Does Your Gang Affiliation Prevent You From Thinking Clearly?

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Whether we will admit it or not, a lot of us engage in gang member-like thinking that destroys our ability to divergently think, critically think and even consider the truth when the truth challenges the group-think of the “gang”. 


Ishmael Cisneros, a member of the notorious global crime syndicate, the Mara Salvatrucha, better known as MS-13, says that once you join a gang, “your mind closes off to the rest of the world and you’re capable of doing anything for the gang…don’t get caught up in the world of gangs, especially for those that think there’s something good in it. It’s all lies.”


Yet many of us that deny we ever engage in the vapid and counter-productive gang mentality that Cisneros describes above unintentionally allow ourselves to be bound by this gang mentality by TPTB that deliberately shuttle people into adopting gang mentality through divide and conquer tactics based upon religious, political, and racial affiliations.


If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will all admit to having engaged in “gang-think” at one point in our lives, and perhaps of still engaging in these counter-productive thought patterns today. It’s time to deconstruct this type of mentality so that we can awaken to the truth and always choose what is best for the greater good of humanity over what is best for our gang only as we move forward. Separating ourselves from gang think will be essential for not only survival but also for a positive mental health state in coming years as Central Banks keep destroying the purchasing power of fiat currencies and people's struggles all over the world consequently intensify.


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1% - Janes Addiction


All the people I know wanna be left alone
Some people! I don't know?
They wont leave you alone
You gotta be just - be just like them

Biggest gang I know they call the government
Gang is a weapon
That you trade your mind in for
You gotta be just - be just like them

The gang
And the government
No different
The gang
And the government
No different
The gang
And the government
No different
That makes me 1%

Trouble comes down
Like a foot steppin heavy
Shake your fist
At the bitch
And wave your money
You gotta be right
You gotta be right
Don't be no
Supper for a big fish
With the big lip
And the over -
Bite - bite

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What, you mean like goldbugs?

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deaf, dumb and blind fuckers rule this
shit hole ongoing; that should be obvious.
where are the people? did they die or become
despaired? depressed?
do they satisfy themselves with pushing a
button with a certain color in no man's
land in virtual space and then call it a night?
yea, they do.
that is what faces the world of men, basically, nothing
more than organisation charts, checks and invoices arriving
in the mail that does not get delivered anymore.
anyway poems *tm

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There is a reason people join gangs/tribes/teams.


If you don't, you will get plowed under by one. 

blindman's picture

if you join you will be plowed under
even deeper, no?
if you speak the words you say something.
so, go and make up your own words,
someone has to do it

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Damned if you do, AND damned if you don't!

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thinking clearly.
Randy Newman - The One You Love
You've got to learn to get to know the one you love.
To anticipate her ev'ry move,
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Once, a great man's heart was captured by a lovely chest.
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but he was blind like all the rest.
Twenty hard years went by
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He just hung his head and cried
and said, "Sorry dear, you're too late.
I've already ruined my life."

You've got to know the one you love.
You've got to know the one you love.
She may be gentle, she may be kind,
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The one you love.

think about comment: that. just sayin' ...
and this one too .....
Great Nations of Europe
The Great Nations of Europe had gathered on the shore
they'd conquered what was behind them and now they wanted more (moar)
so they looked to the mighty ocean and took to the western sea
The great nations of europe in the 16th century

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Hide your wives and daughters, hide the groceries too
The great nations of europe comin through

columbus sailed for india found salvidor instead
he shook hands with some indians and soon they all were dead
they got tb and typhoid and athletes foot, diptheria and the flu (hiv)
'scuse me great nations comin through

balboa found the pacific and on the trail one day
he met some friendly indians whom he was told were gay
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the great nations of europe were quite holy in their way

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some bones hidden in a canyon some paintings in a cave
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hide your wives and daughters, hide your sons as well
with the great nations of europe you never can tell

where you and i are standing on the end of a century
europes have sprung up everyone as even i can see
but there on the horizon is the possibility
that some bug from out of africa might come for you and me
destroying everything in it's path from sea to shining sea
like the great nations of europe in the 16th century .
randy newman

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Again JS Kim presents the way that people who are waking up to the magnitude to which the world is controlled by the principles and methods of organized crime tend to go only part of the way there, but then collapse back to false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals, when proposing "solutions."

It is not merely that the dominant "tribe" tends to be the best organized gang of criminals, which are able to thereby take control over the powers of governments, which were previous historical products of organized crimes, working through warfare, on larger and larger scales, that is the problem, whose "solutions" are to respond to those social facts with a return to the "good side" of those false fundamental dichotomies, by realizing impossible ideals, RATHER, we "should" go through the looking glass of our Bizarro Mirror World, to recognize that human realities are ALWAYS organized lies, operating organized robberies.

