NSA Spied on World Bank, IMF, UN, Pope, World Leaders, and American Politicians and Military Officers

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It came out this week that the NSA spied on the headquarters of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and United Nations.

It was also alleged that the NSA spied on the Vatican and the Pope.

Congressman Rand Paul asks whether the NSA might be spying on President Obama as well.

Congressman Devin Nunes said in that the Department of Justice was tapping phones in the Congressional cloak room.

Sounds crazy …

But it is well-documented that the NSA was already spying on American Senators more than 40 years ago.

And a high-level NSA whistleblower says that the NSA is spying on – and blackmailing – top government officials and military officers, including Supreme Court Justices, high-ranked generals, Colin Powell and other State Department personnel, and many other top officials. And see this:

He says the NSA started spying on President Obama when he was a candidate for Senate: 

Another very high-level NSA whistleblower – the head of the NSA’s global intelligence gathering operation – says that the NSA targeted CIA chief Petraeus.

Of course, the NSA also spied on the leaders of Germany, Brazil and Mexico, and at least 35 world leaders total.

The NSA also spies on the European Union, the European Parliament, the G20 summit and other allies.

A confidential government memo admits that the spying didn’t help prevent terrorism:

The memo acknowledges that eavesdropping on the numbers had produced “little reportable intelligence”.

Because the leaders of allies such as Germany, Brazil, Mexico, the EU and G-20 have no ties to Al Qaeda terrorists, the spying was obviously done for other purposes.

The NSA conducts widespread industrial espionage on our allies. That has nothing to do with terrorism, either.  And the  NSA’s industrial espionage has been going on for many decades.

Indeed, there is no evidence that mass surveillance has prevented a single terrorist attack. On the contrary, top counter-terror experts say that mass spying actually hurts U.S. counter-terror efforts (more here and here).

If NSA spying were really focused on terrorism, our allies and companies wouldn’t be fighting back so hard against it.


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Dear General Keith B. Alexander, Director of the NS:

I think that you are a cunt

PS. Fuck you, you fucking cunt fuck-faced cunt.

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Won't be too long before brain waves can be read and interpreted via computer.  NSA employees will undergo a weekly scanning and not even know it.

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NSA Spied on World Bank, IMF, UN, Pope, World Leaders, and American Politicians and Military Officers.

Yea, yea, yea, that was yesterday.

Now tell us how many people they spied on today.

Don’t bother including any members of ZH. We all know we’re on the core list already.

That’s right Mr. Alexander, I’m watching you too.

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NSA = Economic Hit Man

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I'm 99% certain the NSA has dirt on Obama.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

The NSA tried to spy on the NSA, but it couldn't break the encryption.

Every asshole working for this agency should be in Guantanamo.

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1. NSA spies on everyone.

2. All the raw data goes to Israel.

3. (fill in the blank).

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3. Frances_Sawyer was right?

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"It came out this week that the NSA spied on the headquarters of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and United Nations."

The same people who run the NSA also run the world bank, IMF and UN. They just use the NSA a tool to monitor implementtion of their instructions to the numerous entities they control. Always on the lookout for dissent and people who want to be free agents.

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About privacy and Zerohedge....

Tighten your Internet privacy options and you'll find Zerohedge increasingly difficult to visit.

Let me explain.  I myself block cookies for privacy.... since Cookies allow website tracking over you... which I feel is bad.   Well, a few years ago, MS relented to websites who still wanted tracking over users like myself, and so MS introduced much less known "DOM storage", a feature that allowed website tracking even over those who had become savy enough about privacy to block cookies.   MS also made the "DOM storage" default as Enable.  Savy?

I, of course, disabled this tracking by unchecking this privacy option.  This was fine for years.  Zerohedge however, more recenly, has been increasingly imbedding (FlashPlayer) objects on its webpages that have introduced user tracking via DOM storage... and it can't be easily avoided.   I know this because, with DOM storage disabled... IE increasinly crashes and repeatedly restarts when I visit ZH.   I find I often must quickly navigate off of the ZH main page (to a specific article) to avoid tracking imbedded on the home-page.

Only in recent months has this more subtle tracking of ZH users been introduced.  

Its not been that way.   In fact, maybe the Tylers are unaware this tracking has been introduced (though I did advise ZH at first via the abuse at zh email).  

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I'm keeping my pre Dell Alienware desktop running on windows 7 64 (hoping it's pre-back door) and crash a lot lately unless I turn off all addons. Navy Seals were just told not to wear the Don't Tread On Me emblem any longer. Everyone should beware.

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Make that 2 users. I was wondering what the hell was going on.  Does it on the article pages too.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

Uh, you use internet explorer? I was wondering who the 1 user Microsoft reported was.

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That cat named Art is going to be on the radio again in about fifteen minutes at the link below. Listen in using your type of player for more revealing information about those evil babylonians who are behind this wickedness of population reduction, and world domination for the god money.

