“$8.5 TRILLION In Taxpayer Money Doled Out By Congress To The Pentagon Since 1996 … Has NEVER Been Accounted For”

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We’ve repeatedly documented that military waste and fraud are the core problems with the U.S. economy.

For example, we’ve noted that we wouldn’t be in this crisis of hitting the debt ceiling in the first place if we hadn’t spent so much money on unnecessary wars … which are horrible for the economy.

But it goes far beyond actual fighting.  We could easily slash the military and security budget without reducing our national security.

For example, homeland security agencies wasted money on seminars like “Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?” and training for a “zombie apocalypse” instead of actually focusing on anti-terror efforts.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn notes that the Department of Defense can reduce $67.9 billion over 10 years by eliminating the non-defense programs that have found their way into the budget for the Department of Defense.

BusinessWeek and Bloomberg point out that we could slash military spending without harming our national security. Indeed, we could slash boondoggles that even the generals don’t want.

BusinessWeek provides a list of cost-cutting measures which will not undermine national security. American Conservative does the same.

Moreover, we’ve shown that the military wastes and “loses” (cough) trillions of dollars.  See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

The former Secretary of Defense acknowledged in May 2012 that the DOD “is the only major federal agency that cannot pass an audit today.”  The Pentagon will not be ready for an audit for another five years, according to Panetta.

Reuters quantifies these numbers today:

The Pentagon is the only federal agency that has not complied with a law that requires annual audits of all government departments. That means that the $8.5 trillion in taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996, the first year it was supposed to be audited, has never been accounted for. That sum exceeds the value of China’s economic output last year.


Bill Clinton On NSA Spying: “We Are On The Verge Of Having The Worst Of All Worlds: We’ll Have No Security And No Privacy”


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Congress will never, EVER act against their own constituents interests. And that means buying crappy uniforms (The ACU) and investing in the standard division instead of SoF.

Right now the scuttlebutt is a downsizing of the active component by 33%.

We'll keep the fancy weapon systems and all the other bells and whistles. But cuts will be made on the backs of soldiers and their families.

Meanwhile welfare and other handouts continue unabated.

Our country has gone insane. We have met the enemy and he is us. (Pogo)

daemon's picture

And with all that, they still need to traffic opium .

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Bill Clinton On NSA Spying: “We Are On The Verge Of Having The Worst Of All Worlds: We’ll Have No Security And No Privacy”

Since "are" is the plural conjugation of "is,"  Clinton's statement depends on what the meaning of is is.

lunaticfringe's picture

Slick Willy knows how to conjugate.Trust me.

Mi Naem's picture

"Trust me."

Did you get conjugal with Slick's willie? 

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Trillion$ for defense and not one of the Congressdouches comlain about them being unaccountable. But go ahead and spend a few billion feeding the unwashed masses and we need to have them drug tested.

Kobe Beef's picture

Why feed the unwashed masses? Sterilize them. The Great (dysgenic) Society has gone on long enough, with no merits to show for it.

Now, I agree that Pentagon waste and fraud is waaaay out of control, but the US Military is up and working at dawn. I'll pay for that.

The FSA? Up around noon and watching TV. Give me one reason I should spend a dime on that.

Bunders's picture

Have you asked the US Military who are up and working at dawn if they are motivated to do so by the promise of a policy of eugenics at home?

Am I wrong to imagine that in this eugenic utopia of yours you yourself would have opportunity to breed unrestriced but by your own finances? Have you pledged to have only one child yourself? Have you joined the Church of Euthanasia?

The Cell - Red Dwarf.


falak pema's picture

The three life lines of Pax Americana  since BW revoke, all gone corrupt in malinvestment :

MIC, Oil rip-off of third world notably MENA/Africa, now derivative global finance (the biggest of them all).

When Humpty Dumpty starts to crack, not all the king's horses and all the kings men...

Sandmann's picture

Anyone recall those books during the Reagan Era - the ones with a nut in blister pack on the front saying The Pentagon paid $7000 for this nut but you can have it free with this $12 book ? Or the list of gems like the $80,000 coffee machine designed to brew coffee while a B-52 flew inverted ?

There were loads of such stories during the 1980s and yet it seems nothing changed. Contractors have been protected by global competition in the one part of US manufacturing not subject to free trade. GE bought RCA for its defence business and shredded its consumer franchise, and the consolidation of US Defence Contractors made for price escalation so companies like BAe from the UK worked hard to become US corporations.

