Why Political Protests Ultimately Always Fail

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As posted yesterday at https://www.smartknowledgeu.com/blog, by JS Kim, Managing Director, SmartKnowledgeU


Currently in Bangkok, Thailand, protests against the government remain strong with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands regularly gathering across the city in an attempt to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra from office. However, there are many reasons why such protests never achieve their long-term goals, even when they achieve their short-term objectives. For example, were the protestors to successfully oust current PM Yingluck Shinawatra from office as they so desire, the political system is so corrupt that another corrupt PM would just replace her. Therefore, the protestors, who fail to understand and attack the root of the underlying problems of corruption- the bankers that monopolize control of the country's monetary supply- instead attack the symptoms and manifestations of the corruption. Thus, corruption will always remain. When a Prime Minister or President anywhere in the world states, and actually does, the following: "I will rout out all bankers that manipulate interest rates, stock markets, commodity markets, real estate markets, forex markets and every single banker that prevents free markets from operating within my country", then that will be a politician worthy of the people's support. Any politician that fails to do this is unworthy of leading their country and unworthy of the respect of the citizens whom they supposedly serve. Though there have been some violent confrontations among Thai protesters and police thus far, since the bankers that run all countries know that the people's focus on a corrupt politician is a welcome distraction from the true culprits of economic malaise (them), they are willing not to escalate violence against the protesters. However, if the protesters ever turn their protests to the people they should be trying to kick out of their country - the banking elite - such tolerance will go right out the window, as it did with the US police and Occupy Wall Street protesters when the Occupy Wall Streeters brought much too much attention upon the corrupt banking cartels for their comfort. 


   thailand political protests, yingluck shinawatra




 Thailand Political Protests, Sukhumvit Road, 22 December 2013   

Kicking Yingluck Shinawatra out of Thailand, as is the misinformed goal of the protesters, will bring no sustainable change to Thailand despite the minformed hope among the protesters that doing so will bring about a "better tomorrow" for their country. Leave the same corrupt bankers in control of your country and they will replace an ousted corrupt politician with another. One merely needs to learn from the mistakes of other misguided citizens. In Mexico in 2000, Mexicans were enormously ecstatic in replacing the corrupt Ernesto Zedillo and the 71-year ruling PRI government with Vicente Fox, until Fox revealed his true colors as a corrupt wolf in sheep's clothing. In America in 2009, corrupt Barack Obama replaced corrupt George W. Bush, and so on and so on. There is an old saying that we must be the change we desire to be. The problem with this saying is that many of us will support corruption as long as we benefit from that corrupt leader because we have a “what’s in it for me?” mentality that is detrimental for not only the citizens of the countries in which we reside, but also for the citizens of the world. Until we can expand our horizons beyond our socio-economic demographic and beyond our countries to support integrity, honor, courage and justice for all peoples in all countries outside of our race, religious and political affiliations, and socio-economic statuses, we will continue to fail to bring about real positive change in this world no matter how many hundreds of thousands of people stand beside us and protest corruption in this world.    


In the end, ousting political leaders is just about cutting off one of the snakes from the head of Medusa only to see another one grow back in its place. I spoke today to a good friend that attended the protests. He said that he spoke to an elderly woman that told him she was participating in the anti-government protests so she could leave a better country for her grandchildren. This false belief is precisely what is wrong with political protests of this nature, because ousting Yingluck Shinawatra from Thailand will accomplish nothing long-term in preventing corruption if the criminal bankers that back all corrupt politicians are not ousted along with her.  If we desire real change, we must unite with all of our brothers and sisters engaged in similar struggles around the world and attack the individuals that fund these corrupt politicians and rout the money masters behind these politicians out of our countries first and foremost. And that is how we can bring about real, sustainable positive change for all of humanity. If political protests focused on the real culprits of economic instability within their countries, then they could be immensely successful in bringing about real change. However, as long as they focus on distractions and the players of the game rather than the real culprits, politicians will continue to sell all of us "hope" and "change we can believe in" and continue laughing behind our backs all the way to the bank.


Why Political Protests End Up Changing Absolutely Nothing

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I would reply to this article and video from JS Kim in the same way as I typically do to articles by George Washington too, who both exemplified similar common themes in their criticisms. I agree with what is said about the social facts, but I do not agree with what is NOT said.

