Tepco Tore Down the Natural Seawall Which Would Have Protected Fukushima from the Tsunami

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The Wall Street Journal noted in 2011:


When Tokyo Electric Power Co. broke ground on the now defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power station 44 years ago, the utility made a fateful construction decision that raised the plant’s vulnerability to the tsunami that ultimately crippled its reactors.


In 1967, Tepco chopped 25 meters off the 35-meter natural seawall where the reactors were to be located, according to documents filed at the time with Japanese authorities. That little-noticed action was taken to make it easier to ferry equipment to the site and pump seawater to the reactors. It was also seen as an efficient way to build the complex atop the solid base of bedrock needed to better protect the plant from earthquakes.


But the razing of the cliff also placed the reactors five meters below the level of 14- to 15-meter tsunami hitting the plant March 11, triggering a major nuclear disaster resulting in the meltdown of three reactor cores.




At the time, a 35-meter seaside cliff running the length of the property was a prominent feature of the site.


But Tepco outlined its intention to clear away about two-thirds of the bluff in its official request for permission from the government to build its first nuclear plant, according to a copy of the application reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.


“While the tsunami countermeasures at Fukushima Daiichi were considered sufficient when the plant was constructed, the fact that those defenses were overwhelmed is something that we take very seriously,” said Kouichi Shiraga, a public-affairs official at Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.




The destruction of that natural tsunami barrier at the Fukushima Daiichi site contrasts starkly with later decisions in the 1970s to build the nearby Fukushima Daini and Onagawa nuclear-power plants at higher elevations. Despite being rocked by the massive March earthquake, both of those plants’ reactors achieved “cold shutdowns” shortly after the tsunami struck and thereby avoided the damage wreaked upon the crippled Daiichi plant.


Both of those plants, located along the same coastline as Daiichi, survived primarily because they were built at higher elevations, on top of floodwalls that came with the landscape. As a result, the tsunami didn’t result in an extended loss of power at those plants, allowing their operators to quickly cool active reactors and avoid meltdowns.


Tepco’s 1966 application for permission to start construction at Daiichi … did review tsunami history in a three-page list of seismic activity dating from 1273. In that chart, Tepco does reference a tsunami of unspecified height that struck the immediate area of Daiichi in 1677. It destroyed 1,000 homes and killed 300 people.


The application cites typhoons as the bigger threat, noting an 8-meter-tall wave generated in 1960. “Most large waves in this coastal area are the product of strong winds and low pressure weather patterns, such as Typhoon No. 28 in February of 1960, which produced peak waves measured at 7.94 meters,” it stated.


A former senior Tepco executive involved in the decision-making says there were two main reasons for removing the cliff. First, a lower escarpment made it easier to deliver heavy equipment used in the plant, such as the reactor vessels, turbines and diesel generators, all of which were transported to the site by sea. Second, the design of the plant required seawater to keep the reactor cool, which was facilitated by a shorter distance to the ocean.


“It would have been a very difficult and major engineering task to lift all that equipment up over the cliff,” says Masatoshi Toyota, 88 years old, the former top Tepco executive who helped oversee the building of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. “For similar reasons, we figured it would have been a major endeavor to pump up seawater from a plateau 35 meters above sea level,” he said in a telephone interview.




“Of course there is no record of big tsunami damage there because there was a high cliff at the very same spot” to prevent it, said Mr. Oike, the seismologist on the investigation committee.


And Daiichi’s lower elevation contrasted with plants that were built in the following years along the same coast.




The Onagawa site, 60 miles north of Daiichi, was selected in large part because of its height beyond the reach of any recorded tsunami, according to a former executive at a Japanese manufacturer involved in the work.

Many Other Negligent Or Criminal Errors

Tepco has made many other negligent or criminal errors:

  • Tepco just admitted that it’s known for 2 years that massive amounts of radioactive water are leaking into the groundwater and Pacific Ocean
  • Tepco’s recent attempts to solidify the ground under the reactors using chemicals has backfired horribly. And NBC News notes: “[Tepco] is considering freezing the ground around the plant. Essentially building a mile-long ice wall underground, something that’s never been tried before to keep the water out. One scientist I spoke to dismissed this idea as grasping at straws, just more evidence that the power company failed to anticipate this problem … and now cannot solve it.”