The path towards applying unitary mechanisms to understand human realities ought to be based upon taking the principle of the conservation of energy more seriously, when we approach understanding general energy systems, That path also requires understanding the ways that the concept of entropy had its meaning reversed, by an arbitrary minus sign inserted into the entropy equations of thermodynamics and information theory. That is, the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories dominated the philosophy of science, just as much as they dominated every other aspect of society.

As the lies about "economic recovery" become more blatant, more people are forced to face the facts that we operate inside of fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems. In this context, I emphasize that those are not only fundamental because the banksters were able to take control of the public money supply, but moreover, basic epistemology ought to be based on the recognition that all human knowledge operates through SUBTRACTION, and therefore, everything that anyone "knows" is necessarily relative illusions, or lies. Furthermore, after one separates any organism as a part from its whole environment, then across that relative defined boundary, energy must be conserved, and therefore, that organism must TAKE energy and matter from its environment, in order to stay alive, and therefore, by basic English language, any organism which is defined to be separated from its environment then must live by engaging in robbery, by taking energy and matter from its environment, in order to continue its own life. I.e., every living thing necessarily operates as an entropic pump of energy.

The more seriously that one takes the principles of the conservation of energy and momentum, and the preservation of information, then the more necessary it becomes to understand general energy systems through unitary mechanisms. That requires one to try to understand SUBTRACTION and ROBBERY as the basic concepts which should be applied to understand human civilizations, which results in a series of conclusions, such as that money is measurement backed by murder. In that context, I find JS Kim's series of articles and videos are classic examples of the way that reactionary revolutionaries provide good analysis of the problems, which then, however, collapse back to the old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies when proposing their "solutions." What I recommend is that we should go beyond collapsing back to false fundamental dichotomies, but instead attempt to tend towards using more unitary mechanisms.

In that context, what I am suggesting is that "If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will all admit to having engaged in “gang-think” at one point in our lives, and perhaps of still engaging in these counter-productive thought patterns today," SINCE THAT WAS UNIVERSAL. Similarly, the observations of "Ishmael Cisneros, a member of the notorious global crime syndicate," ARE UNIVERSAL. The principles and methods of organized crime are fractal realities, that emerge on every level, within human beings, which are themselves ancient evolved ecologies, and within larger groups of human beings, which are larger gangs of robbers. As soon as we define the human animal to be living as separate, within its environment, then it must operate as an entropic pump, by killing and eating other organisms, by taking their energy, or by robbing their energy and matter. Since small groups of human beings were operating as robbers within their environment, when we define them to exist as separate from that environment, larger and larger groups of human beings, as they are defined, must be larger and larger groups of robbers. Furthermore, the same ideas apply through information theory, as applied through thermodynamics, and thus, human beings were able to build mental models of their world, with models of themselves within their models of their world, that were necessarily organized systems of lies, which operated through the organized systems of robbery.

When one is consistent about radical truth regarding the basic laws of nature, the necessary conclusions are that there are ALWAYS dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. There is nothing else unless one transcends the original subtractions, after which there is no more robbery, because the boundary is no longer defined to be there. Indeed, since the subtraction is never absolute, the processes of robbery are never finished. However, it is necessary for human nature to work by telling stories, and living according to those stories. Those stories are ALWAYS relative systems of lies, based upon relative illusions, depending up how the whole environment is relatively defined, by chopping it up into pieces, which are given names, and assigned properties, which are then assembled back into narrative stories. ALL human stories are necessarily systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies, which feed back through themselves.

JS Kim likes to believe that there is some level of "right versus wrong" which is still there. However, after one takes the conservation of energy concept more seriously, and especially after one understands that entropy is based upon subtraction, which is always only relative, and never possibly absolute, then the source of morality becomes the operation of the conservation of energy, in the sense that energy is spirit, while entropy is the devil, and so on and so forth, throughout all of the rest of ways that one can approach reconciling postmodernizing science with ancient mysticism ... What I am saying is that what JS Kim has partially done should be done way more thoroughly and systematically.

The grand contradiction of our times, which has become the greatest threat to longer term human survival, is the way that progress in other sciences have enabled technologies to become trillions of times more powerful, while basic human sciences have not been allowed to do that, because then the basic nature of our civilization being controlled by the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories becomes the necessary central feature required to understand that civilization. Our civilization was directed by the history of warfare, where success was based upon deceits, to develop the War Kings, which made the sovereign states, whose powers were covertly taken over by the Fraud Kings, that dominate the monetary system, and thereby, the entire political economy, through their fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system.

As that fundamental fraudulence becomes more and more blatantly obvious to more people, there has still not been enough general enlightenment of enough people to go more thoroughly through the paradigm shifts required to more fully understand how and why that happened. Since the established systems are based on governments backing up the frauds of private banks, the only way that those systems can respond is with bigger lies, backed by more violence, which is currently spiraling out of control, because that violence can never make those lies become true, but only drive the civilization as a whole to become crazier, and thus, head towards a series of psychotic breakdowns, due to the paradox of its final failure from too much success at controlling the world with frauds.

