Americans Are Disgusted By BOTH Republicans and Democrats

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Famed trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicted in 2009 that a third party presidential candidate could win in 2012.

It obviously didn’t  happen.  But could a third party win in 2016?

Poll after poll shows that both mainstream parties are deeply unpopular with the American people.

Poll after poll shows that the American people are disgusted with the core policies of both the mainstream Democrats and Republican parties, which help the fatcats while hurting the little guy.

Polls show that Congress is less popular than dog poop, toenail fungus, hemorrhoids,  cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, North Korea, BP during the Gulf Oil Spill, Nixon during Watergate or King George during the American Revolution.

60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – including their own representatives – out in the next election.

The government as a whole doesn’t fare much better. Gallup reports:

Eighteen percent of Americans are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed, down 14 percentage points from the 32% recorded last month before the partial government shutdown began. This is the lowest government satisfaction rating in Gallup’s history of asking the question dating back to 1971.


Trend: Americans' Satisfaction With the Way the Nation Is Being Governed

A poll by Associated Press  and GfK shows that people are disgusted with both parties’ handling of the “government shutdown”:

Americans are finding little they like about President Barack Obama or either political party ….


The AP-GfK poll finds few people approve of the way the president is handling most major issues and most people say he’s not decisive, strong, honest, reasonable or inspiring.




Large majorities of those surveyed finding little positive to say about Democrats. The negatives are even higher for the Republicans across the board, with 4 out of 5 people describing the GOP as unlikeable and dishonest and not compassionate, refreshing, inspiring or innovative.

And second Gallup poll shows that 60% of Americans think we need a third party:

Amid the government shutdown, 60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed. That is the highest Gallup has measured in the 10-year history of this question.

A new low of 26% believe the two major parties adequately represent Americans.



Trend: Perceived Need for a Third Major U.S. Political Party



Republicans, Democrats Equally Likely to See Need for Third Party


Republicans (52%) and Democrats (49%) are similar in their perceptions that a third party is needed. In fact, this marks the first time that a majority of either party’s supporters have said a third party is needed.

Trend: Support for a Third Major U.S. Political Party, by Political Party Affiliation

The two-party system has become nothing but a scripted beauty contest between two sides of the same coin.

But isn’t the American system by definition a two-party system … warts and all?

No … in fact, the Founding Fathers tried to warn us about the threat from a two-party system.



U.S. Justice Department Opens Criminal Probe Into Currency Market Manipulation

Military Waste and Fraud Continue In the Middle of the Government Shutdown

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John_Coltrane's picture

Well, there's one party that got us into all this mess-and Americans poor knowledge of history allows the MSM to propagate their fabian socialist agenda.  So a brief history lesson:

Which party in 1913 established the FED and then amended the constitution to allow an illegal income tax (the pre-requisite to the welfare state).

Which party used false flags to get the US into WWI (OK, Wilson again!)

Which party created Social Security, instigated goverment control over all aspects of the economy, using the Pearl Harbor false flag to get us into WWII?  And confiscated privately owned gold.

Which party established the "great society" programs of the 1960s like foodstamps, medicaid, medicare etc which the sole reason for our current debt and deficite?  (Hint:  the letters LBJ give it away)

Which president established the Dept of Education and Energy?  (hint:  do you like peanut farmers)

Which party passed Obamacare without a single vote of the other party?  Which party passed the "Porkulus" stimulus without a single vote of the other party?

If you don't know the difference between the two parties and between say, Goldwater and LBJ or Pelosi and Ron Paul, or Rand Paul or Ted Cruz and Harry Reid and Charles Schumer, you lack discrimination which is the quinessence of intelligence.  The conflating of the two parties in the MSM is a well engineered exercise in progagada just as is the current propagada regarding the effects of a so-called government shut-down.  There's only one party opposing the debt ceiling increase and Obamacare and they need your support!   There is only one party consistently supporting the second amendment!

Also, the EU has lots of 3d and 4th parties and they couldn't be more fucked up-that's where Fabian Socialism originated!  Libertarians need to take over the Republican party and they are currently doing just that!  Then we need to implement what Reagan tried to do:  eliminate the Dept of Education and Energy.  Then eliminate all the social welfare programs and the income tax theft that supports them and the big banks.  Just remember no debt=no FED.

WallowaMountainMan's picture

"60% of Americans think we need a third party"

man, i don't know about that. after the second party, i'm so drunk that i couldn't get home, let alone to a third party.



Sathington Willougby's picture

All talk.  97% didn't want a third party candidate.  Merkins want free shit, and they wanted it yesterday.