The business logic is cartel politics just as with forcing Iraq into CDMA mobile phones or telling Afghan to buy US helicopters rather than Russian. The US taxpayer has been turned into a Service Drone for the Military Industrial Complex which ensures Americans will 'never be safe' because protection rackets always need to offer 'more protection'


The USS Gerald Ford is a beautiful example - $13 billion to immortalise an unelected president - a floating patio hoping some ICBM doesn't take it to Davy Jones Locker - just why does the US spend so much when India gets a carrier for a lot less ?

I bet there are a lot of mansions being built out of those "audit errors" in Pentagon accounts. A real Banana Republic like Greece the Americans have evolved into.

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get it classified, off the books, then it can be used for what is needed to keep the right people in power and wealth..

too simple you say?

q99x2's picture

Good luck finding someone to take the next 10 trillion they try handing out.

BoonDoggle. The only thing they did was to piss the entire world off at them.

Fortunately for me I live mostly on planet Q99X2. We can fit a lot of people there but I'm not sure about billions. It will be ok. Things will be different in a hundred years from now.

CHX's picture

...and it's gone.

Radical Marijuana's picture

As already mentioned in a comment above, it is probably more like tens of trillions of dollars, rather than less than ten. I believe that a lot of that went into building underground bases, that are interconnected by underground tunnels, maybe about 300 of them? I believe that the basic plan may well be to deliberately murder the majority of the world's population on the surface of the Earth, including in America, in order that some can survive in underground bases, until they can return to the surface, after a sufficient period of time ... After all, the dystopian nightmare science fiction scenarios are the ones which appear to be most coming true.

In this context, I will repeat what I just posted regarding these two recent Zero Hedge articles about more and more "conspiracy theories" becoming proven conspiracy facts:


How Wall Street Manipulates Everything: The Infographics

Courtesy of the revelations over the past year, one thing has been settled: the statement "Wall Street Manipulated Everything" is no longer in the conspiracy theorist's arsenal: it is now part of the factually accepted vernacular. And to summarize just how, who and where this manipulation takes places is the following series of charts from Bloomberg demonstrating Wall Street at its best - breaking the rules and making a killing.


The October 2012 Pre-Election Jobs Report Was Faked

... it turns out over a year later,

the conspiracy theorists were once again, spot on ...

As article after article on Zero Hedge confirms the trend in the news that one "conspiracy theory" after another is proven to have been conspiracy facts, my macabre sense of humour gets more threadbare, and has to be bolstered by heavy doses of attempts at more sublimely high indifference, in order to cope with the trajectory this is on!

For the sake of background, I REPEAT that the phrase "conspiracy theory" was deliberately popularized in the mass media, following a directive given by the CIA, to respond to people saying that the Warren Report on the assassination of President Kennedy was ridiculous bullshit.


Embedded inside that article is a link to a copy of the declassified document about how the 'conspiracy theory' meme was promoted by the government through the mass media.


CIA Document #1035-960

RE: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

"... 3. ... b. To employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. ..."



Why Is 9/11 Such A Taboo Subject?

We Have To Ask Questions About 9/11!

That is a video interview with an expert about election fraud (which the mass media has tended to deliberately ignore) who speaks about investigating where the mass media's uses of the phrase "conspiracy theory" came from, or rather when that kind of public relations attack first became the primary public relations, propaganda responses. Not surprisingly, that first happened to deal with the stories about the assassination of President Kennedy, which, I believe, was the original act of murder that was behind the history leading to 9/11 mass murders!

Anyone who seriously takes enough time to look into history realizes that we are on an exponential growth curve of dishonesty, backed by coercions, which has become runaway systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. Furthermore, there are no reasonable ways to avoid the conclusion that the American democratic republic is already practically dead, (like all the other fake "democracies" in the world are already practically dead.)

The increasing public awareness of "false flag attacks" is an aspect of the overall irreconcilable social polarizations, due to the basic social fact that force backed frauds control the real world, whereby a tiny minority are enabled to screw the vast majority, automatically worse every day ... with no end in sight to that acceleration of social insanities ... other than its eventual collapse into chaos due to too much success from controlling civilization with huge lies.


September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor


Divided into three videos, that total 5 HOURS LONG.

As far I can tell, it was a waste of my time to bother learning more "truth" about money/murder systems. Or rather, it was worse than merely a waste of time. After 9/11/2001, NORCOM was created, and operated by people whose job it will be to carry out various ways of implementing democidal martial law, being prepared through the excuse of fighting "terrorism."

