Mandela and Obama: Millions of Miles Apart

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It’s always astonishing how funerals and memorial services can do two things to people. They make platform for public show and then they provide the opportunity for public speaking that knows no bounds in the hope that they will be remembered for eternity. Something that state funerals and public mourning have more than that is that the leaders, past and present, tend to flock to the ceremony in order to be viewed and counted amongst the solemn mourners and catch just a bit of the limelight.

Nelson Mandela died on December 5th and as the memorial service unravels today with leaders from around the world arriving in great exalted ceremony befitting in their belief to the high-status and rank, on the taxpayers’ money certain questions are raised as to the antagonistic difference between one man that fought for freedom and the others that have colluded to take the world’s freedom away.

Obama got a public tribune at the memorial service today in Johannesburg, South Africa. He didn’t just make a speech. He was on an international electoral roll and that in itself is unjustified and unbefitting in the situation. It ended up costing the taxpayer $5 million and seemed more like a personal tribute than a national one from the USA; a personal tribute to himself rather than to the great Mandela.

The flight came to a total cost of $180,000 per hour; fuel was included however. President Obama was accompanied by the First Lady. The Attorney General Eric Holder also went along and so did Susan Rice, the national security adviser. The speech given by Obama lasted 19 minutes.

Time and again Obama spoke of action and ideas. He talked of how actions are shaped by our ideas:

Mandela taught us the power of action, but he also taught us the power of ideas; the importance of reason and arguments; the need to study not only those who you agree with, but also those who you don’t agree with. He understood that ideas cannot be contained by prison walls, or extinguished by a sniper’s bullet.”

It is most fitting that Obama has spoken of studying not only those that we agree with but also those who we don’t agree with. Perhaps that’s why the President took along with Susan Rice. Studying is a euphemism for surveillance and so now we understand why the President has been watching us all and condoning the NSA’s actions.

It seems so strange that the President of the USA should speak of the need to put things down into law: “Mandela demonstrated that action and ideas are not enough. No matter how right, they must be chiseled into law and institutions.”

We have seen the same things with the self-righteous laws of the USA on the state surveillance of the NSA, Mr. Obama allowing anything to become possible. But, please do not compare yourself to the great man and the great actions that tried to free a nation from Apartheid.

It was no time to talk of yourself Mr. Obama. No time at all: “But I believe it should also prompt in each of us a time for self-reflection. With honesty, regardless of our station or our circumstance, we must ask: How well have I applied his lessons in my own life? It’s a question I ask myself, as a man and as a President.” Although, yes the question begs an answer.

Perhaps you must stop asking yourself the questions and start listening to the answers: “The questions we face today -- how to promote equality and justice; how to uphold freedom and human rights; how to end conflict and sectarian war -- these things do not have easy answers.” The answers may not be easy, but they are there already, Mr. Obama.

President Obama ended his speech today on this one idea: that Mandela “makes me want to be a better man”. You have the inkling in an answer there already.

Mandela fought effortlessly for recognition. He painstakingly refused to accept the situation of the South Africans that were considered to be second-class citizens because of the color of their skin. The freedom, the human rights he lived for, that he was imprisoned for, that he became President for are all a million miles away from those that the USA has taken away from the rest of the world in the name of their personal fight for security. It’s time that that stopped, but it’s also time for the self-praise in unfitting moments to come to an end.

Originally posted: Mandela and Obama: Millions of Miles Apart

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geewhiz's picture

When these hypocrites finally drive free minded peaceful men into a slavers corner we can no longer evade or hide from they will have to face a different side of us. Our freedoms are simply non negotiable.

rustymason's picture

Mandela and Obama are practically twins. Both are lying, thieving, murdering Marxists. Both are corrupt and incompetent morons who were backed by millions from U.S. Jewry and assorted Marxist organizations across the globe. Both get high praise and awards from the Left for doing absolutely nothing.

dontgoforit's picture

barry soetoro obama - just a shit stain in the toilet bowl of life; a mere booger in the nose of humanity; a pigeon in a flock of eagles - and yet, 'he's da' man.'  God save us from ourselves.

rustymason's picture

I totally reject this multicult/Marxist U.S. government. It in no way represents me, my family, my race, my nation, or my ancestors. Indeed, it is hell bent on our total destruction.

Miles Ahead's picture

Millions Of Miles? Not really.

Nelson Mandela invaded a sovereign African nation.  Lesotho.  To take their water and install a puppet government.  Humans died.

Look it up or Read John Pilger's book on it. 

sgorem's picture
"Mandela and Obama: Millions of Miles Apart" only wish is that they were together right now, and not millions of miles apart. how sad.
Wyatt Junker's picture

Is Obama's Nelson Mandela Boner Over?  

Not as hard as a murder boner, but can still penetrate the white liberal media.(click link)

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Allow me to help you guess where that location might be...

shovelhead's picture

Just a thought.

Your chances of being killed for being an ANC member in SA during the apartheid years were far less than being killed by police in America today for just being a citizen.


lakecity55's picture

Yep, they are very different.

