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Obama will need a new trap

His web he may soon have to scrap

The ignorant flies

Are now getting wise

And simply won't fall for his crap

The Limerick King

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Fifteen Dem Senators up for re-election next year, went to the White House today on an unscheduled visit to vent their frustration about the botched up roll out of Obama Crap and the related false promises.

It seems his Vichy homeboys be running scared.

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I like that one WB7.  Put it in my NSA file.:)

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I like the skinny legs. For such a huge sports fan, he certainly has never done squats or the "horse".

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Geruda, why are making the having of so many of the angries with all the peoples here who are only making the doing of the telling of the many lies of the president who is named Obama and who is the person of the same name who you are doing the making of the sucking of the cock?  It is much the too bad that you are being the refusing to be doing the opening of the eyes to the countless crimes and lies and warmongering and deceptions and loving of the corporate interests by the president who is named Obama.

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But Crack A Crack A Smile Akak

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Good to have you back akak.

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Thanks Manipuflation!

Although I was never really gone.

(Well, some who know me would say I have been 'gone' for many years now.)

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I have been "gone" for some time myself.  I just need to be "gone" a bit further.  It's like they won't let me go.  I am like a terrier when someone pisses me off.  I have already called the town tax ass-essor.  I said, "Hey, you have this property assessed at $186K but I can not even get an offer at 169K.  The market says otherwise".   He replied, "Blub, blub, blub". is what I heard.  I responded that, "Hey I can't afford to pay for your red headed step-child to be a special needs teacher anymore."

The market is the market.  With no offer on the property then the market value is zero and that is what my tax rate should based upon.  The property is worth zero dollars.  I should be assesed at that tax rate.  What world do these people live in?  I can do things in Russia and I only want to sell my Mom's estate and get the fuck out of here but no...  they can't let that happen.  I am trying to walk away from here with no violence.  You would not believe the work I have put into trying to sell the place.  There is no market for six months.  Nothing, not a God Damned thing. 

The best part is that I keep hearing "You are selling that too low".  Well. make a fucking offer then already!  Nope.

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I hear Leo saying, miss me now :-)

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I hear that RoboTarder has set up a Lululemonaid stand outside his studio apartment overlooking the freeway in LA recently.

At $250 a cup, though, he hasn't sold too much.  It hasn't helped that he is using paper lemons instead of real lemons either.

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Fiat lemons. They are all over the place.

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One might say a redundancy, even.

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One might say a reduncancy, even, Snagglepus

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Face it, the critics here believer the lies they want to believe and in most cases spew emotion and little based on rational fact.



Fact Check: Congress, staff are exempt from Obamacare Posted by

President Obama exempted members of Congress from Obamacare.
“President Obama recently issued a special rule for Congress and congressional staff to get a special subsidy to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange unavailable to every other American at similar income levels,” said Republican Sen. David Vitter. “That’s an exemption, plain and simple.”

When Obamacare was passed into law, Sen. Charles Grassley, the Iowa Republican, attached language to the bill that mandated members of Congress and their staffers would have to buy health insurance on the newly created health insurance exchanges. What nobody accounted for at the time was that members of Congress and their staffers currently have health insurance through their employer – the federal government. No other employer has been legally required to drop its employee’s health care plan and have them buy coverage on the exchanges.

Like most other large employers, the federal government contributes a portion to the premiums of its employees. In fact, like many employers, the federal government pays most of the premiums for its workers; an average of 72 percent on Capitol Hill. The law didn’t account for the continued employer contribution for these federal workers who would now be buying their insurance on the exchanges. The exchanges were designed to help people without health insurance and people with overly expensive health insurance. It became clear that without their employer contribution, members and their staffers would essentially be getting a cut in pay and benefits equal to thousands of dollars. Even Grassley, the provision’s author, had said the government should continue to contribute to lawmakers’ and staffers’ premiums. What the Obama administration has done is ruled that the congressional workers will continue to receive the employer contribution to help them buy their insurance on the exchange.


