The U.S. Is Sending Americans’ Confidential Info Abroad … For the Same Reason It’s Outsourcing Torture to Foreign Governments

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Torture doesn’t work to produce actionable intelligence. Indeed, it harms our national security and creates more terrorists.

Because torture is blatantly illegal, the Bush and Obama administrations have tried to hide America’s torture by shipping prisoners to foreign countries … so they can torture them for us.

Similarly, mass spying by the NSA and other agencies doesn’t prevent terror attacks … but actually interferes with our ability to stop them.

Because mass spying on Americans is blatantly illegal (and see this), the Bush and Obama administrations have tried to hide America’s Big Brother act by shipping Americans’ most confidential, sensitive information to foreign countries like Israel (and here) the UK and other countries … so they can “unmask” the information and give it back to the NSA.

In other words, the NSA is subverting the legal prohibition against mass spying on Americans by shipping data overseas … and then having our allies give it back to us.

The list of countries which are doing this for the NSA are almost certainly as follows:

Postscript: Unfortunately, the American elite aren’t particularly concerned with protecting the basic rights – let alone the sovereignty – of the American people.

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Its Officaily fuck this friday. and caps lock is cruise control for cool.

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It must be because the US schools cannot graduate enough data analyzers

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torture does what it is supposed to do, create terrorists. when torture doesn't work, or is not practical we give them money to perform the acts of terrorism, such a person is not a terrorist, but a government contractor (see payments to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al Qaida rebels in Syria, Ben Ghazi) think about this the next time you pick up your paycheck, are you a terrorist or a government contractor?

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Fundamental change be here.

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This is also why they use civilian contractors working for private corporations to do the dirty work.  The Constitution only limits the actions of the government.  A part-time, fixed-term temporary employee of Booz-Allen-Hamilton, just f'rinstance, is not bound by limitations placed on the CIA or NSA, is he.  It's not "unlawful" for the NSA or CIA or whomever to happen to find and utilize information some temp worker may have come across in his [un]authorized dealings.  There are 4 milliion people with high-level security clearances.  By compariison, there are 2.65 million Federal employees and about 4 million people in Oregon.  In "Murder on the Orient Express" only 12 people had their fingerprints on the knife.

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Similarly: To liberals in Congress the worst thing a US federal, state or local government or police authority can do is racially profile. They howl and shriek at any hint of it and threaten and carry out severe penalties against offenders. Yet they vote every year to give Israel $3B (at least) with no cares that Israel, in all its security endeavors, unabashedly profiles. 

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old news.... it has been well reported pre 2006 that mi5/6 and the mossad were all connected in on this... heck, i remember hearing reports on this prior 2000 with janet reno and information sharing...  oh the ruby ridge / waco days

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The U.S. Is Sending Americans’ Confidential Info Abroad ... For the Same Reason It’s Outsourcing Torture to Foreign Governments ... because those are both effective means of achieving their ambitions.

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Yes. It's called The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime Syndicate.

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NSA SPYING Triggers Greatest International Crisis Of New Millennium

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When I think about the US shipping terrorists to other nations for torture, I generally have some other countries in mind.

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Talk about NSA blackops and international meddling ! ! !  


"Bombshell NSA conversation caught on tape!"



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Who else is getting tired of paying the nsa (cost of service) to send your personal information to other countries?

Maybe it is time to turn off the internet service and just say, no more!

No more paying the babylonians to steal personal information.

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"Because torture is blatantly illegal,"

Now George. That's not true. Torture is not illegal in the U.S. but it is unlawful, at least according to our Attorney General Eric Holder. In his open letter to Putin the U.S. Attorney General plainly stated:

"Second, Mr. Snowden will not be tortured. Torture is unlawful in the United States."

Given that this is a very public letter "written" by the Attorney General and no doubt poured over by his legal staff so that he wouldn't "miss speak", I find it very telling that the Attorney General used the words "unlawful" instead of "illegal". Most people don't know the difference between "illegal" and "unlawful".

"Illegal" is when there is a specific law which forbids the act. "Unlawful" is for when you've commited a civil wrong but not violated any specific law and therefore have not committed an "illegal act".

