Wave of Radiation from Fukushima Will Be 10 Times Bigger than All of the Radiation from Nuclear Tests Combined

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There was no background radioactive cesium before above-ground nuclear testing and nuclear accidents started.

Wikipedia provides some details on the distribution of cesium-137 due to human activities:

Small amounts of caesium-134 and caesium-137 were released into the environment during nearly all nuclear weapon tests and some nuclear accidents, most notably the Chernobyl disaster.




Caesium-137 is unique in that it is totally anthropogenic. Unlike most other radioisotopes, caesium-137 is not produced from its non-radioactive isotope, but from uranium. It did not occur in nature before nuclear weapons testing began. By observing the characteristic gamma rays emitted by this isotope, it is possible to determine whether the contents of a given sealed container were made before or after the advent of atomic bomb explosions. This procedure has been used by researchers to check the authenticity of certain rare wines, most notably the purported “Jefferson bottles”.

As the EPA notes:

Cesium-133 is the only naturally occurring isotope and is non-radioactive; all other isotopes, including cesium-137, are produced by human activity.

What people call “background” radiation is really the amount of radiation deposited into the environment within the last 100 years from nuclear tests and nuclear accidents (and naturally-occurring substances, such as radon).

2,053 nuclear tests occurred between 1945 and 1998:


Above-ground nuclear tests – which caused numerous cancers to the “downwinders” – were covered up by the American, French and other governments for decades. See this, this, this, this, this and this.

But the amount of radiation pumped out by Fukushima dwarfs the amount released by the nuclear tests.

As nuclear engineer and former nuclear executive Arnie Gundersen notes, the wave of radioactive cesium from Fukushima which is going to hit the West Coast of North America will be 10 times greater than from the nuclear tests (starting at 55:00).

This graphic from Woods Hole in Massachusetts – one of the world’s top ocean science institutions – shows how much more cesium was dumped into the sea off Japan from Fukushima as compared to nuclear testing and Chernobyl:

(And Fukushima radiation has arrived on the West Coast years earlier than predicted.)

The Canadian government has confirmed in October that Fukushima radiation will exceed “levels higher than maximum fallout” from the nuclear tests.

The party line from the Japanese, Canadian and American governments are that these are safe levels of radiation.   Given that those countries have tried to ban investigative journalism and have tried to cover up the scope of the Fukushima disaster, people may want to investigate for ourselves.

For example, Gundersen notes that the U.S. government flew helicopters with special radiation testing equipment 90 days after the Fukushima meltdown happened.  The government said it was just doing a routine “background radiation” check, but that it was really measuring the amount of “hot particles” in the Seattle area (starting at 27:00). Hot particles are inhaled and become very dangerous “internal emitters”. The government then covered up the results on the basis of “national security”.

As the Washington Department of Health noted at the time:

A helicopter flying over some urban areas of King and Pierce counties will gather radiological readings July 11-28, 2011. [Seattle is in King County.] The U.S. Department of Energy’s Remote Sensing Laboratory Aerial Measurement System will collect baseline levels of radioactive materials.




Some of the data may be withheld for national security purposes.

Similarly, the Department of Homeland Security and National Nuclear Security Administration sent low-flying helicopters over the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 to test for radiation. But they have not released the results.

Indeed, residents of Seattle breathed in 5 hot particles each day in April of 2011 … a full 50% of what Tokyo residents were breathing at the time:


(the video is from June 2011.)

After all, the reactors at Fukushima literally exploded … and ejected cladding from the reactors and fuel particles. And see this.

Gundersen says that geiger counters don’t measure hot particles. Unless the government or nuclear scientists measure and share their data, we are in the dark as to what’s really going on.

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When the corium reacts with the cement floor, the number of really bad isotopes increase a lot. The strontium goes up 10 times more than what it would be in a reactor contained melt down (not a melt through).

They build these reactors with 6" steel walls, and then 100 holes in the bottom to make the system work. What kind of freakin sense does that make to have a machine like that! If you can't make it safe, don't make it!