GoldIsMoney's picture

And why do they elect them over and over again then?

silentboom's picture

Fuck this article and fuck the American braindead fucks who will continue this circlejerk until we are all shooting blanks.  They are voting themselves free shit and doing eeny miny moe.  Fuckers.

MassDecep's picture

The truth to the whole matter is electronic ballet manipulation. The entities that control the Government, also own the companies who tally the ballets. That is the atrocity of our times. They make it seem like it’s a close election, even though it’s a blowout for the “other side”. They allow most elections to tally as normal, giving you the false sense of “your vote counts”. The major elections are already determined. Until you can see through this your whole outlook on the matrix is blurred.

bigkahuna's picture

"Hoover was the last true Republican"

Yeah, after 4 terms FDR pretty much transformed the federal government from a caretaker to a controller. Just like any controller, all they want is more control. The banking cartel oligarchy had already got the unFederal Reserve in 1913. Woodrow and Franklin handed the oligarchy everything they needed.

I read about the Sec Treas (Andrew Mellon) under Cooldidge and part of the Hoover admin - followed by Ogden Mills (author of "The 17 Million" - where Mills lays out the tenents of what some today call conservatism). Mills's definition and use of the term "Liberal" is actually the true meaning of the word Liberal, before the banking cartel oligarchy, through the liars in the MSM told the statists that they are liberals. For some reason 99.9 percent of people call the statists liberals today - this is an insult to everyones' intelligence. 

It appears that Mellon, Mills, and Hoover were swept away during the depression because the majority of the people blamed them for the depression and the tyrant FDR came to power by promising free shit. I do not want to speak too harshly of the FDR voters, because they may have been literally hungry - but 4 terms? No way. Could lucifer have been more cunning, I doubt it. In his third term reelection, we were not in any war yet, FDR was promising to keep us out of the war even. In fact, it appears that FDR rigged the 1940 Dem primary:


Election of 1940

Main article: United States presidential election, 1940

The two-term tradition had been an unwritten rule (until the 22nd Amendment after Roosevelt's presidency) since George Washington declined to run for a third term in 1796, and both Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt were attacked for trying to obtain a third non-consecutive term. FDR systematically undercut prominent Democrats who were angling for the nomination, including Vice President John Nance Garner[166] and two cabinet members, Secretary of State Cordell Hull and James Farley, Roosevelt's campaign manager in 1932 and 1936, the Postmaster General and the Democratic Party chairman. Roosevelt moved the convention to Chicago where he had strong support from the city machine (which controlled the auditorium sound system). At the convention the opposition was poorly organized, but Farley had packed the galleries. Roosevelt sent a message saying that he would not run unless he was drafted, and that the delegates were free to vote for anyone. The delegates were stunned; then the loudspeaker screamed "We want Roosevelt... The world wants Roosevelt!" The delegates went wild and he was nominated by 946 to 147 on the first ballot. The tactic employed by Roosevelt was not entirely successful, as his goal had been to be drafted by acclamation.[167] The new vice-presidential nominee was Henry A. Wallace, a liberal intellectual who was Secretary of Agriculture.[168]

In his campaign against Republican Wendell Willkie, Roosevelt stressed both his proven leadership experience and his intention to do everything possible to keep the United States out of war. In one of his speeches he declared to potential recruits that "you boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war."[169] He won the 1940 election with 55% of the popular vote and 38 of the 48 states.[170] A shift to the left within the Administration was shown by the naming of Henry A. Wallace as Vice President in place of the conservative Texan John Nance Garner, who had become a bitter enemy of Roosevelt after 1937.


Now we have the undisputed champion of the free shit armada in power and we are so far past broke as a country that we will never balance the books. Unfortunately, human behavior has played out in favor of a complete consolidation of power under an oligarchy which has over time completely pre-empted the Republic of the United States of America. All that remains between the oligarchy and a complete takeover - an out in the open style takeover - are the Second Amendment, and a small cadre of Citizens who are aware.

Is anyone still wondering if the government really cares? LOL! The government only cares about control, that is what it is designed for silly!

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

"60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – including their own representatives – out in the next election."


THis number is misleading and AGAIN, this is where the right in this country (libertarians, republicans, etc) miss it every time, when this number is broken down into democrat and republican, the number comes way down for democrats.   I forget the exact numbers and am too lazy to find the original data, but the fact remains, democrats, apparently, are fucking stupid.  Or, I should say, those that identify as democrats.  

