University of Alaska Scientists: Fukushima Radiation May Be Making Alaska Seals Sick

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Preface: Leading Scientist On Fukushima Radiation Hitting West Coast of North America: “No One Is Measuring So Therefore We Should Be Alarmed”

American sailors on the USS Reagan got really sick after having snowball fights with radioactive snow blowing off of the coasts of Fukushima.

University of Alaska professors Doug Dasher, John Kelley, Gay Sheffield, and Raphaela Stimmelmayr theorize that radioactive snow might have also caused Alaska’s seals to become sick (page 222):

On March 11, 2011 off Japan’s west coast, an earthquake-generated tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant resulting in a major nuclear accident that included a large release of airborne radionuclides into the environment. Within five days of the accident atmospheric air masses carrying Fukushima radiation were transiting into the northern Bering and Chukchi seas. During summer 2011 it became evident to coastal communities and wildlife management agencies that there was a novel disease outbreak occurring in several species of Arctic ice-associated seals. Gross symptoms associated with the disease included lethargy, no new hair growth, and skin lesions, with the majority of the outbreak reports occurring between the Nome and Barrow region. NOAA and USFWS declared an Alaska Northern Pinnipeds Usual Mortality Event (UME) in late winter of 2011. The ongoing Alaska 2011 Northern Pinnipeds UME investigation continues to explore a mix of potential etiologies (infectious, endocrine, toxins, nutritious etc.), including radioactivity. Currently, the underlying etiology remains undetermined [i.e. scientists don't yet know what caused the seals' sickness, but they think it might have been Fukushima radiation]. We present results on gamma analysis (cesium 134 and 137) of muscle tissue from control and diseased seals, and discuss wildlife health implications from different possible routes of exposure to Fukushima fallout to ice seals. Since the Fukushima fallout period occurred during the annual sea ice cover period from Nome to Barrow, a sea ice based fallout scenario in addition to a marine food web based one is of particular relevance for the Fukushima accident. Under a proposed sea ice fallout deposition scenario, radionuclides would have been settled onto sea ice. Sea ice and snow would have acted as a temporary refuge for deposited radionuclides; thus radionuclides would have only become available for migration during the melting season and would not have entered the regional food web in any appreciable manner until breakup (pulsed release). The cumulative on-ice exposure for ice seals would have occurred through external, inhalation, and non-equilibrium dietary pathways during the ice-based seasonal spring haulout period for molting/pupping/breeding activities. Additionally, ice seals would have been under dietary/metabolic constraints and experiencing hormonal changes associated with reproduction and molting.

Here are some pictures of the sick seals:

Harmed: Seals like this one in Barrow, Alaska, have been found with bleeding lesions, damaged fur and flippers thought to have been caused by radiation from Fukushima, Japan.

Many other West Coast animals have gotten sick. Scientists need to get to the bottom of what is making them sick, whether it’s radiation or something else.

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holistichealth's picture

Those are some sick puppies, and I'm not even talking about the baby seals, but the people who did this. They are destroying our once pristine Pacific Ocean and all life in it. I wouldn't eat the fish there until it's cleaned up. They love toxins so much, let them eat them exclusively and leave the rest of us the heck alone! I love nature and love going to the beach, but now it's harder to go as we abosrp through our skin as well. I do take Natural Zeolite Powder and that helps me detox the radiation already in our food and drinking water.  Here is a simple guide of how to protect yourself from radiation exposure: Nuclear Radiation Survival Guide | Scienceray

bcecil's picture

All of the giant sun starfish, up to 3 feet across, are being found in massive piles of rotting goo, where I live in the Straight of Georgia between Vancouver Island and the mainland Canada...coincidence???  I think not..

verbot's picture

WilliamBanzai7 can i get that image of shinzoAbe as jim jones handing out glowing water to women and children? Nice alter type scene at the seaside? Trail of the dead coming down behind him on the coast as a wave of bodies? 

Your my hero already but this would truly be a masterwork by your hand.... 

verbot's picture

Okay, all the joking aside... as i said before i am here to listen and throw a little opinion in to the ring (my most heartfelt thanks tyler(s)

So for once i will drop it like its hot--(corium)

Arnie Gundersen...elder gentleman, deep in a world class cover-up...thankfully all the players against him are ignorant to a fault but they do have all the him and those he supports in full.. 

Radnet.....zzzzzzzzz(get the idea? Sleeping guarddod an all)zzzzzz

Who here knows the what tritium boosting means??(hint if you dont know then you should know.....)

All you giants here on ZH...and you all are here.. could tip this to our favor with just a bit of your efforts...

Any radiation at all is dangerous...beta gamma dont matter if the piece of radioactive dust is inside your body..

The pacific is dying as we watch while liars lie to keep folks calm..just like ole' jim jones cult...ah..come drink children!..