Here is an article on just how bad strontium is. My good buddy got Leukemia, and went from triathlon competitor to dead in under 7 months.


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Kill nuke in 2014


From Cradle To Grave, your sorry ass belongs to The Powers That Be. 

You have no rights, no freedom, no quality of life.

And, you think that is normal.

Their work here is done.

Merry Christmas, Bitchez.

Ho ho ho fucking ho. 

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

oh, for ye olde good days when bad children only got coal for Christmas, not cesium 137.

steveo77's picture

TCTB The criminals that be

dadichris's picture

Don't dring the water.  You might get Hiroshima's Revenge.

headless blogger's picture

I'm sure all of us out here on the West Coast are breathing a sigh of relief knowing we will all soon have Obamacare....

headless blogger's picture

The globalists are probably happy. Less people they will have to kill off.

boeing747's picture

Now is japs' payback time for what we did in 1945.

If .gov release air test results, we all flee west coast 'not one day late'.

Who gonna buy all 'properties' left behind.

Yes, this winter my throat itchs all the time, many residents in san jose have same problems.


steveo77's picture
The Excitement in the Early Day of Nuclear

There is a series of 5 videos on YouTube, showing 2 test at Bikini Atoll which screwed up Bikini forever.     But the thing to note, is the pride, the intense documentation of every aspect of the preparation and placement of ships.    Also noted is the destruction and partial torturous damages to many farm animals that were placed on the ships.  

Some animals were shaven to get a more realistic effect of the radiation on human skin.

If you listen to the video's you will see how "impressed" we are with ourselves, no one ever questioning the long term effects or implications.    Only the "need" to assess the damages caused by these bombs (number 4 and 5 ever blown up), and to get ready for the "nuclear age".

I have watched other nuclear detonations, and in all cases, the explosion and mushroom cloud/plume are described as "beautiful".    What the heck are they thinking?   Beautiful?  

They recognize the danger of the radiation as a destructive force, and then they dismiss any further danger by stating that once the plume is sufficiently diluted, there is no need to worry or track it any further.    In these cases, they are talking about 45 minutes.

And so it begins!   The Ego and Lies are coming right out of the gate.

Watch the videos below and if you need more, here are 125 videos on nuclear explosions


headless blogger's picture

Good link! thanks. Agree entirely with your view points.

A few years back (about 9 years ago) I was at gas station and car in front of me had a sticker stating he was a "survivor" of one of the nuclear blasts back in those times. I can't remember now which experimental blast it was, but I talked to him as we filled our gas tanks. He said he was in the navy at the time and they were lined up on deck to "watch". and they felt the heat wave as it happened, and had slight skin burns from it. He said all of his friends he kept in touch with who were on deck with him had health problems the rest of their lives (including himself) and he said he was the only one left....all the rest had died from cancers.

This b.s. was a continuation of Adolf Hitler's science, which makes the U.S. as much a nazi state as Germany. They had to figure out something to do with the waste so they came up with using it as energy...which is another idiot move, as anyone can see the results of that via Fukishima, Chernobyl, and the Hanford Site in Washington State which has leaked radiation into the surrounding area for decades and which is set to contaminate the Columbia River if they cannot clean it up....

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

and it's disgusting how many arrogant fools or paid propagandists to this day say that not one person ever died from radiation.
Fucking frauds.

RobM1981's picture

Atomic bombs ended WWII, and saved hundreds of thousands of US lives - perhaps over 1M.  This is irrefutable.  The men who were building the atomic weapons of that time had very different life experiences than we do.  Many of them were either combat veterans, or had worked on the Manhattan Project. 


Pretty much all of them had lost friends in the war, or knew wounded veterans, or who had friends who had been through it.


