Cowgirls Wearing Pink Shades

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(Originally posted on Slope of Hope, hence the references to Slopers and SOH): Well, my fellow Slope-a-Dopes, I just could not bear sitting in silence any longer while all the blabbering bulls boast and gloat as they roast bear chestnuts over an open fire.  Enjoy your happy holidays highs, my bloated bovine butt-heads, as you sip your rosy bubbly and toast each other's good fortunes.   As for BDI, he went along briefly for a spectacular Santa sleigh ride to close out an otherwise dismal year with a BOOM.  Blow me momos, technos, and especially you trendos!

For the New Year, it seems that SOH, that last true refuge for pensive brooding bears, has been overrun with pompous bulls peddling & pumping a new 21st century high tech plateau of permanent prosperity, that would make even Irving Fisher's rose twittering cheeks blush.  I wonder if old Irving would have Linked himself In or posted his rip roaring 20s rosy market views on a pretty pink Facebook page?

As for The Idiot Savant, he sure does not smell the long stem roses.  Take off your pink shades and take a good sniff, smell the rotting rancid rot, Cowgirls!

pink-sunglassesPink Shades # 1:  Europe is still deeply mired in an intractable recession, trapped in a crippling cluster-fucked currency union contraction with no way for the struggling periphery nations to pull themselves out of a dreadful debt death dive.  Don't believe the mindless misdirection manifested by the recent rosy European capital markets' marvelously manufactured momentum.  France just printed a near all time high unemployment rate. 


Pink Shades # 2:  The 10 year U.S. bond just closed above 3% and is most certainly trending for a continued move higher. Those sporting rose colored Ray Bans on their elongated noses, will tell you the economy is surely picking up, and thus, it is a welcome quite natural sign to see interest rates edge higher at this point.  What they won't tell you is that newly issued commercial bank loan volumes are near all time record lows.  Don't kid yourselves my pink pussy cats, interest rates are not being driven up by healthy demand pull forces in the real economy, but rather by the early signs of stagflationary supply push forces which always inevitably show up when too much money is being circulated in a monetary system.

wildfox_eactwg000_pink-1Pink Shades # 3:  Super strength stagnating inflation is right around the bend. Its insipid effect always first appears in pesky peak priced fixed and financial asset of all kinds before it metastasizes into and onto the real economy on the ground. Here again take off your silly rose spectacles and smell the smelly stagflationary stench.  Rents, Food, Energy, Utilities, Education, Healthcare, TV/Internet/Smartphone bills, Entertainment tickets......etc, all hitting high water marks.  Ask yourselves, are fixed operating costs getting cheaper in your pink picket fenced palaces?

dior air light pink sunglasses-f80916Pink Shades # 4:  The USD is skating on thin ice here, having recently broken the all important 80 level on its typically trusted treadmill DXY index. You really think a country that converts these degraded debased dollars in order to import over 70% of what it consumes will not see higher prices in the near future? You think China's appreciating and better yielding yellow Yuan will not increase the prices that your fat pink asses pay at the Walmart checkout counter?  What about that petro-dollar oil barrel price perpetually parked above $100 once again?  Attention all waddling whale Walmart shoppers!

Pink Shades # 5:  Despite the tiny timid taper, the FED’s balance sheet continues to grow exponentially with each passing month. Despite the frantically feeble fiscal budget agreement reached by the cowardly congressional clowns, the country continues to spend its way into oblivion with no end in site.  As interest rates inevitably rise, these terrific twin time bombs will be right back in your sights, front and center, quickly clearing up your fogged rose tinted lenses.

