How does fascism work in 2014 America?

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How does fascism work in 2014 America?

I am certainly no political science expert, nonetheless, what follows is three-point example of Microsoft legislating profits that is so simple to understand even most Americans should be able to get it.

Let's start with the following as a premise, a partial definition of 21st Century Fascism:

Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

Point A

From the most excellent website,

Microsoft Corporation's top candidate recipient for "political contributions" in 2011-2012 was: Barack Obama (D) $815,395.

Click here to see the very, very, long list of politicians that received "donations" from Microsoft and its affiliates.

In addition to "political contributions" Microsoft is engaged in "lobbying" which for some strange reason is always tracked in dollars, instead of the number of letters written to elected officials, or the hours and minutes Microsoft's employees spent in politicians' lobbies and offices.

LOBBYING: $8,086,000 (2012)

REVOLVING DOOR: 75 out of 97 Microsoft Corp lobbyists in 2012 have previously held government jobs

I am not even going to discuss all of the media content such as and Bing Search that Microsoft controls.  It should already be evident that, "The industrial and business aristocracy [in this case Microsoft and its affiliates] of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power..."


Point B

Moving on to, "...creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite."  In addition to, "political donations," how do government officials benefit from legislating profit for Microsoft?  That is simple enough to see:

Members of Congress who own Microsoft Corp shares: 51

Therefore, if Microsoft does well, then so do the elected officials/shareholders, such as these 51 congressional representatives that we have put in charge of the public duty of lawmaking.

Cognitive Dissonance Alert!  Do not read the following definition of bribery if extreme cognitive dissonance causes you to experience negative side effects.

Bribery is an act of giving money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient. Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.


Point C

Finally, we take a quick look at the business side of, "...creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite."  How does Microsoft benefit from this relationship?  I assure you that there are more ways to benefit than there are ease-of-use commonalities between Windows 7 and Windows 8, but let's go with just one example from this morning...a Federally Mandated Operating System Upgrade.

Below is a broadcast email from the Federal government's Medicare monopoly contractor, Novitas Solutions.  Novitas currently administers the Medicare Administrative Contract which spans 11 states and Washington D.C., Indian Health Service (IHS), Veterans Affairs (VA); and the payment processing for the Federal Reimbursement of Emergency Health Services Furnished to Undocumented Aliens contract, as authorized under Section 1011 of the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act.

From: Novitas Solutions, Inc.
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:XX AM
Subject: Important Information for Windows XP Users

Important Information for Windows XP Users

Microsoft has announced that as of April 8, 2014, they will not release any security patches for the Windows XP operating system.  Without this support, Windows XP will be non-compliant with HIPAA.   If you are using Windows XP, we encourage you to speak to your IT department to discuss possible options to remain HIPAA compliant.  Please note, while software products such as PC-ACE may still run on Windows XP, the operating system will be non-compliant with HIPAA as of April 8, 2014.

EDI Services
1-877-235-8073 (JL)
1-855-252-8782 (JH)

Holy shit, Doctor Buttscope!  You must upgrade all of your Microsoft XP computers you purchased for the last HIPAA mandate with new Microsoft operating systems (and upgrade or purchase new Electronic Health Record systems, Practice Management systems, and Accounting systems), or else you are going to be in violation of HIPAA (MSFT will miss earnings estimates) and the Feds will be up YOUR ass with an endoscope, and they can no longer afford the lube thanks to the sequester!  No, Dr. Buttscope, your Federal government doesn't give a stool sample that all those computers running XP you purchased still work just fine for you, Doc.  This is about HIPAA compliance!  You don't want to be out of compliance with HIPAA!!!

Honestly, it is probably more important that Doctor Buttscope remain in compliance with The President's Huge Stimulus Package...

The recently passed stimulus legislation -- the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 -- includes language that requires any physician office that has discovered a breach involving unsecured data to notify by letter every affected patient. The requirement is the same whether records are on a computer or in paper form. You have until 60 days after discovering the data breach to let patients know it happened.


If more than 500 patients are affected, you also have to immediately notify local media and the Dept. of Health and Human Services. HHS will post notice of the breach on its Web site. If fewer than 500 patients are involved, you must file an annual report with HHS.


Remember, dear ZeroHedge reader, what HIPAA compliance is really all about?  You probably mistakenly believed that it protects patient privacy.  Wrong!  Every day is opposite day when it comes to naming federal legislation.

