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The Kleptos in Davos are lewd

They also enjoy getting nude

They went to a meeting

Some drinking, some eating

And quickly an orgy ensued

The Limerick King




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Do I see Lloyd as the squid-headed Medusa? Awesome.

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On the run tonight WB7. Mighty fine work. Just as well that I have no time to expound, the words would not do you justice.

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The world wants to be deceived?..........apparently so.

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I see Barry snuck in the blond hotty..


White: Hot: Blond: = Weakness for men of color...

Ask Arion Foster about that..

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Carroll Quigley and the "Article that Said Too Little"


fascinating stuff (thanks, Jesse)

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WB7 - I'm still enjoying coffee in my "World Ponzinomic Forum 2011" coffee mug from Zazzle.

Love the "Global Debt Tsunami" version, and the cornucopia of your work.


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Mrs. M's cousin from St. Petersburg, Russia is on Skype right now with Mrs. M and I happened to be walking by and Mrs. M grabbed me to introduce me as we have never met.  We exchanged pleasentries.  Privyet and Ochen Priatnya and all of that.  I had to ask the burning question, "Are you Russians excited about the Sochi Olympics?"  Cousin's expression immediately went back to the typical Russian expressionless face.  Some translation had to occur and then cousin replied, "No, it does look good, My father is there seeing things and he said that bobsled track already fell down once and is liable to fall down again.  Other things are bad because of how they built everything." 

"So what is your father doing there?" I had to ask.  "Just watching."  OK, then.

Then her husband came home, ostensibly from the tavern, and he can speak a reasonable amount of English.  He did not have a shirt on and she started bitching at him in Russian right away.LOL  He simply laughed at her.  I do not know how to speak Russian very well but I can understand enough of it.  Hell, I am not sure that I know how to speak English very well sometimes and perhaps not even right now.  Dealing with Russian males is not always easy.  It's Russian fight club but if it is family of any sort they have to be some of the funnest people to hang around with.  There is bravado of course.  They may not be proud of their .gov but they are still proud of being Russian. 

I am not sure if I explained this situation very well but we proceeded to make fun of our "elected" leaders.  I also stated that the likely reason the boblsed/luge track fell down in Sochi is because Hillary and Chris Chistie tried to take a test slide together and broke the whole contraption.  We all had a great laugh.  It is alarming though that so many Russians can now speak English and are more aware of American politics than most Americans are.(not on WB7's thread but I am just saying)           

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Epic. Great stuff William. Laughing and cringing at the same time. Thank you for all your hard work.

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i'd be interested in your take on this, i like Hussman, we all agree the system is broke, he wants to blame the system, and let the leadership off the hook. he finishes up with Kings 57 speech on loving the enemy, which has the analogy of light and heat, but not the one i am most familiar with, (some people change when they see the light, others change when they feel the heat) like a lot of people, who place the christ figure above the church, the proprium to love thy enemy, it remains at least in the reverse form a valid truth, (christ is exemplary, the church is a self aggrandizing institution) (abolish the fed, but don't blame bernanke) reminds me of something which bukwoski said, that's its a human fault, man is never as good as his ideas...

which is to say that some of the bastards who should know this (PHDs) are the one's who abuse the system

worse still the blanket assertion allows Hussman to state categorically that QE does not cause a rise in stock prices because there is no direct link or causation, which is a moral hazard? but that low interest rates have the effect of pressing investors into risker assets. and we should all stop monkey hammering on the heads of the leaders, who are just electronic switches in the circuit. (but of course who are they to support a system, when the system becomes the enemy of the people, if not flawed or even criminal persons, is every petty criminal a victim of the system - i'll bet they don't think that way at all, but i am pretty certain they see themselves as virtues of the system, rather than liabilities)

i leave it to my source Marshall Mcluhan to settle this, and he accords that the failure to understand the system (and therefore control or curtail the abuse the system causes) is at the root of our problems, and that obscuring our view of how the system works (for the purpose of making profits ) is the corporations primary tool in suppressing mankind, and he blames individuals who make this conscioius decision, in all but name. it is up to us to take their power away when that power enslaves and subjugates us.

that's as a close as i get to reconciling this

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"The medium is the massage!" Let me explain a common misconception: Loving your enemy and presenting the other cheek does not mean in any way that you should give in to violence. It means that all that any oppressor who hits you on your cheek shall ever get is a chance to also hit you on the other cheek - but never, ever your compliance. You shall present your other cheek instead of obeying!
Now that that has been made clear - Hussman is bearish, like me, so be warned: His advice is worth nothing in todays "markets". He ascribes the rise to the end of "mark to market" instead QE, which makes sense. But in the end, even good ol' Hussman has to make a living, and to make things even worse he has to earn his money with the funds. I would not want to be in that situation, but as long as the music plays - even him has to dance. ;-)

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he's hedged to the max, which is to say he has given up performance chasing the market in order to even out the next correction.your take on the passive agressive is good, christ was king of the jews. this whole idea that you can hate the nazis but forgive hitler is just  a lot of sleight of hand (i actually consider that we shouldnt hate the nazis anymore then the communists, both systems betrayed by mortal weakness. capitalism ont he other hand is a greedy system which means you are ruthless in business, and you depend on the kindness of strangers (gov bailouts if you are a business, charity for individuals) so i would say the first two are better systems served by inadaquete leaders, we have a poor system but decent men running it, at least until recently)

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It means that all that any oppressor who hits you on your cheek shall ever get is a chance to also hit you on the other cheek - but never, ever your compliance. You shall present your other cheek instead of obeying!...