The international banksters have made and maintained the social pyramid systems to become magnified many orders of magnitude, and there is no doubt that they were behind the orchestration of doing that. However, I believe that they have lost control of monster that they have created, namely, globalized electronic fiat money frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs.

I would also repeat that there are no "solutions" to be found in going backwards to any old-fashioned religions or ideologies, and certainly NOT in going back to any kind of "gold standard!" Our problems have become trillions of times BIGGER than anything that ever existed before in human history.

IF there are going to be better solutions, then more people must share more responsibility for the evil things that the banksters do. That is the problem with the superficial "solutions" presented by Kim, that the social facts regarding the banksters operating as the pyramidion people at the apex of the social pyramid systems are obviously correct, BUT, the solutions can not be eliminating their power without adequately replacing and systematically substituting better ways to achieve the purposes regarding what they do.

The international banksters are surely the best organized gang of criminals, that have controlled the biggest gangs of criminals, which are the governments. However, I assert that value judgment BECAUSE it is always a scientific fact that the death controls, or the murder systems, are the central controls, which are crucial to controlling everything else. IF more of the people were to wake up more fully to the realities regarding what kind of social systems that the banksters have made and maintained, THEN, more of the people would have to take more direct responsibility for operating the death controls, which back up the debt controls.

The ways that the exponential growth of human activities is rushing towards the real limits of the planet's resources is compounding these problems more and more intensely. It is reasonable to believe that the next several decades will see those problems manifesting in very significant ways, like nothing before on a global scale. However, human civilizations, in limited times and and places, did adapt to their limits, which was what drove the social pyramid systems of Neolithic Civilization to develop in the manner that they did.

A lot of the natural capital has already been high-graded to hell! The current systems were built upon being used to being able to find more natural resources to develop, BUT, that does not look it can continue any more. That INTENSIFIES these problems more than they ever were before. In many ways, the local or regional disasters found in episodes during human history have now become globalized, and magnified many orders of magnitude.

Particularly in that context, Kim's works are more typical reactionary revolution, or more protests of the Black Sheeple kind. They are correct on the level of the social facts about what the banksters have done, and are doing. However, they are not sufficient to penetrate deeper into the heart of those problems, about WHY they evolved in the first place. We have the same CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS now, as always existed, but they really have become trillions of times worse during the lifetime of those alive today, who have witnessed the exponential doubling times making those problems BIGGER!

The only way that more real democratization of power could be achieved is if there was more real democratization of the death controls. First of all, in the short-term, the banksters can be expected to continue to try to assassinate the leaders of any effective groups organized against them. Therefore, in the short-term, any effective movements would have to be prepared for that. Secondly, in the longer-term, there can be no sustainable human ecology which does not have its death controls as central to everything else. Therefore, in the longer-term, the political economy must operate inside the context of the human ecology, since the banksters dominated a money system which was measurements backed by murders for good reasons.

Of course, maybe none of this criticism matters, since the real paths we are on now appear like they have gone out of any kind of human controls anymore. The debt insanity numbers are headed towards death insanities. As our thousands of years of exponential growth rushes towards the real limits of planet Earth, there is almost no public recognition of that by the puppet politicians. However, meanwhile, the banksters appear to be planning to attempt to consolidate their kinds of globalized control through more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law. In that context, it is hard to imagine how any genuinely better solutions to our chronic political problems will become practically possible. But nevertheless, I repeat that the abstract, theoretically necessary, better solutions must have better death control systems, at their core, as what would have to back up better debt controls.

The international banksters are who they are because they were the best organized gang of criminals, who were able to covertly control governments, which were created by the history of warfare, which was the history of organized crime on a large scale. While those are the obviously correct social facts, the deeper problems persist regarding WHY those trends were driven to materially manifest. That is why there are no better solutions which are not doing what the banksters did better than they did. In theory, the democratization of the death controls would require greater use of information, and higher consciousness about human civilizations as general energy systems.

I think that Why Political Processes Ultimately Always Fail was correctly analyzed by Kim, up to a point. However, I would insist that we should go beyond that point. There are CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS inherent to the nature of life, which tend to be resolved by the evolution of ecologies. The human ecology has done that through developing the social pyramid systems of Neolithic Civilizations. Within those systems, the banksters have become the "top carnivores" that feed on other people's energy.