In phase 1, the health insurers and government were guaranteed all of your medical records under HIPAA.  When you visit a physician, you don't sign a release for this information, you sign a statement recognizing the physician is required to divulge it under HIPAA.  There is no privacy in HIPAA.

The P in HIPAA stands for portability, not privacy.  HIPAA mandates that physicians divulge your records to the government and health insurers.  Don't believe me?  Next time you are at a physicians office, just read the Notice of Privacy Practices and the Acknowledgement that you are required to sign before you receive any healthcare.

The Notice will read very close to something like this:

This Notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.  Please review it carefully. 


Et cetera and so forth...


The Acknowledgement you sign will read something like this:

I acknowledge that Dr. Benjamin Shalom Buttscope provided me with a written copy of his Notice of Privacy Practices. 

Patient's signature: _____________________________

Agreed to on (today's date): ______________________


Even if the purpose of HIPAA was to protect privacy, it isn't as if the new technology is more secure than Windows XP.  Tax-payer funded NSA hacking research has assured us all that nothing digital (including our money) will ever be truly secure again.

To sum it all up, in 2014 America, corporate profits are protected - The technology and business aristocracy of our fascist nation, such as Microsoft, are the ones who put our government into office with money and media control, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship that includes companies like Microsoft paying lawmakers who are also shareholders to legislate profits for these very same corporations.  Remember...

Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.

Finally, if you haven't had enough, then please do (re)read these two recent ZeroHedge articles, keeping in mind what you just learned.

Cronyism Strikes Again: Ex-Microsoftee Married To Democrat Congresswoman Set To Take Over Obamacare Exchange

Security Expert Hacks Obamacare Website In 4 Minutes; Accesses 70,000 Records

Regarding this last article, as a reminder, Mr. President, under your Huge Stimulus Package, you have until 60 days after discovering the data breach to let patients know it happened.   If more than 500 patients are affected, you also have to immediately notify local media.  What am I saying?  Never mind.  I bet you gave yourself a waiver. 

Fascism...we are soaking in it.

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Reaper's picture

The greatest human weakness is trust.  Thinking is painful.  Trust allows someone else to think for you.  You can trust a fascist/corporate/government to think for you, or Marxist/Socialist/Central Committee to think for you or a King, or a member of your race/clan/religion to think for you, or that salesman promising the most.   Never grow up.  Replace your ruling parents with the ruling State of your choice.

PT's picture

I've always been amazed at the amount of trust invested in the computer industry.  It really is quite astonishing.  To me, the Snowden revelations made me think, "Oh good.  The world makes sense now."  People trust computers because of the convenience they want it to be true.  It'll be "trustworthy" until the controllers decide it is harvest time.

Metal Minded's picture

Not to worry- the MS death spiral began with the release of Win 8. Open Source is the future in that space. And the end of the US Govt(the real govt in the shadows) 'business as usual' began with the Snowden revelations. The true American Spirit, subverted for the last 40 years, is now reawakening.

PT's picture

I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hope that you are right.  I know I should have at least migrated to Linux by now.  Still putting it off.  Win 8 is proof that Microsoft has no real competition.

As for privacy on a computer - I'll never trust a computer again, unless I build the thing myself after building the "computer-building" machine myself and program it myself.  Even then I'll probably want to test it with an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser and any other handy equipment that I may have available at the time.  (Dream dream dream, I can dream ...)

q99x2's picture

CDiss, Again an enjoyable article. That Bill Gates was a no good son of an oligarch to begin with. The Linux video depicts him as the scumbag animal (that's animal as in vermin) M'Fer he is.

JCC's picture

And then, of course, there is this:

DHS protecting the MPAA from American Citizens

PT's picture

Yes, it's time Hollywood just admitted that their time is over and their current trajectory is doing more harm than good.  I don't like to complain - they gave us some fun times, but were actors really ever worth a million times more than an office cleaner?  They've had a nice run since the invention of film, but the other thing to recognize is that the "quality" is already going down.  Kardashians, DWTS, reality TV, Jersey Shore not exactly an addition to our "culture" (oh, sorry, that's TV not cinema, I guess Hollywood does have to work harder).

