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Five TBTF geezas sitting in an oak panelled room in the Rothschild's building, each armed with fixed lines and little flags.

What could possibly go wrong?


. .


Ponzi can surely attest

The gold in the vault is the best

But then he checked leases

For 10 times the pieces

And said: "Now I'm really impressed!!!"

The Limerick King

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WB, if you haven't spoken with David Dees, I'd recommend your doing so. I have his "coffee table book" prominently displayed in my family room. Recent guests said not a word about it, though, and I saw two of them page through it! How quickly their attention turned elsewhere!! Your work would garner a lot more minutes, as they attempt to discern who you depict. I amass coinage to purchase produce from you, as I write.

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oh, and there is this.
The conspiracy to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

William Pepper is a New York attorney best known for representing Martin Luther King’s
accused assassin, James Earl Ray, to prove his innocence. Dr. King had reached out to
William in 1967 regarding an essay he had written for Ramparts magazine concerning
Vietnamese victims of American napalm missions and was present at Dr. King’s famous
Riverside Church speech.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-U.S. Gold Gone
the central bankers must be buying the phyz
as the suppress the price to make up for prior
scam leasing/selling, they just throw on a red shirt
for a minute for the purchase. all guess work.
19 JANUARY 2014

Wm. K. Black: JP Morgan's Frauds Are Epic, Unprecedented, NSA Scandal a PR Disaster
epic scam apogee.

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Bendito is running a scam

his con WB understands

He is made the butt of jokes

dummer than Downing Street blokes

Visual Combat has saved the common folks. 

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Where is the picture of Nixon, who threw the spanner in the works?

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - U.S. Gold Gone 

Dr Paul Craig Roberts continues to share his great inside into the real state of the U.S. economy and ongoing game of the Musical Chairs with mounting evidence that there is No Gold left in the Gold Fractional Reserve System any more.   Today's action in the market is very interesting: Gold was Smashed-down from the all-important levels $1250 - $1270 after which Shorts will be burned, but Gold Stocks are not biting into this new attack and are holding well to the upside so far. It is the very important sign of the strength of the Gold market break out to the upside.

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unfortunately we all have to pay for the major bandwidth users, youtube, and live video streaming ads. its like television, you pay and half the programming you pay for is advertising (or ad trackers, or NSA ad trackers) i get a laugh out of people who thought the cellphone was a way to beat telemarketing calls. flickr is probably installing these devices right now, or do you think its really that hard to post fixed images for downloading?

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I am working on something much more optimal.

In the meantime, I have a much better idea of how my images are propagating in terms of views. And those numbers will enable other useful things in furtherance of my overall objectives, which involve spreading the word as far as possible.

I had one million on Christmas Eve. That is a serious number. And I will hit 20 Million in the next 24 hours. Another serious number.

I am not obssessed with these figures, because they are just figures. But when you try to get things done in this media environment, the figures are the necessary price of admission to be taken seriously.

These sites are all chuck full of shit. Facebook, G+, twitter buttons, ad sense, Scribd, etc. Flickr is actually primitive.

I will have my own shit and it will not be a Borg set up. And it will be designed to push the images out as opposed to pulling all the eyeballs to ads.

Just consider what kind of spit and duct tape operation I am running currently. You don't see a link to any banzai7 website on the left, for example. Its all just one person.


Perhaps you can helpme with something else. Do you know a good content agent?

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are you thinking of a traditional publishing business model to handle content? (which raises the question why not self publish your work in ebooks, or ezines) and since you hooked up with limerick king you are team to put words and pictures together.

the problem for big media is that it still has the same attitude to images it had when political cartoons in the newspaper were popular, and so the mediator might hold up the newspaper and say look at this. its old school and so am i, so i get it. sometimes the view of the new school is better from the old one.

have you gotten on LinkedIn?  

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Primarily, I am looking for a lateral thinker who understands the new media landscape.  