Welcome to the Bizarro Mirror World, Folks,

not only is it more Bizarre than we suppose,

it is more Bizarre than we could suppose ...

Adding more "conspiracy theories" together, and anticipating that those will also turn out to be conspiracy facts, then the conclusion is that the ruling classes are seriously preparing for, and actually intending to wipe out the majority of the world's human population through more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law. Furthermore, understanding how utterly insane and irrational that may well be does nothing to stop it from still actually happening. After those things get going, then it will no longer matter how insane they are, and there will still not be any sane way to actually resist being swept up inside of that social insanity.

Since I was a teenager, several decades ago, I started worrying about the world being based on exponential growth, backed by weapons of mass destruction. However, after several decades of learning more and more about that, and working at best as I could to try to mitigate that runaway social insanity, my current conclusions are that there are no reasonable, realistic ways out of that happening anyway.

When I add together my most comprehensive understanding of the problems that surround exponential growth, backed by weapons of mass destruction, and I look at those problems by imagining what the ruling classes are planning and preparing to do about that, then the "conspiracy theory" that appears set to become conspiracy fact is that there will be deliberately caused much, much more genocidal wars than ever before in human history, along with much, much worse democidal martial law than ever before in human history.


There is no sane way to fight a revolution after the development of weapons of mass destruction, just as there is no sane way to fight a war, after the development of weapons of mass destruction. But nevertheless, the ruling classes that dominate the world systems today got to be who they are by being the best at being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, and therefore, their social habits are to continue to do more of what they have always have been doing. Taken together, the REAL WORLD is an insane asylum, controlled by the most criminally insane people, who are working towards starting more genocidal wars, along with imposing democidal martial law, which will result in the majority of human population being murdered.

As we watch one conspiracy theory after another be proven to have been a conspiracy fact, the overall evidence is accumulating that the fundamental conspiracy theory of them all, which is that the ruling classes are working towards culling the human population, by arranging conditions which will cause the majority of the human population to be murdered, appears to actually be where all of that is headed! Furthermore, a deeper understanding of the deeper problem reveals that the exponential growth of the human population, and total amount of human activities, can NOT keep on an exponential growth path forever. Moreover, it gets harder and harder to imagine how that exponential growth of things doubling could completely happen even once more, much less twice or thrice more times! Therefore, that impossible exponential growth MUST STOP, one way or another, sooner or later.

Given that the overwhelming vast majority of people act like Zombie Sheeple, or political idiots, who believe in bullshit, it is almost impossible to imagine how any other real solutions to these problems are actually possible, than those which are being covertly prepared by the ruling classes, which are to deliberately provoke more genocidal wars, along with imposing democidal martial law, that will cause the majority of the human population to end up being murdered, in one way or another, and probably sooner, rather than later.

Thinking about that disturbs me profoundly, as news story after news story confirms that "conspiracy theories" are proven to have been conspiracy facts ... since they all point in the direction of the ultimate conspiracy theory of the mass murder of the majority of world's population also turning out to have been a conspiracy fact. After all, there are no reasonable grounds, at the present time, to believe that the majority of people are willing and able to understand these problems any better, so that there could be better systems of death controls developed, rather than defaulting down to the most insane, and worst death controls possible, which is the real path that we are on now ...

When one asks where did tens of trillions of dollars disappear to, the answers may be way more weird than even I am willing to admit are surely real facts at the present time, although, the most seemingly insane stories are increasingly turning out to become the most plausible, best apparent explanations for the bigger picture of how to put more of the pieces of the puzzle together, as I suggested in my reply to The Heart, above.

lunaticfringe's picture

Dude you need a job. I down arrowed ya for being a windbag.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I have a "job," I am a professional troublemaker.

Fred123's picture

These moon bases are expensive and that manned flight to Mars was damn expensive.

Peter Pan's picture

The money has not been accounted for but I am sure that the money was well spent in view of the number of dead civilians and soldiers on all sides.

By the way they haven't accounted for 911, Kennedy's assassination, America's gold and a host of other events as well.

Nothing new when a congress is corrupt, inept and unfaithful to the constitution.


are we there yet's picture

Rough math shows 8.5 trillion dollars is about equal to 160,000 TONES of gold. Or over 300 tones for every congressman.  Over a pound of gold for every working taxpayer in the US. A hundred tones here, a hundred tones there, after a while you are talking about real gold.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Well the CIA blew through Yamashita's treasure (all the plunder taken by Japan in WWII from China, Korea and elsewhere) and that was REAL gold - measured in hundreds of tonnes.  