What I'm trying to say is, what were actors paid before the invention of cinema?  I don't like saying it because I do appreciate a good movie that's had a few bucks put into it, but it may be time to return to them days.  I guess my opinion is irrelevant.  If that is to be the future, nothing will stop it.

PT's picture

If Hollywood is to survive, it will have to start making movies that appeal to people who are too honest and wouldn't dream of depriving them of an income.  That will be interesting...

hedgeless_horseman's picture



In the future, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station shaped like a giant "O" where they receive unlimited and free healthcare, while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth.  After sustaining a workplace injury (that would normally be covered by worker's comp insurance in all 50 states) a simple working-class man and his Mexican-immigrant-physician-girlfriend work to save their mixed-race child by using technology and taking on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized healthcare systems.

PT's picture

Yeah, that movie was alright.  The gf enjoyed it too.

gwar5's picture

I remember Microsoft being dragged through congress long ago in the anti-trust suit. I knew then that it would be a turning point in their recognition they had to pay to play and join the club.


Fascim for me is when the new Yahoo CEO said she had a choice of going to jail or complying with the NSA demands to serreptitiously piggyback on their private networks.

Fascism for me is when the NSA and Govco put private email servers out of business if they do not comply.

Fascism for me is when the media cartel relentlessly carries the propaganda for the one party rule and is still spied upon and still warned careers will be ruined for asking the wrong questions. 

Fascism for me is when the IRS is used to target dissenters, ruin lives, and collect data bases.


Are we there yet... cause I gotta go pee.







akarc's picture

"In phase 1, the health insurers and government were guaranteed all of your medical records under HIPAA.  When you visit a physician, you don't sign a release for this information, you sign a statement recognizing the physician is required to divulge it under HIPAA.  There is no privacy in HIPAA."


And if you do not sign? No care for you?


By propaganda keep the people happy until such time as complete control is established and then burn em.  The meme that we are quickly becoming a socialist state  must not be allowed to overshadow the truth. We are quickly becoming a totalitaraian Facist regime run by a corporate (to include the MIC)/government alliance engaging in the largest upward transfer of wealth in history establishing a ruling class that could care less about the "people".  That my friends is not socialism.


Do we have socialist programs? Of course. And they are under attack daily (read social security, etc) by those who espouse a free market that does not exist and never will as long as the corporate unions, i.e. lobbyists, PAC's continue to buy the politicians to do their bidding.


Those who do not see this as they pound the U.S. is becoming a communist state do themselves and those foolish enough to believe them a disservice.  


+1000 thousand for an excellent article

Vidar's picture

Socialism/Fascism are two heads of the same beast: statism. Neither one can exist without the other. Saying that we are either heading toward fascism or heading toward socialism is a false choice. We are heading toward both of them because in the end they are the same thing: a system where the elite use the "big lie" of legitimate violence to strip away the rights of individuals. Only by smashing the state in all its forms and holding the individuals who run and administer the state accountable (see guillotines) can the human race escape the doom that is swiftly approaching. Fascism/socialism/statism have only one eventual outcome, war. Eventually there will either be nuclear war or the state will be destroyed from the bottom up. That is the only real choice we have.

tip e. canoe's picture

agree with your diagnosis, but have a serious question about your prescription: 

doesn't the use of violence, even if successful in its ends, guarantee that the organizational system that arises from the ashes will be able to justify the use of violence as "legitmate", thus repeating the same very cycle all over again?

this is not an ethical question, but a long-term tactical one.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



And if you do not sign? No care for you?


Apply Force's picture

Could you not simply add to the text "...and I do not consent, implicitly or explicitly."  And then go ahead and sign?  At the best perhaps at least you have expressed your position - at the worst perhaps no care.

tip e. canoe's picture

Dr. B.S. Buttscope...funny shit.

this begs a larger observation : that the internet, despite all of its utopian decentralized beginnings, has transformed into a reflection of the larger society that exists in "meatspace": centralized & concentrated into a pyramid structure with the chokepoints firmly under the control by those who are obsessed with the need to control.

the question i have is whether the hardware that is out there in the hands of the populace is able to be retooled in a way that can bypass those chokepoints.

or alternatively, whether the information is that transmitted through those chokepoints can be transformed in such a way to be valuable to the populace without being considered threatening to the control freaks.

