The Second Annual hedgeless_horseman's 12 Days of Christmas ~ Gift ideas for the Zero Hedge reader in your life

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The Second Annual hedgeless_horseman's 12 Days of Christmas
Gift ideas for the Zero Hedge reader in your life


1. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can grow young-tender-flavorful buckwheat as the foundation for a delicious salad.

One pound of buckwheat seeds, $5.00


2. With this book there is no need to attend a class to try or practice yoga.

Yoga Kundalini, For Body, Mind, and Beyond, by Ravi Singh, $7.99


3. Cooks on your list will enjoy reading this cookbook from cover to cover, and use it frequently.

Simple French Food, by Richard Olney, $19.95


4. Don't judge this book by its goofy cover, or creepy title.  NVC is a
simple way for any self-centered asshole to become a better listener and

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, $19.95


5. Is there someone on your list that liked the movie, Gangs of New York?
This book is an enjoyable read, even if one does not live in NYC.

The Great Riots of New York 1712-1873, by Joel T. Headley, $24.99


6. On the gas stove, in the oven, in the fireplace, or on the campfire, this dutch oven is an important key to cooking well.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven With 10-1/4-inch Skillet As Lid, $34.99


7. Forget about SBUX, this is the all-stainless-steel-french-coffee press I use every morning.  It is hard for me to imagine life without one.

Frieling Ultimo 44 oz French Press, $125


8. Is there a better gift than pure silver coins with a topless woman on it!  Legend has it if you
touch one of these to Blythe Masters' lips, then she will turn to paper

10-One Ounce Silver Mexican Libertad Coins, $25 x 10, $250.00


9. This bomb-proof water filter is perfect for the survivalist or adventurer on your gift list.

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter, $349.00


10. For anyone with a fireplace that enjoys eating fowl or rabbits, this spit and drip pan are great additions to the homestead.

SpitJack Electric Fireplace Rotisserie, $279.00

Stainless Steel Drip Pan, $115.00


11. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero, so start living life, and take someone you love paragliding!

Three Days of Private Lessons at Cloud-9 Paragliding School in Draper, UT $350 x 3, $1,050.00

Three Nights at The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, $200 x 3, $600.00

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition HD-Camcorder, $399.00


12.  What to get the person on your list that has everything?  How about The Right Arm of the Free World, and everything to employ it in a fight for your

DSA FAL-SA58 Tactical Para Carbine Rifle, 16.25" Fluted Barrel, SOCOM Stock, Trijicon Tritium Iron Sights, and Extreme Duty Scope Mount, $2,175.00

Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 Scope, Dual Illuminated Crosshair .308 Ballistic Reticle w/ TA51 Mount, $1,300.00

URBAN-ERT Urban Sentry One Point/Two Point Hybrid Sling, $45.70

10-200 Round Prvi Partizan Battle Packs .308 Win FMJ 145 grain ammo, $135.00 x 10, $1,350.00

10 FAL SA58 US Made Metric Pattern 25-Round Magazines, $25.00 x 10, $250.00

BlueForce Ten-Speed SR25 Chest Rig, $90.00

Two-Day Tactical Rifle Course, $300.00


Merry Christmas!

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Great post HH!! the press looks good!! life is too short for bad coffee had lots of bad lifer juice in the Army....The FAL is nice but the m1a is the rifle for me and the socom version is short and has night sights.... 

ultraticum's picture

For future lists the Dietz kerosene lanterns (get 'em at Lehman's) are made rock solid and straight out of the 19th century.  Pretty efficient light and a little heat to boot.

dearth vader's picture

#13. Satan Claws? For free @ Marriner Eccles Building.

Bearwagon's picture

Impressive, but I regard it as kind of confident to suggest that ZHers read Marshall B. Rosenberg. So I thought I'd add a little link to him, teaching NVC, so that people can get an impression.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I hear you.  Posting a Fight Club homework assignment to read about NVC makes me feel really happy.   

cifo's picture

Hedgeless, you are a very lucky man, for many reasons. I hope you realize it and appreciate it.

yofish's picture

#12 is a lot of money for what? Something that may be eventually illegal. Everything to employ in the fight for your life? You make me laugh. The same $$ would provide 10 SKS's and lots of Wolf. Merry xmas.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

i couldnt agree more.


when i had to choose, i bought an ak47 bulgarian version.

NoTTD's picture

True dat.


I have the Romanian WASR.  1000 rounds HP available for about $325.  


As Manny of Manny's Menswear would say, Why should it cost you?

ebworthen's picture

H.H.:  I am trapped in suburbia but aspire to the lifestyle, thanks for the inspiration.

I have the dutch oven and the firearms/ammo, will look into the French press and paragliding; now all I need is the land and the homestead (oh, and the rugged Woman).


scrappy's picture



You are the man.


