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Video: Negative Divergences

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Negative divergences are popping up on key price charts. Negative divergences occur when prices move higher but the indicators, which are used to measure that price action, move lower. Our research shows that negative divergence bars tend to signify slowing upside price momentum, and often the highs and lows of the negative divergence price bar will serve as a range for prices going forward. Isolated negative divergences do not necessarily indicate a market top, but negative divergences are often seen at market tops. However, a clustering of negative divergence bars is a sign of an intermediate term market top, and this is a consistent finding across asset classes and through time.

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Video of the Week

 To view the graphs used in this video see below.


Figure 1. NASDAQ Composite/ weekly


Figure 2. $TNX.X/ weekly


Figure 3. TIP/ weekly



More Graphs

Figure 4. Russell 2000/ weekly


Figure 5. DJIA/ weekly


Figure 6. NASDAQ100/ weekly


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