NSA Spying Did Not Result In a SINGLE Foiled Terrorist Plot

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Preface: The Bush and Obama administrations have claimed for more than a decade that spying on Americans was justified by 9/11.

Senator Diane Feinstein – head of the Senate Intelligence Committee – is now trotting out the same old tired justification.

However – as demonstrated below – that claim is totally false.

No Stopped Terrorist Plots

TechDirt notes:

Feinstein goes on to make … claims that have already been debunked:

Working in combination, the call-records database and other NSA programs have aided efforts by U.S. intelligence agencies to disrupt terrorism in the U.S. approximately a dozen times in recent years, according to the NSA. This summer, the agency disclosed that 54 terrorist events have been interrupted—including plots stopped and arrests made for support to terrorism. Thirteen events were in the U.S. homeland and nine involved U.S. persons or facilities overseas. Twenty-five were in Europe, five in Africa and 11 in Asia.

[The NSA chief himself admits the numbers are wildly inflated, and there were only "one or two" terrorist plots foiled.  The NSA’s deputy director says that – at the mostone (1) plot might have been disrupted by the bulk phone records collection alone.]


Note the all important “and other NSA programs” language here. Also the use of “terrorist events” not plots. And, remember, those “thirteen events… in the U.S. homeland,” have since been whittled down to only one that actually relied on the call records program that she’s defending — and that wasn’t a terrorist plot but a cab driver in San Diego sending some cash to a Somali group judged to be a terrorist organization.

Specifically, the cab driver and 3 other men raised a total of $8,500 and sent it to Somalia.

While the group the money was sent to was, in fact, designated as a terrorist organization in 2008 by the U.S., the FBI itself admits that the cab driver’s donation was more in the nature of a political – or even tribal – affiliation, rather than a terrorist one.

Yochai Benkler explained at the Guardian:

This single successful prosecution, under a vague criminal statute, which stopped a few thousand dollars from reaching one side in a local conflict in the Horn of Africa, is the sole success story for the NSA bulk domestic surveillance program.

The Cato Institute’s Julian Sanchez writes that Feinstein’s argument:

Is simply an attempt to exploit the tragedy of 9/11 to deflect criticism of massive domestic surveillance that would not have been any use in preventing that attack.”

So there’s not a single terrorist attack proven to have been thwarted by the NSA. Instead, the entire Orwellian surveillance program is being justified by one San Diego cabbie sending his loose change ($8,500 divided by 4 is $2,125) to the other side of the world as a political/tribal contribution?

The Government Actually DID Spy On the Bad Guys Before 9/11

ProPublica notes:

In defending the NSA’s sweeping collection of Americans’ phone call records, Obama administration officials have repeatedly pointed out how it could have helped thwart the 9/11 attacks: If only the surveillance program been in place before Sept. 11, 2001, U.S. authorities would have been able to identify one of the future hijackers who was living in San Diego [named Khalid al Mihdhar].


Last weekend, former Vice President Dick Cheney invoked the same argument.



Indeed, the Obama administration’s invocation of the Mihdhar case echoes a nearly identical argument made by the Bush administration eight years ago when it defended the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping program.

The reality is different.

Initially, an FBI informant hosted and rented a room to Mihdhar and another 9/11 hijacker in 2000.

Investigators for the Congressional Joint Inquiry discovered that an FBI informant had hosted and even rented a room to two hijackers in 2000 and that, when the Inquiry sought to interview the informant, the FBI refused outright, and then hid him in an unknown location, and that a high-level FBI official stated these blocking maneuvers were undertaken under orders from the White House.

As the New York Times notes:

Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who is a former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, accused the White House on Tuesday of covering up evidence ….The accusation stems from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s refusal to allow investigators for a Congressional inquiry and the independent Sept. 11 commission to interview an informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, who had been the landlord in San Diego of two Sept. 11 hijackers.

So mass surveillance of Americans isn’t necessary, when the FBI informant should have apprehended the hijackers.

Moreover, the NSA actually did intercept Mihdhar’s phone calls before 9/11.