However, to continue on with the project of more radical truth regarding the ways that governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, one should STOP using false fundamental dichotomies, and so, proposing impossible ideals as the basis for resolving that situation better. Instead, we should be working towards understanding human systems through unitary mechanisms, through the concepts of subtraction and robbery, wherein any real solutions are necessarily changes in the dynamic equilibria between the different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies.

Right now, the dominate tribes, or best organized gangs of criminals, the ruling classes, have become too successful in promoting the biggest bullies' bullshit view of the world, and therefore, are only significantly opposed by various controlled opposition groups, which operate within the same frame of reference, and therefore, propose impossible solutions, based upon impossible ideals, which always backfire badly in the real world. Some human beings have been more successfully understanding other things through the concepts of general energy systems, as demonstrated by the ways that technologies based on those concepts work. However, that is not being done with respect to human affairs, because doing so would require enough people understanding more deeply how and why the world was being dominated by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites.

In my view, guys like JS Kim are right, up to a point, but then are wrong when they continue to believe that there is some level of fundamental "right versus wrong." OF COURSE "Your Gang Affiliation Prevents You From Thinking Clearly!" However, it is mistaken to think that it would be possible to communicate anything whatsoever, in any possible language, that was not originally based upon relative subtractions, which are therefore necessarily relative illusions, or lies, across which defined boundaries energy is conserved, whereby living things act as entropic pumps. JS Kim is correct in revealing the degree to which “gang-think” permeates everything. However, he is mistaken in still believing that there is any other possible story, or possible human behaviors, which are not based upon organized lies, operating organized robberies.

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That's one way of looking at it:)



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No, but it does get me pulled over more often than ususal.

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To the gang called NATO led by the United Stated, England and Israel...

A message from Syria which we've seen countless times before in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Africa.  Thank you Ban Ki-Moon for showing your true nature and unwavering loyalty to the worst criminal patron(s) in history that sign your paycheck!  You must be proud of yourself.

To Russia and China... Take it away!... 

The American and Israeli dictatorship(s) and the mindless people they control that live within their borders won't be doing anything to change it through peace, equitable and honest business and most importantly through the "rule of law".

So have at it, and rid this world of this scum!

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Face it dudes.  We are now a nation of group rights.  Not individual rights. Rights are bestowed on certain Guilds by the rulers in exchange for tribute. It's called Feudalism. 



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The worst is "consumer" rights. Is not a garden slug a consumer? What about a CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody give the pendulum a push the other way.

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DONT KNOW........ ask Mc Cain and the GANG OF EIGHT

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Fallacy of Equivocation:

  Treating unequal things as equal.

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I've been dealing with a pathological liar recently - and it has made me wonder, considering that our leading politicians seem to be similarly afflicted: what type of person works for them? Maybe the Ishmael Cisneros quote in the beginning of the blog sums it all up.

blindman's picture

it is all maintained by well paid enablers who learn the
best designed script and avoid thinking as a religious
precept, it is ancient this social hierarchy pyramid thing.
like family dynamics and dirty little secrets.
reminds me of a song.
Randy Newman - Big Hat, No Cattle
" a little lie can buy some real
big peace of mind." r.n.
then again, it can get you killed.

blindman's picture

might hear this?!/album/Bad+Love/227490

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End the Fed!

(intended as humor)

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Really good post.  The human instinct towards tribalism combined with most individuals subconcious nacissism ("I need to feel SPECIAL") is certainly understood by TPTB and used greatly to their advantage.  It is the driving force behind organized religion and political parties.  That most seem people need to have a feeling of righteousness makes them ripe for the picking and is the biggest and longest running con of all.  If you think you, by thinking the way you do, are on the side of god(s)/angels/"Truth"/"the people"/the unstoppable march of history, ect. then you can see yourself as that special little snowflake you think you are.  Actually accomplishing something noteworthly or changing the world for the better is HARD WORK and not something most seem to want to bother with.  So much easier to think you are doing something just by associating with your particular "gang".   I think the terminology here is very accurate.

Needless to say, I don't have much confidence in humanity to overcome this.  But I can always hope I'm wrong.

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You're correct, of course; and well expressed. I'd just like to add that the other half of the problem of today is that no one is taught how to think. people imagine that they know how to think; but they do not. you're not born knowing how to think anymore than you're born knowing how to play basketball. If you're never taken a good class in plain, (Euclidean), geometry, than you probably have no idea how to think. The instant comms. offered by modern tech. are producing instant "mass mind". It's now excepted that what you do is pick the guru and the group that you "like"; and then defend that position. "Be true to your School"; and never mind the thinking.

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SAT 800, you are absolutely correct; I agree completely.