Letting Tepco remove the fuel rods is like letting a convicted murderer perform delicate brain surgery on a VIP.

Top scientists and government officials say that Tepco should be removed from all efforts to stabilize Fukushima. An international team of the smartest engineers and scientists should handle this difficult “surgery”.

Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear (who sent us the Wall Street Journal article) sums it up pretty well:

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And the US gvt wants to redefine the word "cancer"-

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Thank you GW. FWIW, I choose together.

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Engineers are always under pressure by executives to lower design bases.  Typically they aren't the ones to decide which ones to use. The CFO and CEO make those decisions.  I see this as a project manager all the time.  The sponsor can cripple a project by changing requirements/scope and very few PMs can resist that, even though our professional code of conduct says we are supposed to.

The fault for this lies much higher at TEPCO.  The design basis for a thing like a SF Bay bridge or a nuclear reactor ultimately is a political, not engineering, decision since the impact of a failure extends way beyond the company into every corner of society.  Onlyt idiots would chose to accept, rather than mitigate, the risk of a failure by not getting the relevant political leadership involved in accepting the overall design basis.

The discussion should have gone like this:

" Mr. Minister for the Fuku region, here are options for our new design.  If we put it on the top of the cliff it will cost X and will survive a 1000 year event.  If we shave off the cliff it will cost x/4 but can expect to be destroyed once a century.  This decision is much too important for a mere CEO like me to make.  Please help me."

Once that decision process it publicized, odds are good the public will push for the more expensive solution, which then would then have to be translated into public support for a rate increase to pay for the additional cost.  Did that happen at TEPCO?  Or Diablo Canyon for that matter?  I don't know, but it still is the right was to handle something as important as this was in a democracy.

So if those newer sites were built higher, something changed after Fuku that prevented the others from being placed so close to sea level.  Wasn't there an earthquake in Alaska whose Tsumani killed people in Eureka CA in the mid '60s?  I wonder if that might have influenced the decision somehow.  So in effect, TEPCO established an  tsunami crest height design basis, whether or not they documented it.  Discovery may uncover that, if only via circumstantial evidence.

Looks like TEPCO chose to roll the dice and build out Fuku, instead of bring that site up to the new tsunami design basis used for the other sites.; i.e., keep them above the +35m MSW crest height basis.

That won't look good to a jury, either ...

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GW, good article. it's a total clusterfuck. if anyone doesn't get that by now, they're not paying attention.

Though two things must be noted:
in the earthquake, the nuclear plants were destroyed, the process that would lead to meltdowns was already underway when the tsunami hit.
that's why building nuclear fission plants in earthquake prone regions is a very stupid idea.

as Arnie Gundersen noted, the pumps of the Daiichi nuclear plant were destroyed by the tsunami. it wouldn't have mattered if they still would have power, or containment or whatever. pumps gone, meltdown guaranteed. a school of simple jellyfish blocking pumps can stop a nuclear plant: they have to do an emergency shutdown.

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One day after spending trillions trying to mitigate they'll just sat fuck it and nuke it, Hiroshima & Nagasaki seem to doing OK now, and 30 years ago, they can push all their trash & toxic waste into the nuke zone too and just make it all go away in an instant, boom energy flash problem solved.

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A Special Report On the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

! ! !




The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

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SUKI (tm) RELIGION, The New World Religion (tm), a major international religion's membership numbers took a hit because of this.  :(

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I am beyond giving a fuck

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14- to 15-meter tsunami hitting the plant March 11, triggering a major nuclear disaster resulting in the meltdown of three reactor cores.

The engineers said that the plant fell something like 3 feet during the earthquake and broke all the cooling pipes!  So for the record, the plant broke from the earthquake, not the tsunami.

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I thought all 4 reactors operating before the tsunami have melted down completely?