2013Oakley-Asian-Fit-Sunglasses-Pink-Frame-Purple-Lens---Fake-Oakleys-Outlet186Pink Shades # 6:  Unemployment claims & benefits. The BLS tells us that countless copious crappy jobs are constantly being created and the unemployment rate is steadily heading down. Yet, unemployment claims have moved back up recently and the goofy Government goons are about to debate whether or not to resume the extended benefits program.  So, which is it?   Does this add up to you giddy ghey girly men wearing suave mauve designer shades? Seems to me that the problem is rather entrenched and not going anywhere anytime soon, as the middle class continues to lose ground from all sides.  Did you know that the number of 18-30 year olds living at home with their parents has never been higher in half a century.

pinkPink Shades # 7:  The Black Stone brick and mortar housing asinine asset abomination. Remember that virtual housing market our fiendish fraudulent financial friends blew up with their demented dubiously deranged debacle of mirage money mortgages that detonated last time around?  Well, that bogus busted bubble seems to have reemerged, reincarnated via the rabidly rapacious rapid re-inflation of free flowing FED funded subsidies, handed directly to the very same elite financial institutions whose unabashed greed preyed on us all the last time around. Everyone talks so re-assuredly about the guaranteed rental income streams these new real structures, as opposed to falsely structured investments, will genuinely generate.  Do these fabulous freeloading financial wizards really understand the actual fixed costs and real world care on the ground level, involved in maintaining hundreds of thousands of single family homes?  When interest rates head back up and the housing prices collapse will rents not follow suit?  Will the high prices they have set on these hard asset backed investments not head south in a hurry.  Did they not sell us on the exact same pipe dream with the so called safe and sound moronic MBS meme?  At the end of the day, have they not simply repriced and re-financialized the exact same assets which are dependent on the very same income stream generated from the busted american middle class.  Don't forget where the real value in housing comes from, it's not the standing structures themselves, but those that actually live in them that determine their value.  Speaking of houses, keep your eyes on existing home sales, they be going downtown in a hurry!

max_mara_13_pink_sunglassesPink Shades # 8: GDP & Inventories, smell the rot. There is no doubt that massive magnanimous monetary policy can generate real growth and create actual production. The question I have for you, my pinko friends, is can that fantastically force fed growth actually be sustained. If the new growth was achieved through the artifice of ZIRP & QE, will it not correspondingly dissipate in their absence?  Do you all really believe that we will magically arrive at escape velocity which will carry us forward even as the monetary fire hoses are turned off?  And, should they not turn off the emergency fire hoses, do you actually believe we will escape the powerfully potent physical universal laws of inflation and the inevitable upward push on interest that necessarily follows? The US public and private sectors are both leveraged to the hilt, loaded to the gills with unmanageable debt.  The free money has only served one purpose, and that is to avoid your rose colored world to be seen as the looming liquidity debt trap that it is, flashing a bright code red alert.  We are being lulled into a false sense of security my friends, and your cozy pink blankets and comforting lullabies will turn into your worst nightmares as soon as you remove your rose colored glasses.

I'm certain that most of my pretty in pink cowgirl equity cheer-leading friends will promptly pump their red white and blue USA, USA, USA  pompoms, singing and shouting their tried and true cheer; "the economy is NOT the market BDI!!! The economy is NOT the market you Idiot!!!".  Well, all I can reply to you, my fine fair weather friends, is that your future is so bright you will definitely need to wear your silly pink shades.  As for your idiot French friend, he will most assuredly be set up short by week's end, in anticipation of a steamy valentines date complete with a dozen pink roses.

paul-frank-julius-pink-sunglasses-w-top-black-1530-medium-1 BDI SOH's Idiot Savant

John Maynard Keynes:

Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth. Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become ‘profiteers,’ who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat.  As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

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squid427's picture

SOH is a great site Tim, thanks. I love the vibe of the community there.

rsnoble's picture

Speaking as a true US citizen.........where are the pictures of cowgirls you fucking deuchbag? LOL.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

You kiss your mother with that mouth?

cynicalskeptic's picture

I'm always amazed at the power of rose colored glasses - how people manage to delude themselves.  My grandmother left a solidly middle class household in the 1920's to marry a ne'r do well who drank, gambled and cheated on her.  She says she 'held her family together' though it was by ignoring his behavior and putting up with him.   I kniow for a fact she tried to leave him after her first child (my father) was born but her parents responded with 'You made your bed, now sleep in it.'.  She raised four kids - with my father serving as a substitute father figure for his siblings - in a Freudian study of dysfunction.  My grandmother says her husband 'liked' fighting with her and insists she had a 'good' marriage. Knowing that any life with her husband was on shaky ground, she guilted her children into staying close and supporting her - allowing her to stay in her house after her husband died.