It is extremely problematic that those top predators appear to be degenerating into parasites. It appears that the systems they built have grown beyond their control. Their central planning appears to be backfiring worse and worse, since it is all based on backing up legalized lies, with legalized violence, which is misfiring badly, because that violence can never make those lies become true. Instead, the whole civilization is driven to become more psychotically insane, due to the paradoxical ways that successfully controlling civilization with huge lies finally plays through towards its own mad self-destruction. One way or another, sooner or later, the symbolic rush towards debt insanities under the current banksters' systems are rushing towards causing death insanities. The better we understood that, then the better we might be able to go through those processes ...

But nevertheless, the CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS never disappear, as long as any human beings at all survive. The banksters present the problem that their solutions to those problems were based upon the banksters being the best at backing up lies with violence, in order to control society. The whole of Neolithic Civilization has been the success of the maximum possible deceits in the murder systems enabling the maximum possible frauds in the money systems.

However, blaming the banksters for all those problems is to fail to see that the real problems are way bigger, and way deeper, than merely the banksters! The true challenge that the human species faces is whether or not it can resolve the contradictions of progress in science and technology, based on more scientific efforts to discover the truth, which works, in the context of a civilization which is controlled by lies, backed by violence, where a small group controls a large group, by using dishonesty and coercion to keep the others ignorant and afraid ...

While Kim is correct about the first, superficial, layer of that problem, namely that the banksters are the ruling classes, (pulling the strings of the politician puppets) the notions of more self-rule, or better democratization, enabling a greater use of information, and higher consciousness, can not work in the end unless that focuses on the crucial issue, which is how to operate the social death control systems. That is the deeper issue which the masses of muppets would have to face, which is the logical corollary to them realizing the full social facts about the banksters in the background of the political processes. It is not merely becoming aware of what the banksters really do, but WHY they evolved to do that!

One way to express this is that most people have the one-sided view that the banksters should share the wealth ... However, those people tend to refuse to accept that, in order to do so, then they would have to share the other side of what the banksters actually did, which was run the death controls, that backed up the debt controls. Meanwhile, what is really happening is that the established systems are spinning out of control, due to their internal contradictions: that successfully controlling society with legalized lies, backed with legalized violence, never can make those lies become true, but only drive that entire system to become too psychotic to still survive.

Therefore, we are getting closer to the social storms that will be caused by the banksters' systems driving debt slavery through to become debt insanities, which must collapse into chaos, while probably triggering death insanities as the result. That is the real context in which it MIGHT be possible to catalyze the transformation of civilization to become better human ecologies, which was integrated into better industrial ecologies, inside of natural ecologies.

Blaming the banksters as the source of the political problems only goes so far towards providing better solutions to the CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS. It is correct to identify them as the real ruling classes. However, it is not correct to blame them for the existence of those PROBLEMS themselves. Therefore, genuine solutions go far beyond what Kim has so far been suggesting in his series of articles and videos. Attacking the established ruling classes is not good enough, unless we are able to do what they did better than they did that.

Political protests have usually failed because they have been run by reactionary revolutionaries, who continued to believe in the same old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies, which therefore promoted the same old-fashioned impossible ideals, which actually make the opposite happen in the real world. In the end we need better banksters ... However, the ideas required to have better banksters goes far, far beyond the comprehension of the vast majority of people at present, who mostly do not even have a clue about what the banksters have really been doing, as the more or less hidden ruling classes of our current civilization.

In my opinion, most of the people who do wake up more, about how the real ruling classes are the banksters, still do not wake up more to WHY the banksters operate as the controllers of the human ecology and political economy systems. The problems are not merely that more people should wake up to the real social facts, but that they would also have to wake up more to WHY those facts developed as an evolutionary ecology that resolved CHRONIC POLITICAL PROBLEMS. As those problems are expected to intensify greatly during the 21st Century, we will all be forced to face those deeper dilemmas much more directly ... IF we survive through that happening ...

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since this thread has been hijacked by the topic of voting machine fraud can i put my two bit/coins in ...

pun fully intended- wouldn't bitcoin tech make for the ultimate open source secured transparent voting mechanism available?

(woops, sorry, this post was supposed to appear at the bottom after the thread jacking had already occured)

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"If you have selfish ignorant citizens you're going to get selfish ignorant leaders." George Carlin on politicians

In the history of mankind, has anything more wise or profound ever been uttered?!


The Four Rs
Rejection: Quit paying, quit obeying , quit playing
Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
Retribution: Is there really any place for these sociopaths and criminals in a restored civil and Constitutional society?!
Restoration: Restore the Constitutional republic.