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No, one of the reactors had been defueled for construction work.  Reactor 3 had been running with a MOX fuel mix, plutonium and uranium mix.  Those rods are in the wreckage of reactor 4 spent fuel pool, and are a big reason it will be so dangerous to remove. 

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They should have located the reactors below sea level.  In the event of an emergency there would have been lots of cooling sea water available.  It has worked for the nuclear submarines why not Tepco?


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I get your point, it would prevent a total meltdown, but it wouldn't contain a contamination.
The nuclear subs that were sank by the russians are going to be a problem in the longer term.
So "worked out well"... hmm I think that's a tad optimistic.

also the use of seawater has introduced a new problem:
because seawater was used to cool the cores (preventing an even more inmediate catastrophy) new radioactive particles were formed, the so called "buckey balls"

regardless...... those in the death-cult of nuclear fission don't give a fuck (about safety regulations)

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More nuclear Mumbo Jumbo from George Washington.   

ZH readers - Oliver Stone explains his cognitive problem well:


Reptil's picture

you're the dumb ass to believe this obvious nuclear propaganda crap
here's the basic BS of "Pandora's Promise" played out:
I'd love to add some links to hammer it in but I got shit to do.

In other news: Al Gore now invested in fracking.

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

I routinely spend hours at gamma ray tanning booths and I feel great!  Hoo Ah!...

Tall Tom's picture

Laughing out loud. Gamma Ray??? And I thought that too much of that LW ULtraviolet was bad enough...


You must really want that Melanoma and Lung Cancer. You are well on your way...Enjoy.


Personally I will opt for a less painful method. But Liberty is nice..I guess.


Thanks for the humor.

rationaldemocracy's picture


Radiation in moderate doses is actually good for you. Experiments which exposed mice to high doses of radiation found that those mice were healthier than control mice. Moral of the story? Don't be a fool and do your own research rather than believing everything you read on the Internet.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

OK lets just take a look at this beauty of a post:

Radiation in moderate doses is actually good for you.- No its not.  All radiation even in small doses is harmful.

Experiments which exposed mice to high doses of radiation found that those mice were healthier than control mice.

Were these the Lorenz 1950; Lorenz and others 1954 studies??? "the interpretation of these studies with respect to radiation-induced cancer or other chronic diseases in human populations must be viewed with caution." (source: http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11340&page=334)

Don't be a fool and do your own research rather than believing everything you read on the Internet.  Doing one's own research could be really fun to watch.  Get all the people in a room who think radiation is harmless and give them the Erin Brockovich treatment, let them drink their own non-dangerous radionuclide containing water.

Want to educate yourself?  Take a look at the 15 country workers study:


This book is from The Committee to Assess Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation; Board on Radiation Effects Research (BRER); Division on Earth and Life Studies (DELS); National Research Council

Yeah, its not about mice.  Its about people. 

rationaldemocracy's picture

Actually I was basing my arguement on the Japan study done about 5 years ago.


MontgomeryScott's picture

My doctor, back in the early 1960's told me (as an 'expert') that smoking cigarettes was actually quite healthy for me. Hell, they even ADVERTISED the fact on television! Don't be a fool! You can get LAID by WOMEN if you SMOKE!


Geebus, what a TWAT you are, "rationaldemocracy'!

ANN COULTER told me the same thing as you state, on the MSM!

GTFOOH! She wouldn't qualify as a 'moderate dose' of a GOOD LAY (even for FREE)! Hell, that cunt would have to pay ME to even THINK about looking at her...

29.5 hours's picture



Your statement is so bizarre, I won't bother to downvote you. I used to work in the U.S. nuclear industry as a radtech -- radiation control technician. Your p.o.v. is not sustained in the industry.



rationaldemocracy's picture

my P.O.V is a rational one

I don't like nuclear energy but I also don't like them amount of ignorance found in the alternative media concerning this issue.


Tall Tom's picture

Is your P.O.V. a rational one?


Tell you what? You do realize that exposure to Sunlight is exposure to Radiant Energy?