Mandela did not hide his Communist Ideology.

KingTut's picture

The whole of the ANC was and still is, steeped in Marxism.  Ironically, the promoters of aparthied were similarly inclined. We imagine them to be fascist right wing Africaaners, but it was the marxist labor unions that pushed so hard to keep white jobs for white workers.  And white segregation & property ownership, collectively or individually, servred that cause.  In the end what Mandela did had nothing to do with Marxism or Capitalism, but simple straight forward freedom, which is much more closely aligned with Capitalism than Marxism or Fascism.

Peter Pan's picture

Did the author say millions of miles apart?

Try light years instead. In fact the chimps at the local zoo have a better chance of evolving into humans overnight than Obama has of meeting the promises and oratory prior to his first election.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Not so long ago Mandela would have been on the US terrorist list. Words being used to describe him would have been somewhat different, but he did end up on the balance being a great man, it cheapens his memory when Politicians who for much of his early life he despised use the opportunity to grandstand, I'm sure he would have preferred a quiet funeral with family.

stacking12321's picture

i would never agree with your assessment, that someone who has murdered innocent women and children could ever be considered "a great man".

the end does not justify the means.


Flammonde's picture

Compared to Mandela, Obama is a wanna be.  A more interesting question is what does Bill Ayers  think of himself in contrast to Comrade Joe.  Joe Slovo was a South African politician, long-time leader of the South African Communist Party, and leading member of the African National Congres-and of course the mind behind Mandela.

lakecity55's picture

Charlie Manson had a plan to start a race war and become King of all Niggas.

Ayers has an actual plan to start a race war and become King of all Niggas.

Charlie should have laid off the dope and went to college, like Bill.

luckylongshot's picture

Obama using words to link himself with Mandela is understandable, but doomed to fail as he continues to act like a Mugabe. 

Kreditanstalt's picture

Let's not forget that, just like Obama, "Madiba" was always an absolutely unrepentent, unreconstructed redistributionist socialist.  He advocated violence on top of that - and theft of private property as a remedy for the inequality he hated. 

daemon's picture

" ... and theft of private property ... "

Question of definition . Let's call this :  " to take back from other thieves ".

superflex's picture

The kneegrows sure are uppity today.

Fred123's picture

Really? The property I acquired thru hardwork and sacrifice is something that I stole?

daemon's picture

" The property I acquired thru hardwork and sacrifice is something that I stole? "

Well, when looking at South Africa history, it seems that more often than not properties where acquired (generally by white people) through others (generally black people) hardwork and sacrifice .

lakecity55's picture

You have obviously read nothing of Boer history.

daemon's picture

" You have obviously read nothing of Boer history. "

Apparently slavery existed until 1834 .

Then, read about the Natives Land Act.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Right, and the reason that farms and industries that have been "re-acquired" suddenly fail spectacularly is because of racism. Yeah, I've heard that too. Some cracker even had the gall to call Rhodesia the breadbasket of Africa.

Jorgen's picture

Nelson Mandela was a terrorist, a racist and a communist. Now, after he finally went to meet his maker, the question for Afrikaners in South Africa is whether "Uhuru" is indeed coming...

jballz's picture

labels are the best way to avoid having to think.


By your logic Thomas Jefferson was the antichrist. 

rationaldemocracy's picture

read my above post before you let out any more CIA spoon feed dribble, malchik


Bendromeda Strain's picture

You will get everything you deserve, and you will deserve everything you get.

pipes's picture


Stefan's got it cold.


Mandela was a communist who WAS responsible for murder and terrorism. History has been revised once again, and it seems most people are easily brainwashed.

Notarocketscientist's picture

If i was mandala i would have lined up every fucking white CUNT in the country and tried to put a single bullet through as many heads as possible


And for those it didt reach - Id take out a shovel and pounded their brains in



geewhiz's picture

Well notarocketscientist is clearly notastatesman either but an emotionally overcharged notathinker who woke up on the wrong side of his bed this morning.

superflex's picture

Look. Another racist piece of shit.

rationaldemocracy's picture

ugh so naive. The world isn't so "black and white."

He was fighting for REAL change.
His people (black south Africans) were REALLY oppressed.
Way more oppressed than any black person in America ever was.
Mandela's terrorism wasn't like Muslim terrorism.
His motives weren't influenced by a bloodthirsty God, or some abstract foreign policy provocation.

His only motive was to attain freedom for his people. He didn't want to spread communism or Islam.

this is the difference.

yes he killed women and Children.

but so did our founding fathers.

freedom has a steep price

by the way "Mandela Was A Communist Terrorist Who Assisted in The Bombing of Women And Children" is a line straight from the CIA assisted Apartheid propaganda.

so strong is the propaganda is still lasts today

pipes's picture

I realize that using the "naive" critique may win you points with your professor, but it won't fly with me. I'm far more cynical, jaded, and worldly than you would care to recognize.