We reported in 2008:

The U.S. government heard the 9/11 plans from the hijackers’ own mouth. Most of what we wrote about involved the NSA and other intelligence services tapping top Al Qaeda operatives’ phone calls outside the U.S.


However, as leading NSA expert James Bamford – the Washington Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings for almost a decade, winner of a number of journalism awards for coverage national security issues, whose articles have appeared in dozens of publications, including cover stories for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times Magazine, and the only author to write any books (he wrote 3) on the NSA – reports, the NSA was also tapping the hijackers’ phone calls inside the U.S.


Specifically, hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi lived in San Diego, California, for 2 years before 9/11. Numerous phone calls between al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi in San Diego and a high-level Al Qaeda operations base in Yemen were made in those 2 years.


The NSA had been tapping and eavesdropping on all calls made from that Yemen phone for years. So NSA recorded all of these phone calls.


Indeed, the CIA knew as far back as 1999 that al-Mihdhar was coming to the U.S. Specifically, in 1999, CIA operatives tailing al-Mihdhar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, obtained a copy of his passport. It contained visas for both Malaysia and the U.S., so they knew it was likely he would go from Kuala Lumpur to America.

We asked top NSA whistleblower William Binney – a highly-credible 32-year NSA veteran with the title of senior technical director, who headed the agency’s digital data gathering program (featured in a New York Times documentary, and the source for much of what we know about NSA spying) – what he thought of the government’s claim that mass surveillance of Americans would have caught Mihdhar and prevented 9/11.

Binney responded:

Of course they could have and did have data on hijackers before 9/11. And, Prism did not start until 2007. But they could get the data from the “Upstream” collection. This is the Mark Klein documentation of Narus equipment in the NSA room in San Francisco and probably other places in the lower 48. They did not need Prism to discover that. Prism only suplemented the “Upstream” material starting in 2007 according to the slide.

Details here and here.

Another high-level NSA whistleblower – Thomas Drake – testified in a declaration last year that an NSA pilot program he and Binney directed:

Revealed the extent of the connections that the NSA had within its data prior to the [9/11] attacks. The NSA found the array of potential connections among the data that it already possessed to be potentially embarrassing. To avoid that embarrassment, the NSA suppressed the results of the pilot program. I had been told that the NSA had chosen not to pursue [the program] as one of its methods for combatting terrorism. Instead, the NSA had previously chosen to delegate the development of a new program, named “Trailblazer” to a group of outside contractors.

Moreover, widespread spying on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here, here, here, here and here.

And U.S. and allied intelligence heard the 9/11 hijackers plans from their own mouths:

  • The National Security Agency and the FBI were each independently listening in on the phone calls between the supposed mastermind of the attacks and the lead hijacker. Indeed, the FBI built its own antenna in Madagascar specifically to listen in on the mastermind’s phone calls
  • According to various sources, on the day before 9/11, the mastermind told the lead hijacker “tomorrow is zero hour” and gave final approval for the attacks. The NSA intercepted the message that day and the FBI was likely also monitoring the mastermind’s phone calls
  • According to the Sunday Herald, two days before 9/11, Bin Laden called his stepmother and told her “In two days, you’re going to hear big news and you’re not going to hear from me for a while.” U.S. officials later told CNN that “in recent years they’ve been able to monitor some of bin Laden’s telephone communications with his [step]mother. Bin Laden at the time was using a satellite telephone, and the signals were intercepted and sometimes recorded.” Indeed, before 9/11, to impress important visitors, NSA analysts would occasionally play audio tapes of bin Laden talking to his stepmother.
  • And according to CBS News, at 9:53 a.m on 9/11, just 15 minutes after the hijacked plane had hit the Pentagon, “the National Security Agency, which monitors communications worldwide, intercepted a phone call from one of Osama bin Laden’s operatives in Afghanistan to a phone number in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia”, and secretary of Defense Rumsfeld learned about the intercepted phone call in real-time (if the NSA monitored and transcribed phone calls in real-time on 9/11, that implies that it did so in the months leading up to 9/11 as well)

But even with all of that spying, the government didn’t stop the hijackers … even though 9/11 was entirely foreseeable.