Why don't you go out and overexpose yourself on the Ski Slopes of Aspen? Tell me about that nice Sunburn that you will get clear Sunny Days when it is 20o F outside. (Have you ever been skiing at Aspen?)


Why don't you repeat the process and contract a good case of an Aggressive Melanoma? You can enjoy the sores on your skin that refuse to heal. It will only KILL YOU after you suffer for awhile.


Then you can tell me that overexposure to Radiation, er...RADIANT ENERGY...is somehow "good for you". (???)


What you may not understand is that I happen to LIKE NUCLEAR ENERGY.


(I own a Geiger Counter, Yellowcake Ore, Radium, Tritium Oxide, and Amercium. I use these props to teach others about Radioactivity. I keep that in my KITCHEN PANTRY. I studied to be a Physicist because I was interested in Astrophysics and I wanted to design Nuclear Bombs. As a bullied, disabled kid that type of POWER was attractive.)


First I do not like IRRATIONAL and BASELESS statements as you made.

Next I do not like Trolling.

Following that I do not like the irresponsible dissemination of absolute DISHONESTY.

Adding to that I do not like irrational FEAR of Radiation, Radiant Energy, or Radioactivity.


But the preceding are just minor annoyances.


You must understand that I really do not like Nuclear Industry Accidents that are EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS. I am not into depopulating the World of 98% of the life forms.


No. Your POV is not rational. It is DISHONEST.

29.5 hours's picture


Your statement may be rational but it is far from correct and not helpful. Yes, any public issue involving advanced tech or truths that are statistically derived is going to generate a lot of ignorant positions. This is esp. true of the issue presented by the life-cycle operation of nuclear plants.

Still, the science is clear that radiation has no known "threshold."  That is, there is no known point above 0 at which the statistics regarding damage to life come into play--and below which all effects may be disregarded.

The damage begins at anything above 0, even if the background levels are higher.



rationaldemocracy's picture

By the way there are people who live in places which have several hundred times more radiation than normal and they do not have any radiation related health problems.

In fact if you count unborn babies as people (republicans don't), then radiation hysteria has killed more people than radiation itself. AS evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in Europe and the soviet union in response to hysteria from Chernobyl.


akak's picture


By the way there are people who live in places which have several hundred times more radiation than normal and they do not have any radiation related health problems.

If you are going to pull "facts" out of your ass that egregiously, you should at least try to make them halfway believable.

TNTARG's picture

At some point I'm ready to believe we deserve extinction.

NPPs as an excuse to make nuclear weapons production more "acceptable"? Dropping nuclear waste on the Oceans, on the rivers, on some holes into the land, poisening air, water, land... Making vast parts of the Planet impossible for almost any life... All for some temporary profit?

Then building NPPs on the shore over a tectonic plate?

A Humanity spreading seeds unable to be used on the following sowing, fumigated with toxic substances?

Corrupted international organizations that work for an élite of sociopaths?

This kind of people rules, and we just work for them or simply watch them accomplishing their crimes.

If the various Bushes aren't under trial for crimes against Humanity and the whole "Justice" is another corrupt corporation...

Do we deserve better than dying slowly (or "slightly" as it was said on Enenews) because of a variety of cancers?

Some time ago, we had the excuse of not knowing, but not today. Everybody with acces to Internet can be properly informed and at this point, has to have learned what may be the truth and what is bullshit.

And we just stay still as we were waiting for the radiation to reach us all.

Ernesto Che Guevara said once: "Those who don't fight for freedom deserve slavery". Here we are.

Please, have a loke a this, for instance, and tell me about rationallity (Would their kids be inmune to radiation?).



ManWithaPlan's picture

Don't forget uranium tipped shells! I mean, who could forget them right?!?!

Burticus's picture

In the old Japan, under the samurai code and bushido, all the TEPCO engiqueers and management would line up and commit ritual sepuku to save face, and like the thousands of men who banzai-charged into machine-gun fire, thousands of brave men would selflessly volunteer to remove the fuel rods to save millions of their people.

Ocean22's picture

Is it just me or does anyone find it odd that this happened on 3/11? Just saying.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

For your edification, another viewpoint with facts that continue to be deliberately ignored like many others we’ve witnessed that started our journey away from the rule of law . 