Working most of her life with her children living very solid blue collar lives these people all considered themselves Republicans - because 'only poor people were Democrats' - never mind the near poverty they often lived in. It was more comfortable to dream of what they 'might' accomplish than see what they actuially had (or rather did NOT have). My father thought Richard Nixon was a 'great man' - perhaps feeing he was one of Nixon's 'Silent Majority' - not realizing that those were the ones that acquiesced to a government out of control that screwed its citizens up down and sideways.  They were very proud of their ancestors - fighting in the American Revolution and such - looking back to a past that was far better than their present.

None of this family got a college degree in my parents generation (two spouses did - my mother being one of them, later in life).  I was the one of three in my family that got a degree - a typical proportion for the rest, a third to half.  But most of those were third tier schools.   The ignorance - and delusion - still run rampant.  An aunt - at 80 - is 'proud' to still be working (though she can't afford NOT to be).  It's an all too typical extended family, lots of 'getting by', but now with more divorce.   Very real resentment of the few that have done well (we count ourselves in that group, having worked damn hard to acheive what we have, though not unwilling to credit pure luck which is a larger factor than most will admit - one 'good' employer vs. a bunch of bad ones can make a huge difference).  

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Your last sentence is noble and most refreshing to hear.  I applaud the depth of your forthright sincerity. 

janus's picture


i have prepared for you a toast...truth be known, i'd worked on another crystal-clinker -- and then there was a technical glitch (and i blame communists and all other godless parasites for matter who's 'really' to blame).

so, cheers (i really-really love certain parts of your state):

what a country, these United States!

and with respect to your post?  well, here's a magna-toast!

okay, i admit, i split aces:

here's cheers to amorica.

one more from wilco and janus before i let-loose:

{i'm not just trying; i am GOING to break your heart, amorica}

there is in this nation -- and, most especially, the world at large -- a component emergent; a certain segment of the overall that's had quite enough.  fooled once, twice, thrice...and then some, more than over-again, sufficent to effect absolute disgust.  and then there exists amongst us the larger element; those more interested in texting-in their favs to the voice or american idol than mulling matters of state, yeild-curve-flattening and/or the like.

i, along with the next man of good-will and earnest decency, hath done all that i can to persuade and/or dissuade the fools from their folly...but not unlike dogs, they return happily and eagerly to their vomit -- so-as to lap it up.

i want a certain nation-state to welcome us; or, failing that, a certain region in whatever nation-state, to open its gates; and whence said place declares will be known; for it will be known by us.

i wanna move there.  what a place!  an area indifferent to external affairs (save for open trade); a place averse to warfare; a people so proposed to collectively and individually minding their own goddam business...but who could, whenever and whereever they so chose, speak their mind on any subject to which their minds were at the time so disposed.  what a place!

there once existed such a from foreign entanglements...two seas seperating it...a new atlantis...and then the fascists and bolsheviks infiltrated...and now we oscillate violently back and forth betwixt the two till we halt, about-face, and then attempt to again harmonize by some dissonant synthesis biased on the slighter side of either of its twain (our two-party system).  gore vidal called it the war party.  but i think he meant 'party' in the pejorative sense.  doesn't seem fun, as a party should. i call it noise and clatter.  i'm sick to death of it.

it's not so much an issue of 'common' folk; the malefactory churns out automatons in every station and class -- young/old; rich/poor; savvy/retard...there is, it seems, little that can be done for them.  