ProPublica notes:

There were plenty of opportunities without having to rely on this metadata system for the FBI and intelligence agencies to have located Mihdhar,” says former Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who extensively investigated 9/11 as chairman of the Senate’s intelligence committee.


These missed opportunities are described in detail in the joint congressional report produced by Graham and his colleagues as well as in the 9/11 Commission report.




Mihdhar was on the intelligence community’s radar at least as early as 1999. That’s when the NSA had picked up communications from a “terrorist facility” in the Mideast suggesting that members of an “operational cadre” were planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur in January 2000, according to the commission report. The NSA picked up the first names of the members, including a “Khalid.” The CIA identified him as Khalid al Mihdhar.


The U.S. got photos of those attending the January 2000 meeting in Malaysia, including of Mihdhar, and the CIA also learned that his passport had a visa for travel to the U.S.




Using their true names, Mihdhar and Hazmi for a time beginning in May 2000 even lived with an active FBI informant in San Diego.




Let’s turn to the comments of FBI Director Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary Committee last week.


Mueller noted that intelligence agencies lost track of Mihdhar following the January 2000 Kuala Lumpur meeting but at the same time had identified an “Al Qaida safe house in Yemen.”


He continued: “They understood that that Al Qaida safe house had a telephone number but they could not know who was calling into that particular safe house. We came to find out afterwards that the person who had called into that safe house was al Mihdhar, who was in the United States in San Diego. If we had had this [metadata] program in place at the time we would have been able to identify that particular telephone number in San Diego.”


In turn, the number would have led to Mihdhar and potentially disrupted the plot, Mueller argued.

(Media accounts indicate that the “safe house” was actually the home of Mihdhar’s father-in-law, himself a longtime al Qaida figure, and that the NSA had been intercepting calls to the home for several years.)


The congressional 9/11 report sheds some further light on this episode, though in highly redacted form.


The NSA had in early 2000 analyzed communications between a person named “Khaled” and “a suspected terrorist facility in the Middle East,” according to this account. But, crucially, the intelligence community “did not determine the location from which they had been made.”


In other words, the report suggests, the NSA actually picked up the content of the communications between Mihdhar and the “Yemen safe house” but was not able to figure out who was calling or even the phone number he was calling from.




Theories about the metadata program aside, it’s not clear why the NSA couldn’t or didn’t track the originating number of calls to Yemen it was already listening to.


Intelligence historian Matthew Aid, who wrote the 2009 NSA history Secret Sentry, says that the agency would have had both the technical ability and legal authority to determine the San Diego number that Mihdhar was calling from.


Back in 2001 NSA was routinely tracking the identity of both sides of a telephone call,” [9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow] told ProPublica.




There’s another wrinkle in the Mihdhar case: In the years after 9/11, media reports also suggested that there were multiple calls that went in the other direction: from the house in Yemen to Mihdhar in San Diego. But the NSA apparently also failed to track where those calls were going.


In 2005, the Los Angeles Times quoted unnamed officials saying the NSA had well-established legal authority before 9/11 to track calls made from the Yemen number to the U.S. In that more targeted scenario, a metadata program vacumming the phone records of all Americans would appear to be unnecessary.

And see this PBS special.

In other words, the NSA had the technical ability and legal authority to intercept calls between Midhar and Yemen before 9/11 … and it actually did so.

In addition, Gawker notes that Feinstein’s own statement is illogical on its face, since the CIA had issued urgent alerts:

Feinstein includes this paragraph right up front:

In the summer of 2001, the CIA’s then-director, George Tenet, painted a dire picture for members of the Senate Intelligence Committee when he testified about the terrorist threat posed by al Qaeda. As Mr. Tenet later told the 9/11 Commission, “the system was blinking red” and by late July of that year, it could not “get any worse.”

Huh. So… the CIA did issue dire warnings prior to 9/11…. This directly contradicts Feinstein’s point about the necessity of the NSA’s phone spying.

Moreover, Wikipedia notes:

Mihdhar was placed on a CIA watchlist on August 21, 2001, and a note was sent on August 23 to the Department of State and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) suggesting that Mihdhar and Hazmi be added to their watchlists.