But there is the contiguous admonition that if you are compelled to go 1 mile, go 2.  I suppose the lesson here is your actions then become an opportunity to teach the adversary the true nature of power, that voluntary compliance empowers the servant in ways compulsory conduct can only dream about.  So you're right, "the medium is the message".



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hadn't thought of it that way, but the time of christ was similar to now. the ten commandments were just words, which people turned to their own personal profit, without considering the real meaning. so christ merely repeated them opening up their true meaning (i am not the prophecy, i am the fullfillment of the prophecy) he used their own words against them. hmmm visual combat!

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I've seen good people give in to become cogs in the machine.  They know it's corrupt but throw in the towel to grab the brass ring.

Corporate and government structure - with it's layers of hierarchy, of lawyers and police, of MBA's and HR departments - utterly debase the contributions of moral and ethical individuals. 

They construct a system where unethical and immoral behavior is rewarded because it feeds the system despite devaluing individuals. 

One is left with a choice to join the crony culture, or reject it.

Moral individuals find few places to contribute that reward them.

At least in the monetary sense.

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"The time is coming when ALL must choose between doing what is easy and doing what is right." -- Albus Dumbeldore

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?'Something for all of us, a comedy (tragedy)tonight'... ?

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how's it hangin, brother Bill?  you've been on quite a tear of late...brilliance layerin atop itself day after day -- a veritable alluvia of genius; if i do so say.  you'd think i'd by now weary in commending you...but applause is a spontaneous response, not an obligation.

i do, however, believe it's been a while since you've been favored with a tune in dedication...let's fix that straight-ways.


okay, well, janus wanted to at the same time send a message to the goons in davos -- from janus, WB & Mike D (RIP, Mike D).

the town in which i still work, and up until recently lived, is almost exclusively composed of a multifarious host of know-it-alls -- professors, consultatants, policy-wonks, attorneys, executives of every imaginable manner and other sundry bric-a-brac what finds its way out to davos each year.  and so it shouldn't have suprised ole janus, but i was nonetheless gobsmacked at the discovery.

the world junior economic forum is held in this city on the edge of boston's western limit...i don't know if it's held here every year; but it was at least once; and janus picked up several of its participants, drove them back to cambridge and picked-over their brains along the way -- groping about in the mush, seeing if something solid had at some point formed.  

mind you, these were 'junior'-class econ forumers...and so i want to be fair.  one shouldn't expect too much from a know-it-all to begin with, and even less from their subordinate junior orders.  these were twits in training; and so i was gentle with them.  kid gloves and all that.

now, before i share with you all my estimations regarding these well-heeled automotons, i want to say that it's so very odd...you'd think a cab driver from rural alabama would fit in fine & dandy within a population that is about 2/3rds jewish, @ 30% homosexual & somewhere abouts 85% bolshevik; but they aren't as open-minded as you'd maybe hope them to be; and they are wildly less so than they advertise themselves to be...in fact, they are VIOLENTLY intolerant of others; and i have a first born son with a double-concussion (forever forbidden from participating in contact sports) in living proof of their seething hatred & intolerance.  

my boy said something 'homophobic' and he had to pay a price for it.  

but my son is not a 'matthew sheppard' nor is he an upstanding 'trayvon'...nope, just a straigh-A student, conisitently scoring in the uppermost percentile of everthing standardized...handsome, well-mannered, good athlete, no disipline problems ever...yup, an American Golden Boy -- the ones who don't count for shit anymore; and who are always everywhere being shitted upon.  sadly, they do not fit within the sanctioned narrative of bathotic pathos that pervades our rigidly engineered sentiments.  