and, ZHealots, here's the rub: it isn't so much that they dislike you; they'd very-much like to exterminate are a threat to every camp, clique and've sinned the sin of independent thinkin.  there is for this typically a blood sacrifice requisite.  but sometimes we slip away right when a Columbus drops anchor on whaterver there is of a new atlantis. 

let me put it another way: the powers of this world would love nothing more than the scalp of every independent thinker...but with that they are in no way satisfied.  your person skinned, gutted, flayed and struck upon a spike to roast over a spit (later to be fed to swine-hounds) is the lot your leaders for you desire.  

and you go on voting.

the only 'voting' that in this world matters is done with movement and/or bullets.  good luck with your republikcrats, fools.

but janus is just-such a fool.  war is cannot be stopped.  none dare.  our models, based on exponential growth (forever), don't hold up well in a world hungry for protein and petrol.  

our greatest ally on the left, ron paul, is a coward who thinks this is still 1950's/rational-thinking america; our greatest ally on the right is...well, i can't think of a living conservative (fascism, much to many's surprise, is not in any wise 'conservative') who qualifies for accolade.   george orwell is dead.  so that's that with regard to conservatism.

i don't fuckin care anymore; i'm just gonna comment, judge and condemn.  

there is no utopia commin; as it cannot be voted into existence.

but, chin-up, amorica; change is acommin!  gallupin in on a pale horse:

yeah, yeah, yeah...

yeah, yeah, yeah,






fredquimby's picture

Europe is still deeply mired in an intractable recession

Said by an American who probably has never even seen the Eiffel Tower?

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Actually, I'm a French citzen living in NYC, carrying a US green

cynicalskeptic's picture

Nonetheless true, whaever the source.   All my Irish relatives are struggling - or leaving (again) for elsewhere.  The Germans my wife works with are decidedly NOT positive about the future and you really don't want to hear what friends are reporting back from their Italian relatives.

Meanwhile here in the US, the coasts may be doing 'better' but in general, things suck.  One sil just left Vegas - glad to be out of there, family down south has worked intermittently since '07, maybe half of the time employed and those who have graduated college around here (NYC burbs - good schools, smart kids) are not finding it easy to find gainful employment.  Lots of unpaid or minimally paid 'internships', grad school by default or are employed as ski instructoras or 'gofers' working for the family business.

Save_America1st's picture

I feel like I just read an article co-collaborated on by Richard Simmons, Charles Nelson Riley, and Liberace. 

jballz's picture



Just kill yourself, there is no sense polluting the internet any further with your idiocy.


are we there yet's picture

Our economy is in the pink thanks to TPTB whoever they are.

dexter_morgan's picture

things will continue on as normal.....until they don't. when they don't, duck

max2205's picture

85 billion dollar bills.....fixed it

moneybots's picture

"And, should they not turn off the emergency fire hoses, do you actually believe we will escape the powerfully potent physical universal laws of inflation and the inevitable upward push on interest that necessarily follows"


Inflation causes deflation.  100% of bubbles burst and deflate.

logicalman's picture

They may be able to blast the markets higher with the pressure from the debt-money hose, but most people are stuck in the basement and it's filling up. People will drown.

Bruno de Landevoisin's picture

Indeed!...................cause meet effect

ebworthen's picture

Abounding admiring accolades for the adroit, ambidextrous, assiduous, accurate, appropriate, authentic, and artistically articulated alliterations!

Take off those rose colored glasses Wall Street and Washington!

Code Red!!!

logicalman's picture

Safety goggles would be a good bet in 2014, I think

Shad_ow's picture

Bravo!  An entertaining way to state truth.  I would be cheering if I weren't crying.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

One big pink slip for 2014, in other words.

And if Fed/Gov extend-and-pretend postpones the inevitable until 2015, the slip will be blood red.

Best get it over with.