything they can muster.

They want to shut us up and steal our shit simultaneously. Free labor is the wet dream of a CEO who lives on 46 million dollars a year so that would also fall into the plan.

kurt's picture

Below is some of the best commentary I've ever read as is the article. You guys are waking up. Watch for snares, hairballs, and deadends.

Randoom Thought's picture

One has to ask: "what are they so afraid of?". Cleary it is not terrorists because they are the ones creating the terror events. They like terror events because it makes people afraid and justifies more control. So, "what are they so afraid of?". And, it MUST be fear, almost to the point of terror, because they are going to such unnecesaary lengths to look for something ... but what is it?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Short answer. They are afraid of treason and swinging from a rope.

All the things that they have done in the last twelve years alone are "Nuremberg events" -Yet no one national or international court of law has prosecuted them for war crimes.  At least not yet.

If the structural integrity of the banks continue to fail and they start a major World War that would be grounds for "termination from life on earth".

The natives are already restless and the two scenarios (alone or in tandem) would be enough to break the "camels back".


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Before there was Edward Snowden. In case anyone hasn't seen this yet, Tom Drake testifying before the European Parliament earlier this week. 

Why this guy and Bill Binney never got the notoriety of the "Glenn Greenwald(s) free press" is still puzzling to many.  They served in the highest echelons of the NSA with more than 20 and 30 year careers respectively and put out what was going on long before we heard about Ed.

nmewn's picture

The unfolding story of LavaBit, the owners personal fight against a police state, is beginning to dribble out.

It is exactly as we thought:

"Prosecutors, it turned out, were pursuing a notable user of Lavabit, Mr. Levison’s secure e-mail service: Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked classified documents that have put the intelligence agency under sharp scrutiny. Mr. Levison was willing to allow investigators with a court order to tap Mr. Snowden’s e-mail account; he had complied with similar narrowly targeted requests involving other customers about two dozen times.

But they wanted more, he said: the passwords, encryption keys and computer code that would essentially allow the government untrammeled access to the protected messages of all his customers. That, he said, was too much.

“You don’t need to bug an entire city to bug one guy’s phone calls,” Mr. Levison, 32, said in a recent interview. “In my case, they wanted to break open the entire box just to get to one connection.”

On Aug. 8, Mr. Levison closed Lavabit rather than, in his view, betray his promise of secure e-mail to his customers. The move, which he explained in a letter on his Web site, drew fervent support from civil libertarians but was seen by prosecutors as an act of defiance that fell just short of a crime.

The full story of what happened to Mr. Levison since May has not previously been told, in part because he was subject to a court’s gag order. But on Wednesday, a federal judge unsealed documents in the case, allowing the tech entrepreneur to speak candidly for the first time about his experiences. He had been summoned to testify to a grand jury in Virginia; forbidden to discuss his case; held in contempt of court and fined $10,000 for handing over his private encryption keys on paper and not in digital form; and, finally, threatened with arrest for saying too much when he shuttered his business."

George Washington's picture

My respect for Binney and Drake is ENORMOUS.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Off topic but of interest. frankly I don't know if this is bullshit or not but am posting it. Someone else can confirm or debunk it.


Obama Uses Own Money To Open Muslim Museum Amid Government Shutdown

Washington, DC — While up to 800,000 federal workers faced life without a paycheck as Day Two of the government shutdown kicked in, President Barack Obama held a press conference to announce that he is using his own money to open the federally funded International Museum of Muslim Cultures.

“During this shutdown, people will have to deal with some of their favorite parks and museums being closed,” Obama told reporters. “Just keep in mind, they will always be there. The Grand Canyon and the Smithsonian are not going anywhere.” Obama continued, “The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is sacred. That is why I have taken it upon myself to use my own personal funds to re-open this historic piece of American culture.”

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures closed its doors Tuesday as parts of the federal government shut down after Congress failed to reach an agreement on spending. On Monday, the Senate rejected the latest budget proposal from the House of Representatives. The fiscal standoff stems in large part from Republican attempts to block President Obama’s healthcare initiative.