I have not bothered with LinkedIn because I operate under a pseudonym.

I don't really give a rats ass about what the MSM or the Googleplex expect. I have my own ideas.

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like someone who writes a novel specifically to be read on a Kindle? or someone who knows where to find that person

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Quit thinking like a slave Banzai. Slaves don't command armies, slaves run spit and duct tape operations. If you could harness one minute of productive time from 20 million people, hmmm, you could actually change things. The programming runs deep in all of us.

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That Panda has got a fat ass

The girl is smelling his gas

We just want some photos

Cuz WilliamBanzai knows

that we need our pic fix and fast!!!



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Dear Flickr,

I am not amused.


Never give a sucker an even break.           W C Fields   

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William, this will keep a golden smile on my face all day!

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We'll have a World War before Au hits 1,800.

Not only are these guys ruthless and incompetent, they are completely and certifiably insane!

Keep watching the Sochi Olympic winter games and the pivot the U.S. is desperate to create. 

The U.S. wants Russia distracted from Syria and Ukraine but it ain't gonna work.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Don't think Russia has much to be concerned over with either the Olympics or Syria in the coming weeks and months...

Perhaps we can get Eduard Khil's Tro lo lo lo lo to be broadcast via loudspeaker off the deck of the missile cruiser "Peter the Great" to comfort the NATO boysz in the neighborhood???  Ohh Hoo Hoo Ho!

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Off topic but google autocomplete a window into the soul of what people in each state want.

To secede shows up more than anything else...

acetinker's picture

Dewey, Just in case anyone cares-  I live in GA, and was wondering why Georgians would pine for "tennessee weather".  So I googled "georgia wants".  Autocomplete returns "tennessee WATER".  That's more like it.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And the only States you want to live in at this point are the ones that want to "secede".

Thx for getting that one out.

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CA:  "to serve a warning with fries"



Nobody For President's picture

God damned right! Supersized warning, to boot.

ebworthen's picture

"What?  Germany wants its Gold back?  Time to smack it down boys, smack it down!"

"Get Dimon on the phone, and I don't care if he's taking a shit; we need coordination!"

"Blythe says 'we're all systems go'!"

"Squash those Goldbugs!"

"Fiat forever!"

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unlimited source of refined metallic ore coming on line. same could hold true for LNG as well since outer space not only is a vacuum...but it cold beyond belief. you can also obtain pure liquid hydrogen...and nitrogen. i imagine transferring it to Earth would be a challenge because it's quite warm in most places. Not true in Antartica or the North Pole regions however. Ships would require a lot of shielding from solar radiation of course.

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The one and only spacecraft that was able to bring stuff from orbit down to earth has been the Space Shuttle. As far as I know, the shuttle program has been discontinued. So how shall this undoubtedly humongous ressources be made accessible?! Space not only has them - it also is vast. Can you estimate what the ride time to Jupiters moons would be? And it may be cold in space - but upon reentry the external friction heats the surface of a vehicle up to a few thousand degrees. I think the EROEI of such an operation would turn out to be quite unsatisfying ...

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those new space guys have proved they can reenter cargo, one company can the other can't.. second company said there wasn't enough return freight to make it worth while competing

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Jamie is panning for gold

Just like the miners of old

He knows to invest

That physical's best

As paper is easily sold

The Limerick King

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The Statue of Liberty with the surveilliance camera is deep.

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Jamie's Smiling...sung to the tune of Jamie's Crying (I know an old connection):

But I was wondering if the reason he's similing is becasue he thinks he can crap out gold nuggets?

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. .


Bendito is spilling the beans

The Bundesbank knows what this means

Their gold is all gone

A Central Bank con

Akin to their printing machines

The Limerick King

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We don' got no stinkin' gold! Brilliant! That one should have come with a warning William! Would have been good to have Timmah's face on the guy over his right shoulder....

Classic, as ever.


Ben looks more like a constipated Frito Bandito.