PT's picture

If my friend has his computer turned on, can I just dial his phone number and send him an email direct instead of going through a third party?

malek's picture

Reminds me of:

The still best respected German computer magazine c't embarassed itself around March 2013, by also writing a big article about how support for Windows XP would run out in a year (from then),
and that readers should immediately switch to Windows 8.

LOL - I respect the warning for ending XP support, I would accept recommending to start preparations to switch to a newer version, but to demand to right then switch to mega-flop Windows 8 instead of proven Windows 7 (64 bit)??
That just didn't pass the smell test.

PT's picture

Why can't everyone just stick with XP?  Sure, no-one can be bothered converting a new computer back to XP, but isn't it about time the customer started dictating the terms?

"Ohhh, XP won't be supported" - big deal!  Are we really such a big bunch of morons that we can't find a work-around for such a "problem"?   

PT's picture

Remember when everyone was encouraged to move to high level languages in the interest of "compatability"????
Compare Windows 95, Windows XP and Windows 8.  Compare Visual Basic 2005 with 2010.  Compare DirectX 7, 8 and 11.  Does anyone seriously call any of that, "compatible"? 

When the masses gave up on machine code and memory maps, they also gave up on freedom from built-in obsolescence and built-in obfuscation. 

Face it.  Mostly everything has already been invented.  Most people just use the net to shuffle around text and AV, and the AV compression is mostly "old" technology now.  Why do we need updates?  Updates were important when we went from 27 colours to 4096 colours, or when we went from 512 bytes of screen memory to several megabytes of screen memory.  Sure in a couple of years we may have some major changes, but they could be handled a lot better than the shit we endure today.

ManWithaPlan's picture

Ya...along with Apple, Google, Intel, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Nuclear Industry...and on and on. This is our world. What are we going to do about it? Personally, I am going to do nothing. Hell I might even lend a hand by voting in the worst possible candidates. Hillary 2016!! Watch the world burn babby.

The Gooch's picture

REVOLVING DOOR: 75 out of 97 Microsoft Corp lobbyists in 2012 have previously held government jobs.

Apparently, working for Microsoft is now a government job.

P.S. Fuck you Bill Gates.

I hope your personal hell is full of forced vaccinations and common core questions.

Walt D.'s picture

An essential ingredient of fascism is that the government tells the private company what to do - usually something that is not in the company's best interest. So here in the Microsoft case, an example would be forcing Microsoft not to include strong security and provide back doors to the NSA. (This essentially kills Cloud Computing).

Otherwise, if the company receives benefits from the government action (like defense contractors), then this is crony capitalism.

Other examples - telling GM to build electric cars - fascism.

Renfield's picture

<<This essentially kills Cloud Computing>>

Want to see a lawyer's head spin? Ask him if what happens to privilege if the NSA and/or other unknown parties get a boo at his advice while it's in transit thru Hightail/Business Box/etc.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Good lawyers (if there is such a thing) no longer communicate with clients using any electronic device. 

Save_America1st's picture

Ummmm....IT DOESN'T work...

But that won't stop the MUTANTS from doing everything they can to destroy the Republic









Comte d&#039;herblay's picture

If you've been to Europe, China, really old civilizations you have some idea of the only possible outcome for the disUntied States. There is nothing more assured than our destiny. Nothing now tried can prevent it. The architecture of our culture, economic outcomes, and other facets will not be subject to any new thinking.  Originality, creative solutions that upset the status quo will be restricted to the mundane, marginal, and superfluous, like whether or not to allow gays to marry. 

Assessing myownself as NOT being anywhere near the smartest people in the world,  I have to believe that the smart enough realize what I have only in the last decade realized.  Entropy is our fate.

I have no hope of a successful armed revolution, or a civil one using the vote. Under vigilantism, I don't think it's even possible to do more than take out a few of our more strident fascist and other extremist politicians, judges of the Supreme Court, or law makers, cabinet members, Lord Blankfein's  gang of truculent self-aggrandizing Mfers, or Defense Department honchos before a national smackdown would prevent any serious tear in the 'mail cloth' this country's powers that be have woven 'round themselves.

Being able to vent freely is the only outlet we have. I expect at least that will continue with only some small encroachment. And lord knows that billions of words of protest have been 'voiced'  on this forum alone.  When taken altogether the, "Cry Havoc",  from the proletariat that is somewhat conscious, and not absorbed day to day in gay 'marriage' rights, the Kardashians, professional and college sports, the occasional school shooting, the corruption of our culture, and whether or not to prosecute perverted priests, that cry will be as useless as that in a Munsch painting. 