“The Muslim community deserves our full acceptance and respect,” Obama said. “We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad. In fact most of them are good. So during this shutdown, now is a great time to learn about the faith of Islam. I encourage all of you to celebrate the Muslim community, the ‘Sunnah’ and the magic of the ‘Quran’. All of this can be found at the newly re-opened International Museum of Muslim Cultures.”

Khaled Matei who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedom and Justice Party told CNN he is pleased with Obama and his actions. “I spoke with President Obama by telephone yesterday and personally thanked him for what he is doing for the Muslim community,” Matei said. “This is definitely a step in the right direction I explained to him. Praise Allah.”

Obama finished the press conference explaining to reporters how thrilled he is to see the museum open again. “Folks, this is a time to focus on things that are important to us in America. Sure, we would all like to see the government open, it just is not that simple. What is simple is me funding the International Museum of Muslim Cultures so that it can stay open during this horrible time in our nation’s history, all thanks to the echo chamber which is called the Tea Party.”

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is located at 201 E Pascagoula Street in Jackson, Mississippi. It is open Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The museum is closed Friday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm in observance of the Jumah Prayer.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Just to clarify since no one else has did a little research this is a bullshit story. National News is a satire/citizen journalist site.

Also The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is a real museum but not a Federal run one.

And the disclaimer for National News site since removed.

Take it for what it is worth but 9 minutes of Obama basically admitting he is a muslim in various public settings and speeches.

Ungaro's picture

I opt out of ObamaDoesn'tCare. I opt out of the war machine. I opt out of mass media, the weapon of mass destraction. I opt out of wanting my government to listen to me. I want to keep my thoughts and dealings private (other than these public ramblings). I keep my personal info on an external drive (HDD, SSD, optical) which are never connected while connected to any network. I use an unbreakable mutating key algorithm encryption called for personal data and communication. I need the NSA like I need another elbow.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

It seems the Black Nero is good at something and that is fucking things up that he tries to fuck up.

WASHINGTON — The United States was said to have planned to destabilize at least two Arab countries over the last two years.

A former leading U.S. military commander asserted that the administration of President Barack Obama worked to destabilize the regimes of Bahrain and Egypt.

[Ret.] Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the administration’s drive against Bahrain, wracked by a Shi’ite revolt, was led by the intelligence community.

“America thought Bahrain was an easy prey that will serve as key to the collapse of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] regime and lead to giant oil companies controlling oil in the Gulf,” Shelton said.

In an interview on the U.S. network Fox News, Shelton said the administration plot was foiled by Bahraini King Hamad in 2011. He said Hamad agreed to a Saudi-sponsored decision by the GCC to send thousands of troops to Bahrain to help quell the Shi’ite revolt, attributed to Iran.

Shelton, who met Hamad during his assignment to the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, based in Manama, said the administration plot harmed relations with both Bahrain as well as neighboring Saudi Arabia. He said Riyad ended any trust in Washington after it was found to have helped the Shi’ites in Bahrain.

The former Joint Chiefs chairman, who served under President Bill
Clinton and President George W. Bush, said Egypt stopped a drive by Obama to
destabilize Egypt in 2013. Shelton said Egyptian Defense Minister Abdul
Fatah Sisi, a former intelligence chief, also detected a U.S. plot to
support the ruling Muslim Brotherhood amid unprecedented unrest. On July 3,
Sisi led a coup that overthrew Egypt’s first Islamist president, Mohammed

“Had Gen. Al Sisi not deposed Morsi, Egypt would have today become
another Syria and its military would have been destroyed,” Shelton said.

Shelton, who did not disclose his sources of information, said Arab
allies of the United States have moved away from Washington. He cited the
new alliance between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
against the Brotherhood.

“I expect calm to be restored in Egypt,” Shelton said. “Gen. Al Sisi has
put an end to the new Middle East project.”