Check it out now and wait for him to come on at the top of th hour.


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David Lindorff exclusive RT TV interview
is it all about information and blackmail?
david lindorff wants to know.
can systemic blackmail harm precious "democracy"?
"Is Obama spying via the NSA, or is the NSA spying on him?" d.l.
General News 10/31/2013 at 13:20:39
What's done abroad can be done at home too...: Is NSA spying really about blackmail?
By Dave Lindorff

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its not the greed, not the corruption, the lies, the propaganda, the manipulations, the hidden agendas, the rigged system, the bias

its the poor saps who have been intentionally blinded by the controlling elites, stumbling around trying to make sense of whats happening.

sure, they zig off into reptilians shapeshifters occasionally, but is that really much more incredible then 8000 tons of gold vanishing into thin air?

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Which begs the question: "Who/what does the NSA work for?". All of those entities come together and cooperate at the top. They are all branches of the same tree.

There seems to be evidence that there is power beyond the petty rulers and organizations of "man".

It seems quite clear that the US is being set-up as the next bad guy to be defeated in aworld war by an angry world.

- The NSA spys on the world and the world is outraged

- The US exports terror around the world and the world is frightened that they will be the next target

- The US parasitically consumes what the world producers and leaves them empty fiat dollar promises

- The US dictates prices and prodcution in conjunction with the western banking powers

- The US entities are murdering the people it does not like

- Obama is destroying the US Military

- Obama is destroying the will of the US people to defend the US government

- Obama has systematically infiltrated the UN into the US power structure

It is clear where "they" are taking this.

Reptil's picture

agreed. divide and conquer.
silly hu-mans. destroying their own planet.

once again: are the higest players just an instrument themselves?

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Gosh, all of those high ranking chaps are being spied on as well?  Imagine that.  They're usually balls deep.

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Here we go...every once in a while, slumming around on Firedoglake pays off ;-)

"Ladar Levison, founder of Lavabit, speaking at a CNET/Electronic Frontier Foundation event in SF on Monday. With a gag order recently lifted, this was Levison’s first opportunity to publicly describe how secret court orders and an unconstitutional search warrant demanding Lavabit’s SSL key led him to close down the service rather than betray the trust of 400,000 innocent users. (When whistleblower Edward Snowden invited human rights groups such as Amnesty International to an event at the Moscow Airport requesting asylum, he had used a lavabit.com email address.)

The unedited video captures the first 1/2 hour of Levison’s talk."


Sufiy's picture

How can we get the records to expose markets manipulations?

GATA Bill Murphy: 15 Years Of Facts Add Up To Same Thing: Gold Manipulation!

  This is the best medicine from any deceptions in the market place: build up the data and document the ongoing manipulations. http://sufiy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/gata-bill-murphy-15-years-of-facts-add.html# Gold and Silver Manipulations: GATA Bill Murphy Adresses CPM's Allegations About Andrew Maguire

 "GATA's Bill Murphy is taking the point strait in the situation with Andrew Maguire - it is all about the Crime Of The Century: Gold and Silver market manipulation. And the punchline from Bill Murphy: "They must be really desperate to shoot the messenger now".

U4 eee aaa's picture

"NSA Spied on World Bank, IMF, UN, Pope, World Leaders, and American Politicians and Military Officers"

hmmmm, maybe not so bad after all.

If we could get congress to mandate that they focus on these people and stay away from everyone else, we may be able to form them into a useful entity

geekgrrl's picture

The NSA is an institution based on lies. It presupposes epistemic superiority, when in fact, it's little more than the gossip mill.

tony bonn's picture

the nsa is the nazi intelligence arm of the bush crime syndicate and the rockefeller nazis who put adolf hitler into power and put stalin in power and who also, for shits and grins, murdered john kennedy in a coup d'etat....this activity by the nazis - AND THEY ARE NOT NEO-NAZIS!!!! - they are blood born paleo nazis - has been going on since the sinking of the uss maine - well actually at least as far as lincoln....

please don't be surprised that any of this spying is going on....it is pure unadulterated card carrying nazi activity to subjugate and enslave america....and the proof is in the pudding: an indonesian citizen is president of the united states and i can guarantee that his loyalties are not to the constitution or the america of ordinary joe sixpack idiot americans.

they have been building concentration camps all over america and are on the verge of using them which is one reason they have staged so many mass public murders including the one today at lax....al qaeda is an arm of the bcs cia.

Vendetta's picture

well at least the NSA spying on such entities as the US political system, world bank, imf, et al they actually are spying on terrorists who are statistically significant as a threat....not to defend anything the nsa does.

kchrisc's picture

Government is nothing more than a cabal of theft and violence focused on stealing as much as they can from as many as they can. They steal our money, the product of our labor, and use it to control us so as to continue and expand their extractions.