Thanks for your guidance.



yofish's picture

You sir, are a toady.

MikeMcGspot's picture

Thanks Hedge,

A timely article from my perspective,  the gift giving season about 6 weeks away, not that we don't give gifts out at other times, but evolutionary forces of recognition and habit of response persist.

Such is the nature of Santa Clause.

This year I think I will give out some shooting lessons and experiences.

Over the last year some anti gunners came into my life, we kind of hit it off in other areas but they had an aversion to guns, they had never shot em.

There was this idea they had that guns were just for killing skepticism rose as I compared them firearms to bowling balls and bowling. a fun sport.

Anyway three new people actually experienced shooting a firearm at targets last year with me, their minds were changed. They had fun shooting!

This all kind of evolved off the cuff as so many things do.

Taking lessons learned into the new year  I think hosting an event for people who have never shot a firearm before may be a good present to such people I know. 

At the same time I'm lusting over that Stainless Frog Press as it may relive a great fear of mine having to do with my glass press breaking while I'm on a car camping road trip

Expecting to continue a lot of those, consequently the stainless version may quiet my fears of waking up some morning in the wilderness unable to slurp on some good java.

Give me a Zombie apocalypse instead please!

Course we all know that’s going down anyway albeit in some super slow motion way.

Well I’m convinced a new French Press for me and shooting experiences for those who are afraid and never tried.

Cheers Hedge, Zero Hedge and all who participate in this place of our world!





OldPhart's picture

"French Press"

You guys are pansies. 

I don't even know what a "French Press" is. (Though I've heard of expresso I've never had it.)

Give me some Folger's and a semi-clean sock and I can make coffee.

A few grinds in your teeth is as statisfying as sunflower seeds to spit out.


Mongoose's picture

Try some "Community" brand. (Started in South Louisiana a few generations ago, I believe) They have spread out from there but not sure how far. You could getcha some online though. It's not some hi-brow coffee but they have gotten a little uppity with the pricing since their popularity has risen.

And don't be a pussy, get the dark roast.

Back to killin snakes...

Imminent Crucible's picture

"a semi-clean sock"

You pathetic wuss. No wonder Murica is so soft.  Real men don't use coffee filters.  We roast our own beans in a skillet (filling the house with aromatic vapors), crush them with a drywall hammer and throw them into boiling water--one cup of beans to 5 oz. of water.  Drink before it stops simmering.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot.  Coffee creamer is for metrosexuals.

superflex's picture

I hear Sanka help you poo.  No need for a dirty sock.

The Heart's picture

Straight up Sir HH, you have some seriously good taste in toys for boyz and girlz. Yeppers!

Andre's picture


Thank you

stacking12321's picture

i haven't heard anything about mandatory rfid, so i won't comment on that.

but i will comment about the "before it's news" website - i've found in the past that pretty much everything on there is exaggerated, spun, or outright made-up, much like infowars and other schlock sites like that, which seek to cash in on doom-and-gloomism, and on peoples' distrust of the govenment (which is well justified, of course).

that's not to say that everything they say is automatically false; just that it should be viewed with extreme skepticism, and thoroughly fact-checked.


Manipuflation's picture

I appreciate your comment Sir.  To be honest, I laughed.  Wyoming?LOL  I thought it was kind of funny but forboding at the same time.  Perhaps it was more funny to me as I live out here in the wastelands. 

forwardho's picture

Hedge, Though we like to think otherwise, we are a small internet community. I'll take a moment to say thank you for your thoughtful posts, and of course the pictures of your truly HOME made meals. You are not just talking but living the dream, thanks!

g'kar's picture

Nice price on that reloadable .308 ammo considering the bullet, brass, primer and powder costs.

g'kar's picture

But it's nice to have picked up brass before SHTF.

steelrules's picture

No worries, it's done, My cash is all out of the banks + $25,000 in silver leafs and eagles in my safe

lots of .22- 9mm .40- .45-  .357 .223 -762x39 .308 -.300 WM- 00 buck and .338 lapua Mag. and boom sticks to go with.

Call me a tin foil hat wearing Canadian prepper or just an old boy scout that remembers the moto.


Axenolith's picture

That steel cased stuff is waterproofed with that purple crap, I call it "weapon fouling compound".  You'll be cleaning a lot more with it...

steelrules's picture

I've shot 1000's of rounds out of my M305/M14 without any jams or problems it's copper washed, cleaning my guns is part of my love of the shooting sports  so I never put away a dirty firearm.

 I also shoot lots of Norinco 5.56 brass cased ammo out of my AR and Type 97 Bullpup, also 7.62 x 39 steel cased runs with no problems in my SKS and CZ 858.

Good for plinking and it will work in a firefight.