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Little background on the GCC

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG), also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), is a political and economic union of Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf, namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

In December 2011, Saudi Arabia proposed that the GCC deepen their integration to form a confederation.Objections have been raised against the proposal by the other countries


Among the stated objectives are:

  • Formulating similar regulations in various fields such as religious, finance, trade, customs, tourism, legislation, and administration.
  • Fostering scientific and technical progress in industry, mining, agriculture, water and animal resources.
  • Establishing scientific research centers.
  • Setting up joint ventures.
  • Unified military presence (Peninsula Shield Force).
  • Encouraging cooperation of the private sector.
  • Strengthening ties between their peoples.
  • And establishing a common currency by 2010.
However, Oman announced in December 2006 it would not be able to meet the target date. Following the announcement that the central bank for the monetary union would be located in Riyadh and not in the UAE, the UAE announced their withdrawal from the monetary union project in May 2009. The name Khaleeji has been proposed as a name for this currency. If realised, the GCC monetary union would be the second largest supranational monetary union in the world, measured by GDP of the common-currency area.

This area has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, mostly due to a boom in oil and natural gas revenues coupled with a building and investment boom backed by decades of saved petroleum revenues. In an effort to build a tax base and economic foundation before the reserves run out, the UAE's investment arms, including Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, retain over $900 billion in assets. Other regional funds also have several hundreds of billions dollars of assets under management.



Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Little interesting aside concerning the GCC and gold prices blurted out a recent conference.

A senior foreign exchange analyst attending the 4th Saudi Money Expo and Conference 2013 has predicted a rise in global gold prices in 2014.
Peter Rosenstreich, chief FX Analyst and associate director of Swissquote Bank SA, speaking to Arab News on the sidelines of the conference yesterday, said: “Currently the relationship between inflation and gold prices is no longer there. Therefore, without that connection people really don't have a reason to trade gold. If we start seeing global inflation rising at the end of 2013, we will tell investors to start buying gold again to offset inflation, which would make gold prices to rise.”

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And what of the Bush family's Wahhabi brother' "Bandar"?...

Mr. Putin certainly knows that question.

MeMadMax's picture


The boy king can barely fuck up things that he wants to fuck up... so he asks for help ^.^



Millivanilli's picture







Don't like obama care.  DOn't participate.   Grow a pair and resist. 

DaveyJones's picture

funny how the only way we find out about this is by spying on them

all trust is breaking down

so proud

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If they can do all the things in the "laundry list" that G.W. points out, it really doesn't matter if they have your most private communications at their disposal.

If you are what they deem as a threat to THERE security, they can do to you anything they want and WILL with or without your "personal effects".

Once rendition, torture and murder became the sole domain of a secretive justice system under the auspices of the President and his cabinet through the NDAA without means for ratification to the Constitution -none of this mattered anymore from that day forward.

We're disposable unless "we" decide to change it!

Like all the blatant acts of betrayal we've witnessed over the past 12 years, this bit of news should serve to confirm not only that another war is on our horizon again, but that just like the 9/11 Commission Report and the false narratives we were plied with before the war on Iraq, they will keep lying to you until you make them stop.


falak pema's picture

spying is the continuation of the MIC game; by definition low productivity as it hits the asymptote of monopoly government spending ALL paid by governments of the World, often surrogate inefficient and corrupt Satrapies of EMpire.

Lets look at two historical exemples of Empires who used SPYING and network building to support universal empires : 

1° Charles V; he had it all, including the gold and silver of the Aztecs and Incas; and the biggest network of spies incorporated in the Spanish Inquisition and the Jesuits afterwards ; he even went to the point of making a hostile take over play on the Vatican in 1527, making his empire the unquestioned champions of Inquisitorial Catholicism and starting the INEVITABLE political and spiritual reaction of Northern Europe's rush to the Reform. What you sow you then reap and ALL his wealth was lost in his dual fight with the Ottomans and more importantly his fight with Protestantism notably in Holland; 80 years war.

2° Soliman and the Ottomans; They had it all, they were richer than Cressus. They built an administration that became the biggest bureaucracy of those times. It ate all the wealth, inspite of silk, spice and precious stones monopolies with the Orient and all those Anatolian cereal, alum, and silver resources in Bosnia,  producing less and less and eating more and more, after its initial fulgurance. Post Battle of Lepant Ottomans were a declining force. But it had spies all over the world who cost more and more and produced less and less. Ottomans died of admin costs. fighting the Habsburgs, the Persians and the Portuguese. 