Make no mistake, no matter what happens, democrats will vote for democrats.   Why, well, from what I've heard from them anecdotal accounts only is that they've always voted democrat, democrats are for the little people and, unsaid, democrats are who TeeVee tells me to vote for.    I moved from FL to RI, why, well, long story, but I am surrounded.   The lunacy is rampant up here.  

I think polls like this 60% poll are meant to gin up the right in this country to not support their guy.   Yes, if you believe in the right v left paradigm.   But, apparently enough people do that this lightweight was not only elected but reelected.   The 'man' that adds up to basically, Jimmy Carter's smegma, was reelected.  

d edwards's picture

The third party people are looking for is emerging from the ashes of the OLD Repub party and their go-along-to-get along bullshit.


It is the new crop of tea party Repubs (I prefer to call them Liberty Repubs) Like, Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Gohmert and others. The actually take the Constitition seriously and are standing up for We, The People (at last!)


In 2014 there are some old bulls up for reelection and they have people running against them in the primaries. Check out the authenticity of the opposing people and support them.

Element's picture

Because the political system will always provide the solutions we really need, ... right? ...  

 . . .   r i g h t ?





Yup ... born on the wrong planet again


... and fuck-you too George

Flammonde's picture

Whomever it is will have to be to the right of Obama.  The clear trend line in elections is to the far right.  It simply is impossible to envision an honest election in the United States under any circumstances.  One cannot be elected to de-evolve the Republic to the states after all.  If we elect or have selected some anti-Lincoln Patriot who says they will do that you can be sure the outcome will be as many standing armies as there are new Republics.  Unless California goes for a Navy to sail the polluted radioactive Pacific and show the Bear Flag to the Kingdom of Hawaii and fly an air force to intimidate Texas.

dreadnaught's picture

too far right and i think the GOP will be dead forever....the dems will form a conservative wing and a liberal wing-the GOP will become irrelevant...

Lordflin's picture

Somehow I think a third party is not going to do it. Banks are skilled at running third party candidates... Consider Teddy Roosevelt who helped get Woodrow Wilson elected (who then ushered in the Federal Reserve) or Ross Perot who gave us Bill Clinton (and the end of Glass Steagall).

Unless the banking system itself is dismantled (and there is neither the political means or will to do this as the Congress and Senate are nothing more than influence peddlers) there is no hope for a return of government to the people. And I might add that freedom is a privilege lost on an immoral people (or in other words it is not the economy stupid).

But all of this is rather moot as the world stage is about to bring the curtain down on our own little personal drama. What the state of things will be then is unknowable (despite a world filled with self acknowledged experts and geniuses) as in my opinion we are about to encounter a singularity...

Money Squid's picture

I am disgusted with americans being disgusted at the politicians they contributed to and voted for.

Zero Point's picture

Surely, if the majority actually does rule... There should be NO POTUS..... If you combine the votes against, with the abstensions.

That's why voting is compulsory in Australia. They force two shovels on us, and make us take our pick.

I'd kill people over it, but I'm pretty far from certain on where to start.

paint it red call it hell's picture

Disgust is not a strong enough word.

Heroic Couplet's picture

If the American people were against Obamacare, then during the past 8 days, Internet traffic would have documented it. Nothing of the kind happened.

doMiKY's picture

we are at a point where it would be a good thing if the U.S. government would fund the U.S. government and raise the government debt ceiling so that we can afford it.

then after that- we can, possibly, deal with the problems within the U.S. government and what it is doing to the citizens...ha ha ha...



Debt Slave's picture

60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – including their own representatives – out in the next election.

Yet somehow, they never seem to get around to actually doing it.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Until presented with a two party ballot. Gotta vote for someone?

Incubus's picture

already said it once, I'll say it again.

Hope is the last to die.  People always need to hope.

The show isn't ending until about 2017 or 2018. When people elect the next cocksucker as CEO of the corporation of the US of A, and they realize things aren't changing, thats when things will go south.


Won't happen any sooner than then.

mt paul's picture

when hope dies

you get the change


if you want it or not

Money Squid's picture

"60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – including their own representatives – out in the next election."