On August 23, the CIA informed the FBI that Mihdhar had obtained a U.S. visa in Jeddah. The FBI headquarters received a copy of the Visa Express application from the Jeddah embassy on August 24, showing the New York Marriott as Mihdhar’s destination.


On August 28, the FBI New York field office requested that a criminal case be opened to determine whether Mihdhar was still in the United States, but the request was refused. The FBI ended up treating Mihdhar as an intelligence case, which meant that the FBI’s criminal investigators could not work on the case, due to the barrier separating intelligence and criminal case operations. An agent in the New York office sent an e-mail to FBI headquarters saying, “Whatever has happened to this, someday someone will die, and the public will not understand why we were not more effective and throwing every resource we had at certain ‘problems.’” The reply from headquarters was, “we [at headquarters] are all frustrated with this issue … [t]hese are the rules. NSLU does not make them up.”


The FBI contacted Marriott on August 30, requesting that they check guest records, and on September 5, they reported that no Marriott hotels had any record of Mihdhar checking in. The day before the attacks, the New York office requested that the Los Angeles FBI office check all local Sheraton Hotels, as well as Lufthansa and United Airlines bookings, because those were the two airlines Mihdhar had used to enter the country. Neither the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network nor the FBI’s Financial Review Group, which have access to credit card and other private financial records, were notified about Mihdhar prior to September 11.




Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Congressman Curt Weldon alleged in 2005 that the Defense Department data mining project Able Danger identified Mihdhar and 3 other 9/11 hijackers as members of an al-Qaeda cell in early 2000.

Similarly, even though the alleged Boston bombers’ phones were tapped – and NBC News reports, “under the post-9/11 Patriot Act, the government has been collecting records on every phone call made in the U.S.”mass surveillance did not stop the other terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

In reality – despite the government continually grasping at strawsto justify its massive spying program – top security experts say that mass surveillance of Americans . Indeed, they say that mass spying actually hurts U.S. counter-terror efforts (more here and here).

As one amusing example, the NSA’s databases are getting clogged with spam emails from accounts they’re snooping on.

Veteran FBI agent Colleen Rowley (the one in the middle) – the one who tried to warn her superiors about hijakckers taking flying lessons – pointed out in June:

Think about how Bush administration officials defended themselves from not following up on the incredibly specific intelligence warnings urgently going to Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet and National Counterterrorism Director Richard Clark in the months leading up to 9/11. Their common response back then was something along the line of: intelligence is like a fire hose, and you can’t get a sip from a fire hose. There was apparently too much for top officials to even read the key memos addressed to them.


But if intelligence was a fire hose before 9/11, it quickly became Niagara Falls.


And now, with so much data (almost all of it irrelevant) that has been sucked into government databases and computers, one might liken the “intelligence flow” to a tsunami, with analysts asked to find just the right drop of water. Good luck.


In fact, The Washington Post’s well-researched series in 2010 on “Top Secret America” reported that the NSA was collecting and storing around 1.7 billion pieces of information every 24 hours, even back then.


To switch metaphors, it does not make it easier to find a needle in a haystack if you continue to add hay. No one has ever explained why it was left to fellow passengers or alert street vendors, not the “intelligence” agencies, to stop the last four major terrorist attacks or attempted attacks on U.S. soil.


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As Jeff Rense, et al.,

repeat over & over:


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Yes, Element, those are a couple of good links to look at.

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Werkin, not the same as gettin' paid, still, word is bond, and I'm too busy to go in depth past the thin ice, self invoked.  THIS is the best post I have seen, can I throw some gas on the fire?  Asymetrical, or out-of-phase with biology, reverse engineered technology deliberately introduced, to arrive at a pre-established result of such technology introduction sequences, diseases without cures, engines without efficiency?  We are burning up the world of man, and, it is an old, pummeled world traveling through old battlezones, infested with diseased telepathic fleas left over from unwon forgotten struggles.  Ich bin ein Merman. ( John Cannflush.)  To those who suspect that this sort of tirade is garbled, or schizo, I apologize, though, it is most likely you, who must expand your perception.  There's a universe out there, and this Farmer's Almanac of a language is only tuned to the music of some Intergalactic Monsanto Elevator.