But the fact of the matter is that many things are in fact, "black and white", and the circurmstances surrounding the taking of life is one of them.


Another "black and white" issue is objectively looking at the results of given actions...outcomes.


You are an apologist, and a shill for both terrorism and communism.


That is not some angry response to your weak critique above, but an objective conclusion based on your brief, but telling writings here. We can all recognize my assessment is accurate based on some very simple "tells" in your writing...


-omniscience. You "know" Mandela's know his thoughts.

-hyperbole.  "Way more oppressed than any black person in America ever was." This of course is complete and utter nonsense, as yes, SA blacks were oppressed, but last I checked, they were not being slave-traded in the 60's or 70's. They were not having their foot cut off for running off the plantation.

-subjectivity. You "compare" terrorisms! And judge ONE BETTER THAN THE OTHER! By extension, then we can of course subjectively judge the rapes, robberies, and all other violations of natural law.

-fabrication. You turn Ben Franklin into Whinnie Mandela.

-diversion. You attempt to smear the information by muddying it's source. "You're just repeating CIA talking points..." and we're supposed to what? Capitulate? Stumble, clear our throats and fade into the back of the rabble?


Nope...sorry friend-o...your schtick won't fly here - at least not with anyone truly rational. Funny, in typing that last word of that struck me what your "name" is here...and how, even in choosing a name, you attempt to deceive...


In short, a clear-cut, all-around propaganda effort...

daemon's picture

" Another "black and white" issue is objectively looking at the results of given actions...outcomes. "

"... but an objective conclusion ... "

Knowing one or two things about cultural biases (prejudice) and about neurology, I would have put "objectively" and "objective" between quotes .


" ... with anyone truly rational. "

You may want to read Kuhn's The structure of scientific revolutions, and look at some neurological facts to see some of the difficulties about notions such as  objectivity and rationality .

pipes's picture

Might I?


Kuhn's THEORIES notwithstanding, at the end of the day, "A" is "A", and no amount of wishy-wash talk of perception influencing conclusions changes that.




daemon's picture

" "A" is "A", and no amount of wishy-wash talk of perception influencing conclusions changes that. "

Whew !   impressive .

The least I can say is that your example definitely succeeds in avoiding the problems related to complex systems .

If you are not already a politician, maybe it's an option you should consider .

pipes's picture

I usually do choose to avoid problems where possible. Those that go looking for problems, are often successful.


This is such a case.


You wish to introduce complexity into an analysis that may be made simply. Why? I could only speculate.


You want quotation marks around words, to imply subjectivity. You want complexity when simplicity will do. You want me to read - and presumably accept the premise of - a theory of scientific advancement, and to meet the bar YOU set in understanding neurology and psychology before I make a moral/ethical judgement.


Your premise is that of an obfuscator. A psuedo-intellectual who - possessing a modicum of knowledge - seeks to elevate himself above the rest of the rabble by quoting convenient - but not broadly accepted - theory, in an effort to confuse an issue, and make a reader doubt what they think they know. Someone who attempts to go round and round 'til no one can remember just what a simple issue it was that got the discussion started.



pipes's picture

Let's get out those quotation marks, shall we?


Let's look at the wiki page for Nelson Mandela and find his political affiliation(s) says here that he was an "African nationalist", and a "democratic socialist".....hmmmm...why do those terms sound so familiar......


Oh now I know why.......national socialists were the "Nazis" - that's where I heard it before! And like the Nazi's, murder, terror, and racial hatred were his stock and trade.


How's THAT for introducing complexity into an analysis, where a simple label of COMMUNIST would have sufficed?

daemon's picture

" You want complexity when simplicity will do. "

In your dreams .

pipes's picture

You are at a's clear.

daemon's picture

" You are at a's clear. "

Ah ?

By the way you should invest some time in acquiring my " modicum of knowledge " about the human brain . Maybe you could understand some of the problems raised by your objectivity/rationality.

pipes's picture

Should I now?


I don't see why...


For all your self-perceived/proclaimed knowledge of the human brain, you can't even get past a monkey like me.


...or, perhaps...I understand better than you think, and I have merely handled you.


Either way, you've used up your time for this session...we can pick it up here next time.

Notarocketscientist's picture

If there was an actual fight club - you would be in the emergency ward right now - racist CUNT


I guess you need someone to look down on because your life is so pathetic - what no job?  IQ of 60?  Shine my boots fucker - I'll toss you a quarter... or maybe you can sell your sister to me - 10 bucks?  I bet she is a right fucking queen haha.......


LOOOOO SER....  hahaha lower than a shoe shine boy

Blue Dog's picture

Lenin fought for real change too. So did Hitler.

jballz's picture


when controversial leaders arise, the true fucking morons reveal themselves.


Any time you hear the label "terrrorist" you know the sheep sheers are in the top drawer.


"Meh I'm a fucking moron, terrorism meeeeeeehheheeh. Here take all my money meehehehheheh. Here take all my rights meemmmeehehemmm terrorists mememeeeeeeeeeeemmmeh."