Another reason for China to be pissed at the US - we refused to return what was looted from them (can't have the Commies getting back all that treasure can we? and besides it was SO convenient to have all those unaccounted for black funds to play with.... would be a  hoot if the US economic boom post WWII was due as much to stolen treasure asd it was to 'industrial dominance'... would serve us right - every 'empire' built on stolen and looted treasure is destined to collapse).

are we there yet's picture

Wow, 8.5 trillion.  So where is the death star. In the movie Darth Vader wasn't born in Kenya though.

jack stephan's picture

8.5 trillion, if that was stacked up off earths surface I wonder how far in space it would go.


Dan The Man's picture

Hold yer weenies for a sec

...that's 8.5tr "unaccounted for".   NOT 8.5tr "missing."  Some of it was spent wisely cuz we really do have some weapons n soldiers...so the real amount missing might only be 7 or 7.5 trillion. 


swedish etrade baby's picture

And yet pentagon couldnt prevent 911 and those attacks only cost 1-2 million usd. 

Septicus Maximus's picture

Yes Georgie ... it is the nuclear wessels

kchrisc's picture

"...Has NEVER Been Accounted For...”


It is accounted for in all the blood spilled around the world and at schools and wedding parties through out the Muslim world. And it is also accounted for by all of the blood spilled by Americans at the hands of the Pentagon's marauding soldiers, commonly called cops.

"We're counting and there will be an accounting."

Fred123's picture

Tough talk yet again from the barbarians. Mussies don't have schools as their stupidity is legendary and your weddings consist of someone being forced to marry a fat, ugly, drooling troll-like creature. Unless the bride happens to have four legs.

SimMaker's picture

But enough about Alabama........what about the Pentagon?

The Heart's picture

Darn it.

Surly everybody knows ALL this missing loot was used to build all the underground cities for the elitists to hide in when the chinga hits the fan.

All the crony flunky babylonians are being told they all have a ticket to ride in the underground cities, so as to gain their criminal support. This might explain the ignorance around hukushima and the ever growing dangers. They think they will escape the ELE, or the planned grid down event, or a possible impact from something else that is incoming eventually. There is also the plan to escape a world war too. Which happens first, is anyones guess. The hubris of thinking they have that special ride to the hidey-holes is what is going to be the undoing of many when they find out they have been used as the pawns to develop this babylonian underground empire. When the time comes, the doors will be slammed shut, and they and theirs shot down as the mad dogs they all are.


Wen_Dat's picture

a little late to the party, but just listened to an interview (2hrs) with jim willie. He claims there are underground prisons, for mid-level bankers...

some crazy shit. what would any "normal" person do with trillions of dollars. if i had 250k i could semi-retire

putaipan's picture

correction re: jim willie- that's- "underwater prisons" as in somewhere under the carribean.

Radical Marijuana's picture

That is what I also suspect, The Heart, as I put together your and putaipan's comments into mine below. I also suspect that, perhaps, a secret space program was another one of the projects that sucked up some $trillions, as Fred123 hinted at sarcastically, and Yenbot mentioned as a theoretical study.

The amounts of "missing" money are So Huge, that enormous stories have to imagined to account for where it went, since the amounts seem far, far beyond any ordinary notions of black-ops, which merely killed people, or overthrew governments, even if that was secretly done many dozens of times. A combination of underground bases AND a secret space program could soak up tens of trillions of dollars, and fit within an overall "nondisclosure project."

A flip side of those theories would then be that there really were already proven new energy technologies, which might become a real resource to resolve our other basic, serious, problems, from a scientific point of view, IF only we could have some series of political miracles which would enable those breakthrough new energy technologies to not end up still being channeled through the same old bullshit beliefs and social pyramid systems that the vast majority of the people, as well as the ruling classes, appear to share.

putaipan's picture

ahh. that's the first hopefull thing i've ever heard you post rm.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, a POSSIBLE secret technology inside of a PLAUSIBLE secret program is about as far as my irrational hopes for a series of political miracles is able to reach, at the present time. I also repeat that my avatar on ZH relates to this source of new energy technologies, that MIGHT exist:


Dr. Bonzo's picture

Good read. While I agree with your budgetary analysis, the main overhang on the global economy is the derivates shitstorm. 700 trillion and counting. or should I say, but who's counting.

bunnyswanson's picture

There is an underground economy.  There is money being used to bribe many people and it is most likely off the books.