      The proxy soldiers of the mind control Borg, are, in fact, without imagination, using a tired playbook that exhausts living creatures.

I will not check back, for years.  Eventually, from the leisure moments in a reconditioning compound, I'll hack on back here.

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The way the 9 11 attacks could have been foiled was if the Pressident had issued instructions that it was not to proceed.

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Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will right this. It will take an angry populace. Sadly, it may take an angry international populace.Still, I don't think we'll ever rid ourselves of these intrusions. Privacy, unfortunately, died with the Patriot Act. There will most likely never be any going back.

What is really sad to me is that future generations will never know any different. http://GoodnightDrone.com

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We are the enemy,they fear. The enemy they claim to oppose is their excuse to spy on us, their real enemy. It's power they crave. Foreign terrorists don't threaten their power,we do. Power corrupts. Craving power corrupts. Spying corrupts. As they want to know their enemy; we must know our enemy and it is them.

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This kind of article skates as quickly as it can across the surface of very thin ice. If one stops for a moment and examines the available information, it becomes plainly obvious, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the events on 9/11/2001were an INSIDE JOB FALSE FLAG ATTACK. However, one then breaks through into freezing cold water, while still surrounded by a vast expanse of thin ice, while the possible shores to that are very far away ...

There is a runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut, deliberately building a fascist police state, to protect and advance its interests, and obviously, the NSA is part of that overall situation. However, the real problems are almost infinitely deeper than merely that! There are chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life, which must necessarily be resolved, and they do get resolved through evolutionary ecology processes. The whole history of Neolithic Civilization has been agriculture and slavery, with the advances in science and technology amplifying that by trillions of times. The extreme asymmetry that the government is supposed to be able to know everything about everyone, while only a very few, with compartmentalized "need to know," are allowed to know what the "government" is really doing, is the runaway manifestation of psychotic "national security," where nobody fully knows where the shadow governments are lurking.

Success in warfare was always based on backing up deceits with destruction, and false flag attacks were found throughout the history of militarism. There was nothing unique about 9/11 other than being the most spectacular false flag attack, so far ... It was deliberately staged in order to have pretexts for more genocidal wars, and to prepare to impose democidal martial law. While that is obvious to anyone who bothers to look enough at the available information, the few that do that then still tend to not look any deeper into WHY history selected for those who were the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, to end up controlling civilization.

Despite things like atomic energy and electronics providing capacities which are many orders of magnitude greater than anything that previously existed in human history, those capacities are primarily employed to maintain the established systems, which require the vast majority of people being kept ignorant and afraid, so that they can continue to be controlled. Pumping up that social pyramid system with technologies that are trillions of times more powerful than anything that ever existed before in known human history is extremely problematic.

We have never been here before, and therefore, we have no idea where this is going ... The contradictions between warfare being the oldest social science, whose success was paradoxically based upon deceit, combined with breakthroughs in science and technologies, which discover more relative truth about the natural world, and natural laws, that enables building things like atomic bombs, and electronic surveillance systems, are constantly pumping up the growing contradictions in social pyramid systems which are based upon backing up lies with violence, by using technologies to do that which are trillions of times more powerful. In that context, the extremely paradoxical problems that we face can be summarized in these two generalizations:


Human realities are necessarily always organized lies, operating organized robberies, because human realities manifest as ENERGY SYSTEMS. (Note that I regard the mathematical equations of entropy as having an arbitrary minus sign inserted into them, which has reversed their meaning, and therefore, resulted in understanding everything backwards.)

It is not merely the whim of some evil psychology of the ruling classes that they operate combined money/murder systems, where the debt controls are backed up by death controls. Those are currently the best possible human solutions to the chronic political problems which human beings innately have, as animals living within their natural world (which includes higher order dimensions, as yet not well-understood.) It was not some accident of history that militarism became the supreme ideology. It was not an accident that the first priorities have always been to apply science and technology to build better weapons, and therefore, THAT IS WHAT THE NSA IS DOING!