False. Congress is no more exempt than any other employer who drops coverage and then helps employees purchase insurance on the exchanges.

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Your post bores me to death Geruda so I will just go sharpen an already razor sharp knife.


Update:  I just slit a rabbit's throat.  Fucking thing bled all over my knife too.

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most everyone i know who should be using this are ignoring it.

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When what you say doesn't have to match what you do, it doubles your options!

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Spit roast that lying two cent fuck Obama!

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Impeach him, at least.  Isn't there anything about "oath to uphold the constitution of the U.S. of America?"  The really scary part is - at least, in theory - people voted him in a second time.  I'm not so sure the election wasn't stolen outright.  Hanging chads.....how 'bout hanging bad!

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I don't know why he swallowed the fly,

I hope he'll die.

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What Obama should have said is -


"When all is said and done, you will be able to have equal or better medical coverage than what you already have for no greater cost to you."


Clearly that would be too many words for the short attention span of a lot of people, especially the ones who are flapping their arms in dismay because they WANT to believe the worst about anything having to do with Obama.

The insurance companies being caught out with their shitty overpriced-for-what-you-get policies are trying to use Obama as a shield against public indictment for the crap they've been pedaling.    


They don't just tell people they are cancelled.    They also throw in the fact they can buy a different but more expensive plan FROM THEM to replace the piece of crap plan they are cancelling.   They DON'T mention the person being cancelled can find a better plan using the Obamacare system that will be cheaper for them in the long run when the subsidy they will be entitled to is factored in.

Save your insults and instead show us the facts to contradict what I wrote.  

Banzai, why don't you use your childish crayoning skills to do something positive for a change?!


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Jay... Jay Carney, is that you?


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I feel sorry for you.  You've sucked from the ideology hose for so long you actually typed "at no greater cost to you" without breaking into hysterical laughter.  That is only true if you qualify for subsidies from the magic money tree (and let's see those premiums next year when not enough ACA mules sign up).  Not so much for those "rich" people making above...$42K.   No, they can easily afford $20K per year in premiums and deductibles.  This entire law is a picture-perfect Neo-Platonic plan to eliminate the middle and only leave the low and elite classes, along with "free trade" and the college-loan gristmill. 

If a Republican had pushed this ACA program (nation-wide, not just in MA), people like you would be flaming the Interwebs with critiques of facism between big-Insurers and Gov.  You'd hear MSNBC railing for hours about no-bid crony contracts and fraudulent waste.  The NYT and Time magazine would devote massive investigative journalism resources to discover and explain to the public who wrote each part of the law, who benefits, and expected consequences.  Details of campaing contributions to lawmakers and Presidential campaigns would be insinuated as buying influence and policy.  Instead, we're left with "reporters" asking Jay Carney questions and "reporting" those remarks as gospel. Oh, and Sen Cruz bad. 

In summary, I'll  hope someday you break off of the party hose and realize "both" parties are playing the good-cop / bad-cop scam on you. 

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just a bit of friendly advice from a fellow concerned citizen.

do not walk the railroad tracks nor stray into the dark unlit tunnels. for I fear by the content of this comment and others you have posted you lack even the most rudimentary self preservation skills and would therefore fail to recognize the bright light and loud sound for the freight train it is until it was far, far to late...

and please don't forget to look both ways before crossing the street.

and most importantly stop being the willing victim, re-claim your individuality, your critical thought process and your right to self determination.

stop blindly following, stop taking up for those who are leading you down the path to ruin.

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stop blindly following, stop taking up for those who are leading you down the path to ruin.

Difficult to imagine that someone could make AnAnonymous appear sublime and cerebral in comparison, but such is the eternal nature of Gerutarded citizenism.

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In Gerutardational Citizenism, the eternal nature of the kneejerk sucking of US 'american kenyan' presidential cock and the monolizing of the Democraptastic progrational means is the mattering thing.