So, yeah, they were proud.  There has never been a war like WWII, since WWII.  There likely never will be another - and that's a good thing.  Atomic weapons *do* make sane people pause and think about what "pushing the button" really means.  The problem is proliferation.  As insane people get the bomb, people like Kim Jong Un, the whole "pause" idea goes out the window.



Ocean22's picture

))))))Atomic bombs ended WWII, and saved hundreds of thousands of US lives(((((

How many have died from nuclear issues? Cancer? Millions and will continue to do so for thousands of years. Take all things nuclear and stick it up your ass.

And the crazy North Koreans just make another reason that nuclear is so bad.


MeelionDollerBogus's picture

there will be another. it will start with nuclear bombs but it will end in pestilence.
Thanks to a newer weapon, weaponized small pox & influenza, every nation on Earth will be contaminated with spores & viruses that will re-insert themselves every generation no matter what, right from all the soil and water, and kill us all.
You're a fool.
There is no war to end all wars until humans are wiped out 100%.

The most insane people with a nuclear bomb are America and Israel not anyone else. North Korea wants only to keep America out, not to invade other nations. America's military nuclear terrorism has led to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia & many other places poisoned permanently with depleted uranium dust that will never ever go away. Children are born misshapen & die, cancers are prolific, no food can be safely grown. none. NONE.

You're a fool, ushering in mass-genocide for us all while clapping your hands and smiling, saying this is the last time.

Fucking fool.

Reader1's picture

I was visiting the nuclear weapons school in Albuqerque a few years ago when I had the honor of meeting Leon Smith, one of 3 weaponeers of the Manhattan Project.  He was responsible for maintaining and arming the bomb on the plane and also contributed a great deal to the development of the bomb.  He famously designed a test unit for the bomb in 30 hours.  A loss in a coin toss prevented him from dropping any of the bombs on Japan, but he did drop in Crossroads.  He was in charge of developing Saipan airfield for the bomb and he was there for the preparation for the invasion of Japan, which was slated for November of 45.  He sat in the pre-invasion briefings were they estimated they would lose 1000 troops AN HOUR during the landing and push inland.  He stated what he felt when they finally dropped the bombs was relief.  The war was over and everyone could finally go home. 

My father was born in 1931.  He told me he thought he would have to grow up and go fight in Japan, too.  No one thought the war was over in the Pacific in early 1945.  When I thanked Mr. Smith for his service, and I told him my dad thought he would have to join up and go fight when he was of age, he said one simple thing.  "He woulduv' been DEAD!"  Mr. Smith was not one to mince words. 

His recollections of the Project were fascinating.  Sadly, he passed away last year.  http://host.madison.com/news/local/wwii-engineer-leon-d-smith-dies-due-to-coin-flip/article_1a64a3c8-408c-11e2-9953-001a4bcf887a.html

steveo77's picture

A small percentage of troops die "would have been dead" is a complete fabrication meant for an emotinoal response. 

Nuke SUCKS big time.      Killing the planet and our genome is NOT WORTH avoiding a big battle including your fathers death.   Not callous....utilitarian.    THINK!

headless blogger's picture

I guess if you want to believe that. There's another point of view entirely. One is that the Japs were already in the process of capitulating (and Pearl Harbor was known in advance by Roosevelt who let it happen...even placing more ships there). The U.S. continued on with dropping these monstrosities on Civilian populations knowing full well that the Japs were in talks of surrender (proved fact!). The bombing was a POWER trip designed to let the world know what would happen to them if they stepped out of line with U.S. ambitions! Period.

Read 'American Promethius". The author was very objective about the people who were on the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer et al, were idiots. They had genius IQs yet were "shocked" at the results of their creation. No wisdom whatsoever...just total ego. Leon Smith is making justifications for the massacre and is likely a psychopath.

Now, I really don't think Oppenheimer and some of them were psychopaths. They were simply caught up in their own ego and lauding themselves for a creation they did not think through. But those people that made the decision to drop those bombs were more than psychopaths, they were evil incarnate.