Every detail of the ongoing situation is known by the authorities including actual amounts discharged, corium locations, etc... let there be no mistaking that all is known about the site and the dangers with no public reporting..

Nano plutonium dusted the u.s 

This is our line to hold if we are to honor our love of life liberty family God the world..


Jim in MN's picture

I'm fairly sure that we have helped keep the profile higher than it otherwise would have been.  Other news services appear to have at least kept the story in their entanglement filters....thus occasional coverage on Bloomberg, BBC etc. The initial international information whitewash has most certainly fallen apart.

If the Tokyo governor's seat falls to two ex-PMs in cahoots against Abe on a Fukushima activism platform, well, we'll see if anyone outside the country notices.  The Japanese press is tipping it as a potential domestic turning point, a nuclear Waterloo if you will.

verbot's picture

Great point jim.

Zerohedge IS in this fully and is the only one of its kind at this level of contributors and commentators.

I was speaking to the latter in hopes to exhort who i suspect is here reading all the superior reporting ZH has to offer. They are the missing link filled with moar power than they ever suspected.. it is to those i plead to raise the flag under which we could gather with ZH as our sword and shield...(a bit romantic...but there are some heavy hitters that lurk here)

Bearwagon's picture

Stop talking bombs while we are discussing fukushima contamination, please. Boosting is very old-style, you just put tritium into the center of the pit to enhance neutron flux through thermonuclear fusion (that roughly doubles the yield), but Idon't get the correlation to three meltdowns.

verbot's picture

Good point bearwagon... not discussing the possible neutron lensing and additive effects of a super saturated environment is in essence poor punditry.... to not include certain potentials simply isnt proper nor is excessive focus on pros and cons. This is a serious event and i want you and your family as safe from this threat as my own...

We do need to remember there is no model for this accident and unaccounted variables abound....better safe than sorry and if it bothers folks to think uncontrolled hydrogen fusion occuring under the site is one possible outcome at least there is the keys elements of that potentials in place and operational.....

This is a crime scene not a science project gone bad...

Bearwagon's picture

This definitely is as serious as it can get, you are right. I did not intent do downplay additive effects. But I think that in such a serious situation we need to keep calm, so to not be deranged. It is a mess, and we should work hand over fist on it. I mean, besides all the terrible possibilities you mentioned, there are reactions already going on, with which we should deal first. You know, first things first, and all that (not to say that I see much progress in this direction). And I wholeheartedly agree, that it is a crime scene, we are looking at ...

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This study is based on samples taken in 2011. Anyone know of any later studies?? Evaluation of radiation doses and associated risk from the Fukushima nuclear accident to marine biota and human consumers of seafood

The additional dose from Fukushima radionuclides to humans consuming tainted PBFT in the United States was calculated to be 0.9 and 4.7 µSv for average consumers and subsistence fishermen, respectively. Such doses are comparable to, or less than, the dose all humans routinely obtain from naturally occurring radionuclides in many food items, medical treatments, air travel, or other background sources. Although uncertainties remain regarding the assessment of cancer risk at low doses of ionizing radiation to humans, the dose received from PBFT consumption by subsistence fishermen can be estimated to result in two additional fatal cancer cases per 10,000,000 similarly exposed people.


ed31337's picture

I dunno GW... The Radiation Network still does not show any significant radioactivity events going on. Hell, my new Home Depot 16x16" yukon stepping stones sometimes show higher CPM's than those reported on the radiation network map along the west coast.

Zero-risk bias's picture

Not meaning to sound negative towards the information you are using at "Radiation Network", but just wondering if you could shed any light on who the websites owners are. I did quickly look over the site for some substantial information, but it seems pretty scant. Infact, it looks like a 12th grade students' science project. Is there something I'm missing?

hootowl's picture

Fukushima is on Japan's "west coast"?


The earthquake was off Japan's "west coast"?

apberusdisvet's picture

Definitely some nuke lobby trolls around; you know who you are.  Meanwhile there are too many anecdotal reports on radiated, disappearing and dying Pacific marine life.  When will they be evacuating Pacific Islanders;  funny there are no reports from Guam, Tahiti and others that exist off the Pacific.  Hard to believe that the residents on all Pacific islands are not experiencing health problems.  GW should check it out.

Jim in MN's picture

Well, if it's to be a 'crisis year' for whatever reason the groundwork has certainly been laid.  Extreme drought in CA, natural gas prices above $5, certain medium sized nations conveniently located on nearly all continents drifting into chaos......


Oh, wait, was that not the right answer? Is this thing on?  Er......

lakecity55's picture

So, it is slowly leaking drips at a time...soon, humans with unknown open sores in CA....

eurogold's picture

See for more on the ongoing ELE - Extinction Level Event

outofideas's picture

.. but enought about the usual LA homeless .. ba-dum-cheesh!