Welcome to the US Gerutardational Citizenism world, it's a sweet-and-salty flavored place that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, you'll see.

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Bring it on then marcusfukus, 


when I'm out and about at night i usually carry a machete due to an unfortunate influx of pythons in recent years.   Better make sure one of your fat arms isn't mistaken for a snakehead.

wtf1369's picture

A machete? What's the max effective range on a point target and cyclic rate with that particular device?

williambanzai7's picture

I once had a Filipina maid who knew how to deal with snakes. She didn't need to carry a machete. But she sure knew what to do on the rare occasion when one snake didn't run away as they typically do. It involved a pot of boiling water and a simple broom.

Maid 1 Snake 0

After that, I stopped worrying about snakes.

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You sucking Obama's cock?

Geruda's picture

What a place this is!!  Either they lust for blood (see the above post) or use ideas they don't like as an excuse to revel in their homosexual imaginings.  


What is the connection here that everytime a thought makes you uncomfortable you scurry off to your warm place that lets you think about male sex organs in your mouth?  jezzusss a lot creeps hang out here.   



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If the Obamessianic member fits ....

DaddyO's picture

Wow, a new description, I like it...

Obamessianic, whoo hooo, let us chant...

Obamessianic, Obamessianic, Obamessianic, Ohhhbammmmeeesssssianic.

There, now I feel better, ready to go evacuate the bowels...

Just had to come here and take my evening constitutional!


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More likely his crayon...

akak's picture

I hear it tastes just like chicken.

Dark meat, of course.

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They guy you voted for twice and your party are Insurance Industry bitchez. 




Geruda's picture

Who, Ron Paul?


That is what is so confusing about this place.  An absolutely huge machine is in place in this country.  It is owned, programmed, and controlled by an oligarchy that ncreasingly doesn't even bother to hide its face any longer.

it has declared corporations to be citizens and calls $$money "free speech".  It does what it wants.  In recent years the acceleration of its intake of wealth has tripled.   40% of the entire wealth of this nation is in the hands of less than 1000 people.   Many here know that without even a slight doubt they went so far as to collapse a building in New York city and got away with it.  No telling what it had to do with the demise of Mike Hastings.

And yet...

You somehow think that all the problems we face, primarily due to the grotesquely distorted wealth distribution that has occurred, and knowing that wealth = power, is the fault of one hapless person who not only is opposed in everthing he does by a nearly insane dis-loyal opposition who have no constructive ideas of their own, but more insidiously by the power of the oligarchy which now has all but absolute control of all forms public discourse.   Mostly it keeps the public distracted by successive chapters in the lives of Britney - Paris - Lohan - Miley and once in a while has to devote extra effort to suppress the outrage of BP and Tepco-like evidences of what the overreach of their greed produces in the way of unpleasant consequences.  


Obama you can be sure wanted and fought for a much better solution to the millions of people without adequate medical coverage than the piece of crap foisted upon him by a hopelessly inept congress.


Does it ever occur to anyone here that when all this economic apocalypse befalls us it will not be all that much to the vast majority of disenfranchised middle-class that used to exist because they/we are not the ones holding all the paper.   How many treasury bills do you think the average food stamp recipient owns?

I wasn't an Obama supporter until all my other choices were eliminated.   Much of what he is held accountable for I don't really know if he could have done otherwise without fear of what the consequences might be to him and his family.   

I blamed much on george bush because he was a willing enabler...I think Obama at worst has been an unwilling enabler.  


The machine has a brain of its own and it will be around a long time after Obama leaves his office and its goals will remain the same and be largely unaffected by anything anyone can do.  The game is lost.   Obama is as much the victim as you and me.





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Hedgehogs! Reach out with love. I picked up a stray girl cat who acts like this poor little fellow. She bites and panics out of fear. Note how he cowers in the corner with his "machete". Dear poor Geruda.