I have relatives that were in this war, two of whom are very old now, so I have no reason to be siding with the Japs. I'm just looking at facts.


gwiss's picture

I think the bomb was used as a deterrent.  Not against the Japanese, who were pinned on their backs on the ground already, bloody and wimpering and no longer wanting to fight, but against the people US leaders already knew would be the next enemy, who were the Soviets.  I believe Truman made the decision to use the bombs to show that we had the willpower to use them against defenseless civiian populations.  Also, it was new technology, and the window for us to actually use it against a real target was closing rapidly.  The Japanese were essentialy free and real test subjects, and Truman was willing to make use of them while he had them.  Because you have to ask yourself -- why use both bombs?  Wouldn't one have been enough?  Especially when the Japanese were desperately reaching out to us even before any nuclear bombs were dropped asking for a peace deal?

Our willingness to be monsters is a sad commentary on where you end up if you allow yourself to believe the mind fuck that you can protect ideals by abandoning them.

steveo77's picture

Its more a testament to man's Ego then to a tough war. And shows how dangerous an "invisible" foe like radiation can be.     War and Power....the perfect elixer.


Agreed on NK and Iran.    Must be prevented at ALL costs.

I am more equal than others's picture



Oh hind-sight wisdom, how wise you are.

They - we - learned from those experiments.  Progress has been made.  There were no 'lies.'  Ignorance was overcome on subject matters where there is no correlative experience.  Your hindsight hand-wringing from a distance position of understanding is absolutely useless. 

steveo77's picture

Not my point at all.     The point is that the lies and ego, continue to today.    We are killing our world, our oceans, and our genome with this "tool".     You obviously have not researched it enough.   

I am more equal than others's picture



Your comments focus on the Bikini Atol period.  You show no sequence of time or place to differentiate between 'then' and 'now.'  If you do, then it is unclear.  Research has nothing to do with my comments.  Your comments appear to be judging the past with today's knowledge.  Sort of like a 50 year old adult lamenting over bad decision made as a teenager - an unproductive use of time.

steveo77's picture

Jesus, did you ever hear of Fukushima?     Nuke sucks right now, and reviewing the stream of lies and our own ego trips that lead us to where we are now, is relevant in understanding and bracing to fight the enemy, NUKE.

TradingTroll's picture

" It's easy to detect radioactive particles."


Really? I'll give you $200 then. Will you tell me which if the 250 isotopes from Fukushima were in my dinner and the amounts?


(Hint: the test for Strontium-90 in one item of food is $2000)

steveo77's picture

You sound annoying.     Isolating an exact isotope is a challenge, but detecting radioactive particles is simple, and when your geiger goes to 10000 click per minute.....you know all you need to know, got it trollie?

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

bzzt wrong.
See, some of it won't be detected by the geiger counter until it's isolated BECAUSE the range is so short and it's buried in with other chemicals / atoms.
That's the problem. Once you inhale or consume & the chemicals are separated by normal biological proceses INSIDE your body, you're fucked.
It's a happy melting death for you, then.

tony bonn's picture

thank you for staying on this subject....you couldn't pay me any amount of money to go to the west coast....it is going to be a giant cancer ward - actually that has already started, but it will epidemic in 5 years. property values will plummet.

that tsunami was man made by an undersea nuclear detonation sponsored by the bush crime syndicate.

1000 splendid suns's picture

Hatrick Penry Unbound has lots of FOIA documentation on this - plumegate.

yellowsub's picture

Good thing people don't turn into the Hulk or other gamma irradiated super monsters.

outofhere's picture

The sheople will turn into monsters unless they stop the Chemtrailing of our skies with metals and then HAARPing them to destroy the ionoshere which is in fact the cause of the depletion of ozone that protects us from solar "Radiation"!   Fukushima is nothing compared to our G2V star known to us as the sun. 

hooligan2009's picture

do you think there has been no increase in danger following the events at Fukushima? is there nothing that anybody needs to do?

malek's picture

Wow, GW, you are becoming a worthy competitor to Paul Krugman in dispersing carefully selected half-truths!