Today, if the Oil patch becomes difficult to control, if the local factious elements become rabidly Anti US empire, all those 100 + bases will be difficult to sustain when true budget cuts and austerity occur for Pax AMericana. The ME could become an incredible boomerang cauldron for US interests; also for surrogates. 

History is the greatest time line of Human nature, as inspite of technological progress, the HUMAN UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE; aka human greed and hubris, makes the outcome inevitable for those who think the sun never sets on our Empire. Social sciences are NOT exact sciences and politics and economics and welfare constructs are SOCIAL par excellence.

For in all hegemonic civilizations power corrupts and absolute power...

doctor10's picture

"And it’s not only governments. Private contractors can also view all of your data (and the government isn’t keeping track of which contractors see your data and which don’t). And because background checks regarding some contractors are falsified, it is hard to know the types of people that might have your information. Indeed, private contractors are involved in spying on behalf of governments world-wide"


Governments and Private individuals worldwide have lent the USA 16-17 trillion. This little gift to us is merely one of their conditions of the privelege of being extended that kind of credit.  DO NOT be suprised, that when the American people decide to shrug off this monster , to indeed see massive war  upon us.

cat_artist's picture

From Wikipedia:

"Under Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, any person who levies war against the United States or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution. The term aid and comfort refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given."

Um, by furnishing aid/arms/training/ to Al Queda rebels in Syria, does this not come under the following heading. We could ask a group of patriotic lawyers to file a class action suit against all individuals involved.


john39's picture

al-CIA-duh has been controlled by the world crime syndicate all along, same for the U.S. government.   biggest clue as to who is behind this is suggested by the article above.  The U.S. government shares the intel it gathers from spying on U.S. citizens with a foreign government...  Israel.   the very definition of treason, and there it is... in your face.

Duc888's picture

NSA "the only Government institution that listens".



Winston Smith 2009's picture

"That’s despite Obama saying he’s running the most transparent administration ever"

That's true.  He is.  He's transparently running the most secretive adminstration ever.

AGuy's picture

"That's true. He is. He's transparently running the most secretive adminstration ever."

Bettter yet, Barry wants to make all of private lives, transparent for full gov't oversight. Everyone needs a Big Brother to micromange us, right /Sarc


Winston Churchill's picture

I believe Our Dear Leader meant :"the most transparently corrupt administration ever".

Chicago politics taken nationwide.

The trap is set, just waiting on the trigger.

First they came for the Tea party and I  said nothing. Tthen...............


Peter Pan's picture

If they are spying on everyone, then that includes members of congress who I am sure they will gently convince to vote the way the NSA wants them to vote or else.....

This level of spying can only be fathomed from the perspective of seeking total control, ownership and obedience over the masses.

The final nail will be hammered in when cash is no longer an option at which time the almighty BROTHERCARD will be in full use.

optimator's picture

NSA is spying on everyone, including the congress, the CIA, SRO, CID....

So there is only one entity they are NOT spying on, and that's the entity they work for.  One of the smallest of the Middleast countries at that.


moneybots's picture

"The Wall Street Journal reported that the NSA spies on Americans’ credit card transactions"


I ususally pay cash.


"The IRS will also be spying on Americans’ shopping records, health records."


I usually pay cash.  The grocery store card is about all that is useful to them.

Don't have much of a health record.  Hardly been to a doctor.  Not signing up for Obamacare.

Ruffcut's picture

I installed a spy cam, inside my toilet for their convenience.

If they need to spy on my brown eye, so be it. Just wish I could broadcast the smell, too.

 From My asshole to those assholes.

Peter Pan's picture

Your behaviour already makes you suspect as far as they are concerned.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

One of great untold liberty is freedom from suspicion.

chunga's picture

War's a brewin'

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Only question is "yet other war for oil" or "war for restructure of debt", or both? For certain, war of Central Bankster.