"Never Give In", with the frog himself choking the goose, is a perfect cartoon for our times.  The frog never comes out  the goose never quits.  A stymied, go nowhere entropy. 

The Pessimists will eventually be right, unfortunately. It's just a matter of when.


pondview28's picture

Bill Gates and Microsoft were essentially apolitical through their growth period. It wasn't until the 1990s, when the Justice Department investigated Microsoft for antitrust violations, that Gates capitulated and started playing the game. That is, after all, what the investigations were really about. Gates had mostly rebuffed requests for political involvement (contributions), but the political class in Washington could not let that stand. Now it is full-on revolving door cronyism.

snodgrass's picture

I think what we have today is an example of Clinton's "third way". Fascism for the one percenters and socialism/communism for everyone else.

maskone909's picture

Good stuff HH

Essentially we can now interpret every law as a tax. As now every new "law" requires some sort of compliance. These so called laws are money generating mechanisms for the power elite and bureaucrats.

blindman's picture

simply put it is authority of the debt based money system
masquerading as sovereignty before the stupid.

AustrianJim's picture

Over time all industries "ossify" and gravitate towards federally guaranteed profits and risk protection. Sad to see it happening to the IT industry. And only a few years after it was born, relatively speaking.

The Wisp's picture

Surely America is Smart enough to have a nice peaceful Revolution, everybody sitting around the Capital, Burning Tax forms, By Candle light

Bearwagon's picture

You ain't seen nothing yet.

andrewp111's picture

They are doing the same thing inside DOD. All computers must be running Windows 7 or 8, whether they are connected to the internet or not.

Blazed's picture

We don't have fascism in the US, we don't have a homogeneous Nation and we do have a parasitic tribal plutocracy, running a multiculti wreck.

LMAOLORI's picture



I am impressed Hedgeless Horseman - great job!  Now if people had only been taught correctly about Fascism in school they may not have been so easily duped.

F em all but 6's picture

The only and fix to this mess. Civil War.

Atticus Finch's picture

Civil war is not the answer. If you study the French Revolution, you find that society was destabilized for the next 50 years.

Renfield's picture

<<Civil War>>

I have a better idea. How about we each work on our own lives, like we should have done in the first place. Want to take out the parasites? Stop being a host to them.

Learn how to do things, make things, that people actually WANT or NEED. Break some of their goddamn rules for a change. Learn how to grow things. Take some fucking risks with our lifestyles. Make a plan and move out of the gulag. Work to free ourselves, then others, from the fiat wage treadmill. Whatever it takes, each of us must do to get ourselves and our families OFF their fiat debt-coupon toxin.

And if that sounds impossibly hard, just think how much harder it is to win a shooting revolution. Especially in the New World Order. (Fuck you, Bush. May your evil never be forgotten.)

In a shooting war, by the way, you and yours will likely be maimed or imprisoned or killed. All while giving 'employment' to some poor shlub, who's going to get himself killed while trying to kill you. Plan A: The peasants can kill each other off, and those pigs keep wallowing in the money from war 'production'. Plan B: If millions of peasants fail to sign up to get killed, the filth now have a bunch of robots to spy and murder for them, that they're dying to justify the expense for.

"War" is just what they want, and the bigger the better. If they can't settle for world war, they'll take the peasants of whatever country they can who are dumb enough to keep on rising at the bait. They would sell their first- and second-born to get a war going, give them some way out of their insolvency hell, even if it completely buries what's left of our future. Just give Barky one good reason, right? Then watch him blather on teevee about how a 'president' has to make (pardon me, 'take') the tough decisions. We can either run our mouths about shooting them down, like a teenager with his first gun, or we can decide that it's time to get serious about defeating that filth. It is necessary to starve them.

Wanna win by out-shooting them? Think it's doable? How about just learn to break some of their bloody rules first. Get off their fucking tax system, one person at a time, one family at a time. Learn what we have to, change what we can, help someone else who's trying to be self-sufficient or to trade. Start creating our own business communities instead of waiting for the fascists to hand us a new one.