Ocean22's picture

Satans check list:

1. Aluminum++ nano in the sky (Chemtrails): Check

2. Toxic poision (round up) on staple food supply (corn, soy, canola: Check

3. Mercury directly injected into your blood from birth (vaccines) Check

4. Killer Flouride in the water and food: Check

5. Toxic levels of sugar in diet (Causes CAD): Check

6. Radiation sources everywhere (and leaking ) Check

7. Pollute the planet whereever & whenever possible: Check

8. Pollute oceans: Check

9. Fish oceans dry: Check

10. Control weather, cause famine: Check

11. Pollute ground water when possible: Check

12. Start global pandemic:    ________

13. Start nuclear WW3          ________



verbot's picture

Rinse and repeat.....

rsnoble's picture

Sad. Whatever the reason.

The Joker's picture

Interesting how the lesions and hair loss only appear to be on the heads and faces and not on the bodies of seals.  I wouldn't think radiation would discriminate in that way.  Are they lesions or lacerations?  Seems more likely these seals are rubbing on something as they swim head first, tons of debris perhaps.  Gill nets perhaps, like the one pictured?  I don't know what the debris load is up North but it seems something else is going on here besides radiation.  I suppose it's possible.

spanish inquisition's picture

I think they also eat crusteceans so their heads would be around the ocean floor where some radioactive material would accumulate. There is the possiblility that there is more drag around the head when swimming through a suspended particle site allowing particles to settle.

mrdenis's picture

So what happens t the villagers that only eat seal meat ........

eurogold's picture

They will die, and then so will we

CheapBastard's picture

It's only logical the West Coast is going to receive higher levels of radiation due to Fuki...the question is how high and for how long?

hootowl's picture

.....As long as the government(s) can cover it up.

USA USA's picture

"Many other West Coast animals have gotten sick."



Carl Popper's picture

We will never know. The government refuses to test.

It will be up to private citizens to give us the word on youtube I suppose.

lakecity55's picture

"Hey, Leonard, have you seen Professor Jones? He had the findings on the West Coast radiation"
"Bad news, his car just blew up. He's dead, Jim."

Stuck on Zero's picture

The prime culprit, and something felt dearly in California, is the cold Pacific Decadal Oscillation. It is probably the culprit behind the Polar Express.  Here in California we are getting abnormally warm weather and lots of starving seals as all the sardines have vanished.  I will say that the ocean is abnormally clear for winter.


The Joker's picture

Studies show the cold phase of the PDO correlates positively with abundance of fish species,  Chinook and sardines in particular.  The sardines are vanishing due to other reasons, though I haven't looked into those reasons.  It seems between debris and radiation the Pacific Ocean is just catastrophic mess.  Chinook forecasts for the Columbia river are high this year, relatively speaking.  It will be interesting to see if they pan out.  I suspect they won't. 

logicalman's picture

ANY radiation is dangerous - even background, therefore any increase in radiation increases the danger of damage to living organisms.

If governments aren't testing, it's because they are scared of what they think they'll find.

Urban Redneck's picture

Stop being illogical, an emitter of radiation that is ingested is far more dangerous than a similar radiation emitter that is not ingested (ceteris paribus).

The preface to the story is sloppy BS ... it's not snowball fights that would be causing health issues amongst CVN-78 seamen... it's how water for drinking and washing is (and was) produced on board USN vessels that would be causing the health issues.

BTW when was the last time you saw an Alaskan seal (as opposed to an Alaskan SEAL) in a snowball fight?

SAT 800's picture

Let's feed the "leading scientist" to a Polar Bear, then we won't have to listen to him trying to get his face in front of a TV camera.

Carl Popper's picture

SAT 800's never get much pussy. Not enough to satisfy real men.

I found my pair of 680's high enough to do whatever I wanted to do but low enough I still had social skills. I think income and pussy tally is a much better comparison than raw SAT.

The guys with social skills will always be the boss of the SAT 800's

But I do like the curmudgeons. A greenie fir ya.

Nexus789's picture

They keep focusing on radiation but there were many thousands of tons of highly toxic carcinogen chemicals that were washed into the Ocean. 

eurogold's picture

Because maybe Radiation bio-accumulates ? Like for the next thousand years ? Just my guess though.

Carl Popper's picture

I dont eat anything from the northern pacific ocean, nor tilpaia which is all raised in polluted chinese waters, and there is no comprehensive testing of any food coming to the USA

The reason we dont have comprehensive testing is that the russians and chinese would immediately retaliate against our agricultural exports, plus no one wants to legitimize the fringe by making radiation and carcinogen testing appear reasonable. Best to ignore the entire subject according to .gov

Sean7k's picture

The Japanese are taking their local catch and sending it to other countries to be sold from their foreign affiliates as well. Unfortunately, between these problems and corexit, I just don't eat anything from the oceans. It really sucks when they ruin the food supply.