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Protests may fail but not always.

Tech now offers a completely different approach to protests by providing a system of democracy independent of government.

It is coming.

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without getting rid of the money power influence behind the scenes, the political 'process' is simply a whack-a-mole contest.  As true in Thailand as it is in the US.

George Washington's picture

Thanks, Mr. Kim.  Keep on writing!

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"Why Political Protests Ultimately Always Fail"


"In America in 2009, corrupt Barack Obama replaced corrupt George W. Bush"


Any protest is going to co-opted by those with an ulterior motive.  The Tea party began as a ground roots effort and eas then co-opted by support from Koch.  No billionaire is grass roots.

putaipan's picture

you are on the ground there kim, but you gotta start somewhere. i so admire the thai people for trying and their short term goal seems right on target. also- gatherings like this are the place to spread the correct meme. otherwise, it's like rossana rossanadanna used to say- " mai pen rai ka " .

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Hey JS,

This is an okay write-up, but a little thin on facts and you make some broad assumptions. I'm suprised as a Korean you missed the general parallel state of Thailand to Korea in the 80s when it was in a similar state toward the end of the 5th Republic. I would hesitate to make sweeping comparisons, but whenever I'm in Bangkok it has the same vibe of Korea in the 80s, with an already thoroughly well-developed tourist industry as a major leg-up.

I'm generally inclined to think that aside from its troubled politics Thailand is well positioned going forward in terms of geography, resources, population and infrastructure. I'd say overall I have a very favorable view of Thailand's future in spite of the political turmoil. It's also interesting to note how little impact the political instability has on the ebb and flow of the economy in general. Again... brings back recollections of Korea in the 80s. Until that fateful summer in '87...

Sure, banker scum need to hang, but that's a global war we're all going to have to wage on our own terms. Who knows, maybe after the global bubble... a global bust... followed by a global revolution.

Time will tell.


logicalman's picture

I spent a lot of time at Occupy Toronto trying to make this very point to anyone who'd listen.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Astute commentary as always from Mr. Kim.

tony bonn's picture

very well said smartknowledgeu!!!!!

WTFx10's picture

"I will rout out all bankers that manipulate interest rates, stock markets, commodity markets, real estate markets, forex markets and every single banker that prevents free markets from operating within my country", then that will be a politician worthy of the people's support.

They will then be labeled an anti-semite. Just saying

Vendetta's picture

"They will then be labeled an anti-semite"   so true..

BigJim's picture

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.” - Lord Acton

no more banksters's picture

"In the European south, people are in trenches, defending and trying to save what they can. But in this case also, the "stagnating" situation is present and clear, confirmed by the fact that societies are unable to vision a totally different model of social organizing, at least for the present and in a massive level, and protest in the streets with economic-type requests which essentially belong to the totalitarianism of the neoliberal dictatorship. The pseudo-rationalism with which societies have been "poisoned" by this cultural totalitarianism, supposedly to prevent total destruction, in reality destroys human conquests of decades, and therefore, protests in the streets seem to be, at least, pointless too."


GreatUncle's picture

Don't vote walk away en-masse is the only way.

With no mandate to pass legislation (<50% turnout), minority rule is now exposed (this is already happeing) then anybody who tries to pass legislation to benefit a minority that so many do not want, people not bound by the majority vote can revolt.

This fake democracy stuff, worthless voting by blind sheep, allows the minority to legislate for themselves every time and nobody can do anything because the sheep en-masse voted for it.

At the next election, you voted for QE okay, no you did not object because you put your moniker on the ballot paper.

That was all that was needed for it to continue.

BigJim's picture

The usual argument for obeying 'our' government in a democracy:

Option 1: You voted for the winner. Well, of course you have to obey what he decides - you voted for him! Now shut up and pay 'your' taxes!

Option 2: You voted against the winner. Well, you expected everyone else to have to fall in line if your guy won, so you have to obey 'their' wishes when their guy wins. Now shut up and pay 'your' taxes!

Option 3: You didn't vote at all. Well, if you can't be bothered to help change the government, you have as much admitted you'll go along with the majority decision. Now shut up and pay 'your' taxes!

thurstjo63's picture

Well, as long as we don't have direct democracy where people have the right to call binding referendums on any topic, of which the first referendum should be that any taxation be it direct or indirect (i.e. via QE) requires a referendum where people know exactly this and that program or bailout is going to cost them, then alas there will be no change.