At the risk (certainty) of preaching to the choir. I have to say that most of us seek out the news and information we want to hear and we exercise the worst type of confirmation bias. That "information" and "news" we seek is merely a commodity that modern day sophists and commercial enterprises are more than willing to conveniently provide for us, instantaneously and straight to our iToy, if it is profitable or can be "monetized". It is instant satisfaction in easily digestible portions with absolutely no need to work our brain muscle, flex some discipline, or work up a mental sweat.

I sincerely believe the situation you describe is the direct result of the decline of Liberal education in these United States. The country was founded on Liberalism, yet most people do not know what Liberalism is. They think Liberal is a smear, an evil Democrat, left wing politics, social welfare, an effeminate pussy, spending alot of taxpayer money, hippies, high taxes, anti-war tendencies, promiscuity, Socialism, transexuals looking to ass-rape them, statism, the boogeyman du jour or whatever the fuck...

We see this insulting historical ignorance EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY here on ZH and in society as a whole. They will ignorantly call it anything except what it truly is!

Montesquieu, John Milton, John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Thomas Paine, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, and many, many others were liberals. Free and fair elections, natural rights, social contract, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, private property and many, many, other hallowed principles come from Liberalism. It is extremely depressing and thoroughly embarrassing to see how far we have collectively fallen.

Logic, philosophy, rhetoric, "the queen of the sciences" (yes, Euclidean geometry included), and many other important (anachronistic?) fields have gone the way of the dinosaurs. These critical skills are absolutely necessary to counteract mass media "shaping operations", manufactured consent, propaganda, and the entire gang of usual suspects. Those skills are the foundation of a liberal education and are an essential and necessary component for well-reasoned, critical thinking- something that is sorely lacking these days.

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good point.
also, there is a tendency for the thinking and implied
conclusions one might encounter while thinking reflect
upon the identity of the thinker, making the thinker
responsible for the potentially bad cogitative result
or news. unfortunate that the separation cannot be
maintained in the minds of people, meaning you are not
what you think! not responsible for unfortunate but
"true" conclusions you may discover while contemplating
a set of problems. right? it is what it is and "you"
have not created it, just deduced it? or induced it ....
perhaps that was, partially, what the gods were good for back in the day?
to lighten the load of the thinkers/people?
anyway ....^

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Thanks I got the last four words. What a relief.

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Safety and prosperity usually depend upon which gang you belong to.

DeltaDawn's picture

This analogy rings true. 

Dan The Man's picture

Some might just call it.."sharing" 

nah's picture

stupid whore, or james gang bitchez!

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It is difficult to convince a man of anything if his paycheck depends on him believing otherwise


You tell me where a man gets his corn pone and I will tell you his opinions. 


Literary Trivia test for you  

Crawdaddy's picture

A google-free guess - Samuel Clemens?

Carl Popper's picture

Yep both of you guys were fast.

rlouis's picture

Upton Sinclair said it.   A similar quote by Sam Clemons was "It's easier to fool a man than to convice him he's been fooled."

Carl Popper's picture

Yep the first is Sinclair and the second is Clemons quoting an unnamed black man who coined the term corn pone opinion

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Isn't that Snoop Dog...?

"I got sum Dharma from yo Mama."

blindman's picture

i don't know about snoop and his gotten dharma
but my mama overflowed with the stuff to them
that were close and had the mind for it and it sustained
her to the end; rest in peace .

blindman's picture

Van Morrison - Days Like This
ok, i lied !

blindman's picture

one more link for general consideration and i'm out.
Funny FKN Planet - Deek Jackson
thanks to that radical dude for this link.

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For 'americans', the group is all. How could they perform other ways of thinking than group thinking?
They cant, it goes against their 'american' eternal nature.
Asking what can not be given makes no sense.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous, dude, welcome back. As strange as it may seem, this place just isn't the same without the unique perspective your comments provide.

Also, even though I'm a week early, I'd like to wish you a happy Chinese citizenism new year.

DOT's picture

What an azzhat you have become AnAnnonymous. Individuals can think. Groups of individuals can agree, dis-agree, argue, ect. but a group can not think.


btw  you are no longer interesting or clever.

kurt's picture

Yeah, dudes, pile on, everybody think like this guy! Go Team!!!

Don't you just hate fuckin' fuckers?

Carl Popper's picture

Lol He is baaaaaaaaack!


A Chinese chiding Americans on groupthink lol.   I have seen everything now. 


I gave you a greenie for entertaining me.

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musical interlude ....

blindman's picture

such a beautiful musical expression disdained,
i do not get you people in your condemnation and
anonymity. where do you get off and come from?
better yet, don't tell me cause i don't want to know
anymore than i already know in that regard.
best to u

ebear's picture

Awwww now, don't get all hurt and stuff

If your god tunes aren't working, try mine!