Given that the US Gov't has sovereign immunity and has to give you permission to sue it in civil court, the US gov't can commit as many civil wrongs as it likes and simply deny your petition to sue it in civil court.

I find it very chilling that the US Attorney General essentially states that torture in the country isn't illegal, just unlawful for which there is no way to get a redress of your grievances when they do torture you.

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Also, if what is done to you is defined as not being torture, there's no "lawful" grievance to redress, is there.

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Oh come on guys, put yourself in their situation, ton's of data, and are you going to hire dumb fucking american workers? Like snowden? You saw him, high school drop out, and paying him $200k/year to be a 'systems operator',... fuck


You send this shit to India, and get it done by guys making $50/month, and you get better results, and its done by people who actually know the english language.



We already know the mission plan. Find the needle in the hay-stack,


So you offshore the haystack, and you hire as many warm body's as you can as cheap as you can to 'connect the dots', ... or whatever is the  bogey man of the week.


Makes perfect fucking sense.


Lastly, its NOT your fucking gubmint, its their GUBMINT, the notion of citizen or little person hasn't meant shit forever.

Your are either FED, or your RICH, and otherwise your SHIT.




A zillion times in the past century the courts have ruled that the purpose of 'police' in ameriKKKa, is to ..


1.) protect the court

2.) protect gubmint property

3.) protect politicians


No court in all of USA history has ever ruled that the police of any kind in the USA are responsible for the 'protection' of the people. Period.

"Protect and Serve, the Citizen" is an urban fuckin myth.


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The American elites (the sub-humans) have waged war and are killing us. They are inbred as a deletarious gene can get. Maybe the next strain of flu will get them. Lets hope.

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The technical name for this species is The Amerikunts 

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And those they rule over... Boobus Amuricanus

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A few years ago in Los Angeles, it was learned that the state supreme court had approved sending highway patrol traffic tickets, which contain extensive personal information, to some godforesaken state in Mexico for cheaper processing. "Your secrecy is protected by the Federales" it was claimed.

A near-riot ensued when a couple of local LA DJs made this very public, and the state court, realizing that they would be employed for only a couple more days at most, cancelled the process.

Never underestimate the power of the people.  You simply need a leader to get them sufficiently pissed off and vocal.

No small task, but it will come.

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This is all about plausible deniability. Kerrching. By George, I think you've got it in one.

Refer to Operation Paperclip for the import of Nazi ways to the upper echelon of the CIA and certain other agencies.

 Jack Kennedy warned about such 'secret societies'. He was a vocal supporter of the Fourth Estate, a free Press which he urged to speak truth to power; persist with pertinent questions, and legitimate dissent in an open democracy.

Never fear a constructive critic, Free Press. Fear the false friends who want absolute security, absolute obedience, and a pet Press.

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Acts of considerable desperation...

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I don't know why they spend so much time and money spying.  If they want to bury you, they can just make shit up.  Fake emails, fake letters, fake phone transcriptions, fake texts, etc.  Or, they can just literally bury you - "disappeared" as they call it.  What's to stop them?  Surreal.

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One of the favorites is an accusation of kiddie porn.

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they aren't spending it, they are "earning" it.

One of my friends in the intel biz and has been for awhile. Having beers with him he tells me straight faced, "sure hope we get a war going soon or I am going to be out of a job."

Part of me wanted to give him the obvious sermon but I didn't. He was just saying what they are all thinking, and that is how it goes. Dogs of war, don't know what else to do with themselves and they will eat us for a paycheck too.

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I don't know why they spend so much time and money spying.

Because they can.

It's as sick and simple as that.

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They can, because they steal your hard earned effort at the point of a gun (usually with a bought and paid for court saying it's OK in between) and then use it against you to steal more.


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I'm just tired of hearing all this bullshit.  Was Obamacare initiated in the Senate and then deemed a tax making it unconstitutional?...and was the Bengazi fiasco an inside job?...and was Operation Fast and Furious an illegal operation by the Justice Department?


Isn't there at least one motherfucking congresscritter or somebody who can bring that fucking blooch tyrant in the Black House to court for these crimes and all his illegal EOs?  Everybody is bitching but not a single muthafukka has the balls to take this administration dictator to task and have him and his ilk prosecuted and shot.