But polls show 254% of americans like the system just the way it is.

ramacers's picture

sorry. too late. blood only resort.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture


Dems And and Republicans,like all the other corporate entities that are corrupting our free-market republic, do it because they're capitalists(aka: corporations). They get away with it because corporations have excessive/unwarranted constitutional rights. There's a cure for that: Article 5..........---We do'nt need Congress to do this:

28th Amendment (aka Corporate Firewall Amendment)

    Corporations are not persons and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of (the real capitalists) ThePeople. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate *charters* according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:
    1, prohibitions against any corporation;
    a, owning another corporation,
    b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or
    c, otherwise distorting the general economy;
    2, prohibitions against any form of intervention in the affairs of government by means of;
    a, congressional lobbying
    b, electoral sponsorship or advocacy
    c, educational sponsorship or publication
    d, media news reporting
    3, provisions for;
    a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books
    b, closing the FRB and the establishment of state-owned banks
    c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives et al for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.

Optional: (or possible 29th amendment)

    The 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution is hereby repealed and Congress shall re-write the U.S. Code to reflect the changes embodied herein.

    (While we're at it, we could also repeal the 17th amendment)

Direct link:


lakecity55's picture

Keep in mind Bath House has all those Enabling Acts EOs on speed dial.

His attempts to manipulate Americans into revolt is not working, so far.

He may have to declare an economic emergency in order to activate the EOs.

But he will activate them. There was no other reason to create them!

Few people know that all police agencies can be nationalized under these EOs.

His goal is obvious: crush the Republic. If he activates the EOs and succeeds, we will have a Caesar. If he activates them and fails, the resulting chaos would still inflict great harm on the US. He wins either way!

It's coming. Watch for it.


Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Sulla rides, and Caesar is in hiding. But who will be Pompey Magnus? Ron Paul?

The Burning Planet's picture

I hardly read any articles on ZH this past week cause most of them were about the debt ceiling. Which I think is all bullshit political theater. Hardly worth reading about IMO.

The Burning Planet's picture

That went over well. I was in the right place. Must have been the wrong time.

0b1knob's picture

Oh god not another phony false front fake third party nut like Ross Perot.   And in the end it was just a way to fix the election for Clinton....

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Actually Perot had a strong dislike and ongoing feud with the bush family - probably something about who could take a bigger shit, and clearly bush won that argument.   But, Perot's efforts were to prevent Bush from getting a second term.  period.  Or, so I've been told.

falak pema's picture

LIBERTarians are reds who sing "rather dead than dirty red" like the "other guys" did before the wall fell down.

Whadya know the Darjeeling Mob is more anti-red than the old Bolshy mob was anti yank.

Jumping Jesophats. I'm going color blind. 

Winston Smith 2009's picture
"Americans Are Disgusted By BOTH Republicans and Democrats"

But far too many of them continue to vote for them anyway...

HardAssets's picture

Real progress will be made when Americans stop givng a crap about what comes out of D.C. (District of Criminals). That game is completely rigged (remember what they did in the party machinery, in the primaries, and in the mainstream media with Ron Paul ?) The D.C. government is corrupted and it ain't gonna change. Take charge at the local and state levels. Nullify. Ignore. Re establish the original concept of the Republic made up of the individual states with accountability by those who are forced to face the voters up front and personal. When the vast majority of people refuse to give legitimacy to the fraud and choose to not vote in useless & rigged federal elections, then progress will have been made.

jvetter713's picture

The 'ol lesser of two evils syndrom it seems.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Actually, a 3rd party candidate did win the 2012 election.  He also won the 2008 election.  His name was Barack Obama.  He's a member of the socialist party.  It seized control of the Democratic party between 2000 and 2006.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Green arrow but you're giving the democrats way too much credit.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Get off the 3rd party candidate crap.  It never works.  You've got to seize control of one of the existing parties.  I was never a fan of Ron Paul, but he understood this, and to his credit attempted to get control of the grass roots level party machinery.  Ultimately, he failed for lack of charisma.  Perhaps his son will have more success.

GMadScientist's picture

60% want a 3rd party candidate, but do they all want the same 3rd party candidate?

quasimodo's picture

It won't make any difference as long as the vote counters can dip into the ballot box

Tim_'s picture

Elections are a Big Lie.

Joe Davola's picture

This is the old "the backup QB is always the fan favorite on a football team" syndrome.

Until the backup enters the game and the sad reality of why he was the backup becomes apparent.

TrustbutVerify's picture

We're speeding up as we approach the debt cliff.

One of We's picture

60% of Americans want to throw all of the bums in Congress – including their own representatives – out in the next election.

No, how about expelled, removed from office, and thrown in jail?  I like that better.....

Clowns on Acid's picture

George - Lets clarify it.... it is all about the Ntional HealCare abomination and exponential defciit spending..... isn't it ?

putaipan's picture


roadhazard's picture

As long as it's someone who's never been to Washington or involved in the stock market.

monad's picture

Michelle Bachmann? No way dude.