Always about money and power, ALWAYS.

Kina's picture

NSA is an abomination on this planet. An organisation that works for nobody, and is obviously a tool of an elite to try and manage the world from behind the curtain.


The NSA should be split into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind........hang on, let me get into my tunnel first.


Requires an executive order forbidding in the NSA, all its children from collecting or holding any data on any entity or thing.  LoL.... except all POTUS are first vetted for NSA suitability before being allowed to win.

besnook's picture

in other much more important news the shanghai cooperation organization is reviewing the application for india to join the organization(and they weren't even spied upon by the nsa, at least, so far as we know). this means the usa has lost the war in southern asia to russia and china. india was the prize. if they turn to china and russia there will be ww3 coming to a theater near you.

shovelhead's picture

Because you never know when one of those crazy Euro bastards will toss on a c-4 vest and take a trip to Washington.

Especially after getting mugged by Nigel Farage. Getting bitchslapped like a $20 street hooker on TV would make almost anyone want to kill themselves.

pupdog1's picture

The very dopey Congressman James Sensenbrenner will forever be known as the guy who got this NSA ball rolling. He didn't have the imagination to realize that it would ever be used against him or his family.

If the NSA blackmailed even one elected official, then we have a full-blown constitutional crisis on our hands.

The Joker's picture

If the NSA blackmailed even one elected official, then we have a full-blown constitutional crisis on our hands.

What do you mean "if"?  What do you mean "constitution"?

Silver_K-9's picture

Remember the Glenn Beck story that Chief Justice Roberts was Blackmailed into voting for Obamacare...

Burticus's picture

This would explain why Chief Justice Roberts, supposedly a brilliant jurist and strict constructionist, would cast the deciding 5-4 vote in favor of such a brazen usurpation as the (Orwellian-named) "Affordable" Care Act, even though it is obviously unconstitutional under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, since there is no provision for federal power over sick treatment or insurance in Section 8, bills for raising revenue must originate in the House (not the Senate) under Section 7 and direct unapportioned taxes are expressly prohibited under Section 9.

Look, judge, we have these photos of you and your transvestite buddy **cking your goats, so go ahead and rule against CONgressCare...

The Joker's picture

@#$%^&, halfway through your post I was thinking of all kinds of things he possibly could have done to be blackmailed.......

but nothing beats fucking goats.  Well done.

JustObserving's picture

Kennedy said ""I want to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."

Instead his brain was blown out into a thousand pieces and the CIA has grown far more powerful since then.  Now it spies on the Congress, White House and even Supreme Court Judges.

The traitor Obama signed an agreement handing over all the data collected by NSA over to Israel without any legal restrictions in March 2009.  That is very dangerous for American sovereignty and may explain why so many American military leaders have been  resigning since 2009:

US government, media silent on sacking of top nuclear officers


By Thomas Gaist 
19 October 2013


A week has passed since the unprecedented back-to-back firings of two top US nuclear commanders, and the silence of the political and media establishment on the matter is deafening.

While expert sources acknowledge that the firings of Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey constitute an unprecedented crisis in the US military, the media have accepted the US military’s presentation of it a matter of the two officers’ personal problems. Air Force General Robert Kehler’s assertion that both firings were the result of vaguely defined “unfortunate behavioral incidents” has been accepted, and the matter largely dropped.

Such accounts are not only not credible, they entirely evade the issues involved in the sudden cashiering of officers controlling the most powerful nuclear arsenal on the planet, capable of destroying humanity many times over. As military sources or specialists of military affairs acknowledge, the firings reflect a deep crisis of the US military. In such a situation, neither the possibility of potentially catastrophic technical problems with the US nuclear arsenal nor of threatened military action against the US civilian government can be ruled out.

A report on the firing of Vice Admiral Tim Giardina in the Marine Corps Timesnoted that such an event “is exceedingly rare and perhaps unprecedented in the history of U.S. Strategic Command, which is responsible for all American nuclear war fighting forces, including nuclear-armed submarines, bombers and land-based missiles.”

Speaking to the WSWS, Peter Feaver, Professor of Political Science at Duke University and Director of the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy, observed: “If you look over the last 4-5 years there have been quite a few senior officers who have been relieved for cause, quite a number of those in the last several years… The military has been struggling to come to terms with why there are so many firings.”


Widowmaker's picture

Connect the dots.

Start with George HW, photographed standing outside the schoolbook depository in Texas. Later CIA director, then president, then a family dynasty -- how.

Organized criminals are running a closed syndicate at the top; national security is your noose.

SAT 800's picture

Actually, he said, to his brother the attorney general of the united states, and not just to someone with no power, I will tear the CIA in pieces and scatter the pieces to the wind; not I want to. And, yes, his brain was blown out. Probably, just a co-incidence.

all the kings horses's picture

How did JFK get away with appointing his brother as attorney General?