What haven't we witnessed in the last 12 years in this Country and more importantly, what our Nation has done abroad that isn’t the antithesis of what Freedom and Democracy represents?

Flying Tiger Comics's picture

Tepco: here. have a golf clap.


jldpc's picture

It should be perfectly legal, even encouraged, to shoot TEPCO managers on sight. The core of Japan is corrupt. We, the rest of the world, will pay dearly, for tolerating their incompetence, deceit, and human vulgarity. The yshould be killed and hung from the local lamppoles  - as a warning to the rest of those despicable people. Our Pacific Ocean is being contaminated and the whole damn country of Japan should pay with an extreme extermination of most of them.

emersonreturn's picture

kina, point taken.

Kina's picture

Tepco manatement and board wont give a shit except about money, unless and until it is their arses on the line. They are protected by total Japanes government coruption.


Tepco little fuckers are mortgaging the planet for their mates pockets.


What should be done...is shot gun put in the mouth of each Tepco board member and Japanese govt member....and state that if any other thing goes wrong at Fukushima...the guns will go off and explode their faces into a see of blood and bone.  THAT should get their attention. Else these little corrupt pricks will simple take their money and laugh and run away to wherever.



Ranger4564's picture

I'm actually surprised the Japanese people or any people around the world for that matter have not already offed the TEPCO executives and the JAP gov officials. It's such a fucking crime, the lies, the delays. I am convinced this is all by design, that it was not an accident, that Japan is being blackmailed to allow Fukushima to be a complete and utter disaster. I am convinced the western oligarchs destroyed Japan as an example of what would happen if you stop buying US Bonds. And I think the Japs are continuing to support the US, because the threats of greater destruction are still present. Soon, Japan will have nothing left to lose and the threat won't matter, all Japanese will become mutants.

Tall Tom's picture

I must disagree. (Is this my own denial???)  


It will end up killing off 98% of all Life on this Planet. When the Oceans die then you, and your offspring, ARE DEAD.


I do not think that they would violate their own Prime Directive to survive.


But they are Psychopaths...and I may be mistaken....about their possible suicidal intentions.


I know that they are homicidal. But I did not expect that they are suicidal.


They have killed all of us including themselves. For what purpose?!? To stay in Power for just a little longer?


I cannot see that. Perhaps I am blind and need to open my own eyes concerning this.


So perhaps you are right and I am mistaken.


But this is an Extinction Level Event. It will not just be restricted to Japan. It is all of us.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

What you said is the ONLY way it will EVER get fixed.

And while you're at it throw in the banks corporate sponsors in the United States that arm twisted the shit out of the Japanese Government to put those nuclear plants in when there was a huge ground swell of political forces in the Country back then  against putting it on the island, not only for the risks associated with the fault(s) for earthquake activity, but the fact that it was the same technology brought to the Japanese people by the same patrons that used it to kill hundreds of thousands in 1945.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"Top scientists and government officials say that Tepco should be removed from all efforts to stabilize Fukushima."

Another nice theoretical solution, which flies in the face of the social facts that the best organized gangs of criminals ACTUALLY control civilization, and they could not really be displaced except by another better organized gangs of criminals. OTHERWISE, THOSE CRIMINALS CONTINUE TO GET WEALTHIER AND MORE POWERFUL, THE MORE THAT THEY KILL OFF THE SOCIETY THAT THEY OPERATE WITHIN, AND INDEED, THE WHOLE PLANET. Since all of our political "thinking" is based upon the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals own use of lanuage, there is no reasonable chance of change. The way that atomic energy was developed was simply the most extreme way that Neolithic Civilization operates as a social pyramid system, based on triumphant systems of lies backed by violence. Atomic energy amplified the basic way that society was controlled by trillions of times. Since our politics does NOT go through any paradigm shifts comparable to how the special theory of relativity changed physics, our political processes are dangerously obsolete to the point of being suicidal, if not omnicidal.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"When Tokyo Electric Power Co. broke ground on the now defunct Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power station 44 years ago, the utility made a fateful construction decision that raised the plant’s vulnerability to the tsunami that ultimately crippled its reactors."...