This is the only way to win. Too hard? Too unrealistic? Too late to change? Then you're not even close to ready for a shooting war, which will be even harder and which will make the NWO fascists very fat and happy.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Good stuff.  Think about the potential consequences of this for a while...

"Tax-payer funded NSA hacking research has assured us all that nothing
digital (including our money) will ever be truly secure again."

PT's picture

Step 1.  Do NOT buy land.  Just find some empty land and start living on it.  Grow food EVERYWHERE.  It's a lot easier to resist when you're not scared of starving to death.  It's a lot easier to move on if food is everywhere.  What was that man's name again?  Johnny Appleseed?  It might be time I read up about him again - I only have faint memories from primary school, but now I get the feeling that he may have known an extra thing or two.

If you have to buy land then you are already enabling the banksters waaaaaay too much.  But the banksters still have the advantage when they can buy as much muscle as they want, whenever they want.  How do you get around that little detail? 

Renfield's picture

I was just going to leave you a green arrow (because I agree with you on land), then I saw that you asked a question.

<<But the banksters still have the advantage when they can buy as much muscle as they want, whenever they want.  How do you get around that little detail?>>

At the risk of sounding flippant, this is where we each have to do our own thinking.

That's not meant as a cop-out. The whole POINT is to make your own circumstances unique, adapting to the circumstances of your life like an animal adapts to its own environment. Those of us who are not smart or creative enough, may die - but lots of us are going to be dying anyway. Those of us who are smart or creative, or just lucky enough, will survive.

For example, I could say, get the neighbours to form a quiet trading group that the banksters never hear about - or when they hire 'muscle' meet them with something other than the (non-military) guns that they're expecting - but you get the idea.

I agree with you about buying land. But that too will work for some people, in their own circumstances. (They might work out an arrangement with Uncle Bob, for instance, who might need a caretaker.)

A shooting war is the globalist plan, so they can work out who owns the world and who hosts the new 'reserve currency'. That's for people who either 1) can't think for themselves so they do what bankster expects or 2) those who are driven into a corner, defending family, friends, or self. If the latter comes true, even then, one is far better off with a posse than a mob.

The point is not to get stampeded by the government into death, just because a few evil banksters are running out of time before their own collapse. They are, after all, only 0.00001% of the population. It won't take even a majority of us to starve them out. It will take time, however, and some very cool heads.

I have much of my plan thought out, and some of it in operation. Sounds like you do too. Will it keep me alive if Barky drops a bomb on my town or a SWAT team arrives to kick down my door? No, but I like my chances a lot better with shootouts as a last resort only. Anyone who wants to shoot down the fascists - or who winds up in that position without alternative - I hope it works for them. But I like my own chances better this way, so far. If not, well, we all have to die sometime. And that's pretty much where you wind up anyway, when you head out to a NWO shooting war.

Shooting fits right in with the bankster no-peasant-left-behind plan (shooting war, bombing war, drone war, terrist). To me, that's a strong sign to reject it. If there's a way any of us can escape the great culling ahead, we will each have to find it by thinking.

PT's picture

Thanks for that.  At this rate, I'll never be ready, but that is another story.  Few thoughts, even less action - that's me.  Although I once posted a comment that sort of went like this:

Reclaim your family.
Reclaim your local police force.  Some of them may be brainwashed goons, but they only need to be passed over for promotion or sacked in order to re-assess their alliances.
Reclaim your land (it has been stolen from you - everything else is smoke and mirrors). 
Reclaim your productive capacity.

(Something like that, the original was better.) 

tip e. canoe's picture

Want to take out the parasites? Stop being a host to them.

+1, though perhaps it's necessary at this point to take it even one step further and recognize & understand how each one of us is parasitical to the larger organism.   parasites get a bad rap, but there is a big difference between predatory parasites and symbiotic ones.

the actions you described would still be the same, however the objectives would be altered.   those objectives might make a huge difference as to the effectiveness of the eventually counter-response by those parasites who continue to remained trapped in a predator/prey dialectic.

great article that discusses this in detail:

Renfield's picture

Thanks for the link! That will be some good reading tonight. God I love the comments section.

PT's picture

In case you haven't noticed, angry letters and doing nothing doesn't work either.  Civil war will be a natural progression when the alternative becomes worse.  The boat might be leaking but people will still jump on board as the flood levels rise.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Maybe civil war is not answer, but please allow peasant class well earn entertainment.