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How can you possibly say out of the same mouth that you are of Libertarian leanings but yet you support a government requirement to purchase sick insurance from the same group of underwriters who were selling sick insurance last year, the year before, and the year before that just because it was the best deal TOTUS could get past a fucked up CONgress that was completely controlled by said TOTUS's own party (not that there's a dime's difference between the red & blue dicks)? C'mon man.

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We’ll never know, we’ll never know, we’ll never know. That’s the mocking-bird media refrain this season as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of America’s greatest mystery – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson hijacked a large chunk of her paper’s Sunday Book Review to ponder the Kennedy mystery. And after deliberating for page after page on the subject, she could only conclude that there was some “kind of void” at the center of the Kennedy story. Adam Gopnik was even more vaporous in the Nov. 4 issue of the New Yorker, turning the JFK milestone into an occasion for a windy cogitation on regicide as cultural phenomenon. Of course, constantly proclaiming “we’ll never know” has become a self-fulfilling prophecy for the American press. It lets the watchdogs off the hook, and excuses their unforgivable failure to actually, you know, investigate the epic crime. When it comes to this deeply troubling American trauma, the highly refined writers of the New Yorker and the elite press would rather muse about the meta-issues than get at the meat.

All this artful dodging about the murder of President Kennedy began, of course, nearly 50 years ago with the Warren Commission, the blue-ribbon panel that was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson — not to get at the truth, but to “lay the dust” (in the words of one commissioner) on all the disturbing rumors that were swirling around the bloody events in Dallas. Two new books take us inside the Warren Commission sausage factory, and show in often shocking detail how the august panel got it so terribly wrong.  Soon after the Warren Report was released in September 1964, polls began showing that the American people rejected its conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of the president – and nearly a half century later, the report remains a notorious symbol of official coverup. [This does not prevent Abramson from blithely declaring that “the historical consensus seems to have settled on” the lone gunman theory – there is no such consensus, only a deeply fractious ongoing debate.]

Emergency Ward's picture

You're a sick fuck Geruda.  Obama relishes playing the role of Big Boss of the murderous crony cabal police, surveillance and war state where he also gets to play Plunderer-in-Chief-and-Hero of the fascist welfare state.  He is neither an unwilling participant nor a passive cog in your "absolutely huge machine".

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His own people, i.e., those who work/ed for him, are now admitting or confessing they acquiesced to the White House's disingenuous legislative sales deception you moron. And I say moron because your " short attention span" observation is moronic.

Public idiocy is no excuse, unless you are Adolf Hitler, who constantly berated his electorate, calling them idiots begging for exploitation.

And when I say moron I mean it with all sincerity. Go and take a mental laxative and don't come back if that is all you have to offer us.

Or I shall have to taunt you again, thou churlish clay-brained Obamophelic baggage handler.


BTW: Alert Banzai7 readers will notice that I remained somewhat reserved on the issue of Healthcare reform after the ACA passed until relatively recently. That is because, despite my better judgement, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well folks, by their own doing, there is no longer any reason to doubt what is happening and why it is happening. A wicked combination of legislative corruption, faulty design and breathtaking incompetence exacerbated by political vanity and simple hubris. Anyone who thinks political punditry by blogs is what is causing this train wreck, is a Geruda.

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Plus one for 'Geruda' - had to look it up - always good to learn new stuff.

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The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate have overplayed their hand, they are now exposed and if the people start asking the right questions from their senators they will run very quickly, you see after all they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Keep at it America, don't dismiss this it will come back at you if you let it go, 9/11 the wars that came after because of it all to get you involved and the Totalitarian Authoritarian Global Fascist Police State Dictatorship that has risen out of it. The price has been paid, can the real patriot please stand up!!

NickVegas's picture

Take the high road sir. "They" will keep sending emissaries. Maybe the real moron is you for rising to the bait. The pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture is worth a thousand words. You must be doing something right or they would ignore you, laugh at you, attack you.

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Ever seen one of these? ;-)



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Why yes I have... during practice.