As absolutely tragic as sickening as this revelations is, this was not the reason for what happened on 3/11.

If anyone on ZH has definitive proof that the Tsunami was indeed the exact cause for the explosions and subsequent "meltdown" to the reactors and are satsified with TEPCO's investigation including the vetting of the physical security and (the relevant component systems that provided the security) - please provide the resources.

I'm certainly looking forward to anything that might have been missed in the public record and cover up.



malek's picture

Then what was the reason in your opinion?

When the earthquake hit, the nuclear reactors were shutdown. Days of after-cooling is necessary at this point with electrical power for the pumps provided from other sources (not the reactor turbine itself) - standard practice for all of today's nuclear reactors.
The earthquake damaged the power lines to the site so on-site diesel generators were started, installed exactly for such a case. That was the last line of defense for external power.
When the tsunami hit, it flooded the generators, either damaging them directly (hydraulic shock in the cylinders) or indirectly by salt-water shorting the electrical parts. So now the power was gone completely.
In addition, even if they had been able to fly in large replacement generators or restore a power line to the site, the reactor main electrical switching rooms were flooded with saltwater too - no way to get anything electrical working again without at the very least flushing the rooms with tons of distilled water (as the salt ions are the main problem).

With that after-cooling to the reactors was irrevocably lost, mainly because of the tsunami.
Now the reactor after-heat (from secondary radioactive decays) slowly but surely raised temperature and pressure in the containment chambers. From what I read the operators decided to not vent (the somewhat radioactive) steam to reduce the pressure (there had manual valves and venting funnels retrofitted some years before extra for that, from what I understand) - likely not a conscious decision but they simply did nothing.
So the pressure continued to rise. The temperature continued to rise too, way beyond boiling point of water but the high pressure didn't allow all water to vaporize. However at some temperature well understood effects started taking place: the water molecules start breaking up into oxygen and hydrogen and/or Zirconium the of the nuclear fuel rod cladding starts oxidizing by "stealing" the oxygen from the water molecules, setting free hydrogen gas.

At some point the pressure became so great the containment began forming cracks somewhere. And the hydrogen together with steam and other gases escaped into the surrounding building. At some point the hydrogen mixed with air was in a concentration high enough to ignite. Some source did just that and the building exploded. This happened to every reactor separately.

With the containment now having small cracks all water evaporated. The fuel rods melted and dropped to the floor, forming a pool of molten nuclear fuel with some other metals. The concentration of pure nuclear fuel in that molten pool likely became high enough to at least intermittently restart the nuclear fission. At some point it half melted, half chemically corroded the metal and concrete floor of the building. Some or most of the nuclear fuel are now likely in the ground underneath the building.

The only good news is that one would expect the mixing of the nuclear fuel with ground soil etc. has now diluted its purity so far it cannot restart nuclear fission again.

Orderly containment was completely and forever lost.

Pretty much all reactor nuclear fuel is now in the the ground / ground-water, with gaseous decay products going into the atmosphere.
The Tepco storage tanks for radioactive cooling (sea)water are a pure marketing exercise, as the becquerels stored in them are likely minute compared to what continuously flows uncontrolled from ground-water into the sea.

Japan should declare 20 miles around Fukushima Daiichi a permanent evacuation zone with no one allowed to live there or use the land in any way. No fishing zones likely need to be much larger.


Fear of radioactive contamination of the ocean way beyond Japan, for example to the US West coast, are however out of proportion. There is no serious scenario in which the nuclear fuel in the ground/ground-water could get blown into the atmosphere. The ocean is the best dilution media we have on earth - many nuclear tests in Oceania during the 60's didn't pollute US coasts either, beyond the level that every spot on earth got off it through atmospheric fallout.

Oh, and if they had vented the result would have been mostly the same - except the hydrogen explosion might have been avoided. Which would have been a much better outcome for the spent fuel pools.