Silver_K-9's picture

"Your Welcome" - Haliburton

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Subtract the $2.3 trillion that we know went missing on September 10, 2001 the day before "you know what" took place...

Isn't it remarkabe that no meetings were ever convened to pick up where Don Rumsfeld's testimony left off on the matter? Or at least to figure out where all of it went missing?  The most grand diversion of all less than 24 hours later erased the duty and obligation of ever finding that money again, because after all we were at war with "terrorism".

Sadly you can't make any of this shit up. 

This Country is full of the worst criminals mankind has ever produced and best of all the American taxpayer is the willing dupe that continues to fund it making all of it possible!



SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Son of Nemo, its called a news dump(as im sure you're aware). The Guv does always does it on Fridays to ensure it misses the 24/7 news loop. This just happened to be the ultimate news dump.

odatruf's picture

I defy you to name a better or more effective group of criminals than our powers that be.

The rest are amateur pikers compared to our guys. USA! USA!

FieldingMellish's picture

Last week, the budgetary black hole that is the USS Gerald Ford was christened. I look forward to moar missing fiat.

novictim's picture

I love how American Generals and procurement staff have private industry jobs lined up as their big payouts after they have carried the water for BS/Useless defense systems. -Chinese Agent

Aquarius's picture

Theory / Opinion Alert:


what is happening throughout the World today, due to the Internet, is:
Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge (Book by Edwin O. Wilson)
It's a process and an Universal Principle - and, a major Universal Principle I believe.
The activity on the face of the planet is in amazing change; And there is a raging battle between the establishment which represent the Status Quo and the rest of us, which represents change - but we don't really represent anything as we don't have any idea as to what is happening. but nevertheless, we are the agent of change.
We, will win because this is a Universal cyclic phase transition which we find of mention in "Genesis" - one of the seven. "As You Like it" (Francis Bacon aka William Shakespeare - from Pallas Athena) Consider also:

As H.L. Mencken opined, 'The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.'

definitely applicable - as this is the process we are now experiencing. Ho hum
Ranger4564's picture

The reason there has been no change is because so few have the courage to think for themselves. It's much safer to choose what everyone else has chosen.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Thank you for the very original thought Aquarius.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Yes, I agree, Rubicon. And while it is true that "there is a raging battle between the establishment which represent the Status Quo and the rest of us, which represents change, but we don't really represent anything as we don't have any idea as to what is happening," it is also true that, however unspoken, what people want is the freedom to, in Adam Smith's words, "truck, barter, and exchange" in voluntary cooperation with their fellows. And they want to do so in relative privacy, certainly not amid the Surveillance State's quest for "total information awareness."

Fortunately, the tide is turning in this regard, as the Deep Web, Dark Mail, Bitcoin, 3D printing, and the like, put the power increasingly back into the hands of the common man. And he shall overcome accordingly.

Meanwhile, the state can kiss my ass.

Yenbot's picture

Ever heard of the Black Budget? Project Horizon? No joking, even the Army talks about it now.

Now shut up, drink your Brawndo, and quit whining about that $30,000 wrench, bitchez...

Tom_333's picture

It´s understandable that Bill Clinton is able to see the dangers with the incessant growth of the surveillance state. I don´t think he cares per se that the U.S. is turning into a modern day version of DDR. However he is smart enough to understand that this cuts both ways and surveillance and eaves-dropping also provides the tools by which to expell , or worse , also politicians and policymakers, if they get on the wrong side of things. Try to cut down on NSA and MIC funding and see what happens. You will be Spitzered in no time. Or in Clinton´s own immortal words - this seegar tastes really good.

putaipan's picture

catherine austin fitts puts the number at more like 41 trillion and refers to it as 'a financial coup d'etat'....paid for the  'breakaway civilization' it did. been goin' on long before bush II, but there always seem to be a bush or saxberg gotha around.

but evidently we need their crimes to pay for things as we know them - karen hudes' version has the aunti-sissi's thinking they have got a maritime contract on our labor taxing us for their pederast babylonian sex/debt fiat interests.

see?  all that and didn't mention "the synagogue of satan" once .... they just do the grunt work.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

400$ toilet seat or 4 Trillion $ bailout ?

All things are not equal.

In the military world, military guys drop quarters on the table to prove that they are not influenced by MIC coffees.  
Asshats like Jamie Dimon pose with their White house cufflinks while testifying to congress.....