There...done venting.

Everybody sing a hymn to dicktator Obama.  It goes like this:

Hymn, hymn

Fuck him...Amen.

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I have finally put it together... all the questions that have haunted me unresolved about America´s actions in the past decade.  As is well-known, Al Qaeda was created, in part, by the CIA in the 1980s to help defend Afghanistan against the Russian invasion, when the Russians were trying to stem the tide of the expansion of radical Islam.  Al Qaeda had been a USG operation.  Osama went off the plantation when he tried to break from the U.S. and began viewing the U.S. as an oppressive imperial power rather than an ally.  In order for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to regain control of Islamic terrorism, Osama had to be removed.  So he was made a patsy for the 9-11 attacks, which conveniently served as justification for invading Iraq as well to remove another obstacle to Saudi control of the Middle East via Islamic radicalism.  In effect, the war in Afghanistan was nothing but a coup de etat of the leadership of Islamic terrorism to place Saudi Arabia and the U.S. government back in charge of Sunni terrorism.  The subsequent coup de etats in Libya, Egypt and the insurgency in Syria are the fruits of the U.S. and Saudi "victory" in Afghanistan as they have regained control over terrorism.

The drone attacks in Pakistan continue in order to demonstrate the consequences of continuing to support Osama´s vision of Islamic terrorism rather than follow the U.S.-Saudi lead of what constitutes proper Islamic terrorism (i.e. against Russia´s allies, the Shiites of Iran, and Hezbollah, for the moment, but also possibly against the heathen Chinese in the future).  The war has never been "against" Islamic terrorism... the war has been about who controls Islamic terrorism...

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The CIA has a really nasty retirement plan.  Ask Saddam, Osama, Noriega, Mubarak, etc. etc. etc.

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The war is about power and the money.

Nothing changes.

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Wow, you really put it together... this explains so much and sets the stage for WWIII.  Expect Turkey to get bombed now to fill the I Pet Goat II prophecy - probably when they switch sides (which is easy to do when lured by the Russian lead continent - promises of a more prominant role in that alliance)...



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It also sullies everyone else's hands.


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Correct.  The elite believe that the military/police/justice system is THEIR private security service and will act so when the chips are down.  (Maybe it will, maybe not.)

Can anyone come up with a way to get ahead of this before the chips are down?  Many are looking for ideas.  If the military/police/justice system were to start backing off of the police state it has created and supported, then there might be a chance for the future. IF.

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I think you have it a little backwards.  You are right the elite believe that the military/police/justice system is THEIR private security service.  But what I disagree with you is the fact that force will make itself the elite and get rid of the elite already that exists.  In other words a mad dog eventually bites it's owner.

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OH Canada

you are about to be ass raped by your government all in the name of cyberbullying (one page) and 50 plus pages of new powers that your government is about to give itself to monitor all of your online activities.


They are trying to ram this through under the cover of cyberbullying but that is just a ruse. Accessing Cable TV that you shouldn't be accessing - it's all covered here


if you are a Canadian, take the time and read this Bill C 13:


here are some summaries


It includes prison terms of up to 5 years for posting sexual images on the internet without the person's consent, be they teenagers or adults, and only if there were a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The Globe and Mail reports that while there is nothing mentioned on background, the bill goes well beyond cyberbullying to make it easier for police to get a judge's warrant to eavesdrop on e-mails and other communications when trying to fight terrorism, organized crime, fraud, hacking, and even theft of cable TV.

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association calls the legislation a "Trojan Horse" to bring in the backdoor what the government couldn't get through the front door. 

A previous piece of legislation was withdrawn.

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Same M.O. no matter what country you're in. Same "inattention" by the so-called media.

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treason, in open view.  The government sends citizens' private information to rothschild owned israel and U.K., and no one seems to think this is a big deal?  I think at this point, reality has gotten so bizarre that people don't even know how to react.

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in case you're not already familiar with the term ..

"soft power"

it's what's for dinner

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So the raw data goes to Israel. Israel checks for insider Wall Street info, and sends it to the TBTF's. That is how they

are so much smarter than everyone else. I'll just hide and watch how this ends. The best of Good buys boys & girls.


It's always about money; Is it not?