Jfk fooled me too. But of course i was just a kid when he worked his Movie star like  deceptive magic on the American public. If the laws of the USA were functioning correctly JFK should have been impeach within his very first year. As for the present transgressions of the NSA........Kennedy would fought like hell to protect the agency and would have used as much of its illegal  capacity as he could get away with.... to murder Castro and secondly keep the white house pool fully of starlets.

kaiserhoff's picture

You forgot Snooki.

Bennie Noakes's picture

NSA is an Equal Opportunity Eavesdropper.

I don't really care that the NSA Spied on World Bank, IMF, UN, Pope, World Leaders, and American Politicians and Military Officers. But I'm really miffed that they spied on me!
Parrotile's picture

You'll be happy to know that the rest of the World doesn't give a damn about the NSA / CIA etc spying on US citizens.

However the rest of the World (especially China) can, and will, use these various relevations as yet more leverage to label the US as an untrustworthy entity, and no longer worthy of Global Reserve Currency status.

Then what happens? Will America "go quietly into the night" (almost zero probability), or will America behave like a spoilt child, and decide that if the USA cant' have its way, then no-one else can play either (i.e. WW3 using nuclear weapons)? Looking around the WWW, "Option 2" seems to have a LOT of support, especially on many of the more hardcore "Survivalist" sites.

Not reassuring for the rest of us is it.

Bananamerican's picture

it's a slippery slope Bennie Nokes....

On NPR last night, I heard a 35 year CIA apparatchik (they are blatantly arrogant about what they do) defending the universal penchant for eavesdropping thusly..."even pretty good allies can turn on you....I'm sure Chris Brown would say he loves Rihanna, uhhh.... sometimes the people who love you can do you a lot of damage" (Take THAT, Angela "thug life" Merkel!)

Another spook mentioned Germany maybe joining the 5 "eyes" (mostly anglo-saxon countries that agree not to spy on each other: think New Zealand...) but "Rihanna boy" said the German intelligence agencies were "pikers" essentially, when it comes to spying, i.e. "not fascist enough" in their data collection to make it worth "our" while for them to join.

nmewn's picture

Its the way of the statist.

If your occupation is "security" you see gobblins on every doorstep, waiting to assault the unwary when they step outside. If your occupation is "teaching" there will never be enough money for, of course...the children (and teachers salaries). Poor?...never enough foodstamps. Construction?...our roads & bridges have flaking paint & potholes!

And so it goes...spread that misery around ;-)

Magical Mental Party's picture

With current technology, the POTUS has effectively become (reduced) the chief public relations agent for a continuum-consortium of global elites that operate above the line of politics and has been for a very long time, at least since the national security state was created by Harry Truman 65+ years ago, though the appearance has not grown to noticeable relief until Comrade Snowden blew the lid with the dissemination of the blackbook line item budget.  Actually, to the those who are awake & astute to historical wisdom, the initiation of PRISM under Admiral Crowe's guidance was a crystal clear signal that the present conditions would inevitably materialize.

While the NSA has not yet become the equivalent of the Soviet KGB's domestic spying unit in amplitude or magnitude, it would be a wise conjecture that all the necessary elements are in place for operational coordination between FEMA and DHS for full activation.  However, while the USA may no longer be an effective constitutional republic true to its founding political principles [and has not been for a long time - Exhibit A:  the John Roberts majority opinion on Obamacare, the incoherent and intellectually dishonest output of a diseased brain-stem racked with epilepsy, likely due to a threat by the POTUS that he would undermine the Court via executive nullification], it is not yet politically extreme or ideologically unicameral.  Consequently, the character and use of the NSA intel yield is still relatively benign as long as an extreme ideologies remain cross-checked on the power grid.  But this condition should not be expected to continue under stressed or shocked conditions in the current global economic environment, i.e., monetary collapse and emergency re-monetization of the currency unit(s) represented by the winning economic/military power combination(s). 

11b40's picture

NSA left KGB in the dust long ago.

Neither you, nor anyone else among us knows what they are doing, when they are doing it, or who they are doing it to.  We don't know who has privy to all this "intel", and don't even have a clue as to their real capabilities, or their purpose.

Regardless, the trend line is not good for true defenders of freedom.  Information is power.  Vast, umlimited, secret information = vast, unlimited, ans secret access to power.  

Most here probably got the bulletin -- power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


tvdog's picture

The KGB could only dream of the kind of information NSA has. And I don't see much sign of any actual (as opposed to feigned) ideological dispute in Washington. The most evil legislation always passes with a voice vote, unanimously.

SAT 800's picture

Putin's my hero. He's the only one who put the lawn jockey in his place. Also, in Pravda, we find a commentator saying, President Putin is amazed that the Americans elected such a stupid president. way to go. I'm starting to love the Russians.