However, the paradoxical problems that we operate our death controls and debt controls through the maximum possible deceits and frauds are entangling us all in tighter and tighter wound up situations where "national security" is becoming more and more psychotic, as demonstrated by the degree to which 9/11 was an inside job, false flag attack, which has justified and rationalized runaway psychoses, to further privatize and fragment the money/murder systems into Bizarro Mirror Worlds, which are extremely difficult to navigate through, since everything is proportionately backwards and distorted!

The radical truth is that we should break through to new systems of death controls, backing up new systems of debt controls, because that is both what needs to happen, and will happen. The ONLY genuine solutions to our problems are for the different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies, to go through their evolutionary ecology processes by perhaps developing better dynamic equilibria, with their own survivals being the selections pressures which may drive them that way.

However, obviously, at the present time, we are watching the runaway social pyramid systems approach some sort of PEAK INSANITY, along with all the other trends which have been on exponential growth curves, and therefore, are approaching each and every kind of PEAK that we can think of ... The NSA exhibits that kind of PEAK PSYCHOSIS, where there are astronomically awesome contradictions in the abilities to operate computer surveillance systems being employed through social systems which were built on foundations of lies. (I.e., our rights are being destroyed, in order to "protect" our rights.) That foundation of macabre lies includes not only that the real death controls are operated through the maximum possible deceits, but also that any rational public debates about the necessity that death controls must be central to human ecology are an almost totally taboo topic, which are practically impossible to engage in any popular public forum.

Since money is measurement backed by murder, and the powers of the War Kings were gradually taken over by the Fraud Kings, we DO operate what are actually absolutely necessary to exist in some way, as our combined money/murder systems, through the maximum possible deceits and frauds, (exempli gratia, the NSA, et alia.) The surreal social situation is that the people actually operating those systems lie about what they are really doing as much as possible, while their controlled opposition still insists on the impossible ideal that no such systems should exist at all.

The human experiment is at an "interesting" turning point, of PEAK ABSURDITY, in the emerging magnitude of the deep contradictions between science and technology discovering and demonstrating more radical truth about the world, which knowledge is then being mostly applied to become better at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence. The core problem is that human civilizations must have their death controls be the most important controls. The history of warfare was about developing those murder systems to become what they are today, namely, global electronic surveillance systems, attempting to maintain command and control over weapons of mass destruction.

The symbolic accounting for that is the monetary systems, which are the result of the basic social facts that history has selected for governments to be a form of organized crime, which are controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals. Thus, our financial systems are based on the maximum possible frauds, backed up by murder systems which are based on the maximum possible deceits. Obviously, we have some extremely serious problems, not the least of which is that it is practically impossible to have any rational public debates about those problems.

Articles like the one above seem to currently be the best possible attempts, which are enabled to be advanced to a somewhat larger public audience. However, like I said, this kind of article has to try to skate as fast as it can over its subject matter, just to keep itself going. However, my view is that, really, we have already broken through, into the deep pool of freezing cold water under that thin ice ...

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9/11: Yup.

Murder as core of system: I partially follow you, but what would you suggest as a better system?

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As I sure you know, George, the funding of the political processes was the crucial core to everything else, which is why I focused on attempting to persuade more people to understand and participate in that:


However, after thirty years of working upon that problem, I have not discovered any effective means to get around the obstacles in the way, due to the already established systems being entrenched with every possible advantage, while being able to dish out disadvantages to anyone who begins to effectively oppose them. Therefore, I have NO practical and realistic alternative system. There is nothing too wrong with what is written on paper in almost all of the democratic republics and constitutional monarchies that I am aware of. The PROBLEM is that literally about 99% of the people act like political idiots, and therefore, the already achieved degree to which "citizens" have been reduced to being Zombie Sheeple is way too much of a double-bind paradox, or Catch 22 situation, since it looks like all the rights and freedoms, and respect for the ideals of the rule of law, are being rolled backwards, faster ...

The ideals of democracy and the rule of law, with checks and balances, and divisions of powers, are still the best THEORIES. However, there is no doubt in my mind, after working on Canadian registered politics for several decades, that 99% of the public are not only ignorant, but they want to stay that way. The vast majority of Canadians greatly prefer doing nothing, rather than participate, and those trends are overall getting worse, not better, as far as I can tell. Of course, things are way worse in the USA, as far as the funding of politics goes, than in Canada.