FubarNation's picture

The road to hell is paved with good (profitable/cost saving) intentions.


Fucking unbelievable.

MontgomeryScott's picture


'UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE', I think, is the correct terminology (hypothetically, of course).

emersonreturn's picture

Tepco and GE ought to be tried at a world tribunal.  bankrupt them certainly.  jail them absolutely.  any executives still living ought to be  jailed and made to pay enormous fines. obviously, the pittance gained from bankrupting GE and its board and cadre of executives and Tepco and its handsomely paid executives and board won't begin to clean the sea and air...but it needs to be done.  corporations need to be held to account.  this dwarfs  bp and exxon. why is GE immune, why is Tepco? 

Ranger4564's picture

I have no idea who would have downranked you... must be Jack Welch reading the board again.


As you'll see, JP Morgan basically founded GE, and likely still holds the largest share in the company ... I wish it was easier to know the truth of who owns how much of any entity, but I just don't know that even the available information is at all accurate.

The Heart's picture

"I wish it was easier to know the truth of who owns how much of any entity, but I just don't know that even the available information is at all accurate."

Top of the eve to ya Ranger.

JP morgue is just another sock-puppet for the rothschild empire of dust. You can find the connections and see how many others are owned by the rothschild puppet masters at this link.:


THEY, the rottenchilds are responsible for much of the mayhem and chaos in the world today. THEY, profit by starting world wars. THEY, are responsible for this ELE in japan. THEY alone allow it to continue until it accomplishes the 98% population reduction that is at the top of the list of the globalist/commie/satanic/nazi agendas. THEY are also working in conjunction with the owners of the insurance companies (CIA), and the owners of the big nazi pharmaceutical companies (CIA) to give the entire world population cancer, so they can profit from this evil killing radiation. They will watch and laugh at the sheer stupidity of the nations as many of the helpless slowly die, while paying all they can to save their lives under obamacare. Talk about a big scam.

Most politicians are all just puppets for this rotten empire of dust. Even zionist isreal is a puppet that was only created to start the third world war, and soon thereafter to be turned into a glass parking lot to cover up the evidence. If the isreally people had any brains at all, they would spend their 'war by deception' efforts going after these criminals and world destroyers that plan on killing them all, instead of terrorizing the innocents in Palestine, Syria, Iran, USA, and the rest of the world at large.

Tall Tom's picture

JP Morgan was also a Financial Backer of Nikolai Tesla. He knew that control of Energy would determine the future wealth of the World. He shut off Tesla's funding for research after he discovered that Tesla intented to make Energy free for all of the World's Inhabitants.


Many can write criticisms of JP Morgan but I must respect him in that he was a true visionary. I may not like the impact he had. But I respect it as it is wise not to underestimate oppenents.

bunnyswanson's picture

Respect JPM?  Why would you respect him.  If you recall, he began funding Tesla's experiment in a stop-start haphazard fashion which held up the actual building of the laboratory/building - itself a solid building made sturdy enough to last 50 years and which was torn down within 10 years. 

JPM jerked Tesla around to make it appear no funding would be needed - coy.  This passive aggressive act cancelled out other potential sources of funding.  After the years of nothing happening due to stalls of flow in income, which created mayhem when it came to purchasing supplies and paying the employees, JPM annouced in publically that it was Tesla who was the cause of the delay, adding a tone that colored the story with "incompetent fruit cake."

Tesla went bankrupt.  He died a broken man at a rather young age.

Who was the oil man with Standard Oil - the one who had the money required to go buy up every single much-needed component gas station pumps needed to operate them, causing them to go out of business.

Destroying the competition with a well-made product is fine.  Destroying them in covert ways is espionage and should be punishable by the harshest laws in a society where the rule of law is respected.

Failures is what JPM, Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds would be were it not for their grande schemes and cronyism.  They bought judges, politicians and media to advance their way up the ladder, killing anyone who stood in their way.  And now they run the country and plan on running the world.  What the fuck...they are 3rd generation fraternity brats and they are unworthy of anything but jail time.


Tribute to Tesla



(I am a) Tesla Ambassador