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As I stumble through my big lies,

help me to create more grief than laughter,

dispense more gloom than cheer,

spread more despair than guffaws.

Never let me become so indifferent,

that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of the political elites,

or the twinkle in the eyes of their .001% masters.

Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer Wall Street,

make them happy,

and forget momentarily,

all the unpleasantness ordinary folks bring to the self important.

And in my final moment,

may I hear he who prints the fiat paper whisper:

"When you made My people wealthier,
you made Me smile."

-Anonymous Clown-

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"At the beginning of last decade, when the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed during 9/11 attacks, the market suffered the biggest drop in history. Two weeks later, the “Enron” scandal revealed, and quickly became clear, that this was just the tip of the iceberg of a massive fraud from the corporations. Since the early 90s, many major companies were presenting fake profits, hiding their debts, with the help of the largest accounting firms. The paradox is that in the mid 90s, Greenspan had already realized that something was wrong with the economy, but ultimately convinced himself that computers were increasing the productivity in novel ways, too new to be detected in the data."

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and productivity continues to improve, the issue from the point of view of a political philosophy is who has the right to those gains? right now the owners of the machines keep the profits, just like a great cyber plantation with mechanized slave labor. a point can be made that the workers own the intellectual rights to the machine (example automatic or self checkout retail) if you study scientific management, you will understand how this works. there is really nothing in improved technology that wasn't conceived out of human ability and work. if you create something which has an application for the mass audience, then it belongs to that audience. from a strictly economic point of view the problem is that money is being directed to the 1% who are not reinvesting  their money in new economic growth. so bernanke punishes savers, a strictly 19th century solution in order to promote growth, but all it achieves is putting more money into hands of the 1%, people who have more than they know where to invest it. the result of all this is useless technology (social media websites and gadgets) while most people on this planet still need food, shelter, transportation, and some degree of autonomy. collapse is inevitable and desirable under the circumstances


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remarkable how a democratic nation (and a philosophy based on critical thinking, and a political policy based on pragmatism) could hand over control of the money supply system to a bureaucrat with strictly abstract notions about money and credit. but then if you abolish the fed what will you have, off balance sheet accounting, because that's the only way to run a deficit economy. going off balance sheet means you are no longer lying to yourself about the state of your finances. so americas need for self deception must be the key to all this

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I hope the Bernank, soon goes to the tank/

and meets a big man named Bubbles.

What he did to our nation! Now Bubble's inflation

will soon be the worst of his troubles.



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Throw Greenspan into prison before he escapes by dying.

Don't let him get away

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Hurling Magoo into a volcano is our last chance to propitiate the angry gods.

Why is this unrepentant grand larcenist still at large?

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the clown IS the territory. 

okay, fixed it.

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"The spiraling debt of the Federal Government to "Federal" Reserve, is due to repeated quantitative easing policies, i.e. primarily "printing" new money, supposedly made to stimulate the economy. Instead, however, the money went solely to bailout biggest banks, some of which participate in the "Federal" Reserve! Which means that, money returned to the banks through a circle, while uploaded US government with more debt, which will be passed on to future generations! Unanswered questions remain also, about the case on the basis of which, the "Federal" Reserve secretly supplied through the "back door" with more than $ 9 trillion, various financial institutions with questionable balance sheets during the financial crisis in the US. Nobody seems to deal with this issue today."

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new meme is that tapering QE would harm the economy and working people, so the Fed can't do it. not that QE helped these people in the first place, but it might harm them now...

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Jeez; that's a hell of thing to look at in the morning.

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No body helps with that horrible face blythe

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Agrees with all of the above...

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with any luck, his cell mate will rent him out for smokes