The theory of democracy and the rule of law would require citizens to be competent, so that they participated in channeling the sovereign powers to rob and to kill in better ways. However, given that the covert application of the methods of organized crime have already been almost totally successful in capturing control over about 99% of the public money supply, that achievement has been able to be ratcheted and ratcheted up and up, to the point where a handful of huge corporations dominate at least 90% of the "information" that most people receive.

We are lucky to be living near enough to the birth and development of the Internet to begin to have some alternative means of mass communication. However, so far, that is a very tenuous, which is more likely to be reduced to rubble, and taken over by huge corporations, like every other technology was in the past, rather that continue to open up new paths towards a greater use of information, which I regard as the operational definition of higher consciousness.

The hyper-bizarre situation is that prolonged historical struggles created legally recognized rights and freedoms, which have atrophied away to being only left as written on paper, but otherwise are 99% dead letters. Sovereign powers are already, theoretically, supposed to be expressed through the will of the people, via the rule of law, with checks and balances, and divisions of power, which were the best theories that could be thought of in the past, and which are still the best theories that I can think of now. However, the SOCIAL FACTS are that 99% of the people act like Zombie Sheeple, who do not understand, and do not want to understand, most of what you write about in your series of excellent, well-researched articles.

My only "practical" suggestions are that we are going to have to wait, and watch, as the established systems' madness results in their own self-destruction, which will then impose drastic selection pressures upon the masses of Zombie Sheeple, and which will therefore propel social evolution through convulsive changes of state. The theoretical solutions based upon a greater use of information, enabling higher consciousness, so that the death controls are done better, remains my abstract ideal recommendation. However, there are no good reasons to believe that might actually happen, since everything I have learned indicates that the ruling classes intend to continue to double down on ever more dishonesty backed by violence, while the vast majority of people have already subconsciously adapted to that reality by becoming Zombie Sheeple, that do not want to understand their real situation.

Thus, it was possible for the events on 9/11 to be a "successful" false flag attack, and the insiders that got away with that are still getting more wealthy, and more powerful, not less so. Meanwhile, the larger and larger number of people who are beginning to learn about these kinds of perspectives still appears to be too small to actually get to a critical mass in order to be able to respond more effectively to that runaway fascist plutocracy, building its fascist police state. The more that the rule of law is destroyed, the worse that gets, since that process turns into a monster, that eventually destroys those who made it, and fed it. However, it is still obviously happening that the rule of law is being destroyed before our eyes, at an exponential rate, while the majority of people do not seem to notice nor care (as eloquently stated by George Carlin, as recorded in a famous video clip recently posted on Zero Hedge by williambanzai7.)

The sovereign powers of We the People have already been almost 99% PRIVATIZED, because the People have been conditioned to allow that to happen, due to the schedule of reinforced meted out to them through the application of the methods of organized crime, for generation after generation ... Given those objective social facts, I have no practical suggestions regarding what a better system actually could be ...

It is easy to dream up an ideal list of what should happen, in the form of a greater use of information, through higher consciousness, so that we stop controlling civilization through huge lies, backed up with violence, in increasingly insane ways, and instead control civilization through due deliberation, by an educated public, that acts as competent citizens to control the ways that the sovereign powers are actually used. However, IN FACT, what the NSA is demonstrating is the total opposite to those ideals, due to the runaway destruction of the rule of law, where rights and freedoms are being overwhelmed and undermined everywhere one looks!

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There's always tomorrow...

next week...


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Terrorism is a convenient mask to hide the intent of the tyrants, 

Read Murray Rothbard's "Conceived in Liberty" to find out how real men faced a tyranical government and won.

This is our instruction manual.

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The spying is NOT about 'terrorists.' Never will be. It is about controlling the rightfully pissed off victims of their theft and murder.

The Four Rs
Rejection: Quit paying, quit obeying , quit playing
Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
Retribution: Is there really any place for these sociopaths and criminals in a restored civil and Constitutional society?!
Restoration: Restore the Constitutional republic.