{amorica, my sons are OFF fuckin limits...you had to be out of your God-damned-minds to come after my first-born!  woe unto all such slime}

where was i?  ahhh, yes, the TITs (Twits In Training) from the world junior economic forum...gentlemen, let me put it as bluntly as i possibly can: the world is in grave danger.  i've found more facile minds in an auto parts store (i'm not exaggerating).

these TITs exibited absolutely zero capacity for critical thinking; altogether lacked any understanding of the inter-relation of macro/micro forces; showed no passion for their academic disipline nor zeal for their career.  instead, they all bore the indelable stain of tightly constrained functionaries -- TITs: tomorrow's leaders, our collective futures tenuously grasping at the tendrals of things they cannot possibly understand.  they were the furthest thing from 'gifted' or 'special' one can imagine; but boy-howdy are they evah obediant.

think of them as slightly-savvy sheep.  

if there are to be societies or nation-states or cultures, they are all most imperiled by their leadership.  this is bad, guys...really, really, really bad.  

it's funny when we mock it all to scorn; but it ain't so funny when you realize in real-time and in a face-to-face way that it ain't no joke.  we are being  lorded-over by a gaggle of half-wits and nincompoops.


 isn't it rich...,


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Three paths:

1. Standardized test scores

2. Targeted demographic profile

3. Elite pedigree, funding and connections

This is what it takes to be a Harvard Soviet. 

For every bona fide genius who gains admission, there are an untold number of nitwits who simply did what they were told all their lives. Most are incapable of deviating from the script.

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and you have to believe that being on the side of government (or at its service) places you on the side of goodness and light (we won the great war between good and evil didn't we?) and to a lesser degree it allows sports figures to believe they are enlightened because they have overcome (symbolic) adversity - rising to the top in a profession which allows only a few to succeed (not necessarily the best) and running past people on game day, who want to do physical harm to you. most americans subscribe to this brand of overcoming adversity as virtue; subsymbols of bigger symbols. how can OJ murder his wife and not believe he did it? the cult of celebrity has this effect, while you frog march them off the prison they still have the same shit-eaten grin. they arent human any longer. (i can respect tom brady, NE QB, who was obviously disheartened to lose his game, when he said afterwards, I'm not going to watch the Super Bowl, I'm not interested...) and certainly if the Fed chief was forced to admit he doesn't know what he's doing then he would prove that by backing off his policy, otherwise its the same old hubris.

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Rick Perry, a real Texun Heeroooo.

He's just like you and I, a down to earth Texun.

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Re-shaping the Global Ponzi "oo" 

Some "tiny bubbles" to go with that poster!


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I guess with Bill Gate's wealth he can afford to make stupid predictions.

the grateful unemployed's picture

he can even afford to make some of them come true

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"Possible provocative operations will be the tool for further criminalization of protests and application of new cruel measures of state suppression."


pirea's picture

Only in some countries, because is some other places, we have to send insigators for provocative operations.

StychoKiller's picture

Who needs instigators when ya got paranoia...

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Hey, where's Goldie and her sure-fire cure for the "Billionaire Blues"? "Mindfulness" ... yeah, that's it.

The path to more Productive proles, and sweet dreams for the .001%-ers.

Of course if it was true mindfulness instead of the steaming pile of "feelgood" crap it undoubtedly is, it'd be more like the path to the screaming meemies for these world-destroying psychopaths.

C'mon, WB7 ... can't you wedge the old hipster in there somewhere?

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"Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old formselections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the restwill remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorialbut Democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit. " - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, published 1958 http://thinkingaboot.blogspot.ca/2014/01/utopians-are-heavily-read.html

This spectacle is on the level of the "Five Families" having a (sit down) at a plush resort under the cover of being brilliant important people. Organized crime is just that.........we know what and who you are ! Puke,Puke,Puke

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WB7, just amazing!  I am speechless at your output... brilliant!

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I guess all these sleeze-masters have to show up to mingle with the celebrities..

If they get enought "selfies" with them, it may keep them out of the Hague some day.

thunderchief's picture

Letting Jaimie Dimon in this sick orgy, the head of an organization that pays fines for criminal felonies, says it all. 

Who does he share his table with?  Matt Damon?


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Loved the Roman Orgy one. looks so real  I thought it was a Actual Photograph

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Bill Gates...There will be no nation in poverty by microsoft 20.35...

They will all have 6.7 percent unemployment and eat Tuna Fish!!!

What a bunch of disconnected idiots!!!

Bastiat's picture

Poverty is a relative term - by then we'll all be averaged down . . . except the overlords. 

Pure Evil's picture

So true, everyone in Cuba had free health care which made them rich.

Poor, 1%ers will have to pay for their medical care.

the grateful unemployed's picture

you know in ski country they go out and routinely start avalanches in order to prevent tham from happening while skiers are on the slope, just thinking the about 2008 financial crisis when that came to mind

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Meet your Co-Chair...


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bend over and schuss ....

bend over and schuss .

grab your ankles and don't you cry,

grab your ankles and don't ask why.

ooh woahh woe now

(sung to the tune of "no woman,no cry" appologies robert nestor)


lots of great comments, kudos-wb7, but no greenies ... they all made me just a little ill.

Bearwagon's picture

"und Schuss ... und Schuss ... und Schuss ... und Schluss!"
(Translation: "Schuss" = "shot" ; "Schluss = finish")