Azannoth's picture

Politicians are simply well paid Fall-guys, and they know it too.

They get their 4-6 years in "office" shuffling around papers and making "feel good" public speeches, all the while the country is getting robbed blind behind the curtains.

Than they simply "take the fall" and rotate to a very well paid "consulting job" for a multinational corporation. Rinse & Repeat.

All the while the dumb populace thinks their "leaders" are actually making decisions and are personally involved in running the country, lol!

Muppet Pimp's picture

Our government in the United States is no longer deriving its power from the consent of the governed.  Corporations are people argument notwithstanding.

One World Mafia's picture

How about the ZHes of the net join in calling for an extended campaign to rally their visitors to rally their politicians at the local level, where there is more hope for change, to trash electronic voting machines?

hootowl's picture

We will NOT have honest, valid, elections until we get rid of these electronic voting machines and electronic vote counters.  The media will just have to wait until the voting is finished and counted before announcing the results of the elections.

How very stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, etc. etc., etc,. to have allowed this fraud to have happened right in front of our faces.

We also need indelible ink finger dips, picture voter I.D., and severe criminal penalties for illegal alien voters, for multiple voters, for falsifying votes, manipulating the vote count, for bureaucrats who fail in their duty to forward absentee military ballots accoring to law, and for those who aid and abet all of the aforementioned.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

And again: "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." — Emma Goldman

In our country, as with most others, the vote upon which all others derive their power — the vote to secede — is illegal, and has been since the Civil War. Ours is now an "indivisible" nation, after all, despite the fact that it was founded on the exact opposite principle. As a result, "our" government has descended from federal to central to totalitarian, and the only way to get our country back will be to exercise our right of self-determination the same way our Soviet counterparts did two decades ago: Just say no.

Either that, or fully support the first state that votes to secede (Texas? Alaska?), making it clear that We the People have taken our power back and that there's nothing the USG can do about it other than accept this fact and prepare to follow its Soviet predecessor into the dustbin of history.

rubiconsolutions's picture

And it isn't just voting. Stop paying taxes! Don't feed the beast! They are already garnishing everyone's wages by way of banker created inflation, don't give the government any bonus money by way of tax money.

One World Mafia's picture

"And again: "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

You take their power away so they can't make it illegal, but these machines make it too easy for them to rig so that you can't take their power away by voting them out.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Unlike the US constitution, the Soviet constitution had a provision for secession of the constituent states. It wasn't needed, however, as the people Just Said No to what everyone knew to be a hopeless charade of "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us." And as this charade is now unfolding here, we Americans can do the same by simply staying away from the polls and otherwise thumbing our noses at Washington.

No, this won't happen until the SNAP cards quit working, and the checks stop coming. But that day is coming, even if (as seems all but certain) it comes after another change-the-subject world war and martial law. Sure, many millions won't survive this cataclysm (and I have no illusions that I and mine might not be among them), but since survival won't be possible without confronting this eventuality, confront it one must.

falak pema's picture

remember the hanging chad and the Supreme court?

Don't think TECHNOLOGY alone or absence of it changes anything. Technology is just a means.

Ballot boxes can be filled dishonestly --with the dead voting-- just as easily as electronic machines can be misprogrammed. It all requires that the electoral process be regulated by IMPARTIAL parties NOT from the political parties or government, as they be judge AND Party to the election.

Florida 2000 was a basket case for an election that was MANIPULATED.

Basically it means that the CITIZEN has to be INVOLVED in the whole process of his most precious heritage : getting the right people into governance and power and THEN keeping a continual surveillance of the DMP via transparent monitoring of decisions and consequences and honest fourth pillar of power reporting : THE FREE PRESS.  

Checks n Balances that work.

One World Mafia's picture

Electronic voting machines are by far the surest, easiest and most invisible way to cheat that make it virtually impossible for watchdogs to guard. Where I am there is no paper trail whatsoever.

The 2000 Florida hanging chads were planned as a way to usher in fully automatic electronic voting machines with no paper trail.

Getting rid of them is a first step.

BigJim's picture

Insisting that any software involved in the voting process is open-source would allay most of my concerns re: voting machines.

logicalman's picture

Voting in a 1 Party (divided into 2 indistinguishable groups of self interested assholes) system is a waste of time and effort, but if it has to happen, then paper, CAREFULLY, TRANSPARENTLY & THOROUGHLY AUDITED is the only acceptable means.