Manipuflation's picture

Yep, my Russian stuff will eat up the steel cased ammo no problem.  I had some Wolf ammo jam my 1911 Springfield though.  There is something about that lacquer seal that messes with Western guns.  It has to do with headspacing and heat.

steelrules's picture

My G22 .40 in OD Green was 900.00 all in, Everything cost more up here.

Imminent Crucible's picture

$900?  Ouch.  That's about twice what it costs here.  For now.

Freddie's picture

Anyone have any experince with FAL's?   I was hot on DSA FAL's until prices went up.  I heard the accuracy is not that great on follow up shots and some say newer designs are better.   I was wonder about Kel-Tec .308 bullpup.   Lewis Machine Tool .308.  LMT is expensive.   Or Rock River.  Guns scare me but I may need supression fire when the zombies come. 

Overfed's picture

If you forsee needing to lay down supressive fire, get an RPK. More reliable, cheaper to buy, cheaper to equip (mags and whatnot) and cheaper to shoot by a long way.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...get an RPK. More reliable...

You can't be serious.

The Kludge's picture

I've had the opportunity to fire an FAL clone made by Century Arms.  The length-of-pull was a bit long for me, and I'm sure that contributed to my crummy accuracy with it.  The .308 is a very accurate cartridge, but in order to take advantage of that accuracy, the rifle really needs to fit you.  The kick is considerable, though not as bad as with a .308 bolt action rifle.  By contrast, the Kel-Tec RFB bullpup fits me just right, and I had much better results. The bad news is that I have been on a waiting list to get one for going on 2 years!  If you are inexperienced with guns, or gun averse, might I suggest taking a beginner's rifle course?  Google "Appleseed Project" and see if they have a course in your area.  Also look up local gun clubs that might provide instruction.  If you prove to be recoil averse, a rifle  .223 or 5.56 Nato is a perfectly fine option.  The modern AR-15 from quality manufacturer I have a Colt and a Rock River Arms and can recommend both) will deliver exceptional accuracy and plenty of firepower.  Rifles and 30 round magazines seem to be available now.  And as an added bonus, you can obtain a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit for inexpensive practice and low-power plinking and small game hunting.  And even if that proves to be too unpleasant, the good old Ruger 10/22 with some of the 25 round magazines would be a fine option in a zombie apocalypse. 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



The length-of-pull was a bit long for me...

The SOCOM folding stock on the FAL PARA has an adjustable LOP.

The comb height can be easily adjusted with a standard cheek pad attached with velcro straps. 

Freddie's picture

Thanks.   I know a little about Appleseed.  I need to find a local - great idea.  

Man - Kel TEc must be backordered to infinity on the .308, that shotgun and the 30 round .22 MAG or LR pistol.   10/22 is good to have when the SHTF even for just small game. 

Something you may want to check out is the SKS to a bullpup conversion.  First you have to get an SKS.  The conversion costs about $199.  They have a video with some chick in a bikini doing the conversion in about 7 minutes! 

Thanks.  I always wanted an FAL but some of the stuff I have read make it sound like newer designs are better.

Freddie's picture

LOL!  Check this out.  A guy with a Lewis Machine Tool LMT MWS 16" at 994 yards.  .308.  I cannot believe a fairly short barrell can reach out so far with that accuracy.

Seize Mars's picture

I love the idea of the FAL clone in general, however I am extremely pissed off at DSArms. They are way, way, uncool man. I wouldn't do business with them.

I would share the story but it would reveal a little too much. Anyways fuck DSArms, they suck. Zero customer service. The WILL NOT talk to you on the phone and they WILL NOT call you back.

Freddie's picture

Sorry to hear that about DSA.  Their guns look good.  They are in Illinois which is a negative even though down state is better.  Lewis Machine Tool is also in (Milan) IL.

There are so many good rifle companies out there now.

The Proletariat's picture

I always give a gold panning kit for the "white elephant" exchange my family does for Christmas.  Everyone is always fighting for it. 

duo's picture

Plant some Arugula.  Only dandelions are more nutritious.  Let a couple of arugula plants go to seed.  You will always have arugula.  It's between the cracks in the sidewalk, in my lawn, coming out of cracks in my foundation, friggin everywhere.  I'm set for leafy greens.

kaiserhoff's picture

Great stuff HH.

Haven't tried buckwheat, but young dandelion leaves make a great salad starter as well.

A one gallon still is a great water purifier.  Still legal almost everywhere, as long as you don't put it to really good use.

monad's picture

Gangs of NY was F grade propaganda. Scorcese's twisted casting couch fantasy ripoff of The Jungle. Lame as The Quick and the Dead.

Long Mountain House

Manipuflation's picture

HH, I love your posts but you forgot two things this time; guns and ammo.  I suppose though that it might be considered racist if you own a gun.



hedgeless_horseman's picture



HH, I love your posts but you forgot two things this time; guns and ammo.