I especially like the mixing of in-the-air CS-137 levels with in-the-water levels, without the slightest information about how much water-based CS-137 might get into the air due to sea spray or similar - otherwise hot particles will hardly be inhaled if located in the ocean water.

But really the cherry on top is to imply there would be no (zero) “background” radiation without nuclear tests and nuclear accidents.

Go GW, you can beat Paul!!

outofhere's picture

Right on malek!!!  GW the"ass"ent provacoteur.  Chernobyl has been leaking radiation for decades yet all of the soviet block are still there!  He never covers the effect of HAARP and CHEMTRAIL destruction of the ionosphere and the solar "radiation" that penetrates as a result.  GW belongs on AJ's terror site.  One more GW post on this bullshit propaganda and i'm "OUT OF HERE"

outofhere's picture

Gonna cash in all investments, get irradiated at the airport after surrendering sovereignty for a passport and have lunch in Japan.  Fuck the new world order and fuck Kissinger and  his puppet O'blohole!

andrewp111's picture

If you want to measure airborne hot particles, you need to suck a known amount of air through a nanoporous filter, and then measure the filter with a Geiger counter (and an alpha detector for those particles that don't emit gammas). That is what measurements from helicopters actually do. There is nothing all that special about these measurements. Anyone could do them with readily available equipment and the right know-how.

steveo77's picture

Geigers detect Alpha, and dont forget the Beta too.  

But you are right...these tests are basic....$450 gets you a good unit.

pondview28's picture

Gundersen is not a reliable source. He is an ax-grinder of long standing with no more expertise than thousands upon thousands of people inside and outside the nuclear industry. He makes his living by being an anti-nuclear activist. Lets repeat that. He now, and for a very long time, has made his living by being an anti-nuclear activist.
Most of these George Washington articles can be debunked by doing your own online research.

steveo77's picture

No, they cannot GW is 95% correct

outofhere's picture

See my reply to malek above!

Peter Pan's picture

Teacher asks class to give her a sentence with the word beautiful in it twice.

Little Helen responds with: My father told my mother that she is a beautiful woman and that they have had a beautiful life together.

Little Robert responds: Sunday was a beautiful day and we had a beautiful picnic at the park.

Little Johhny responds: I went home and told my father that there was a nuclear power plant explosion in Fukushima.

The teacher looks at Johny and says: You haven't used the word beautiful twice.

Johnny responds: Oh ye, my father said, "beautiful...fuuuuuckin beautiful."

I Write Code's picture

Anybody put their alpha, beta, gamma detectors on fresh pacific fish lately?

americanspirit's picture

My wife and I are thinking of buying a house in Portland Oregon, one of America's great cities. I think we'll have a radiological survey done on any property we're seriously interested in. Might be an interesting bargaining tool. We're both old enough that living in a radioactive environment isn't an issue for either of us - but being able to buy a nice place for way, way below the asking price would be sweet. I'll bet the owners wouldn't want to turn down our offer on their hot property - might be the last one they would get.

steveo77's picture

Thats stupid, radiation does more than cause cancer, it immediately attacks your immune system, so you can have a shitty early death.   

You are smart enough to be dumb, wake up and learn.  

Peter Pan's picture

The move to Oregon will certainly restore the glow in your faces.

americanspirit's picture

We would be looking only at bank-owned 'hot' properties, of course. My guess is that a penny on the dollar might do the trick.

And while we're on the topic, I wonder if some of those near-bankrupt West coast cities might have a case against TEPCO for damaging their property tax base?

Sabibaby's picture

Stay away from get rich quick schemes... You said it yourself, you're old. Do you really want to deal with this bullshit? Either you're ok with the Pacific or you aren't. There are tons of other things in life that cause cancer and death. Don't think you're going to get a deal on property because it's got "hot" particles on it. Maybe in Fukushima but I doubt in the Pacific NW.